The Art of Strategic Citizenship


The Art of Strategic Citizenship

Takuan Seiyo returns with an incisive essay about the multiculti mess we have gotten ourselves into, and includes an outline of the insights required to get us out of it.


The Art of Strategic Citizenship
by Takuan Seiyo

Consider the judo throw.

First, it’s hazushi. Subtly, you test your opponent in small, almost imperceptible actions: a touch here, a tiny pull there. You watch his moves, reflexes and recovery ability. You bide your time, looking for the opening. Your intuition is at work here, not your strength or technique. When the right moment comes, you convert the opponent’s slightest error into tipping him off balance.

Then, it’s tsukuri. That is when preparedness meets opportunity. You now have to have acquired the skill and the speed to convert your opponent’s momentary imbalance into control of his momentum. Using techniques involving pulling, tripping, twisting, spinning, hoisting, you now load the opponent for the throw.

Lastly, you apply the kinetic energy equation you have built. The opponent is at your mercy now; it’s up to you whether to kill or just to give him a tumble. You throw accordingly. That is kake.

And that is the mechanics of Reality. Whatever one thinks of the ways of the world, however ideal one’s plans for improving upon gravity, it’s useless unless one has a death wish. The master judoka2 must respect the laws of physics. So must all men in order to protect themselves from the grappling arts of political foes — above all their own government and the ruling elite’s values it embodies.

Consider now the testicular hold that America’s Transportation Security Agency has on you. Since the off-balancing and loading stages were executed years ago with little opposition, your opponent has all the choices now. His current array of kake is that you expose your privates to pornexrays, or to groping and searching, or to jail and a fine of $11,000.

You were hoisted already in the first term of Dubya “Miss me yet” Bush. Instead of addressing the real causes of the 9/11 terror attack, i.e. the fanatical nature of Islam, the ill-advised flow of Muslims to the United States, the corrupted functioning of PC-obsessed CIA and FBI, the Bush Administration just threw enormous gobs of money at the misidentified problems which it deliberately disassociated from the Muslim presence in the West.

They built a giant new bureaucracy, DHS [Number of employees: 200,000+, Primary mission: “Diversity”]. Between 2002 and 2009, federal funding for homeland security increased by 259%, from $19.5 billion to $70 billion3. Much of that for salaries to people who confiscate toothpaste and breast milk at America’s 450 commercial airports, or who host receptions to celebrate Ramadan.

In addition to the direct costs, indirect costs of this to the economy have been over $4 billion a year.

The time for swatting your opponent’s hands grabbing you for a throw was between November 2001 and November 2002. It was then that the TSA and DHS behemoths were created. By now, the Bushbama regime has left you with just the option of not flying if you wish to live free.

The TSA theater of insanity now on stage nationwide eschews the real objects of its pursuit in order to chase after their trailing shadow. By the time they have seized the shadow, the foe is ahead of them and doing something else. They ban little old ladies’ nail files because of terrorists’ box cutters, but the terrorists have already moved on to flammable liquids. Wise to flammable liquids, they stand the world’s travelling population in a long supplicants’ line with little shampoos in little nylon baggies — but the terrorists have already moved on to exploding underpants. When they have spent billions to peek or feel under everyone’s underpants, the terrorists will have already moved on to anal suppositories. By the time they stick a probe into every flying anus, the terrorists have already moved on to buses and trains. When they have “secured” buses and trains, Allah’s troops will have already moved to department stores and exploding private cars.

To protect against terrorists you have to define them truthfully. You have to stop importing the entire socio-cultural category that fits the definition. Those already imported are readily containable when you have stopped lying as to who they are. What we have in place instead is a system to enslave the citizenry of the United States under the yoke of their own government. The terrorists have won, as advised recently in a caption below this photo:

Nun Search
The terrorists have won

This is a symbolic apotheosis of Multiamerica demented: a federal authority empowering a Newamerican Muslim woman in a Muslim headtowel and uniform of a TSA cop to search a White Oldamerican Catholic nun for Muslim terrorist weapons that we refuse to link to Muslims. A TSA that employs illegal aliens to protect Americans from terrorism by illegal aliens (legal ones too), and deploys rapists (here and here) to search for PETN in the body crevices of Mormon girls. But if you find it objectionable, you are 45 years late.

The hazushi was applied to you already in 1965. The new Immigration Act cut off the vital link between America’s land and history and the people who had settled that land and made its history. Later, it became “racist” to speak of such a link, as though Reality could be altered by lying about it. Try to repopulate Thailand with Scots and Slovaks and see whether what results is still Thailand. Why would anyone think that it’s different for America?

The tsukuri followed in 1978 when Justice Lewis Powell found in Alan Bakke’s anti-affirmative action lawsuit that reverse racism conferred a putative benefit of “diversity” that it was the government’s compelling interest to protect. The final stage, the lethal throw, was sometime between Bakke et al. and that eternal shame in 2009 when a Newamerican Palestinian terrorist in U.S. Army major’s uniform mowed down 13 American soldiers and wounded 30 while chanting Allahu akhbar, and the Army’s top general said that it would be a greater tragedy if our diversity becomes a casualty of this.

Since 1965, the ruling elite has been smashing America’s social capital and its future in a giant centrifuge of nondiscriminative Third World immigration. Since 1978, diversity has been proclaimed America’s strength the way ignorance was knowledge in George Orwell’s Oceania. They always invent ex post facto slogans to cover up for their disastrous mistakes and miscalculations.

So where were a million citizens marching in 1965 to protest a national suicide act that even then wise men like Senator Sam Ervin pegged correctly? Where were they in 1978 when the Supreme Court found a back door for sneaking in official racism? Multiamerica was a babe in the woods then. Now it’s a hulking hobgoblin.

America’s air transportation system could have been made secure effectively, at a fraction of the cost and without the annoyance, humiliation and devastating time waste imposed on America’s population (and the world’s, really), had our ruling mythology, to which all political factions subscribe equally, permitted for inconveniencing a few million profiled individuals instead. The profiling would have to select young Muslims of Third World origin for special scrutiny, but race-neutral psychological profiling would have to be just as important. All that has been applied with outstanding success by the most jeopardized and safest airline in the world, El-Al, for years.

Lawrence Auster pointed out the reason why the profiling approach cannot be implemented in the United States: a proper verbal screening of passengers in the Israeli style requires a high degree of intelligence and training. That requires a selective hiring process as a result of which almost all Black (mean IQ 85) and Hispanic (mean IQ 89) applicants would have to be rejected. The resulting White (mean IQ 100) cadre would be challenged in the courts as evidence of “racism.” The suicidal “Disparate Impact” doctrine imposed on America by a legal system run amok — in this respect since 1971 (Griggs v. Duke Power Co.) — would overturn the hiring procedures and turn the entire endeavor into the same sordid parody that it has forced already on much else of what remains of America.

Everything you touch in Newamerica requires that you acquire an understanding of a quantum process by which a seized finger has become an elbow, then a whole arm, and then goodbye land of the free. Such a cognitive-historical thread will lead from the current state of having already been thrown and subdued, to understanding the necessary precedent stages of having been loaded for the throw and, before that, what seemed like light play when you still could have swatted off the grasping hands before they locked onto you4.

One takes defensive action when one’s lapel is being grabbed, not when one is already hurtling heels over head through the air. If one fails to be vigilant what results is a 1964 Civil Rights Act to secure for Blacks a deserved equality of opportunities, evolving into the tripping and hoisting of America’s White majority onto the shoulder of institutionalized reverse discrimination, and ending 46 years later in an oppressive racist regime that uses the US Department of Justice to disfranchise Whites of their civil rights, loots the taxpayer in a wholesale transfer of wealth from the White to the not so, and guarantees to “minorities” an equality of outcomes, and not just opportunities.

The lists of outrages is replenished daily, yet there is not a single elected politician, MSM journalist or pundit who as much as mentions it. The latest gambit is the Senate’s PC grift of $1.2 billion for black farmers who say they suffered discrimination by the U.S. Agriculture Department.

PJ Media’s “Zombie” asked the essential question: “If there are only 39,697 African-American farmers grand total in the entire country, then how can over 86,000 [Note: it’s over 96,000] of them claim discrimination at the hands of the USDA? Where did the other 46,303 [56,303] come from?”

Zombie failed to provide an answer — too dangerous — but the blog “Stuff Black People Don’t Like” went into more details, starting from this framing:

“One of the great powers bestowed to Black people in Black Run America (BRA) is the ability to sue virtually any company or corporation for discrimination (real or imagined) and receive significant restitution in the form of monetary payments, commitments to greater Black employment opportunities and an increase in the audacity of future Black plaintiff’s intent on capitalizing on their Blackness for capital gain at the expense of a country and legal system swimming in the lucrative waters of white guilt. [snip] Black people have taken America hostage and every list of demands Black people produce [snip] is greeted with a groveling complicity from white people merely to deflect away the dreaded “racism” charge. [snip] The burden of proof always falls upon white in Black Run America, because all white people are inherently racist in the eyes of the legal system.”

The author is wrong in ascribing to Blacks culpability for the “hostage” situation, as it stems from the neurotic cowardice of the White hostages themselves. Even the most freedom-minded faction in American politics — the Tea Party — is a congress of babbling cowards when it comes to the minoritarian tyranny destroying their country. A few “racism” concussion grenades from the professionally Black, an article or two decrying the “nativist bigotry” of “teabaggers,” and Glenn Beck weeps on his knees, white “rebels” post photos of themselves next to Blacks with captions “Do we look racist?”, and anti-illegal immigration activists are disinvited to Tea Party parties.

There is a small number of truthful Afro-Americans who boldly go where Whites fear to tread. In politics, Allen West is a living antithesis of Obama. There is Elizabeth Wright, who sees her country as a woeful Carnival of Repentance. The Reverend James Manning out in Harlem routinely rains hail and brimstone on [what I call] the Black kleptocratic kakistocracy [kakistocracy= rule of the worst]. There are the perceptive media pundits like Larry Elder and Deroy Murdock whose blackness is a cosmetic trifle, not an operating system. Dr. Walter Williams, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Carol Swain routinely get a correct azimuth reading on the racial topography of America. And these are real PhDs, not the kind of “Doctor” of plagiarized fluff that the masticators of Progressive hashish have welded to the name “Martin Luther King.”

The scary statistics of the nonwhite minorities’ 90%+ purchase on violent crime get some sober attention even from black commentators (e.g. “The color of murder and gun violence in New York” by Jonathan Capehart). Yet in city after city, black and Hispanic tribals attack the police for its “disproportionate” attention to their kinsmen, and not one public figure stands up to attack the attackers with facts, statistics and questions concerning their own preying on an allegedly “post-racial” society in order to further their racial tribes by loud manipulative malarkey.

When one looks at the constant, groveling retreat of White America, its meek swatting at silly Pavlovian agitprop props pleating “White” “Racist” and “Justice” into preposterous cudgels of swift mugging and pocket picking, the Eastern concept of defense-as-offense comes to mind. Sun Tzu (The Art of War, 6h century BC), Takuan Soho (Divine Record of Immutable Wisdom, about 1630), Yagyu Munenori (The [Yagyu] Family Book of Swordsmanship, 1632] and Miyamoto Musashi (The Book of Five Rings, 1645) are among the better known Eastern sages who have written about this. Moreover, it’s evinced in the basic moves of widely practiced sword-related arts such as kendo and aikido. Their basic stance is the ken-tai: the body in an attack stance but the mind holding back, impassive. The strategist does not initiate aggression, but when subjected to it profits from the attacker’s momentum to respond in kind, devastatingly.

The basic move for evading and attacking the attacker is the irimi, entering. In the instant when an aggressor’s sword or fist starts moving toward you, you take an evasive action and in one continuity step forward into the foe’s close personal space, to attack and defeat him. The apotheosis of this tactic is in the “sword-of-no-sword” (muto) technique at the highest level of Japanese swordsmanship. It allows an unarmed adept to evade a whooshing blade and take the sword away from the attacker. Here is a rare example of the correct application of muto in verbal form, in the parliament of a country crippled by the typical Western junta of multiculti morons.

Let’s look at the travesty of the howls of “racism” whenever the subject of group IQ differences is broached. This is not the “controversial” issue that it’s routinely proclaimed to be. The thinking work on it has been going on for 300 years. It has engaged from the outset all-time greatest brains such as Montesquieu, Linnaeus, David Hume, Francis Galton. The proposition has been proven in hundreds of peer-reviewed empirical studies going back 100 years. Dozens of brilliant books are in print on the subject and a half dozen brilliant websites exist. The layperson need not even read specialist literature or decipher calculus equations, for such writers as Steve Sailer and Razib Khan have pre-digested and posted this knowledge on the Internet.

Gnostic Progressives5 are able to attack the concept of the IQ Bell Curve (e.g. see “Barack Obama on The Bell Curve”) and hijack Reality with terrible consequences for the rest of society because their every assault is met with the victims’ capitulation and flight from the arena of combat. Yet this particular redoubt is so easy to defend. For instance, assertion of mean IQ group differences does not equal a denial of high intelligence that individual “people of color” may possess. The trivial fact that two of the world’s five tallest men and the tallest NBA player are Chinese does not disprove the “racist” fact that the average Chinese male stands 5’6”.

