The Mud’s on a roll world wide!

The Mud’s on a roll world wide!

Can’t wait to control our own destiny again, whites world wide unite!

Child sacrifice makes huge comeback in Uganda.

Since the end of white rule in Uganda, the nation has been on a steady decline despite massive amounts of aid from the west. Now the BBC looks into the widespread practice of the ritualistic murder of children to gain favors from the spirit world. The Ugandan government states that a minimum of two dozen ritualistic child killings occurred last year. They also report zero convictions. One former witchdoctor admits to performing about seventy child killings during his career.

Uganda parents have started circumcising their sons, because witchdoctors say the spirits don’t want the blood of circumcised children.

From BBC…

A BBC investigation into human sacrifice in Uganda has heard first-hand accounts which suggest ritual killings of children may be more common than authorities have acknowledged.

One witch-doctor led us to his secret shrine and said he had clients who regularly captured children and brought their blood and body parts to be consumed by spirits.

Meanwhile, a former witch-doctor who now campaigns to end child sacrifice confessed for the first time to having murdered about 70 people, including his own son.

The Ugandan government told us that human sacrifice is on the increase, and according to the head of the country’s Anti-Human Sacrifice Taskforce the crime is directly linked to rising levels of development and prosperity, and an increasing belief that witchcraft can help people get rich quickly.

In the course of our investigation we witnessed the ritual torching of the shrine of a particularly active witch-doctor in northern Uganda by anti-sacrifice campaigners.

The witch-doctor allowed ceremonial items including conch shells and animal skins to be burned in his sacred grove after agreeing to give up sacrifice.

He told us that clients had come to him in search of wealth.

“They capture other people’s children. They bring the heart and the blood directly here to take to the spirits… They bring them in small tins and they place these objects under the tree from which the voices of the spirits are coming,” he said.


Caesar Chavez nothing like left-wing portrayal.

The left-wing holds of fantastical versions of who Guevara and Chavez were. None of which have any resemblance of the truth.

Che Guevara was a spoiled brat rich white kid who traveled around Latin America on his rich parents dime and championed non-white Marxists, because he thought it was a cool thing to do. He then became an executioner for Fidel Castro and oversaw the murder of nearly one thousand “thought criminals.”

Castro then sent Guevara to the Congo to arm and train African Marxists. While in the Congo he had a change of heart. He wrote that the Negro race was untrainable, lazy, indolent, and unwashed. He wrote that Socialism would never work in Africa, because it’s people lacked the intelligence to have a complicated form of government.

Non of this stopped left-wingers from waving Che Guevara flags at Obama campaign rallies. Look at the picture of the moron to right with his Che Guevara portrait next to his Obama portrait. After returning from Africa, Guevara was opposed to putting members of the black race in positions of leadership.

Much like Guevara, the left-wing fantasy about Caesar Chavez has nothing to do with reality. The actual Caesar Chavez spent much of his political energy fighting illegal immigration from Mexico.

Cesar Chavez — The First Minuteman
by Steve Sailor

In California, only three birthdays are official state holidays: Jesus Christ’s, Martin Luther King’s, and Cesar Chavez’s. Beatification as a secular saint, though, isn’t always good for the soul. A recent four-part exposé by reporter Miriam Pawel in the Los Angeles Times revealed how the labor leader turned revered ethnic icon descended into paranoia, megalomania, and general crack-pottery in the 15 years before his death in 1993.

Today, his United Farm Workers functions less as a union—it represents only 2 percent of the California agricultural workforce—than as a lucrative Latino-pride fundraising machine providing sinecures for a dozen Chavez relatives. Pawel writes, “Chavez’s heirs run a web of tax-exempt organizations that exploit his legacy and invoke the harsh lives of farm workers to raise millions of dollars in public and private money. The money does little to improve the lives of California farm workers, who still struggle with the most basic health and housing needs and try to get by on seasonal, minimum-wage jobs.”

From 1965 to 1981, the UFW succeeded in raising wages significantly for stoop laborers in California. Since then, their pay has fallen, and they’ve lost most of the fringe benefits they had won. Today, most make less than $10,000 per year. Hundreds were discovered near Salinas living in caves, a mass indignity that even that town’s most famous son, John Steinbeck, barely anticipated in The Grapes of Wrath.

Unfortunately, in focusing on gossip about the personal foibles of Chavez and his successors, the LA Times series completely ignored the politically incorrect paradox of who was most responsible for wiping out the gains Mexican-American farm workers had achieved through strikes and consumer boycotts: illegal immigrants from Mexico.

Why does the left believe such fantasies? Some of their leaders actually know they are lying, but have no problem with lying as a political tactic. The rank and file leftists will simply believe anything.

