Recent evidence supporting Solutrean Hypothesis

Recent evidence supporting Solutrean Hypothesis

Brazil – 50,000 years ago (“Other evidence suggests that these first Americans were later massacred by invaders from Asia” and “Combined with rock art evidence of increasing violence at this time, it appears that the mongoloid people from the north invaded and wiped out the original Americans.”)

Phoenicians – Brazil

Cactus Hill – Virginia – 18,000 years ago (“They also found evidence to support one of the most provocative developments of our time: the growing suspicion among physical anthropologists, archaeologists, and even geneticists that some of the first people who settled in the New World were Europeans.”)

Topper – South Carolina – 16,000-50,000 years ago (“In 1998, Goodyear put the Topper site on the map with his discovery of artifacts that seemed to predate the early Clovis culture that flourished in North America beginning some 13,000 years ago, long the conventional date for the first human colonization of the New World.”)

Meadowcroft Rockshelter – Pennsylvania – 13,000-19,000 years ago

Saltville – Virginia – 14,500 years ago

Mexico – 13,000 years ago (“The latest dating is not only confirmation that humans were present in the Americas much earlier than 12,000 years ago, but also that they were not related to early native Americans.”)

Arlington Springs Woman – California – 13,000 years ago

Monte Verde, Chile – 12,500 years ago; hearth charcoal dated 33,000 years ago

Schafer, Hebior, Mud Lake – Wisconsin – 12,000 years ago

Sloth Hole – Florida – 12,000 years ago

Little Salt Spring – Florida – 12,000 years ago

Windover Pond – Florida – 9,000 years ago

European skull – West Virginia – 1,300 years ago (“The Skull, that of an adult male, was sufficiently preserved to recognize a unique brachycephalic (round headed) feature indicating a possible European origin” and “Mitochondrial DNA was extracted from the roots of the teeth and compared to previously cataloged DNA sequences from ethnic groups around the world. No association was found among North American groups. The closest DNA matches were European.”)

Toloquilla Quarry, Mexico – 1,300,000 years ago (“If these really are (human) footprints, and they were made 1.3 million years ago, that would be absolutely revolutionary.”)

One thought on “Recent evidence supporting Solutrean Hypothesis

  1. The skull from West Virginia its DNA was most likely contamimated from the scientists, just like the Windover Bog Bodies. And and Native Americans have both Brachacephalic, Mesocephalic, and Dolichocephalic cranial morphology. 1,500 ybp is not older than Native American DNA, not by a longshot! The Anzick 1 was buried with Clovis tools sprinkled with Red Ocher he is genetically Native American.Clovis isn’t a people, it is a toolkit. The people who you call pre-clovis are the same people who produced the Clovis complex. They are not two separate races. Both are Native Americns. There is now DNA for the people who produced pre-Clovis tools. The Paisley Cave remains are definitly Pre-Clovis at 15,000,ybp. And the DNA extracted matches no one but Modern Native American, the Mtdna sequenced on the remains were C and A. Common in Modern Native Americans from Canada to Tierra.del Fuego. The Ancestors of the NAs could have got here on boats way before any icefree corridor opened up. There is Arlington springs woman who is an ancestor of todays Chumash indians at 13,000 ybp. The Chumash Indians were the only people who build boats out of planks who were master boat builders who had a craft guild. They first colonized the Santa Barbara Channel Islands (Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, Anacapa, San Miguel) and then moved to the Mainland of Santa Barbara around 12,000 ybp when the Island population grew to large.

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