This is not an issue to be brushed off as superfluous “divisiveness.” It’s an issue on which America’s destiny was staked — and forfeited. Trillions of dollars have been looted from compliant taxpayers to “improve test scores” and “close the achievement gap” for students whose gap is immanent and unclosable. The Washington DC school district spends over $16,000 per pupil annually, by official statistics, and $24,600 per more honest calculations by Cato Institute’s Andrew Coulson. That is the highest per-pupil expenditure in the Milky Way Galaxy, yet District of Columbia Public Schools has the worst performing schoolsof all 50+1 ranked states.

Every year it’s debated again how to close the achievement gap, without touching on anything remotely connected to the actual reasons for the gap. New expenditures are proposed, more school bonds are loaded onto the local population, further federal grants dent the taxpayer’s pocket. It’s all wasted, mostly on loot for school administrators and union members. The looters assert that more loot for more looters means less “gap” for the pupils.

Alas, Reality’s law is that it takes an IQ of 100 to master the unfaked K-12 curriculum, such as still exists in self-respecting countries like Switzerland or Singapore. Even for Whites, only half are equipped to graduate from a real high school. In a place like Washington DC, only one in five pupils is so equipped, for over 90% of them are Black, Hispanic or Polynesian, hence sub-90 in mean IQ. A law entitled “No Child Left Behind” would be an act of egregious blasphemy even in an atheist universe.

Retaining at the taxpayer’s teat hordes of the unteaching and lavishing laptops on the unteachable is a criminal pyre of the nation’s wealth. The underperformers should be weeded out and steered to vocational schools. Moreover, in a sane society a competent, productive mechanical harvester operator would garner more in social esteem and wages than a B.A. in Chicano Feminism could. Post-Reality America, however, no longer needs productive vocations. It has outsourced all that to China on the premise that it will thrive anyway on imported tax eaters, new Ponzi schemes, condo flipping and, if that fails, burger flipping.

Poland spends $3000 per K-12 pupil per annum (9000 PLN, 2008). Yet in the 2009 PISA ranking of 15-year-olds, among the 34 OECD countries the Poles were 13th in Science versus the United States’ 17th, 19th in Math versus the U.S.’s 25th, and 12th in Reading Literacy versus the U.S.’s 24th. Since the average U.S. school district’s expenditure per pupil is over $12,000 annually, and the worst-rated Washington DC platinum-plated system lavishes $24,600 for 1/8th the bang of Polish K-12 education, American taxpayers might start suspecting that the extravagant, ever-increasing torching of their wealth and their nation’s future on the altar of “closing the gap” is based on evil lies. Seeing as other relatively poor — in dollars, debauchery and “diversity” — Eastern European countries like Estonia and Slovenia also beat the U.S. in the PISA rankings might provide a clue. But no, the American citizen cowers and pays up, for that line of inquiry would involve Thought Crimes.

It’s not that ammunition is lacking for the seeker. Robert Weissberg and Peter Brimelow have written eye-opening books on the lying travesty of American education. But even the “rebels” — e.g. Tea Party — have no heart to master the moves that would be required to enter this close to the foe’s flailing fists in order to win this fight.

Similar surrender enables more madness in further systems of racial fakery like Affirmative Action, Open Borders and other methods of streaming sub-90 IQ people to replace a population of 100 IQ people, and then selecting the 100+ IQ fraction of the sub-90 IQ people for jobs previously held by the 115+ IQ fraction of the erstwhile autochthon majority.

In terms of engineering a Western nation’s fate demographically, a set of laws boils down to a 0.76% decline of Per capita GDP with each 1% increase in Third World immigrant population. By 2050, America’s immigration policy will have reduced its per capita GDP to 86.8% of its 2004 value. And that does not reckon with cultural and security effects that have negative economic ramifications as well.

But even that is not the full measure of it. The self-imposed demographic hobble weighs down on top of other hobbles invented by the ruling oligarchy. For New World Order and Global Economy are American-built toyblock edifices built on a solipsistic quicksand of presumed laissez faire, win-win cooperation, and commonality of values. In the obstinately un-Progressive Reality, however, America’s trade partners are mercantilist competitors who pursue their national interest with clever tactics aiming at victory. And America’s foes like North Korea or geopolitical power contenders like China or Russia have use for all the “global” gobbledygook only to the extent that the scorpion found it useful to hitch a ride on the back of the frog.

America’s mistaken belief that it can afford to indulge in the faking of Reality for the sake of “racial justice,” social justice” and so on results in a ruling elite chosen for its skin-color and phallic orientation, with only a secondary regard for brainpower and true accomplishment. This builds a leadership cadre largely recruited from the 100+ IQ segment of the population (Racial minorities’ average + 1 sigma) that steers the United States in a contest against China’s power elite comprising the brightest winners of a Mandarin selection from a potential pool of 30.3-million candidates endowed with an IQ of 129+ (assuming population 1.33 billion, mean IQ =103, sigma= 13).

While the American ruling elite has employed clever tactics to trip up its own citizenry, it has proved singularly dense and tactically maladroit in its dealings with China, North Korea and various Islamo-fanatic countries where wiliness honed over thousands of years imbues an aggressive, expansionist ideology. Of those, China is the most important but we must desist, for even a sketchy analysis of the tactics China has deployed in its contest versus America’s credulity-defying decades of dumb moves would double the length of this essay.

It suffices to mention that the Chinese culture has a rich lore of tactics not merely for combat but for taking advantage of the other side in any kind of situation. Just one compendium, The 36 Stratagems, includes tactics with names like “Hide a knife behind a smile,” “Catch a fish while the water is disturbed” and “Take the opportunity to pilfer a goat.” America has been clueless, besides complaining about China’s artificially low dollar exchange rates 32 years after China installed that transparently off-balancing device of economic hazushi. That’s like the woman in a dark theater saying to the stranger sitting next to her: “For 45 minutes you have been taking advantage of me and feeling me up. Stop that!”

Another area we must skim over is how the Wall Street-Washington alliance amounts to another chokehold on the citizen. The banksters throttle the people in a frontal grip while simultaneously holding up an oxygen credit tube sneaking into the victim’s trachea to keep him alive. The corruptocrats ease the throttling quantitatively and qualitatively. Locked onto the victim’s neck in a blood-sucking love bite, they return some of the blood via IV drip lines stuck into the wrong peripheral veins by ideological fiat, while mainlining much of it to the banksters so that the choking may continue.

An Eastern tactical concept that’s useful to adopt in this situation addresses a crushing alliance of two vectors against one. That is the situation of middle class America now, and double so. What it got from the GOP is the economic vampire throttle. What it got from the Democrats (and GOP liberals) is a grip in a demographic vise whose jaws are made of the ruling elite and the bottom class, with the former boosting the torque by continuously importing and bribing great numbers of the latter. Steve Sailer expressed this as both tails of the IQ Bell Curve waging war on the middle.

The focus of the counter-tactic, what German strategists call schwerpunkt, must be in the middle between the crushing vectors, followed by a quick escape from the grip. That is Sun Tzu’s “next best” that he illustrates as “drive a wedge between the enemy’s front and rear.”

It’s only the second best because the best, according to Sun Tzu, would have been “to prevent the junction of the enemy’s forces.” Here we are back to the off-balancing, loading and throwing sequence of judo. The citizen is in a crushing hold now because he has failed to prevent the offsetting tugs at the outset.

With respect to the financial-monetary vampirism, a massive rejection of the Johnson-era “guns and butter” lunacy and the resulting Nixon abolition of the gold standard would have prevented Sun Tzu’s “junction.” Failing that, a fierce resistance could have foiled the “hoisting” stage. That would have been the Fed’s currency debasement moves since 1987 and acts of such reckless malfeasance by the corruptocracy as its repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999. Failing that, massive disparagement should have defeated a repeat of Johnson’s “guns and butter” lunacy by Bush 43. Didn’t happen.

With respect to being caught in the Progressive double envelopment of Minoritarian Tyranny on one side and Open Borders on the other, that boat sailed in 1964 -1965. At least fierce resistance should have been mounted to all the egregious laws and regulations that have installed a racist reverse-discrimination system since 1971 and to all Illegal Alien amnesties since 1987. It is then that towering citizen outrage should have congealed into a popular Tea Party. Now that tea is contained in an ironclad kettle. And it’s still too weak.

At this time, two pairs of powerful hands and one set of jaws are locked onto the citizen’s neck. The only hope of survival is to try to separate the clamping devices from each other. In jujitsu, it’s called momiji hazushi — “the red maple escape.” You break a chokehold with the unstoppable force of a maple tree pushing upward between the strangling hands — like this.

You have to raise the red maple tree between the banksters and the corruptocrats, between the multiculti plutocrats and their peon client class of bought voters, urban janissaries, and zinnfandel6 unionistas. How to do it using strategic thinking and peaceful tactics is a topic for another day.

Takuan Seiyo is the pen-name of a Euro-American refugee from Mexifornia now living in Japan. Mr. Seiyo quit a long executive career in international media in order to write about the accelerating Fall of the West.


1.   The graphic symbol above the title is called Tomoe, meaning ‘Circular.’ It is a symbol of the energy dynamics in the Japanese martial arts, and visualizes a famous jujitsu throw, tomoe nage.
2.   Judo — “the way of softness,” is the grappling sport developed from a partial inventory of the non-lethal holds, throws and pins contained in the ancient and lethal martial art of jujitsu. Judoka = practitioner of judo
3.   Figures taken from Dr. Veronique de Rugy’s “Applying Strategic Risk Management to Allocating Resources for Homeland Security: A Case Example of Port Security”, p.43.
4.   The Far Left has of course always had a strategic vision with an array of suitable tactics, distilled to their essence by the Clinton/Obama mentor, Saul Alinsky. See Kyle-Anne Shiver’s “Obama’s Alinsky Jujitsu.”. What I find more worrisome is that the Center Right has also been a practitioner, though far more clumsy and self-defeating.
5.   For a discussion of the term “gnostic” relative to modern liberal ideology, see this author’s “Rejecting Decoherence” in The Brussels Journal.
6.   This intentional misspelling is an allusion to the Hispanics’ prominent role in both agri-labor (including zinfandel grape-picking) and in socialist “community organizing,” signified by the name of a prominent American socialist, Howard Zinn.

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The Art of Strategic Citizenship — Part 2

Below is the second installment of Takuan Seiyo’s latest series of essays. Part 1 may be read here.

Tomoe #2

The Art of Strategic Citizenship
Part 2 of 4 — The firewood under the cauldron

by Takuan Seiyo

The 19th of China’s 36 Stratagems counsels, Fu di chou xin — Steal the firewood from under the cauldron. That’s strategy appropriate for a situation when your opponent is preponderant. And the opposition to Americans who believe that they are being robbed and sold out by their own ruling elite, the Constitution is just fine and enough, and the re-engineering of society in the last 50 years is a disaster, is vast and preponderant.

With the cauldron being impregnable iron, it’s proper to examine everything pertaining to the firewood. First, why was it allowed to be gathered and lit in the first place. Largely, it’s the Pogo quandary: We have met the enemy, and he is us.

In a recent article, Victor Davis Hanson describes a putrefying California, more like a Mexican backwater hamlet than… than what? A white people’s country, that’s what. Unfortunately, the people that took over a town called El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Angeles del Río de Porciúncula and failed to anglicize its name at the outset, set itself up for a fall at the outset. When it has further invited and encouraged colonization by Mexicans, and built industries around Mexican labor, and allowed that ethnocentric Mexican office holders be elected or appointed, and voted in “conservative” WASP Presidents and Senators who act as the Mexicans’ spearhead, and failed to defend its land against the invasion, it has forfeited that land.

Whites are still a majority in 52 of the biggest 100 cities, but even unlikely places like Utah are coasting toward a 30-40% minority ratio in the urban zones, and “conservative” publications like Wall Street Journal report with total equanimity that the United States nears a “Racial Milestone.” What they do not report is that the milestone is cultural and economic; that it’s a geopolitical earthquake that will reverberate for 1,000 years; that demography is destiny.

It’s no coincidence that of the 14 American cities that face imminent bankruptcy (plus two small ones), four are in that minimum security asylum zone with Bolivian place names: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco. The others are also blessed in the strength of diversity, either through a minority majority (New York, Detroit, Washington D.C, Honolulu, Newark, Camden, Paterson) or a minority 40%+ plurality (Chicago, Cincinnati, Reading).

All this is increasingly obvious, particularly to those not brain-altered in institutions of higher learning or on the oligarchy’s payroll. On all occasions when the public has a chance to express itself on related issues such as immigration, bilingual education, gayization or dhimmization, the people overwhelmingly reject the diversity project. The ruling elite continues implementing it nonetheless by a series of increasingly totalitarian measures, including judicial nullification of inconvenient plebiscites, new laws explicitly at odds with the will of the people, persecution of “crimes of intolerance,” and executive rulings that circumvent the apparatus of democracy.

