Media fakes surprise over Hispanic explosion.

Media fakes surprise over Hispanic explosion.

It is exactly what the CofCC has been saying for the past ten years. We are being invaded by the Latino world. The Latino population exploded 150% in the past ten years. That means for every 2 Latinos in 2000, there are now 5!

Watch as left-wing taxpayer financed PBS gloats over the demographic change of the South. They praise the reversal of demographic trends in the South to one that disfavors white people. The show praises the decline of the white population as a good thing.

The video touches on another phenomenon. Black people universally want to move to the whitest neighborhood they can afford. Whites and blacks are fleeing majority black or Latino areas for the same reason. Both want to live in whiter neighborhoods.

One thought on “Media fakes surprise over Hispanic explosion.

  1. The biggest fools in this country are those who so viciously and stupidly enforce the notion that Latino or Hispanic are races. All the “little brown people” which everyone stereotypes as somehow representing all of Latin America are nothing more than Amerindian Mexicans who just happen to speak Spanish and represent nothing more than their own cultural background.

    This is what happens when patronizing idiots, i.e. big-government liberals and neocons, try to play race politics without being bothered to learn of what they talk about. Government elites during the 1970s tried to reach out to the Chicano movement, which was about the pride and unity of indigenous Mexican Americans who wanted nothing more than equal rights. These elites were ignorant in such matters and saw only Spanish-speaking brown people and just overgeneralized the entire Hispanosphere as such. Hence, all this shameless pandering by the liberal left and ridicule against everything and everyone Spanish by uneducated reactionaries is the result of 40-year old ignorance which has been preserved by affirmative action.

    The illegal alien criminals of today are dangerously anti-American and racist against both whites and blacks and will even attack brown people they consider “race traitors.” Of course these savages stupidly think that all Hispanics and Latinos are brown Mexica, as if both terms are exclusive to them alone. They basically hate everyone who doesn’t support their murderous Aztlan agenda.

    Frankly, I’m tired of being treated like a freak by both brown Mexica Latinos and white Anglos just because I’m “too white” or too “light-skinned” to be Hispanic. I’ve heard just as many stories about black Latinos who are ridiculed because they don’t “look” Latino, as if the language is somehow race exclusive to only a certain shade of brown.


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