Will “White Flight” be declared Illegal? News from the “City too Busy to Hate”

Will “White Flight” be declared Illegal? News from the “City too Busy to Hate”


Will “white flight” be declared illegal? Why don’t people move to majority Black cities?

In the state of Georgia, the Black Caucus is suing majority white cities ostensibly because of White Flight and the lack of tax dollars being shared with the city of Atlanta. The Black Undertow has been unsuccessful in turning these cities and counties into mirror images of Clayton and DeKalb County, because Dunwoody, Sandy Springs and Johns Creek have kept property values high, keeping a Black influx from transpiring.

The sad fact is the state of Georgia is broke. With an astounding number of Black people moving back to the South after failing in virtually every other city they went to during The Great Migration, the stress levels on an already broken infrastructure are going to become shockingly apparent. As this incredible article from Newsone.com admits, Black people are reliant on local, state, and federal government for employment and entitlements at levels disproportionate to other racial groups:

Poor and working-class Blacks, on the other hand, are caught between a rock and NO place—the “hard place” option no longer exists.

Simply put, the current economic crisis is much deeper than job and business creation. Both can be undertaken and still feature exploited workers with no health benefits or a living wage.

So what options exist for the Black poor and working class?

First, at the very least, poor and working-class Blacks need to organize. They should not be seduced by political slogans of hope.

Black youth, whose unemployment numbers are approaching a staggering 50 percent, for example, have to be aware of Arab young people using the “white man’s magic” (cell phones, Internet, FaceBook, and Twitter) to revolt against oppressive regimes. In doing so, some Arabs have made references to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X.

Yet, Black youth have failed to capitalize on the growing trend of using technology for political mobilization to address staggering unemployment and other issues that impact their lives.

According to a recent Target Market News Report, Black-Americans spent $9.4 billion dollars on cell phones and connectivity services in 2009.  This is regarded as a growing market. Even so, cutting-edge smart phones do not constitute Black political or economic power, especially for millions of Black youth for who technology is used primarily in the hot pursuit of foolishness.

Second, the disproportionate number of Blacks employed by municipal, state, and federal government need to wake up to the budget deficit game being played in Washington. It is not far-fetched to imagine the possibility that they may be sacrificed en masse. Beyond these workers themselves, budget cuts also translate into an assault on working and middle-class Blacks.

And finally, for Black folks who did not have jobs in the first place, surviving in the underground and barter economy—as they have always done—is the most viable option. They, like many of their counterparts across race trapped in jobless urban centers and rural areas, are caught in the middle of history.

This above article is an honest look at a problem we have pointed out will eventually manifest itself in America. The Federal Government is already attacking all-white counties and cities, scolding them for not making enough concession to Black Run America. Whose side do you think the government will fall on during a massive Black revolt (which Newsone.com seems to be encouraging)?

An artificial Black middle class has been created in Atlanta, largely due to a massive support network that seeks to improve the quality of Black life at the expense of other racial groups:

Local leaders said black business people come to Atlanta because of the city’s strong black middle class, support among other black entrepreneurs and black colleges and universities.

“There are really a lot of proactive efforts to engage small businesses and entrepreneurship here,” said Nancy Flake Johnson, president and chief executive officer of the Atlanta Urban League. “The political climate is supportive.”

Groups such as the Urban League, the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council, Atlanta Metro Black Chamber of Commerce and Atlanta Business League have assisted these efforts.

The Federal Government has already made it clear that all-white cities, counties and states are a thing of the past (just ask the Somalians of Minnesota and Maine how great the welfare programs are there). Now the Black Caucus is suing the refugee camps outside of Atlanta and calling for the dissolution of these white flight enclaves.

Atlanta is known as The City to Busy to Hate. In reality, it is a city whose Disingenuous White Liberal class has been one of the most dedicated groups in the erection of Black Run America (BRA) and a metropolitan area that saw its Black ruling political class come under fire in 2009 when it became apparent that they were losing control of the city.

It’s a city where 30,000 Black people rioted over the right to sign a waiting list for Section 8 housing that wouldn’t be available for five years.

It’s a city with some of America’s least safe neighborhoods (all Black areas).

It’s a city white people fled from, and in so doing established some of the top counties in the nation. Slowly, and surely, the Black Undertow followed. Gwinnett, Clayton, and even parts of Fayette County all succumbed to the problems that the citizens who fled to them sought to avoid.

The ultimate question is this: Why are cities and counties with majority white populations so desirable and cities and counties with majority Black population so undesirable? 

Now the legal system will be used to break up white flight. As we have seen with Marin County in San Francisco, the legal system is in the pocket of BRA. Strangely, Black people still believe that the legal system operates under Jim Crow. This is why Brian Nichols thought he was a Black Avenging Angel of Death (BAAD), courtesy of people like Michelle Alexander who hold a revered place in Black people’s hearts and minds.

The mentality of people like Alexander has harmfully impacted thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Black people. Maybe even millions. Newsone.com has basically called for insurrection in this nation by Black people, following on the heels of Middle East uprisings.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution, like The Washington Post and New York Times, rarely publishes articles that deal with race and crime (unless its a story like the Duke Lacrosse hoax). If they did, the paper would just be a print version of Thug Report.

If Black people follow Newsone.com’s suggestion and start to use social media to protest a system that provides free lunches, welfare, cell phones, housing, scholarships, allows Black-only groups to help with creating businesses, and employs a disproportionate amount of Black people in government jobs, how do you think non-Black people in America will react?

As we have said before, Black Run America is going to collapse on itself. Attempting to deprive people of the right to “white flight” by suing majority white cities that exist because majority Black cities (and Black-run municipalities) are unsuitable for raising families is a shocking indicator of the power of BRA.

But it’s an act of desperation.

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