This phenomenon of a ruling oligarchy on autopilot dead-set on sabotage of its subject population is repeated in the financial sphere. No matter how many Tea Party marches or public opinion polls express vehement opposition, the White-House-Congress-Fed-Wall Street Axis continues the blitz of bailout, ballooning debt, bottoming dollar and bloated billion-dollar bankster bonuses. No matter how critical the assessments of still-sane economic pundits and traders — e.g. James Grant, Nouriel Roubini, Jim Rogers, Martin Weiss, Tyler Durden, Karl Denninger — the Ponzi pyramid builders at the peaks of power take the country farther over the precipice in the greatest Inside Con Job in history.

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo — all bankrupt temples of naked reptilian impulses — found a way to transfer 60% of America’s Gross National Product to themselves versus less then 20% they had 15 years ago[1]. It’s a simple trick: you pocket the gains but offload the losses on current and future taxpayers. All it takes is two wholly owned subsidiaries in Washington: the one legislating and regulating (but not bankster biz), and the other printing money at will.

Pulling the NWO oligarchs’ carosse in tandem with the demographic Trojan horse and the monetary ruin steed is a third runaway equine. It’s the out-of-control diarrhea of laws, statutes and regulations binding and bending the citizen ever more tightly and despotically: so many that they are beyond counting and so vile that the crookeder the parliamentary crook, the more he boasts of the quantity of laws he has inflicted on his lessers. The laws, the Harry Reids, the judges, the Wise Latinas, the nullifiers of the Constitution uphold their part in the bargain. With a 72,000-page tax code, one unread monster omnibus 2000-page trillion dollar bill after another, unending pillage of every dollar they can grab from the bankrupt Treasury selling bogus IOUs to a mad Fed slathering snake oil for illiquidity on a disease of insolvency, laws piled upon laws prohibiting the sunrise on penalty of assets forfeiture under Part IX, Chapter 411, Section 37 and declaring the sunset invalid per 9th Circuit Court of Appeals v. Reality, this is the most wretched crew to pilot America, ever.

What is to be done? What can be done? For want of space and readers’ endurance, we can treat only one issue in this forum, suggested by the two comments of the reader “jeppo” in Part 1. To return to the Chinese analogy, this chapter will deal with the theme of who is tending to the fire, and the next one will speculate consequentially how to not really “steal” the firewood but unleash a mighty rain on it.

The most common readers’ comment to Part 1 of this essay was, “It’s depressing.” Reality, however, does not care how you feel about it.

Colonel Charles Boyd is sufficiently important that you should read at least his capsule bio somewhere. The OODA Loop tactical concept he developed for aerial combat stands for Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. If you fail to observe correctly and to orient yourself toward the accurate reading of Reality, your Decision and Action cannot possibly result but in useless flailing or in your own defeat. “Correctly” means free of emotive screens or prejudicial biases.

The previous chapter invoked the concept of muto — sword of no sword. If you should remember one word from the current one, it’s mushin — mind of no mind. This is the “empty” mind of the Zen adept or a samurai in combat.

Life is combat. Having your privates, your social capital and your dollar-denominated net worth in the iron grip of a ruling oligarchy of creepy morons is combat. Having your country colonized by invaders from the 7th century with the active collusion of said oligarchy is combat. Being swept away into the trashcan of history is combat. If combat depresses you, take a Quaalude and go back to Dancing with the Stars. If you want to stay and be fit for the fight, throw away every device that induces you to apprehend Reality through your emotive responses to it:

  • Learn by what means MSM and MSE (that’s Mainstream Entertainment) manipulate one’s perception of Reality. Kill your TV.

  • Cancel your subscription to all mainstream opinion magazines and daily newspapers. Do not allow news branded AP, Reuters, AFP, BBC, CNN to enter your home, for that is Orwell’s newspeak, not news.

  • Boycott all products advertised on TV, radio and in glossy magazines. Learn by what means ads manipulate your value system and your behavior. Demand from advertisers information, not mind fornication.

  • Identify the meaning of the terms neocon, theocon, establicon, paleocon, and “laissez faire” con. Identify the publications, websites and frontmen associated with those strains. Avoid them, as each has a huge blind spot. Or else, read them all, so that the blind spots cancel out mutually.

  • Think about the emotional impact of words, learn to disassociate the emotions from the words. Remember that the Patriot Act enslaves the patriots, War on Extremism is a war on your liberty and pocketbook with no hope of victory against the actual terrorists, Diversity stands for forced uniformity, American Idol is American Ninny, “celebrity” is a fool with good orthodontics and a great ass, and “star” is a fool with the same assets plus a talent for faking emotions.

  • Learn to spot jivin’ and sellin’. Don’t buy what they sell.

  • Desist from fandom of all commercialized team sports. Avoid particularly the mega-opiate machines of FIFA World Cup, Olympics, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL.

  • Resist the beckoning voice of the siren: the emotive (and Obama-voting) creature from Venus. Insist that she respect your voice, the voice from Mars. The feminine yin is as valuable as the masculine yang, but not here and now. We suffer from the greatest surfeit of yin in history. Our clock is being cleaned by all the patriarchal yang countries, starting with China. Even our alligators are now born with shrunken penises.

  • If you are a member of a feelgood church with a Walmart-sized parking lot and a rock band, drop out. Church with services in Spanish, homo clerics, lesbian bishops, social justice deacons, ditto. They all are purveyors of foamy estrogen in an era of rampant yin. If nothing else remains, go to find Jesus in the forest, where your ancestors found their gods, too. The forest has a way of weeding out the yin-afflicted.

  • Teach your children all of the above. More then anything, it’s the K-12 vertical indoctrination and lateral peer pressure that produce either Group A of shallow zombies shimmying to the globocorporate multiculti consumer samba with Xbox sadism at 8 and digitally transmitted hookups at 12, or crazed “social justice” dhimmis who compensate for having been rejected by Group A.

To reiterate jeppo’s argument that’s shared by other racially-aware Whites, it’s too late to do much about the diluted and de-whitened American demography. Even with Muslims and Jews counted as Whites, nonwhite births now exceed white ones. White, nominally Christian babies, i.e. America’s founding stock, now comprise 40% of the national total. There are various other dysfunctional devices, e.g. birthright citizenship and open borders by which this demographic displacement process is accelerated.

Among the actions that white Americans can take to minimize their plight, jeppo suggests, are “deportation of illegal aliens, shutting down legal immigration, ending birthright citizenship, deporting convicted felon immigrants, paying off immigrant citizens to renounce their US citizenship and leave the country, building an effective border fence, ending NAFTA, casting Puerto Rico off, declaring English as sole official language, and ending Affirmative Action and Disparate Impact laws.”

Another suggested solution is that Whites concentrate demographically in some states, just as “Hispanics” have in others. There are 34 states (jeppo excludes AL AZ CA DE FL GA HI LA MD MS NM NC NV SC TX VA plus DC) where this is still possible. If Whites can maintain their majorities in those states, they could retain control of the Senate and prevent non-white political hegemony even after they become a minority in the country. Or, the 34 states could secede from the union and create a White-majority republic. The last option (as per jeppo et al.) is emigration to Europe, Canada and Australia, thereby preserving White majorities in those countries.

The concerns and solutions voiced by jeppo have been offered before by various White Supremacists. The concerns are valid. Unfortunately, the self-proclaimed defenders of White America have dipped all that in a bath of such monomaniacal Jew-hatred, pitiful supremacism, gross falsification of history and idolatry of certified madmen and monsters that they have poisoned the well from which their kinsmen and their country might otherwise be able to draw some vital sustenance.

White Supremacist dementia and its mutation as White Nationalism may spread by social osmosis to well-meaning Americans who have saved their brains from contamination by the regime’s duckspeak and are alert to the demographic reality and racial fault lines in their country. However, having landed on a beachhead first claimed by White fascists, they may fall prey to a Goldsteinization of the relevant issues[2].

First, while it’s correct to identify the founding stock of America as “White Christian,” it’s a falsification to omit Blacks and Jews who were present in a contributive way long before the founding, if involuntarily for the former. It is further wrong to exclude (Ashkenazi and Sephardi but not Mizrahi) Jews from the definition of “White.” Are Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Issur Danielovitch (aka Kirk Douglas) or Betty Persky (aka Lauren Bacall) white enough? If they are not, certainly the Hungarians, who massacred their way into Europe 800 years after the Jews were brought in as Roman slaves, are not “White” either.

I once argued with a bent “Aryan” who maintained that yes, the Jews have made some contributions, but they were in the area of commerce and banking, for Jews are all about money. I then went to the letter A, from which I picked one country, Austria, and in 20 minutes produced a list of 187 Austrian Jews who have made cultural contributions of such magnitude that they enriched not only the Germanic culture but Western civilization itself. As I was ticking off names: from Max Reinhardt to Billy Wilder; from Fritz Kreisler to Johann Strauss to Gustav Mahler to Max Steiner to Rudolf Serkin; from Hugo von Hofmannsthal to Franz Werfel to Stefan Zweig to Ludwig von Mises; from Freddy Austerlitz (aka Fred Astaire) to Paul Muni, he responded, “None of them was Mozart, so it doesn’t count.” Well, I said, there hasn’t been a Mozart elsewhere, either. Besides, without Mozart’s Jewish librettist, Lorenzo da Ponte, the Austrian genius’s most glorious operas may not have existed.

However, antisemitism is to success-challenged Whites what phylloxera is to vines and pogroms of the Chinese were to Malays. It’s the socialism of fools, the bitters in the firewater of the failed, the thorn in the rose of those who know no roses. It’s the second oldest social disease known in Western history. There is no known cure, no possible argument. Not even a high IQ and a PhD confer an immunity, as evinced by a score of currently ambulating “White-Nat” activists and not a few of the departed, e.g. William Luther Price and Revilo Oliver.

Following my article in Gates of Vienna that analyzed the bias of White Nationalism’s foremost Jew-baiting theoretician, Kevin MacDonald, Dr. MacDonald published a reply whose second paragraph contained the allegation that just like other Jews[3], I was attempting “to draw boundaries of acceptable political discourse in a way that is acceptable to Jewish interests.” Although I did not continue reading further, the idée fixe that because one is a Jew or has some ounces of Jewish blood, one is a stealth agent for the Joos is a staple for what passes for the flower of White Power. It’s relevant that I had not attributed MacDonald’s antisemitism to his origin as a son of a Catholic Scots-American cop from Oshkosh, who could have sucked Jew-hatred with his mother’s milk just as many (but not all) working class Catholic Gaels — e.g. Fr. Charles Coughlin, Taylor Caldwell, Mel Gibson — may have.

Ethny and class usually determine culture and values, but not always and not exclusively so. Confusing the possible with the probable, the probable with the certain and the common with the omnipresent is usually the mark of the abject simpleton. When such blurring is evinced in an educated, erudite man, it’s indicative of an underlying toxic chipset.

That chipset is becoming more common, at least in America[4]. Apart from American Nazi wannabes doing their thing, proliferating White-ethnocentric websites have become platforms for a vision of a Judenrein “White” America and often a Judenfrei Middle East too[5]. They include perhaps all things Occidental on the masthead not related to a college or an oil company, a website of a proposed alternative to America’s insipid Right that fetes a major psychopath, Revilo Oliver, as the “Forgotten Conservative,” and a dozen other venues, all featuring cultured prose by ostensibly intelligent authors plus a baying pack of readers in the comments section[6]. Novels advocating a Final Solution redux, such as The Turner Diaries and Harold Covington’s ein volk skeins receive laudatory reviews by writers with but one degree of separation from the paleocon mainstream.

Negative racial stereotypes are not ipso facto evil, wrong and unacceptable. Without brutally honest categorization and grouping of social phenomena it’s impossible to apprehend human Reality. However, fine discernment and great care with truth must go into such endeavors. When one engages in probabilistic typology, i.e. classification by manifest attributes of a group’s majority, and presents it as an all-inclusive taxonomy, i.e. classification by imputed motivations of the alleged whole, that is biased propaganda masquerading as truth.

The prerequisite condition before one ventures into the minefield of racial group profiling and related interpretive history is strict self-introspection for biases and prejudices, glossed-over ignorance, and neuroses that transfer blame for one’s own failures and disappointments to other individuals or groups. We will not dwell on moral or Christian reasons why that is so. The rationale that concerns me here is Oriental combat praxis that calls for mushin, no mind, in order to prevail in an ultimate test. The struggle against the coalition of Commie Commandos, Body Snatchers, Crooks, Looters, jihadis and other imported population replacers is such a test.

Suzuki Shosan (1579—1655) was a samurai warrior who fought under Shogun Tokugawa leyasu, including, probably, in one of the bloodiest battles of all time, the Battle of Sekigahara. At the age of 41, he quit to became a Zen monk and teacher. He left several treatises addressing the issue of the mind’s grasp of Reality.