New York Times editor confesses to censoring information about black crime.

From the Staff.

Photo Right: Philip Corbett, associate managing editor of the New York Times.

A while back the Los Angeles Times publicly admitted to censoring the race of crime perpetrators when they are black or Latino “so as not to stigmatize any one group.”

Now Philip Corbett, associate managing editor of the New York Times, has publicly admitted to doing the same thing.

The New York Times ran a second article on the gang rape of a Mexican girl by 20+ black males in Cleveland, Texas. The first article clearly blamed the victim and caused such outrage that nearly 50,000 people signed an online petition denouncing the coverage. The Times issued a weak apology.

Now the Times has a second article. Once again focusing solely on portraying the victim and her family in a negative light, while censoring information about the perpetrators. The New York Times has yet to even mention that the perps were all black, and censored all the pictures of the suspect that other news outlets have shown.

When asked why there is no information about the perpetrators race in either article, Corbett answered with combination of truth and lies.

“We would mention race in a physical description only if it really is a detailed physical description that readers would learn something from … But if the description is a ‘white man in his 40s’ or ‘a black man in a hoodie,’ then you’re not really providing any useful information and it could be sort of boiler plate.”

What Corbett means by “boiler plate,” is that it would be “politically incorrect.” He would rather censor information about crime, putting the public at risk, than bring attention to the astronomical rates and horrific nature of black crime.

By the way. If a large group of white men did something this horrible to an eleven year old Mexican girl, it would have been the biggest story in the English speaking world. The New York Times would have been screaming “WHITE MEN do such and such…” and the top of the front page.

For a very detailed analysis of the New York Times’s miscoverage of the horrific Cleveland, Texas gang rape, click here.

Georgia Black Caucus: Outlaw majority white cities.

White people have fled Atlanta for obvious reasons. Parts of the majority black city now resemble the third world. Now a collection of “white flight” communities outside Atlanta want to secede from Fulton and Dekab counties and form a new Milton County.

The black legislative caucus of Georgia filed a lawsuit demanding that the city charters of several “white flight” communities be dissolved. They claim that the majority white cities violate their “voting rights.”

Photo Right: Atlanta is a crime ridden cesspool. Instead of trying to improve the black community, race hustling black lawmakers want to outlaw white flight.

From Atlanta Journal Constitution…

The Georgia Legislative Black Caucus filed a lawsuit Monday against the state of Georgia seeking to dissolve the city charters of Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Milton and Chattahoochee Hills. Further, the lawmakers, joined by civil rights leader the Rev. Joseph Lowery, aim to dash any hopes of a Milton County.

The lawsuit, filed in a North Georgia U.S. District Court Monday, claims that the state circumvented the normal legislative process and set aside its own criteria when creating the “super-majority white ” cities within Fulton and DeKalb counties. The result, it argues, is to dilute minority votes in those areas, violating the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution.

“This suit is based on the idea that African Americans and other minorities can elect the people of their choice,” said Democratic State Sen. Vincent Fort.

The Office of the Governor and the Office of the Attorney General declined comment pending further review of the case.

Rep. Lynne Riley, R-Johns Creek, called the lawsuit “frivolous” and “disrespectful to the citizens of these cities who are most satisfied with their government.”

According to the 2010 census, Fulton County is 44.5 percent white and 44.1 percent black. About 54 percent of DeKalb County residents are black, and 33.3 percent are white.

Sandy Springs, created in 2005, is 65 percent white and 20 percent black. Milton, formed a year later, is 76.6 percent white and 9 percent black. Johns Creek, also formed that year, is 63.5 percent white and 9.2 percent black. Chattahoochee Hills, formed in 2007, is 68.6 percent white and 28 percent black, while Dunwoody, created in 2008, is 69.8 percent white and 12.6 percent black.


Brutal Rapes Plague Scandinavia

Another brutal rape and murder of a beautiful Swedish girl has stunned the once crime-free Scandinavian country. African and Muslim immigrants, who are pampered by the Swedish state, are conducting a reign of terror against the native population. Africans and Muslims commit virtually all the rapes in Norway and Sweden. The victim (pictured above) was apparently a multiculturalist and supporter of nonwhite immigration into Sweden. Her attacker (pictured, right) shows the true face of multicultural enrichment.

Read the story here.

Locust: Mud’s around the world are poking a stick at the beast within the cage of the west. These anti-white western governments will fall, this will happen without a doubt, question for all you turd worlder’s is what happens when white nationalist take control.  You got it! Boom! I’ll wear a sweater when global temperatures drop due to nuclear bombs dropping on mud cities, I don’t give a damn. See you on the battlefield.

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