Tips for Activists

Tips for Activists

In my opinion, the last two months the world has seen more revolutions occur in more places faster then at any other time in world history.

To think that it will not or cannot happen in Western countries is naive.  It would behoove white activists to take the following steps to get ahead of the curve.

Get a secure phone

No modern phone can be secure.  Without your consent or court order they can listen to your conversations, analyze your voice for key words, and pin point your exact location.  But you can make it easier on yourself by buying a prepaid phone with cash.  A prepaid SIM card can also help with this.

Prep for success

The right preps is important for activists of all sorts.  Do you have the tools needed to make an impact when the time comes?  Do you have the ability to counter enemy propaganda?  If no get started.

Get in shape

Can you run for 30 minutes?  How about jump rope for 20 minutes?  Can you carry a heavy amount of weight 100 yards?  Strong physical conditioning is the prerequisite required for strong mental conditioning.

Have your scripts ready

Your talking points need to be thought out and rehearsed before SHTF.  Not only to our target demographics and the media, but your family, the media, your boss and law enforcement.

I am not going to touch on what to say to your family or the media, but here are two that everybody gets excited about: your boss and law enforcement.

Do you know what to say when your boss starts asking you about your “after hours political activities”?

You say this, “Well boss, that is an interesting question but I am not going to comment on anything not related to my job performance.”  He might backpedal and say there is talk about you participating with a “hate group.”

“Really boss, I have nothing to say about any of my non work related activities, where I go to church, if I am married, or how old I am but I will be happy to discuss anything related to my job performance.”

That should be the end of that.

Lets say a law enforcement type has been snooping around and has made it known they want to “interview” you for some reason.  There are only two things you ever say to a law enforcement officer without your lawyer present:

“Am I legally required to answer that question?”

They will say no at which you reply with, “I have nothing to say.”  They may ask you this a dozen different ways but each time you are to respond with “I have nothing to say.”

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.  On that note it is a good idea to be friends with a good defense lawyer.

Cache your supplies

Having a Bug Out Bag is great.  Having one or more hidden somewhere other than where you live or work is essential.

Get a spare laptop computer

Put Linux on it.  It is not that hard. Make sure wireless works and use it in an emergency at a free wireless hot spot.  If you are feeling really paranoid encrypt your home directory.  For those that go the encrypted route, avoid products like PGP and FileVault, they likely have a backdoor allowing government access to the contents of the data, the only solutions you can count on that do not have this vulnerability are open source.

Be prepared to fight

When SHTF happens it will start with punches and chairs and not knives and guns.  Serious martial art training is essential.  Focus on what works, not oriental tricks.  I like in order of preference Muay Thai, Catch wrestling, boxing, and wrestling.  Other styles work ok too (Jeet Kun Do, Krav cough Margaaaa).

A commenter said “don’t forget guns” and that is wrong.  Activism has nothing to do with firearms, activism has to do with winning the hearts and minds of the people to our cause.  If we cannot do that with words an infinite number of guns will never be able to give us success.

Learn to address a crowd

Public speaking skills is what separates the men from the boys.  If you have not attended a Toastmasters meeting before I highly recommend it.

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