“Those who have mastered the Way,” wrote Shosan, “use reason and justice as a forge to temper the mind daily, getting rid of impurities to turn it into a pure, clear, unopposed mind-sword which cuts through the thought-root of selfish greed and conquers all thoughts [snip]. But ordinary people take deceptions for realities, creating attitudes biased by fixation, anger and misunderstanding. Having produced all sorts of psychological afflictions [snip]… they suffer from handicapped mentalities that make them hurt.”[7]

The sword master Yagyu Munenori says in his treatise referenced in Part 1:

“Afflictions [of the mind] means to think obsessively about something. Removing afflictions is for the purpose of perceiving intentions [of the opponent]. If afflictions are not removed, you will be distracted by them and fail to see. Fail to see and you have lost [the duel].”

These afflictions are at the core of our Ruling Elite: people whom our culture invests with great authority because they are PhDs of fictitious fancy (e.g. economics), LLDs of suffocating legal sophistry, arrogant jerk judges in philosopher-king vestments, Affirmative Action Ivy League barons, high crony bureaucrats, four-star generals of Diversity and Dhimmitude, and other megalomaniac poseurs pretending to fulfill with neurotic smarts positions where immovable wisdom is required. Unfortunately, the thin ranks of the true — i.e. not fake “conservative” but reactionary — opposition to the Progressive juggernaut comprise mainly zealots afflicted by their own brands of obsessive tautology: the Christian sectarians who insist that theirs is the one true faith[8], the 9/11 truthers and Illuminati spotters, the “Aryan” Jew chasers, Libertarians and Randians of the Utopian persuasion. There has to be a more balanced way.

Another Suzuki Shosan precept is particularly suited to all these people:

“Be aware of yourself and know yourself. No matter how much you have learned and how much you know, if you don’t know yourself you don’t know anything. Indeed, if you don’t know yourself, you cannot know anything else. People who don’t know themselves criticize others from the point of view of their ignorant selves. They consider whatever agrees with them to be good, and hate whatever doesn’t go their way.”

Of all the mind afflictions among those who chafe at the self-induced immolation of America, the most pernicious is the Jew-hate monomania. While the 78% Jewish vote for Obama speaks for itself, the other 22% amounts to a large group of people too. Besides, one who lives with an unclouded mind will notice that the liberal multiculti claptrap on the website of a random synagogue or in the New York Times is similar to what one hears in a sermon at a random mainstream church or reads in WASP owned-and-edited newspapers such as were (and still are) the Times-Mirror properties under Otis Chandler.

Recently, World News Daily reported about a conference at which Rep. Keith Ellison, Minn. who is Democrat, Black, and Muslim, declared that “God willing,” the U.S. border will become irrelevant. Conference speakers included radicals with deep ties to President Obama, such as Tikkun Magazine’s[9] Jewish moonbat Michael Lerner who compared Tea Party activists to Hitler five times during his speech. Other Obamoids WND mentions included Affirmative Action Ivy League Marxist darling, Farrakhan and Obama pal Cornel West, and Heather Booth, an ex-SDS saboteur and founder of the Midwest Academy that teaches the Gospel According to Saul Alinsky.

When you read such an article and are like me, as you progress down the list of the progressive participants, slowly gut revulsion morphs into a thought: these are enemies. And the second thought is, Jews are overrepresented in that group. Yes, Heather Booth is one too. She grew up “steeped in traditional Jewish stories of struggles for freedom from bondage” and acknowledges, “ My passion is building a better society.”

The issue is what you do with these perceptions. If your passion is to get or — let’s be frank — get rid of the Jews, you will develop a theory draping their fruitcakes, social repairers, wimps, false messiahs, revolutionaries and greedsters in a mantle of wholesale group culpability according to your field of competence. If you are an evolutionary psychologist like Dr. MacDonald, you will build your theory on Darwinian struts of imputed tribal strategy to destroy White Man and feed on his carcass. If you are a Jew-hating PhD with background in the humanities, you will purport to trace through history a conspiracy to Judaize the world. A Catholic zealot like Dr. E. Michael Jones will manage to fold into this his second most hated group: the Protestants aka “Demi-Jews” (e.g. “The Revolutionary Jew and His Impact on World History”). A disparager of Catholics like Dr. Revilo Oliver will dwell on how the Pope is a servant of the Zionist oligarchy, and what must be done to replace the “demoralizing cult of the Jew-god” with a religion fit for Aryans. And those are the educated Jew-baiters; the uneducated ones don’t bother with the quasi-reasoning and just incise the conclusions with tattoo ink on their bare skulls.

On the other hand — to return to the WND article — if your internal anti-virus has kept you free from the brain-disabling It’s-the-Joos! Trojan, before you have set your mind about the significance of the Jewish saboteur troika of Alinsky, Booth and Lerner in bed with West, Ellison, Calypso Louie et al., you will have noticed that an Aaron Klein is the author of the article that illustrates the lunacy of Jews. Klein is also the author of a trenchant Obama exposé, The Manchurian President. World News Daily itself is the enterprise of an ardent Christian Zionist, Joseph Farah. Moreover, you will find no better illumination of the whole Alternative Reality brigade than in the Discover the Networks website — a brainchild of David Horowitz.

There is a small albeit noisy minority of the Jewish minority that fits the wrecker profile that’s grist for the mill for the phalanx of Holocaust deniers[10], Stormfront troopers, Lindbergh saluters and Ustasha apologists that constitute the “New” American Right and HBD “Realist” circles, not to mention the far recesses. But if you look at a major moonbat tool like “Center for American Progress — Progressive Ideas for a Strong, Just, and Free America”, it was founded by an Italian. About a quarter of its 21 senior executives appear to be Jewish: out of proportion for sure, but hardly enough to blame all Jews for all the ills of the world.

Another sample of the destroying firewood tenders is in the magazine Yes!. Looking at its Board of Directors, one finds two Jews including Co-founder David Korten, three blacks, two Asian women, a lesbian, a Hispanic “director of social justice” for the Catholic Church in Seattle essentially in charge of pumping Mexicans into the United States, and three Euro-origin socialist dhimmis including Co-founder and Executive Editor Sarah van Gelder.

When I saw the Spring 2010 issue of Yes!, I could not resist. At $6.50, this drill is meant for the skulls of well to do voluntary white dhimmis[11]. The cover depicts a face the four quadrants of which belong each to a female of a different race. Superimposed on that is the title of the main article: “America: The Remix” asking the rhetorical question: “Can our Diversity be our Strength?” Other listed articles are “What White People Fear,” “Everyday Conversations to Heal Racism,” “The City We All Want to Live In” [it’s the one where Whites have been forced to live among Blacks], and “What Do You Say to a Screaming Bigot.” A comment would be redundant.

Once you are able to perceive the whole theatre of action with an impassive mind instead of fixating on one of the myriad foes rushing at you with pointed arms, your strategy and tactics change and you can fight the actual battle rather then flail at the demons of your own mind affliction. You can then discern that the opposing army includes Jewish, Black, Hispanic and Muslim battalions, but Nordic ones too, plus units of other White provenance. You will be able to notice the substantial, if minority, count of Jews on your side, and some non-white ethnicities too, though in smaller numbers. After all, among the bravest and most perceptive rightwing political commentators in America there are even two Filipinos: Michelle Malkin and Richard Fernandez.

Furthermore, you will notice that arrayed against you are the great majorities of academics, teachers, lawyers, journalists, psychologists, actors and directors, government employees, clergymen and rabbis and active members of their congregations, librarians, politicians, top executives, financiers, urban dwellers, people under-40, unmarried women, sexual deviates, and 1st-generation immigrants. Cross tabulating those with ethnicity will show that your fixation on Jewish DNA has blinded you to all those vast categories that pretty much exhaust the spectrum of the Jewish occupational and residential presence but of which Jews are but minority fractions.

The true picture is far more depressing to those prone to depression, but that is where one must start. Of all the wise things ever said about combat, the most important one came from Sun Tzu:

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Having considered more carefully who tends to the firewood, we are ready to consider what to do about the firewood. Next time.


1.   A summary of this process is here. A similar process of the public’s assumption of the debts of banksters has occurred in Europe, most saliently in Ireland and Iceland, so far.
2.   The use of Goldstein as other than a proper noun and the terms duckspeak and newspeak are borrowed from George Orwell’s masterpiece 1984, published in 1949 and still fresh and relevant.
3.   As I use a Japanese pen name, when writing in previous instances about Jews, antisemites, Nazis etc. I deemed it ethically necessary to reveal that my father was Jewish, I was raised Catholic, identify as an ethnic Pole, and both my parents had been victims of the Third Reich and lost all and everything in the Holocausts (sic). Incidentally, I am not deemed a Jew either by Jewish religious law or Hitler’s secular one, but that won’t do for American-Aryan Übermenschen.
4.   The European Right is a different case with a different pattern.
5. was a notable exception, but there were no buyers for its message; it folded.
6.   To experience the effluence from the milder type of Jew hater in the milder type of a Jew-fixated forum, one would do well to scan the relatively moderate comments section to Fjordman’s “Thilo Sarrazin vs. The Multiculti Oligarchs” at Alternative Right. The article did not discuss Jewish issues but the readership brought that around.
7.   The quotes here are translations discussed in Dr. Thomas Cleary’s The Japanese Art of War, Shambala, 1991. Among other books about Suzuki Shosan, noteworthy is Arthur Braverman’s Warrior of Zen: The Diamond-Hard Wisdom Mind of Suzuki Shosan (Kodansha).
8.   The Muslim faith being beyond all bounds of rational discourse, some 75% of Jews being secular, and pagans being too insignificant to consider in this context, it’s not necessary that we dwell on other religions here.
9.   The world tikkun itself is a clue for the knowing. It’s “repair” in Hebrew, and comes from the Jewish notion of tikkun olam, i.e. repair of the world. What does not enter in the cost estimate of the “repair” is the unintended consequences (always intended, as per antisemite ideologues).
10.   Holocaust denial and “Hitler light” attitude is a particularly vile stain on the people who purport to champion American Whites. They may have begun sensing that it cannot sell. A few months ago, a White Nationalist website featured an article titled “Holocaust Denial as Strategic Buffoonery.” It was in the vein of arguments heard in some psychiatric precincts: You and I know that (fill in the blanks: I am Napoleon; there is a Vril spaceship waiting for us in the land of Thulle; at most 200,000 Jews died in the so-called Holocaust, etc.), but it’s bad for business that they know we know.

What the cryptos are yet to internalize is that there was not only one Hitlerian Holocaust, but three, very much of Whites. Apart from the 5.5 million Jews, there was a Holocaust of over 7 million Slavs. More than 3 million Polish Slav civilians were murdered by the Nazis (who were mostly German but not all Nazi), with an equal number of Russians not including military casualties, plus a half million each in Yugoslavia and in the aggregate of smaller East-European countries like Belarus, Lithuania etc. The third Holocaust was the one perpetrated by the Soviets between 1939 and 1941 in the East-European lands they would not have been able to occupy but per agreement with and support of Germany. A new book by Timothy Snyder, Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, explores this issue little known in the West but 6th grade stuff for East Europeans.

11.   Incidentally, Yes! is distinctly a Puget Sound enterprise. That area and the whole Pacific Northwest have such a high ratio of Whites (and under-representation of Jews) that it’s the designated homeland for the Aryans after they have dealt with you-know-who, per the Harold Covington oeuvre.

The Art of Strategic Citizenship — Part 3

Below is the third installment of Takuan Seiyo’s latest series of essays. Previously: Part 1 and Part 2.

Note: In his second installment, Mr. Seiyo originally designated this as a three-part series. However, the project grew as he progressed, and there will be a fourth installment.


The Art of Strategic Citizenship
Part 3 — Round stones rolled down a mountain

by Takuan Seiyo

In the 5th chapter of The Art of War, Sun Tzu and his interlocutor Du Mu say:

It is the nature of a stone to remain motionless on level ground, and to move when on a slope; thus the energy developed by good fighting men is as the momentum of a round stone rolled down a mountain thousands of feet in height.

First, you must wake up. The ground is no longer level. It’s a slope, and you are being swept down that slope like so much dead weight of fallen leaves in dark November twilight. The ruling elite is doing the sweeping, and various spiky strands of the broom stand out: the Muslim janissaries contracted by the nominally Judeo-Christian elite, the Mexican reconquistadores and the rest of the imported underclass, the Black racist demagogues and criminals, the red-diaper Jewish society improvers, the red-flag French intellectuals and their university franchises, the Social Christianity clerical comrades, the Hollywood useful idiots, the purposefully forgotten Chicom strategists, and so on. But none of this would have worked, had it not been for the slope.

The slope was built by your own people: white middle class evaders of “divisiveness,” nice people to boot. Hogs at credit troughs, consumers of Chicom cheap con, suit-wearing minders of this quarter’s profits, evangelicals with God bless decals, Bushites not Shiites, country club Republicans who thought the business of America is business, national demographics are a market, and the teaching vocation can be left to bitter Gramscian malcontents on a long march.

The slope is stacked against you. It’s about 9 to 1. The GOP is a useless diversion, the conservatives in clueless confusion, the Tea Party too pansy, the teachers Comintern saboteurs, the generals beribboned cowards trading truth for another star on the collar of he, she or heshe, the economists lapping milk from the saucers of the financialists, the government determined to immanentize the eschaton while China grabs the market for the cyclotron. Even if your side were hard stones, you would be rolling in the wrong direction.

