Mattel plans to darken Ken doll.

Mattel plans to darken Ken doll.

The toy company Mattel is giving Barbie’s boyfriend a make-over. The blond haired doll’s boyfriend doll will be darkened.

Mattel says they will use former Iowa State football player Kurtis Taylor as the model for the doll.

Mattel said the new doll would be “tall, dark, and handsome.”

One thought on “Mattel plans to darken Ken doll.

  1. Ahhh Kenny-boy, blonde hair&blue eyes are going extinct like the dinosoar&dodo bird. You see Kenny-boy , first blonde hair&blue eyes must go, but eventually your new “brunette look will go say in the next 30-40 years because your brunette coloration will also go like the blondism before. Then the next Kenny-boy will be “all black”&he will evolve to the stars in the next 5 billion years, yes the Matel, Ken doll will evolve&”come alive, but no white people will be around to see this wonderful transformation.Oh Im going to cry my eyes out BOO-HOO.

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