4 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of the American Nation

  1. You sould like the worst decendents of europe’s trash since you got of the boat. You people brought about disease. The Native Americans nor African had any issue of disease until the British expeled your ancentor to the New World. What a dumb dirty ass ignorant mindset you hae.

    Your witch trash u sould completely ridicuous! Your ideas are flawed you worthless fuck. You’re the nigger!

    • ha ha wow. I hope you post more comments, we of the white nationalists mindset need more whites to open their collective eyes by reading the true thoughts and ideas from the sub human species that you are. This civilization is doomed because of you parasites, and when it all comes crashing down we will remain. People will want to know why America spent its way into the welfare state that it is, and which groups of lower lifeforms benefited, WIC, EBT, welfare, medical, Section 8, government jobs, military welfare programs, free schools, etc…. ALL entitlement programs benefit blacks and Latinos disproportionately to their percentage of population, and when this nation comes down, those programs will end, and the ethnic cleansing will begin. See you on the battlefield.

  2. What you describe has already happened in most of Latin America! Columbus day has been replaced by “day of the race” in Venezuela, and most of South America. The mayority white lands of Argentina,Chile,Uruguay,Brazil,Puerto Rico,Cuba,St Barts,Costa Rica have over 100 millllion whites combined. Unfortunately in the US, white hispanics, who are about 70 % of LEGAL MEXICAN IMMIGRANTS,are grouped in by the media with the nonwhite amerindian ILLEGALS. As a result of this and the mis-using of the “Hispanic” (true hispanics are white)moniker, to imply non white, Millions of white hispanics are racially dead when it comes to racial pride! Most resent being called white. They have been brainwashed by a marxist machine that has. Already succeeded in Latin America. Puerto Ricans, 80% (as well as myself) are white. But thanks to the Media and Hollywood,and the propping up of Black leftist Bronx Puerto Ricans, Americans think Puerto Ricans are black quadroons,octaroons that appear white, but act black,go on welfare,and want independence for Puerto Rico. Schools in PR,as well as in the states,teach young Puerto Ricans the lie that they ALL were Taino Arawak indians! I had to learn about the heavy German,Irish,French,Corsican Italian(before corsica was given to France) in Encyclopedia Brittanica,note, all new editions simply call then “hispanic”,erasing the european contribution. Thank god for wikipedia,despite its imperfections. (I’ve always wondered why so many Puerto Ricans deny being white,despite being seen by others as white. With “Kiernan,Benedetti,Colgan,Sulivan,Khorr, Beck,Marchetti,Maldonado” as surnames…….of of course,Affirmative action!)

  3. A clarification……Of the 30 million “hispanic/latinos in the US, 45% identify as white. Among the legal Immigrant Mexicans, and Mexican Americans, 70% are Mediterranean white. However, far outnumbering them ,are the Illegals. These ara mainly nonwhite Amerindian and Mestizos who ID as indians! They have destroyed the assimilation progress llegal Mexican immigrants had achieved. Puerto Ricans (8 million) are two extremes… Islanders are 4,000,000, they are 80% mediterranean white(Spaniard origin) with strains of nordic and alpinic, the result of Heavy German,Irish,French,and Italian via Corsica. 75% live in nuclear families,98% love the USA, 99% literacy rate, 80% high school graduation rate,55% want Statehood,45% don’t fell ready, but want US commonwealth. By contrast, the 4,000,000 Puerto Ricans in the mainland US, the so called “”Nuyoricans”,are 60% nonwhite ,mainly african,60% dropout rates,60% illegitimite births,Nuclear family is unheard of,or dismissed as grandpas’s lifestyle!, 68% of kids in simgle mother households, rampant crime and solidarity with marxist views of radical African Americans. The remaining white 40% deal with expressions such as…”Oh,your’e Puerto Rican? ….sorry…you don’t look it.” As a result, they have no sense of their value as whites,being taught PC crap about how “evil” the spaniards were toward the “peacefull,loving(more like ferocious cannibals) nature,”green ” Indians!

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