Only the hard truth can turn into rolling stones. Comforting lies turn into a pile of dry autumn leaves. “Strength in Diversity” turns into peonage to homogeneous China and dhimmitude to tribal Dar-al-Islam. Jock worship and self esteem in schools end in generations of know-nothing spoiled morons. Paper fiat money becomes Ponzi confetti. “Conservatives” end as outplayed liberals. A smooth latte messiah turns into the broken cane of America the lame. Empire on credit heads for the trashcan of empires.

Other than a few bloggers and writers who toil in unpaid anonymity for 20,000 readers, the only people with significant public following who are able even to identify and express all those issues in cogent prose are clouded by mind afflictions of the sort discussed in Part 2. They are either conspiracy junkies or tenants at the junction of the Paleocon/ White Nat spectrum. They show a keen perception of the political facts and no perception of their own mind afflictions. Such people cannot lead others successfully out of the wilderness.

On the premise that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, the Paleocons are silent on Islam and jihad and agnostic about Holocaust and Hitler. “White Nats” simply deny the former and adore the latter. Patrick Buchanan, who can write masterfully about America’s suicide by immigration, by NAFTA or by surrender to its Black minority pillagers (e.g. “A Brief for Whitey”) is also an admirer of the Nazi tool Charles Lindbergh, a defender of accused Nazi criminals, and a World War II revisionist more on Hitler’s side than on Churchill’s [1]. Paul Craig Roberts, who can write superbly about America’s hollowed-out economy and the madness of Empire (e.g. “Spinning Unemployment in a Collapsing Empire”) can’t put two paragraphs together before launching into a tirade about the evils of Israel and its American lobby.

Some conspiracy hounds also present useful facts and good ideas, but wrapped in questionable theories. Not much is gained by the 9/11 truthers’ unprovable assertion that the U.S. government had pre-wired the towers with explosives. I doubt that it did, but it had prewired the Unites States for 9/11 anyway. It did so through its insane immigration and border policies, refusal to recognize the hostile nature of Islam, demented Affirmative Action that places Muslims and racially favored incompetents in the center of the intelligence and defense establishments, and other PC inanities like the “wall” between the FBI and the CIA.

We will not go here to the left side of the anomie, i.e. the quixotic intellectuals, the for-profit prole noisemakers, the failures seeking revenge on society, the mass media nitwits and agent provocateurs, the demagogues egging on minorities from the lands of soulful indolence or dusty terror. It’s not important anymore to understand why they believe and do what they do. The essential fact is that there are now two irreconcilable peoples in America: the Equality People and the Freedom People.

We identified the demographic composition of the Equality People in Part 2. Committed to denying and reviling any truth that requires discrimination between human individuals and types, they share a psychosis of obsessing over any mote in White eyes, and ignoring large beams in Colored eyes. They are pragmatic Socialists, meaning that they support Big Business capitalism that privatizes the oligarchs’ profits, socializes their losses, and exacts payoffs large enough to keep playing pols in power, and favored Equalitan client groups in cushy jobs at the ambitious top or just in spending money at the indolent bottom.

The Freedom People are liberty-loving Constitutionalists. They detest world-improving busybodies and grasp that it’s the equality and nondiscrimination silk memes in which the postmodern Western state wraps its iron fist of coercion. They are not necessarily Libertarian, for that is an ideological strain oblivious to the large swathes of Reality where laissez faire leads to ruination, and a good government is inescapable. Unlike the Libertarians, the Freedomians recognize that what was best about America came from a specific American people. That people was 90% White, construed by Anglo-Saxon-Scottish ideas and norms of conduct, and largely led by Anglo-Protestants.

The Freedomians are countryside dwellers, small business owners, non-union blue collar workers, soldiers, cops and firefighters, people who revere the U.S. Constitution, and a few eccentric intellectuals like the late Samuel Francis, hounded to an early grave. There are few nonwhites, as those are the clients and protégés of the government and paragons of the Equality People. There are few Jews or Nordics. The Jews, living like the Episcopalians but voting like the Salvadorans, share a cultural obsession with social “injustice,” even if ancient or biogenic in the underdogs and therefore of no proper concern to social improvers. The Nordics, even if secular, are heirs to a deracinated Christianity based in misconstrued and sometimes mistranslated Biblical words taken out of their historical context and fashioned into self-abnegating do-goodism. WNNPs (White non-Nordic Protestants) seem to be the paramount ethnic stock of the Freedomians.

The ruling oligarchy, which comprises the enormous powers of the government and Big Business, is firmly with the Equality People. The Freedom People are therefore vastly outmatched. Since they are shut out of the government no matter which party rules, all they can do is watch how their country self-destructs for the sake of providing the nourishing manure with which the hegemons bolster the rise of the New World Order with its global serf topsoil and Made in China sprinklers. As well, Islamic Morlocks are imported and unleashed on the NWO Whites, to provide a pretext for an oppressive police state.

The recent case of a lefto-anarchist devil-worshipping psycho pothead mass murderer who shot a Democrat Congresswoman is illustrative. The same media platforms that now falsely blamed Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for the “climate of hatred” had routinely expressed death and dismemberment wishes for Sarah Palin and the Tea Party (and Bush, Cheney etc.). Having gratuitously dragged Sarah Palin into this, they now turned around to proclaim, “Sarah Palin, once again, has found a way to become part of the story”.

Politicians and pundits on both sides, and Mr. Obama shamelessly so, abused the occasion to pontificate about political “extremism” and “our” pride in the American democratic process that effects change at the ballot box, not through violence. However, one actually observing what’s going on perceives that the democracy circus has left town decades ago, and all this noise now is palaver over weed control in the windswept plaza where the tents were once pitched.

We can no longer effect change at the ballot box; that’s a gross perversion of the truth. An American electorate that elects an Obama is too far gone, anyway.

When the ruling elite is free to import tens of millions of voters for itself who are a like a millstone on the taxpayer-serfs, and to deploy taxpayer-funded thug organizations like ACORN to sway elections, and to refuse to prosecute club-wielding Black Nazi thugs, and it has an exclusive claim on the enormous powers of academic indoctrination and MSM persuasion, and it has bound the opposition in a purpose-designed net of racist “civil rights” and “hate speech” legislation, and that entire intertwined cabal harangues its critics ceaselessly with kneejerk labels like “racist” and “divisive,” democracy has died and voting is just an empty ritual. How much more so when the putative opposition fields phony figureheads from the Nixon-Ford-Dole-Bush-McCain mold, and the rulers keep digging a financial, monetary and demographic hole for their people and protect crony bankster malefactors whether it’s a Texas hold ’em capitalist or an Afro-socialist in the White House.

Nor is the democracy sham confined to the federal level. Steven Malanga revealed the array of fiscal gimmicks, evasions, and ploys that state and local politicians have used to circumvent budget restrictions enacted in 32 states. The willful undermining of the people’s vote amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars of funds slushed into off-budget enterprises, swept from promised useful uses to political payoffs, shifted from funded accounts into depleted ones, shafted as interest-free loans forced on the taxpayers, sold for some cash now instead of larger receipts later, or simply stolen from citizens’ personal bank accounts on the pretext that they are inactive and “unclaimed.” This heedless spending binge has resulted in a $6 trillion state and local government debt. That’s on top of the separate road to fiscal and monetary ruin pursued by the federal government also against the explicit wishes of the voters[2].

Clio, the muse of history, has at last submitted the bill for decades of madness and corruption. The mandarins at the money spigots then activated a pump to keep the leaky tub afloat while they are still at the tiller. Notable financial experts outside the ruling elite did diagnose that as a systematic cover-up of the worst corruption and control fraud in America’s history, if not the world’s [3]. All that just buys time and wherewithal for the illusion of “growth” to persist while bankster bosses strap on their golden parachutes and the governing pashas their silver ones. When the deluge comes, the banksters will have already settled in their penthouses in Singapore and spreads in Aruba, their assets parked in yuans, gold ducats, and forward wheat options. And the pols and bureaucrats complicit in all this will have already finished their cadence and retired. Their fat pensions, successors’ salaries and preferred social clients’ stipends can be paid in NWO Ameristan shekels even after the dollar is toast. It’s only the nebbish Freedomians, the core of the Middle Class, whose net worth and jobs will have evaporated.

The replacement of 1970 meritocracy with post-1985 anti-White discrimination, and of the White-dominant melting pot with a grab stew of every race and nationality, are a catastrophe of equally dire consequences. 9/11 was Reality’s tap on the shoulder relative to the humongous corruption and control fraud in U.S. immigration policies, and it too resulted in gobs of wasted money to construct a cover-up. The DHS and TSA farce (addressed in Part 1) is just a way to stick all Americans with the severe punishment for the gross errors or intentional sabotage of their ruling elite, just as money printing, bailout and “stimulus” are in the financial domain. As to Affirmative Action and transfer payments to “People of Color,” daily newspaper stories, if vetted consistently for racial indicators, provide regular reference points of the downward trajectory.

Right away, we can dismiss all the good advice that well-meaning patriots dispense. The enormous power of the ruling oligarchy, backed by over 50% of the population, will not allow such admissions of monumental error and malfeasance as would be needed to change course in a radical way. We cannot deport illegal aliens, legal felons or legal sleeper jihadis. We cannot amend the Constitution to end Third World immigration or birthright citizenship. We can wake up some people but not the nation to the essential incompatibility of Islam, let alone Muslims. The anti-jihad movement is noble and commendable, but it only addresses the tuberculosis of the AIDS patient. Even if the TB be cured, the AIDS and its other lethal consequences will remain.

We cannot end NAFTA, send Puerto Rico off and tell Hawaii we own it, and to shut up. If we win hugely in a plebiscite, one Body Snatcher judge is enough to overturn the will of the people. Ending Affirmative Action and Disparate Impact laws is a pipe dream, and declaring English as sole official language is too little too late. We cannot end the global economy sham or the Western voluntary dhimmitude plague. We don’t have the votes and even if we had them, we don’t have the leaders whom such votes might carry into successful tenures in the seats of power.

What we have is the OODA Loop, the firewood under the cauldron, the round stones rolling down the mountain. Following “Observe” is “Orient.” “Orient” means, first, recognizing that old categories are now obsolete. It’s not Right or Left, capitalist or socialist, White or Black, “White” or Jew, Catholic or Protestant. There is only the Freedom People and its hostile co-dweller, the Equality People. The latter’s government and global business sponsors provide the main jaw in the crushing vise.

Progressives are bona fide Equalitans, but it would be a mistake to consider Conservatives as ipso facto Freedomians. It’s necessary to observe that there are vastly different ethnic and occupational ratios in these two peoples, and to orient strategic action toward those differences. In that lies the opportunity to achieve something that would pass Sun Tzu’s muster.

The answer, as many have said, lies in separation, but it has only something to do with the common advice that “Whites” move to “Red” states and so save White Majority America. The small issue lies in liberty-loving Constitutionalists being able to achieve self-government and conserve what remains of America. But there are much larger issues at stake. In the balance hangs the future of Western Civilization.

The globalist elite treats the issue of Third World Immigration to the West as one of goodness and (faked) unavoidability, with the Good Guys — themselves, of course — versus the troglodyte racists. They treat the issue of the rise of China and the sinking of the United States as yet another change of guard among Superpowers, necessary to maintain overall prosperity (whatever that means). But neither subject is remotely like what it’s presented to be.

The streaming of tens, and soon hundreds of millions of sub-90 IQ hostile aliens to America and to the rest of the West entails a certain lowering of the overall intelligence of the populace in a technological epoch when intelligence and education are the main economic resource. It also portends the end of hope for the return of democracy in America [4], for a sub-intelligent people can sway only to the rhythm of demagogues’ bribes and manipulative verbiage. Moreover, nonwhite immigration spells a blow-up of the remainder of social capital and a crippling of any possibility to continue the life of ease, prosperity and peace that White Man’s lands have enjoyed between 1946 and 2001.

As to the ascendance of China, it ought to be obvious that he who pays the piper calls the tunes. The idiotic myopia of America’s globalist oligarchs of a generation ago was to assume that as America pumps prosperity into China, China would inevitably become “westernized” and “democratized” — and gelded, like the West. But China has its strengths that the West has forsaken: its racial homogeneity and pride in its history and culture. China is taking from the West what it needs to rise as China. Barring the unforeseeable, by 2050 China will have become the world’s dominant economic and military superpower. It is the Chinese values and interests that will be planted firmly in the West, and not vice versa [5].

This essay is devoted to some of what’s salutary in the Orient and is worthy of study and some form of emulation. We have no space to dwell on the revolting, but the preceding paragraph ought to chase sleep from the brows of the knowing. There are other similar conundrums: for instance the certainty that the United States is becoming Mexicanized, with all it portends, and that Eurabia is a growing reality.

A world whose values trickle down from China, whose Europe rises to the call of the muezzin and whose America is run by Afro-revanchist dialectic theoreticians and Afghan-American civil rights lawyers according to Mexican political methods is not a world into which a White person still in possession of his brain wants to be born. It’s this — the highest possible stake — that hangs in the balance; not silly little things like whether Newt Gingrich is electable or Pennsylvania reclaimable for the GOP through conservative Whites’ resettlement.

