Imported Predators

Imported Predators

This is Delroy Grant, probably the most prolific serial rapist ever known in this country. Unlike most rapists Grant’s tastes were directed at one of the most vulnerable sections of the community, the elderly. His youngest known victim was 68, his eldest was 93, most were old women but he also included some elderly men amongst those he abused.

He was convicted today of the rape of 22 senior citizens, although he is known to have attacked at least 128, and some police suggest that his victims may total 600, or even up to 1,000, over a 17 year rape spree.

Grant’s speciality was to confront his frail victims in the sanctuary of their own homes, and then to abuse them in their own beds. Known as the night stalker, he would often spend hours gaining access into homes and then awaken sleeping victims in the dead of night by shining a torch in their faces. Few of those he preyed upon ever slept peacefully in their beds again, and many have died waiting for justice.

Delroy Grant is the third mass serial rapist to be convicted in London in the last year, the others are Kirk Reed a black chief and John Warboys a white taxi driver, both of whom are believed to have attacked around 100 women.

We can be sure that despite the disproportionate over representation of blacks in this type of crime, whenever the subject of serial rapists is discussed in the media, the focus will be on Warboys, the single white man.

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