Brian Nichols Channels Omar Thornton: Waged War on Racist Justice System in the name of Black People

Brian Nichols Channels Omar Thornton: Waged War on Racist Justice System in the name of Black People

You remember Omar Thornton, right? The media darling in that horrible mass murder of evil white bigots. Oh, he was the Black guy who pulled the trigger, ending the lives of eight former white employees he claimed were
Brian Nichols wanted to start a race war, against a racist Atlanta police and justice system
racist (and thus deserving of death).
The company he was fired from discriminated against him — with only his account necessary for such accusations to be confirmed –and those nine deaths were just collateral damage in the war on whites being waged nationwide.

Just see what Eric “My People” Holder had to say on the situation of the Justice Department deciding to side against white people.

With what Omar Thornton did at his former place of employment, it should be noted that 88 percent of Black people believe they have experienced discrimination at the work place.

A regrettable number of Black people are shooting police officers. In Miami and New Orleans, a regrettable number of Black people have been shot by Black people because these people break the law.

Black people believe the police, the Justice Department and Justice system are aligned against them. In reality, the opposite is at play. Just look at what Seattle is doing in the name of “social justice”:

City Attorney Pete Holmes defends the city’s progressive policies.  For example, driving with a suspended license is almost always charged when a person’s license has been suspended for failure to pay a fine, Fox News reports.  But Holmes says 44 percent of those prosecuted for the crime were African American.  According to Holmes, the disproportionate number of blacks being charged is a direct result of economic inequalities.

Racial minorities are more likely to be poor than whites and unable to pay their fines, Holmes says, adding that it’s a waste of city resources to prosecute those cases.  “If we start to learn and understand that one of those institutional causes of racism is actually in the criminal justice system,” Holmes says, “it’s our obligation as prosecutors to address it.”

The Justice Department is making every attempt to excuse away Black crime. Black people are placing the justification for high levels of Black crime on a racist criminal justice system, instead of realizing high levels of Black crime are responsible for police increasing their presence in Black areas.

It’s time people realize that the majority of Black people will always believe police and the criminal justice system operate straight out of a 1960s Bull Connor play book. Thus the reason Brian Nichols, a Black criminal who killed a judge, court reporter, Federal agent and a Sheriff’s Deputy in Atlanta back in 2005 decided to wage a racial war in the name of perpetually oppressed Black people:

The Atlanta courthouse gunman said in letters that he escaped from guards and then killed four people in a shooting rampage to fight back against what he believed was a racist justice system, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.

In the letters, which were among thousands of Georgia Bureau of Investigation documents reviewed exclusively by the AP, Brian Nichols lays out his motive for the March 2005 slayings in stark racial terms.

“Certain dogs you can kick and they tuck their tail between their legs and run,” he wrote in a July 2005 letter to a man who criticized him. “Others if kicked will turn and bite the individual responsible. I hate to say it, but it’s the truth that black men have done way too much tail tuckin.”
While awaiting trial on rape charges, Nichols overpowered a guard at the Fulton County Courthouse and fatally shot a judge, court reporter, deputy and federal agent. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole in December 2008.

Trudy Brandau, the sister of slain court reporter Julie Ann Brandau, said the letters show Nichols is delusional.

“If you want changes made, make smart, intelligent choices that would actually wind up causing improvement,” she said. “What he wound up doing was extremely selfish and hasn’t changed a thing for anybody.”

Nichols said he was infuriated that the judge, Rowland Barnes, was holding him without bond on rape charges while other inmates awaiting trial were set free.

He compared himself to Dany Heatley, a former AtlantaThrashers star, whom Barnes allowed to remain free on bail after he was charged with vehicular homicide in a 2003 crash that killed a teammate.

“White boy, driving crazy killed somebody. Was he not a threat to the community having killed a person as a result of his reckless behavior?” he wrote.

He said “no black man has ever made a stand such as mine” and insisted the shootings sent a message.

“Perhaps my children of another generation won’t find their back against the wall, subjected to unequal treatment under the law. Unfortunately, my sacrifice is not enough to prevent that from happening, but perhaps it’s a start.”

The gunman also described a perverse legal strategy. Writing to his prison pen-pal girlfriend Lisa Meneguzzo, Nichols said he was going on a letter-writing campaign to try to influence the jury pool and avoid a guilty verdict.

“And believe me, in Fulton County, where there are a large number of people pissed off at the way the criminal justice system treats people, it can happen,” he wrote. “All I need is the right people on the jury, and I go home. I’ve got to put in the grass-roots effort it takes to pull something like that off.”

Remember that Black people are mad that seven criminal Black people have been gunned down in Miami, demanding that the police chief resign for this obvious indicator of racism. Brian Nichols saw himself as a Black Avenging Angel of Death (BAAD), which is how any cop-killing Black person will now be viewed.

Because Black people believe the justice system of the past — and by extension the police perpetuate racist policies — never left.

The media made Omar Thornton’s victims the antagonists in that story of mass murder spawned by the white people’s racism.

Nichols saw himself as a BAAD; a Black guy waging war against a system created to keep Black people perpetually down. In reality, the justice system in America is just another extension of Black Run America (BRA), operating to help Black people who by their own actions keep themselves perpetually down.

The Justice Department, criminal justice system and police departments across the country no longer represent Bull Connor America. Ever since Rodney King, a slow evolution to the Justice Department of Eric “My People” Holder has occurred.

Nichols attempted to galvanize fellow Black people to wage war against a system that does everything possible to excuse away poor Black behavior. That’s all modern America has become: a nation that excuses away horrible Black behavior as a response to lingering vestiges of white racism.

Brian Nichols tried to start a war against a system that does everything possible to keep the root cause of Black behavior censored. That system is Black Run America; that root cause is Black people themselves.




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