The task is not to achieve a White majority. The U.S. already has a White majority. Europe has a huge White majority. It’s useless. At issue is a complete undoing of most cultural developments of the last 53 years or so, and a revision of much of Christianity’s and political theory’s evolution of the past 100 years. It’s been a long and interesting road, but it’s now obvious that it ends in a sheer drop: Kali Yuga .

Look now at the symbol at the head of his text. It represents the Great Tao, the eternal unifying principle of opposing cosmic forces that make up the Universe. It’s a Chinese concept commonly associated with the philosopher Lao Tse (6th century BC), but probably much older than that. Yin — the female element — and Yang — the male element — are each charged with a momentum ready to displace the other but still containing its germ. A dynamic balance results, a unity of opposing forces that make all atoms spin and all phenomena manifest.

In the cosmos, antigravity — the universe- expanding force first intuited by Einstein — is the Yin element, as is any other centrifugal vector. Attractive gravity, or any other centripetal force, is the Yang. In nutrition, acid is Yin, alkali is Yang; overdo the one or the other, you’ll get sick. In combat, the light initial tug (as discussed in Part 1) is Yin; the resulting slam into the ground is the Yang. Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba (among thousands of his own and other masters’ observations on Yin/Yang) wrote: “The heart of a human being is no different from the soul of heaven and earth. In your practice always keep in your thoughts the interaction of heaven and earth, water and fire, Yin and Yang.

The healthy human body’s pH balance is about 7 on a scale of 14, which is another way of describing a salutary Yin/Yang equilibrium. Overdo the soft drinks, alcohol and other sugars, starches, cigarettes, drugs, pills and stress, and you are in for Yin toxemia, i.e. a pH of 6 or lower that is a sure road to major illness. Cancer — the ultimate growth syndrome — is the quintessential Yin disease.

Similarly, a once-healthy society that has binged for 45 years on distending its population with tens of millions of imported aliens, puffing up inclusion and tolerance into a gigantic obsession, dilating the voting franchise, growing prodigiously claimed rights and entitlements, swelling the welfare rolls, pumping its money supply, inflating enormous asset bubbles, exploding the inventory of risky investment instruments, amplifying the growth of doctored profits and faked GNP statistics, overcommitting internationally, overstretching its military, overlawyering, over-regulating and overtaxing its citizens (but not its banksters) and metastasizing its media into 1000 channels of garbage is mired in a toxic Yin bog with no understanding of what it has done to itself. When you add to this the feminist revolution, the feminization of all walks of life, the 510 clucking hens among the 535 members of U.S. Congress, the metrosexual president, the coed dorms, female military, tranny police sergeants, gay (gay???) homo wives, 6-ft. reed-thin men with nipple rings and ear plugs, Oprah, Hillary, shop-till-you-drop, meek impotence at home versus millions of unnamed “youths” in Eurabia and America or bandits abroad like the NorKor commies — it’s Yin accelerating Yin, whirling to breakdown and destruction like a malformed flywheel too heavy on one side, spinning at 100,000 RPM.

This is not an entirely novel analysis for the West either. Already in 1935 Arnold Toynbee explained history in terms of circular Yin/Yang rhythms. His A Study of History published in twelve volumes over 20 years sought to explain how civilizations came to exist, flourish, and wane. Toynbee applied his model to 26 civilizations, showing the five stages through which they all passed: genesis, growth, time of troubles, universal state, and disintegration. Universal State — the stage in which the West is now — emerges when the elite, whom Toynbee called “Creative Minority,” ceases to be creative and degenerates into merely a “Dominant Minority” that forces the majority to obey without deserving obedience. Disintegration is next.

Although Toynbee referred specifically to the Yin/Yang Chinese concept, his emphasis was slightly different from ours here. He saw in Yin tranquility and stability, in Yang action and upheaval, and in history phases alternating from the one to the other. My focus is on Yin as the expansive and feminine force, on Yang as the contractive and masculine force, and on their proper equilibrium. What is clear, through the one prism or the other, is that the West is at the peak of perhaps the biggest Yin wave in history. What follows is disintegration through a wrenching Yang upheaval.

A social environment fit for the happy and productive existence of sentient beings is one in which Yin and Yang are balanced. Adolf Hitler dragged Western civilization onto the second of the mutilating peaks of Yang that, before 1914 -1944, had not been scaled by Westerners since Roman times [6]. It was inevitable that subsequently the West counter-swing like a giant pendulum through the point of equilibrium and far into the Yin zone, just as it had before, into Christian martyrdom in Rome and meekness of Rome. What was not inevitable and should not have happened is that the immersion in Yin continue unabated since 1945. A Yang balancing should have started around 1969 already.

An Eastern sage or even a random Chinese general laughs his head off watching the feminized West flapping around in its menopausal Yin ways to hold back super-Yang barbarians on the streets of Antwerp, Luton or Cleveland, or in Afghanistan and Somalia. America is so far gone that it releases Talib mass murderers upon capture while capturing and jailing for 40 years heroic American soldiers whose gonads and fighting instincts still function properly. Invoking recently the swift, brutal and effective actions of Korean and Malaysian commandos against Somali pirates, Richard Fernandez wrote: “The wonder weapon of the Koreans, though less potent than that used by the Malaysians was that they were neither European nor American.”

They who would turn the tide, at least for the Freedom People, must perceive the magnitude of the historic, nay, cosmic forces at play. And to have a chance at restoring balance and glory to Western civilization, they must beware of those who, moved by atavistic forces beyond their ken, push from the current extremes of Yin into Hitlerian extremes of Yang. Without understanding that Hitler was the worst thing that ever happened to the White race, and that the Holocaust did happen as commonly beheld and worse, one is deprived of the understanding of the sources of the current Yin abyss, and consequently cannot redress the counter-calamity in an effective and lasting way.

Inventing a golden past that never was, falsifying history to right a grave current imbalance is an awful crime not as much against the dead and the hostile as against the living and allied. To revive Christianity, without which a Western Renaissance is unthinkable, it’s necessary to stop lying about the roots, branches and charred stumps of the faith’s history. It’s necessary to perceive Jesus as a Jew who came with a redeeming Yin message at a historical peak of Yang in both the Roman and Jewish cultures: the former then embodying the heights of sadistic brutality and militarism, and the latter the depths of religious fanaticism and pharisaism. The current Church is an embodiment of Yin too, as is the majority of diaspora Jews and other Progressives — but it’s Yin at the peak of Yin in the surrounding society. What was a redeeming force in the past is now the potion of impotence and eclipse.

To understand why Christianity is so harmfully Yin it’s necessary to acknowledge, not whitewash, the past crimes, wars, errors and excesses of the Church and link them causally to the inevitable backswing of Reformation, Enlightenment and pervasive defection of the faithful. What we are seeing in all the Christian denominations is their own backswing into extreme Yin in tacit or express repentance for Christianity’s extreme Yang that ended 250 years ago. It’s too much, too late, and totally useless now. But useless as well is deluded “conservative” Christians’ blaming the Protestants, the Masons, the philosophes, the Jews, the Enlightenment and Vatican II for all this.

Perhaps the most important intellectual and spiritual task for people who would save the West is to understand that the current meme of “Judeo-Christian” values and the clerics’ prattling about the affinity of Abrahamic religions is merely a symptom of the yinnization of Christianity and its Western cradle. Western civilization can be balanced and healthy again when it has recovered all five of its cornerstones. They are the pantheist-pagan, Greek, Roman, Judaic and Christian.

It’s because of the Church’s early extirpation of the pantheist-pagan foundations of European culture that the vital connection to the soil and the happiness and rootedness that come from venerating native Nature’s beauty and bounty have vanished. Had that been preserved, as it is in Shinto, the peoples of the West would not have fallen so easily for materialism, nihilism, psychoanalysis, do-goodism, multiculturalism and all the other stupid isms — all shadow plays in the skulls of solipsists cut off from ways of experiential knowing.

Little has remained of the Greek and Roman foundations, though the Church did preserve the intellectual achievements. The Greeks had a love of aesthetic, moral and intellectual perfection without which one is so much the shabbier. Had any traces of the Greeks’ educational system remained, with its emphasis on forming the human character along noble ideals, banksters and thieving CEOs could not have reached the top of the social pecking order, and a different class of people would be sitting on the benches of Congress. As for the Romans, they had patriarchy and veneration of tradition and wisdom over the flash of youth, and sanctity of the family and rootedness in the past. Rome was gone when those were gone, but they are now missing in us too.

One option remains for the Freedom People — a people that’s defeated, scattered, betrayed, leaderless, caught in the net of a government working entirely for the other side regardless of which party holds the power. That option is, to gather and start something new. Not in 34 states as enumerated in Part 1, but in fewer than ten.

This is not the project for the conventional or fainthearted. It must start from an unshakeable certainty as strong as the religious zeal that moved the Puritans and the Amish across the Atlantic Ocean to initial pain, hardship and disappointment. It’s no less than crossing the perilous prairie in a Conestoga wagon. It must start from the conviction that the entire slope must collapse on which the NWO round stones now crush Whites committed to preserve the civilization of Whites. And the realization that the Freedom People themselves prop that slope with their virtue, labor and taxes.

(to be continued)


1. I find Victor Davis Hanson’s analysis persuasive in this matter, which does not mean that I prefer all of his ideas over Buchanan’s.
2. Karl Denninger of MarketTicker has listed additional inscriptions on the tomb of America’s democracy here.
3. Latest rot disclosure here), latest control fraud here.
4. Europe’s democracy is already passé, gone, in a coup d’état of the EU ruling elite.
5. Martin Jacques even wrote a book about that, When China Rules the World; The Rise of the Middle Kingdom and the End of the Western World (Allen Lane, 2009), but no book can halt a steamroller that’s been tearing along for 30 years.
6. The West had suffered the Yang storms of Genghis Khan in the 13th century and, before him, Attila in the 5th. But they and their hordes were Asian.

The Art of Strategic Citizenship, Part 4

Below is the first half of the fourth and final installment of Takuan Seiyo’s latest series of essays. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

The Great Wave Off San Francisco
Philippe Teuwen, The Great Wave off San Francisco (2007),
after The Great Wave off Kanagawa (1830) by Katsushika Hokusai

The Art of Strategic Citizenship
Part 4(a) — Exodus

By Takuan Seiyo

Observe and Orient

What would it take to tame the Yin tsunami wave that will smash, upon landfall, the lands of the legume Pods where Reality is optional? All hope abandon ye; it can’t be done. The front of the tidal froth rises to such towering heights that in California, which is America’s decomposing PIG in a worse way than Greece is Europe’s, the legislature has no more pressing tasks to consider than Bill No. 48: “This bill would require instruction in social sciences to also include a study of the role and contributions of Native Americans, African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, European Americans, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans, and other ethnic and cultural groups, to the development of California and the United States.”

What you do is: you get out. You get in a boat, you steer into the wave before it has broken, you row until you are numb. It’s dangerous, but you have a good chance; it all depends on the soundness of your craft, who else rows with you, how well your oar strokes are matched, and what’s your navigation plan.
Chuck Baldwin, the Baptist minister and erstwhile US presidential candidate of the Constitution Party has recently quit his longtime home and church he’d founded in Florida in order to move to Montana with his extended family. “God has led us,” Baldwin explained, “to the conviction that Montana (along with other Mountain states) is going to be the tip of the spear in the freedom fight.” In his recent column, “Identifying Our Friends”, he argued that “Not all Christians are our friends, and not all non-Christians are our enemies.” Being able to identify our friends, Baldwin added, is “more than half the battle.”

Baldwin’s political agenda would stop the tsunami. He wants to curb government borrowing and to dismantle the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the income tax, and much of the federal government besides. He wants to take down NWO, the global economy and America’s busybody Empire, to withdraw from the UN and to kick that hornets’ nest off American soil. He talks of blocking Mexico’s meddling in US demographics and politics, getting rid of illegal immigrants, devolving power to the states, domestic drilling for oil, gutting the Patriot Act, restoring the Bill of Rights, throttling multiculturalism, homophilia abortion rights and feminocracy, restoring America’s character as a Christian country, and beating back Islam. Alas, there isn’t a 0.01 chance that this agenda could be adopted by any conceivable American government, except the one after Armageddon whose parliamentary sessions would have to start with an appropriate rendition of Psalm 137:1, “By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion.” That is perhaps why Chuck Baldwin has moved to Montana.

The American Leviathan is no friend of the Baldwin kind, and it has an inconceivable crushing power. It is the busiest busybody multiculti meddler in the world, a facilitator of Muslim expansion and a proactive dismantler of the West. Recent Wikileaks disclosed a “Minority Engagement Strategy” of the U.S. Embassy in Paris that might have been conceived by a fantasy Comintern Executive comprising Antonio Gramsci, Grigori Zinoviev and Frantz Fanon.

