Americas Collapse

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Americas Collapse:

Photos from New York Daily News.

As reported earlier, white women who marry a black man are 12 times more likely to be a victim of spousal homicide than white women who marry a white man.

Neighbors heard Sarah Coit screaming in agony before her corpse was found almost completely decapitated. The story has received widespread coverage, but many media outlets are censoring pictures and information about the perpetrator. That is because he is black.

As reported by in the past, the practice of censoring black crime perpetrators is widespread in the “mainstream” media. In fact, editors for the LA Times and the NY Times have even publicly admitted that their papers censor information about minority crime perpetrators.

Black people only like Obama because he is black.

Pew Research and Gallup have published new approval ratings for Obama. While they are claiming “Obama slips among African Americans,” the fact is the overwhelming majority of blacks still like him.

85% of blacks say they approve of the job Obama is doing.

Only 54% of Hispanics and 39% of whites approve of Obama.

Obama appears more concerned with maintaining his black support than rebuilding white and Hispanic support. While the nation watched fierce debating over the Federal budget, Obama slipped away to campaign with militant race hustler Al Sharpton.

As we saw in the Alvin Greene fiasco, black voters are far away the most tribal. Choosing an unemployed, mentally retarded black man who was facing felony charges over a vastly better qualified white former Judge in a South Carolina Democrat primary for US Senate. Then continuing to throw the majority of their support to him in the general election despite multiple alternatives.

Minneapolis anti-white conference to receive taxpayer funds.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune ran an excellent article exposing the militant anti-white conference being held in that city.

From Star Tribune…

These are tough times for Minnesota schools. In Lakeville, for example, the school board recently announced wrenching cuts of almost $7 million.

Ninety-four teachers will lose their jobs, arts programs will suffer and a school will be closed. There was wailing and gnashing of teeth, but the board set its jaw: There’s not a dime for anything extra.

Unless you’ve got an ax to grind with white folks. Then the money spigots open.

The Lakeville schools are sending a delegation of teachers to the 12th annual “White Privilege Conference” at the Bloomington Sheraton from April 13-16. The district is shelling out $160 a pop — plus $125 a day for teacher subs — for this “white guilt” festival.

Organizers say they expect attendees from a number of other Minnesota districts.

The US Peace Index.

by Sean Milligan

On April 6,2011, the Institute for Peace and Economics released its first U.S. Peace Index. The index compares the relative peacefulness of various states based on a variety of factors, including crime rates, educational attainment, household income, infant mortality rate, etc. The study found that the 10 most peaceful states, in descending order, are Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Minnesota, North Dakota, Utah, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Iowa and Washington. What do these geographically diverse states have in common? Not much, except that all have black populations below the national average, and white, non-Hispanic populations above the national average.

According to the latest census figures, blacks make up about 12.9 percent of the U.S. population. Maine, the most peaceful state, is just 1 percent black. New Hampshire (the second most peaceful) is just 1.4 percent black. The black population is 1 percent in Vermont. Among the 10 most peaceful states, the average black population is only 3.3 percent– about a quarter of the national average.

Nationwide, about 65 percent of the population is European (defined in the census data as white and non-Hispanic). Among the country’s most peaceful states, the percentages are 94.9 percent (Maine), 92.8 percent (New Hampshire) and 94.9 percent (Vermont). On average, the country’s ten most peaceful states have an average European population of 86 percent.

Conversely, the average European population in the ten least peaceful states is just 63.5 percent. The least peaceful state, Louisiana, is just 61.5 percent European.

Amazingly, every single state that has a black population above the national average– a total of 17 states– falls in the bottom half of the peace index. Of those 17 states, 14 also had violent crime rates above the national average.

The Institute for Economics and Peace is by no means a conservative organization. In fact, some of the metrics that were used in the state peace index penalize conservative, rural states, including the “availability of small arms” and the percentage of the population with home internet access. Kentucky, for example, is ranked as only the 20th most peaceful state despite a violent crime rate that is far below the national average. It is more than 87 percent European. Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, West Virginia and Virginia were all excluded from the10 most peaceful list despite below-average violent crime rates. All have European populations above the national average.

The conclusion to be drawn from this data is unmistakable: communities disproportionately comprised of European-Americans are more peaceful than those disproportionately comprised of blacks and Hispanics. Certainly, there are white criminals, just as there are peaceful and law-abiding blacks. However, the statistics leave no doubt that ethnic diversity is negatively related to peacefulness and public safety

Black gang leader ordered attacks on “rich white kids.”

Black gang members have targeted white college for at least the past twenty years. Not only does the media hide it, but there have been many examples of Universities hiding it from their own students.

From Lehigh Valley Live…

The 21-year-old point man for junior members of the Bloods gang in South Bethlehem ordered his underlings to target Lehigh University students, police said.

Darius M. Newman, of the 500 block of Hayes Street, directed Michael Prater, Dario Perez and others to “catch the jux,” according to court papers. Prater told police the phrase meant to commit crimes against Lehigh students, whom gang members considered “rich white kids,” court papers say.

Newman is accused of leading efforts last year that culminated in a series of robberies targeting Lehigh students and staff in the area surrounding the campus. In one case, a female Lehigh student was punched in the face by Prater, police said. The alleged assault ultimately led to Prater’s and several other arrests.

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