At home, Leviathan’s main occupation has been to flatter, spoil, bribe and endow the Black minority with funds and unmerited jobs financed by the White and Northeast Asian taxpayers at a catastrophic sacrifice of competence, work ethic, social capital and more productive uses (e.g. public infrastructure) for the enormous mountains of burnt offering dollars[1]. In Loon and Crook-run America (LACRA), insane daily headlines like: “African-American lawmakers blast budget plan as step back for civil rights” hardly raise an eyebrow anymore.

Simultaneously, the rulers have been electing for themselves a new people, imported mainly from the Southern corners of the globe and the left tail of the IQ Bell curve. This scam, in which the Left rulers get new client votes, and the Right rulers stream extra profits to Corporate Crooks through artificially depressed wages, is also underwritten by the supine American taxpayer: in this case, with uncountable billions in new social services outlays. The third effect of population replacement is that it allows Leviathan to gobble up civil liberties and grow into an omnipotent monster[2] under the pretext of protecting the people from unnamed “extremists” who are none other than the Muslims that the ruling Loons themselves have imported for no good reason.

Godzilla social bulldozing has been accompanied by Frankenstein Financing. As if it were a suicidal maniac, the U.S. government currently prints and borrows up to $4 billion per day to cover the difference between its income and its wild spending. It has betrayed the trust of generations of its citizens, pumping into the system designed-to-shrink dollars for which Americans exchange their unshrinkable toil and enterprise. Almost-free money from the Fed has enabled a cabal of Wall Street fraudsters to inflate successive asset balloons that each burst in turn, to devastating effect. Leviathan then printed more paper to bail out the banksters instead of jailing them for 20-to-life at hard labor, and to “stimulate” its own minority client groups. For that, the rulers have saddled the ruled with engineered inflation that may turn to hyperinflation, with sovereign debt that may turn into a sovereign default, and with a moral hazard that has corroded the basic glue of society: trust in its institutions. This is major history material.

The timbers are rotten on the inside too. The combined 2012 deficit of America’s 44 most Loon & Crook — infested states is $112 billion: practically all of that going to Looters in public employees’ unions or in enclaves of culturally enriching minorities. The more lunatic and “diverse” the state, the greater the looting: California, Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey and New York lead the way.

So who is fit to be your oar-mate? 54% of America’s population either works for Leviathan (federal, state and local) or sucks easy money from its teats. Gary Schilling, whose 2007 study pegged this ratio at 52.6%, predicted 60% by 2040. However, with America’s jobs exported to Asia, its diversity cult “strengthening” it with two millions new third-worlder tax eaters per year, 47% of households already relieved of income tax obligations, and the Wall Street-Fed axis bulldozing away the economic foundations, that ratio may one day shoot toward the 70% level of banana republics that have no bananas. Your friends are not there, by definition, and the rioting $100k-a-year bus drivers and teachers in Wisconsin or the cops retiring at 50 with $150k annual pensions in utterly-bankrupt California are just a tiny peek into the syndrome.

From the remaining 40%, you have to subtract all Democrat voters, all neocons, all Muslims, 95% of the Black and Brown minorities that even at society’s apex identify with their tribes’ scowling-looting agendas, 85% of Jews, Northeastern Asians and young adults who support these agendas and Leviathan’s propulsion thereof, and 70% of registered Republicans. Deduct further 90% of lawyers, academics, teachers and other professions mired in leftist multiculti ideology. Subtract furthermore all American multinational corporations — an enormous power onto itself — and 90% of their U.S. employees, for that crucial sector has totally decoupled its allegiance from its country of origin. The potential pool of crew mates narrows down to less than 10%: maybe 25 million[3].

The rainbow Looter coalition destroying the United States from within can do so only because of the patronage, goading and sponsorship by powerful groups of Loon & Crook Whites. The Crooks require no further differentiation, for whether they are big business/ bankster entities, pols and executive branch pashas, or extortionist public employees unions — they destroy out of greed for money, or for power and money. But the Loons divide into two fundamentally different categories: Enemies and Pods.

Enemy Loons — people like Saul Alinsky, William Ayers, Louis Farrakhan, this Black activist who wants to kill you, and this White Loon (check the “Social Justice” store) aflame with indignation at your racism — are dangerous fanatics convinced that Whites, America, European-origin peoples, capitalism etc. are irredeemably evil and must be destroyed.

A salient example of open warfare on the United States and its founding ideas and population is in the Cloward-Piven team of radical Columbia University professors. Their eponymous strategy seeks to force socialist political change through an orchestrated crisis. The original idea was to recruit new applicants for welfare until the fiscal system is flooded and bankrupts the governing entity. The National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO), founded by Black militant George Alvin Wiley, used Cloward-Piven to bankrupt New York City in 1975. But that was just the beginning.

In another application, the “minorities’” blackmail outfit ACORN and its linked subversive orgs like Voting Rights Movement have sought to swamp America’s poorly managed electoral system through the Motor-Voter Bill, invalid or otherwise fraudulent voter registration drives, frivolous lawsuits, false charges of “racist voter disenfranchisement” and intimidation of election officials and of White voters. With the 2008 presidential election, Cloward-Piven via ACORN finally broke the U.S. electoral system in order that a major Motor Voter Law activist and champion of the manufactured crisis — one B. Hussein Obama — get elected.

A third and much under-reported deployment of Cloward-Piven was in the campaign of rampage and intimidation that ACORN waged against banks to push them into the disaster of subprime lending, with major assist from Uncle Sam’s “racism”-sniffing legal hounds. This sabotage campaign is probably among the top five causes of the falling of the world’s financial dominoes[4].

The fourth Cloward-Piven plague was laid out by Bertha Lewis, chief executive officer of ACORN, in her March 25, 2010 speech before the Young Democratic Socialists conference.

“Immigration is the next big battle,” Lewis said, “Immigration, immigration, immigration. And the reason this is so important is, you know: (whispering) we’re getting ready to be a majority minority country [snip]. And how that’s going to change our psyche and our economics, this is why folks are grabbing so hard to change the economic paradigm. We gettin’ ready to have a majority country of people of color [snip]. The face of immigration needs to be a lot blacker than it is. [snip] So Young Democratic Socialists, join this immigration war [snip]. Because that will be the battle for our democracy. That will be the battle for the kind of government that we have. That will be an economic battle of epic proportions. Immigration, self-sufficiency, and the people united.”

The population that this war is being waged against is either kneeling in adoring supplication before its destroyers, or lying on the sofa with Bud, Doritos and the TV remote. The deselected rightful owners of America accept docilely announcements of their own doom, e.g. Texas demographer: “It’s basically over for Anglos” even though this spells disasters for them, their children, their states (e.g. in Texas, just in education here and here), and their country. It is therefore a tragedy that the tiny group that has enough courage and anger to voice open resistance is composed mainly of Nazis[5] who suffer from terrible mind afflictions like psychotic Jew hatred, endemic prevarication of history, pitifully tautological White Supremacism, and a base, hateful manner of articulation replete with unnecessary lies, slander and insults. Although the fellow-traveling New Right is more genteel and intellectual in its approach, it too integrates a similarly distorted vision and debases it further by featuring Nazi contributors on its websites.

It is neither truthful nor moral nor wise to adopt such common denominators with Adolf-the-housepainter. A strong, unified White resistance to the remotely-controlled demolition derby cannot be forged by a fellowship of men that trades in coins of Nazi pathology and is hobbled by its refusal to discern and avoid a repeat of Whites’ own historical faults and errors[6] for which current generations are reaping an undeserved bitter harvest.

The psychotic antisemitism of the White Nazis-Without-Socialism, the dingbat Christian Identity Jew-wannabe Anglos, the White Nationalists and the more polished and intellectual New Right is particularly unfortunate because some credible entity does have to make the case against American Jewry’s 100 years of West-dissolving activism on behalf of mad egalitarian ideas and hostile non-White minorities. But that case can be made effectively only by a philosemitic — therefore all the more chagrined — party greatly appreciative of the major contributions that the Jewish people have made to America and to Western civilization.

The positives are many: In Part 2 we glanced at Austria, but every letter of the alphabet has copious similar examples. If having written the Bible were the sole entry on the credit side of the ledger, that alone would have sufficed. Still, no great effort is required to see the negatives. Just to follow Barack H. Obama’s career at Harvard, Chicago and Washington DC is to perceive a collective Jewish creation (Golem, for the knowing) that Freedomians cannot possibly appreciate. To come upon a news item like “German Communist leader demands an end to ‘white nations’” or “Democrat Compares Republicans to Nazis” or a book title like How to Change the World (While Disregarding the Unintended Consequences is my subtitle), is to face a 50%+ probability that it’s a Jewish voice behind the title, even though that ethny constitutes hardly 1% of the West’s population.

But even as Jews are disproportionately represented among the top theoreticians and activists of Enemy Loons[7], it’s clear to most anyone who knows them well that they are overwhelmingly Pods, not Enemies, and largely identical in outlook to gentile Pods[8]. Podism, the mental furniture of the Equalitans, is the Yin creed par excellence, hence overweighed with females, practicing Christians, Jews, the young, idealistic and gullible. This is even more salient if one accounts for intervening variables such as university education and urban domicile.

The Pod Loons are mostly well meaning and confused humanitarians. Like French puff pastry horns stuffed with cloying cream custard, they are filled with the sweet goo of peace and justice, moral “progress,” equality, caring, charity and tolerance. There are at least 100 million of them in the United States, and it’s a terrible strategic mistake to treat them as though they were Enemy Loons. Talking of them or to them in the base Nazi language of genocidal wholesale hatred creates enemies of potential allies and antagonizes a substantial fringe of fence-sitting Whites who vaguely see what’s going on but will never pour that into Nazi-tainted channels of action.

It’s just as great an error to treat Enemy Loons as if they were misguided Pod Loons. That’s the perennial error of the Republican Eunuch Party. Further out on the right wing, treating Enemy Loonism as a predominantly Jewish syndrome is a harmful evasion, minimizing the danger by omitting the Father Pflegers, Passionate, Progressive Presbyterians, the evil indigenous White disembowellers of Great Britain and Eurabia, the self-castrated 21st century Vikings, and so on.

So much for the Observation and Orientation stage of the OODA loop. Now we can bring to bear a maxim from the foes’ premier tactician, Saul Alinsky: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it.”
The targets are all the racial, ethnic, gender, ideology, status and occupation groups iterated here, and the institutions they dominate jointly or severally. That is Sun-Tzu’s 1000-ft slope stacked against the Freedomian minority and the founding ideas of America. Tactics that differentiate between the distinct sediments can peel them off one by one and flip them to reverse the angle of the slope. The one common principle is that it’s best to follow the way of combat at its highest artistic level: the sword of no sword. And that implies wrenching Cloward-Piven from the foe and turning it around.

General Kutuzov, meet John Galt

If the Equalitans have their Cloward-Piven, Freedomians have their Kutuzov-Galt; they just haven’t deployed it. By ceasing to labor and support with taxes the Loons, Crooks and their client looters, they could invoke John Galt of Atlas Shrugged. By removing themselves physically from Loon and Crook territory, they could resurrect Mikhail Kutuzov. It was General Kutuzov who, by retreating from Moscow, left it to the Russian Winter to fight Napoleon’s army.

Behold major cities like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco. Citadels of White and Black Crooks, preaching platforms of the most hateful Loons, harbors of armies of minority Looters, shelters of a million+ strong occupying army of criminal minorities’ gangs, they are sustained by the tax base afforded by legions of highly-paid white collar White Pods, and the tax base and services provided by the instinctively conservative White middle class.

Small business owners, non-union blue collar workers, cops, firefighters and soldiers are the main occupational strata of the Fredomian faction. If the great majority of them pulled out of the bluest of the blue cities and resettled, like Chuck Baldwin, to a majority-White, conservative part of the country, they would precipitate a reverse Cloward-Piven in the places they abandoned, and plant a kernel of salutary self-government and renaissance in the places they have moved to[9].

Consider who the Equalitan Loons are and where they live. Suppose no White cops, firefighters and National Guardsmen are left to shield Jewish Loons in New York and Chicago or Lutheran Loons in Minneapolis and Milwaukee from the racial realities of violent crime, anarchy and terrorist activity. What if all the male cops and firefighters quit San Francisco, and left only their female, trans-sexual and “affirmatively” hired colleagues to stand in the breach against the M-13, the Muslim jihad material and other self-wrought cancers of the model Loon City. How about all Freedomians leaving Northern Virginia for Southside Virginia, or small business owners and tradesmen in a Looter state like New Jersey moving to a freedom-friendly, low-tax state like Wyoming?

Almost instantly, tax receipts plummet, civil order breaks down and major Loon groups, particularly Jews and females, become major victims of the demographics and policies they have championed: victims of their own stupidity. Furthermore, this experience could turn some millions of Pod Loons into Saul-turned-Paul Freedomians. And a persecuted faction deprived of all political power can use every genuine Freedomian it can recruit.

The Freedomians’ strategic task is therefore to remove themselves from their positions as the shock-absorbing layer between the Loons and Reality. This cannot happen neatly; for instance police and firefighters who would be among the most effective in this scenario will not abandon their $100,000+ sinecures in the big cities for an uncertain future elsewhere. Other people won’t uproot themselves because of family ties, lack of income sources elsewhere, age and so on. But each of these items can be addressed and alleviated to some extent; the greater the number of people who participate in the exodus, the greater the impact will be. This is the Decide and Act of the OODA Loop; everything else is theory.

Reality-based community

Freedomians live dispersed as a persecuted minority among the Pods and the Looters. They are governed and fleeced by the Loon and Crook coalition. They have to hide their beliefs at the workplace. Their children are surrounded by hostile mates and teachers at school. Their votes are so diluted, they don’t count. If they work for a living, they have to keep their convictions sub rosa, like Anabaptists in the Holy Roman Empire or Jews under the Iberian Inquisition. That is so even if they live in a “Red” Republican state, for even there resistance to Third World immigration may mean only illegal immigration, and resistance to jihad may mean only “shariah” or “Islamists” but never stopping Muslim immigration cold. The racial dimensions of America’s crisis are taboo, criticizing Empire equals “not supporting our troops,” and mentioning the decadence of 21st century American corporate capitalism will only get you ejected from the country club.

Self-preservation strategy for Freedomians requires that the destinations of a Kutuzov-Galt exodus afford maximum protection from the Looters, Loons and Crooks infesting through the core both Leviathan and state governments. Migration to the Mountain Northwest and the Dakotas would effectively create a 90%+ White region with few Blacks and Jews, and a Hispanic minority that would prefer to move elsewhere. That this per se generates social capital and prosperity, Reality reflects in the fiscal metrics: only five of 50 states have had consistent budget surpluses since 2009: West Virginia (93.3% W), North Dakota (89.1% W), Montana (87.6% W), Wyoming (86.2% W), and Alaska[10].

The contiguous states with White DNA and budget surpluses, i.e. North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming are prime destinations for a Freedomian exodus. North Dakota is booming, with America’s lowest unemployment rate and its largest city, Fargo, having grown by 15,000 to its current population of 106,000. Should enough Freedomians be found willing to pull up stakes and seek manifest destiny in the West, a more ambitious drive toward the Pacific Coast could be undertaken, first with Idaho (84.5% W), then Oregon (79.6% W) and eventually perhaps Washington (74.6% W) too. Thus a strategically and economically viable, Euro-American Freedomia could be reborn one day, after a hiatus of 100 years (11).

In a country that was polyracial at its founding, it’s ideological separation rather than racial apartheid that ought to be Freedomians’ main goal. “Diversity” is like Tabasco — add a ¼ spoonful to your grits and you have a more lively and interesting dish. But slosh in indiscriminately half a cup of the hot sauce, and you are fit for the morgue. Left to its own devices, the free market rewards communities that practice wise discrimination by accepting a limited number of creative, useful and compatible Mercurian minority individuals. It punishes inbred societies that reject all outside blood and influence. The disaster comes when a toxic ruling elite imposes social engineering through its coercive powers.

If Ludwig von Mises or Thomas Sowell were to knock (hypothetically) on the door, Whites’ current soi disant saviors see a Jew and a Negro. But genuine Freedomians would see in the one an officer (Austro-Hungarian Army), gentleman and founder of Reality (i.e. “Austrian”) Economics, and in the other an erudite economist and polemicist of freedom and U.S. Marine firearms instructor. On the other hand, statistical probability implies a greater likelihood of Progressive members in the Mises or Sowell families than in the Baldwin household. That too can be addressed with prudence and justice, as long as soul-sick Nazi branches are pruned from the Freedomian tree.

Freedomians nevertheless must live and die for the notion that self determination as a White, Eurocentric community, and suitable discrimination with regard to the demographic and cultural ingredients that such a polity requires are keys to group survival, just as the inverse is the key to America’s decomposition. Reverend Jeremiah Wright whined in one of his jeremiads: “White folk done took this country. You’re in their home, and they’re gonna let you know it.” “Conservative” commentators described Wright’s statement as “racist,” which only underlines how clueless they are and how gratuitously wrong Wright was.

Racial minorities or even ethnic ones like Jews and White Latinos are indeed in the home of the “white folk” of Anglo-Saxon-German-Celtic provenance. If only the white folk “done took” the country and let the latter-day arrivals and the congenital malcontents know it in no uncertain terms. For the record, the good reverend made his speech at the Chicago Theological Seminary — as deep a cesspool of white folk masochist lunatics as there is.

There is no “white folk” in America; there are the mainly White Freedomians; different varieties of mainly White Loons; Crooks who come from all racial groups; and Looters who are mainly NAMs, i.e. non-Asian minorities. And yes, except for those imported by the Loon & Crook Club in the last 40 years as an act of sabotage, all are American too, and have a claim on the country. But not my country.

In a country in which a sane person of European stock can live, Rap is not music and Rap music awards are not celebrated in this fashion. A bad haircut day does not call for reaching for Figaro’s scissors, and when the hamburger don’t taste no good, a fellow citizen does not complain in this or this manner. In my country, this is a barbarian way of slaughtering animals, and this is not an acceptable way of eating fish. And I haven’t touched yet on the bigger topics of serious crime, major tax funds looting, fifth-column Muslim jihad recruiting, or Chinese espionage by “Americans.”

Needless to say, all such cogitations are anathema to Leviathan and its Equalitan majority supporters. The only way to withstand the enormous power of this combine is by community organizing. But before one opens Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals or calls President Obama for expert guidance, one must realize that Freedomians don’t have a community; there is nothing to organize.

When a Freedomian is being arrested for disrespect to a Muslim custom or failure to converse in Spanish, there won’t be a thousand mothers and children to stand between the suspect and the arresting cops. When a Freedomian is tried for racial or fiscal heresy, there is no possibility to mobilize twenty thousand neighbors to demonstrate in front of the courthouse. He will be tried, perhaps Nifonged in a Body Snatcher court whose officers will have had the contents of their brains pumped out and replaced long ago at one of America’s 200 Gramscian Law Schools. Moreover, Freedomians have no recourse to the Grand Federal Vizier, Eric Holder, for he works only for his people.

Community is not reading or writing or voting or holding placards once a year at the Mall. Community is living in the same neighborhood, bumping into each other at the local grocery, hanging out in the same coffeehouses, sharing duties on citizens’ security patrol and volunteer firefighting duty, deciding together the local school’s curriculum and the program slate at the local cable TV system. Community is bodies, linked in the tightest phalanx, where each man and woman stands for the life and destiny of the whole. Especially so when a persecuted minority seeks to leave the corrupted, maddened mother society in order to build a New Jerusalem on new territory. Secular though it may be, the situation is comparable to what drove the Pilgrims or Anabaptists out of Europe and how they became communities already in preparing their leave for the New World.

It’s not merely the relatively common matter of ethnic separation, such as has taken place, through various modalities, between the Czechs and the Slovaks, Serbs and Croats, Hutu and Tutsi, Flemings and Walloons, Russians and Uzbeks. It’s more like the separation that the American Revolutionaries sought from the British Crown, or the one that divided Germany or Korea into two countries. Your shipmates must be able to stop, repulse and replace within the territory of their settlement all the agents of America’s self-destruction: the putrid pop culture and the youth/ stupidity cult, ceaseless “celebration” of sexual and cultural baseness, predatory whore values across all ranges of society, crazed consumption on credit by a zombie population driven by manipulative messages of corporate peddlers, hard crime and soft punishment, open borders, rule of the incompetent, evil squid on Wall Street in cahoots with an omnivorous octopus in Washington, brainwashed meekness and resignation of Whites, global economy sham, Wilsonian world-cop madness, ugly shoddiness of bad workmanship and planned obsolescence, melting currency, vanishing real-jobs base, lousy public education and much more. It must resolve to undo all the damage that Body Snatchers have wrought over the last 100 years, while having the wisdom to keep such social norms and institutions that have changed America and Western society for the better.

Rolling back Roe v. Wade ought not to mean that back alley wire hanger abortions were better. Total rejection of Black-run America does not imply that slavery or Jim Crow were right. It does imply that histrionic White group self-termination in atonement for long-ago wrongs is psychotic masochism willfully ignoring the barbarity of nonwhites in contemporaneous periods, their continuing racism, and the enormous sacrifices in lives, treasure, cultural and social capital — by now to the point of forfeiting the future itself — that Whites have borne for the sake of that atonement. Criticizing and shunning Jewish progressive activism hardly calls for a single common thread with Alfred Rosenberg or David Duke. Rejecting socialism does not equal giving a free pass to Ponzi financial capitalism.

The job required is nothing less than constructing a new operating system, a Doors 7, for the Western mind and soul. White DNA, patriotism or redneck credentials are not enough, by far. To build such a community takes wisdom, knowledge and fine discernment. People of serious intellectual capital and personal accomplishment are required. Just the kind of people as abound among the urban Loons, but with the brain coils wound in the opposite direction. To start, there has to be at least one physical agora, one city, where relevant discussions may be carried out by personal interaction of many Freedomians, just as Philadelphia was such a place in the 1770s.

(The conclusion will be posted here next week.)


1.   The article “Fareed Zakaria’s Mistake: Only Black Run America can explain the Rise of the Rest” in Paul Kersey’s blog Stuff Black People Don’t Like (SPBDL) expands on one of the related issues we cannot discuss here.
2.   Since our look at the TSA was posted in Part 1 of this essay in December 2010, it transpired that the TSA has been shopping around for mobile body-scanners that would peer undetected under peoples’ clothes anywhere, anytime, at Leviathan’s sole discretion.
3.   These percentages are the author’s educated guesses based on results of elections, public opinion polls, tabulating newspaper stories over several decades, readings and personal experience. No factual validity ought to be attached to the iterated percentage figures. Nevertheless, whether it’s really 77% rather than 80% of this, or 97% rather than 95% of that, the larger truths conveyed by these ratios are indisputable.
4.   See S. Sailer’s writings on the “Diversity Recession”, and this author’s venture into the slippery area where subprime crosses with “racism.”.
5.   The author was born in a dead Gestapo officer’s apartment in an ex-German city and grew up surrounded by German-speaking people all of whom, including his parents, had personally known and suffered at the hands of Nazis and their sympathizers. He needs no instruction as to what the Na and the Zi stand for, and considers the shunting off of Nazi-related discussions onto Socialist tracks a misleading diversion. The main distinctive features of Nazism were North European supremacism, a cobbling together of a concomitant racial science and mythology, and an obsessive hatred of Jews. All these traits are shared by Neo-Nazis, Crypto-Nazis, Non-socialist Nazis, Christian Identity believers, White Supremacists, KKK and skinheads. Since for all these groups a Jew is a Jew is a Jew and a Negro is a Negro is a Negro, they deserve no distinction beyond a Nazi is a Nazi is a Nazi. The American New Right treads in the same tracks but more softly, so I consider it just a fellow traveler.
6.   A poignant display of the Nazi mind affliction is in this neo-Nazi website’s comparison of the kitschy but gemütlichkeit paintings by Adolf Hitler, and the revolting crap by Hermann Nitsch that now passes for high art in Austria. “Who’s [sic] works do you want your children to see? Nitsch’s ‘arts’ [sic] or Hitlers [sic] ‘ugly scribbles’,” ask the superior Aryan geniuses, with not a clue that without Hitler (see that blond Baby Jesus) there would have been no Nitsch.
7.   Even middle-of-the-road Jews seem to be irrational about these things. Here, Jeffrey Goldberg blames Glenn Beck because eight of the nine destroyers Beck mentioned in a program are Jewish. Seems to me, Goldberg is blaming the wrong side.
8.   This is an unsubstantiated assertion, but pre-loaded with such a quantity of data — both from history and from the author’s personal research and observations — that it merits a book onto itself and is therefore beyond our scope here. The curious reader may surf onto any three random websites of American synagogues and another three of mainstream Protestant churches, examine Catholic initiatives like this one, and see for herself whether there is a whit of difference in the social activism demeanor. The term “Pod” refers to the giant pre-programmed legume pods that people morph into in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.
9.   This treatment discusses only domestic U.S. options. While emigration appears to be the ultimate cure, it is hardly so for reasons we have no space to discuss here and is not feasible for the great majority of Americans anyway. Likewise, we cannot discuss here the specifics of the European situation, where the pathologies are largely the same but solutions like those proposed here may not fully apply.
10.   All the bracketed percentages are “White Non-Hispanics” as per 2009 US Census Bureau data. Alaska is a special case because although Whites are only 65.2%, the indigenous population constitutes 15.2%. The minorities that break the taxpayer’s back in the Lower 49 constitute only 11.3%; moreover, given the remote harshness of the territory, they are likely to be the self-selected ones, motivated to work hard and move up on the social ladder. Jews are a paradoxical inclusion in this roster. Jewish presence is a sure sign of economic contribution, self sufficiently and low drag on the public finances. On the other hand, Jewish sentiments and activism ensure that demographic and fiscal policies be enacted that destroy the common weal. State budget comps for 2009-2010 are here, and for 2011-2012 here.
11.   By 1913, the United States was still a Euro-American country, but with progressive income tax and the Fed having just been established, and Woodrow Wilson about to heap even greater calamities onto its people, it was no longer a free one.


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