12 Hottest Politicians’ Wives- Winner Obama’s Sow?

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12 Hottest Politicians’ Wives

July 29th, 2010 by Julian

With the power and authority of government office, you might imagine that hotties would be falling over themselves to get their hands on the great and good. In fact, that’s rarely the case – politics can be a dry, dry subject and it takes decades to get to the top. However, to test the rule, here are 12 of the hottest women in the world to be married into politics!

12) Bianna Golodryga

Named one of the 30 hottest journalists under 30 in 2004, Bianna certainly is smoking hot. The ABC correspondent, who specialises in business and economic issues, is now a co-anchor on the weekend edition of Good Morning America. Married to Peter Orszag, Obama’s Budget Director, she’s also fluent in Russia. Who ever said that power wasn’t the ultimate aphrodisiac?

11) Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein

Daughter of King Hussein I of Jordan and junior wife of Mohammed bin Rashid, the Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE and ruler of Dubai, Haya knows a thing or two about walking down the corridors of power. As well as being a humanitarian, she is an Olympic show jumper. And did we mention? She’s also a princess.

10) Filippa Reinfeldt

Politicians do flock together it seems. Filippa, who is married to Swedish Prime Minister (or ‘Sveriges statsminister’) Fredrik Reinfeldt, is herself a Moderate party politician and is currently the County Commissioner of Health Services, having previously sat on Stockholm County Council. She is rumoured to have previously dated Swedish dance star E-Type and has been accused of manufacturing ‘Christmas porn’ with over the top festive bun making spreads (we kid you not).

9) Asma al-Assad

Syria might have been one of the spokes of the axis of evil, but first lady Asma, wife of Bashar al-Assad, the President of Syria, is one fine looker. Completing her education in the UK, she went on to become an invest banker, working for firms like Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan in London and New York. Which suggests that as well as being gorgeous, she might be extremely smart.

8) Laureen Harper

Married to the apparently ‘intensely cerebral’ Canadian PM Stephen Harper, Laureen has declared she’ll do ‘Whatever I can to help Canadian fashion’. As well as volunteering her home to the Ottawa SPCA as a kitten sanctuary, she also likes riding her motorcycle and gardening. An eclectic mix, we think.

7) Cindy McCain

Cindy McCain – one of the golden ladies of politics. This beaut is looking absolutely fine for a 66-year-old woman who has been married to John McCain for 30 years. After all, Sarah Palin couldn’t cope with spending more than a couple of weeks with the maverick before going rogue. To add to that… she’s a beer-heiress. Is there any higher calling from which to inherit wealth?

6) Sonsoles Espinosa

Sonsoles is a classical singer and a music teacher at one of Madrid’s most prestigious schools. She’s also married to José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the Spanish Prime Minister. While she might have a gothic style, she’s renowned for her good taste in fashion.

5) Maria Shriver

As the Governator’s wife, Maria isn’t just married into the Californian Republican Party, she’s also married into Hollywood. But then she isn’t unacquainted with either – she is the niece of John, Bobby and Ted Kennedy and is an Emmy award-winning NBC journalist. She is also an advocate of Alzheimer’s causes – and has a rose named after her.

4) Elizabeth Kucinich

Standing 6′ tall, Elizabeth really is a red-headed English rose. She is also half the age of her 5’7”, 63 year old husband, Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat in the US House of Representatives. She certainly must see a lot of something in him. Like Dennis, Liz is a vegan, though unlike him she has a tongue stud. Raunchy stuff, indeed.

3) Rania Al Abdullah

Wife of Abdullah II, King of Jordan, Rania is, uh, The Queen of Jordan… Described as one of the most powerful women in the world, she is also the author of a New York Times bestselling children’s book. Rania apparently enjoys water skiing and cycling. She’s some pretty hot royalty.

2) Carla Bruni

Actress, singer-songwriter and former model, Carla Bruni is one of the most glamorous women on Earth. Period. A modern successor to Jackie O, she spent the 1990s as one of the world’s best paid supermodels, during which period a nude photograph of her sold for over $90,000. Then in 2007, she started seeing diminutive French President Nicolas Sarkozy, only weeks after he had left his second wife, before marrying him in 2008.

Almost single-handedly raising the bar of international conferences, Carla is probably the sexiest politician’s wife in the world. With one exception…

1) Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama – half of the coolest couple on the face of the Earth and possibly the most beautiful first lady ever. Standing at 5’11”, she’s as tall as a supermodel, she’s a trained lawyer and she is an icon of style. Would you rather get stuck in an elevator with this lady or with Barbara Bush? Without a shadow of a doubt, we know which way we’d swing.

Honorable mention: Thailand’s Pimpen Vejjajiva

She’s pimp-in. She’s also a doctor, but, hey, lighten up, ‘eh?

Locust: Obama’s sow! this is so funny! what do the people have to say?


137 Responses to “12 Hottest Politicians’ Wives”

  1. On August 18th 2010, Evan Taylor wrote:

    Michelle Obama? She is coyote ugly, but #1 on your list? Whoever made that decision is blind.

  2. On August 18th 2010, Mike Nieznany wrote:

    Michelle Obama beautiful!???
    WTF pays you blind clowns? She looks like a man in drag!

    She looks more like a friggin Baboon then a human female.

    Damn, are you a bunch of ass kissing idiots!

  3. On August 18th 2010, Wayne wrote:

    Oh my God!! Did a 4th grader from Chicago compile this list. Journalists and blog writers should really research their articles to appease guys like me. There can’t be more than a handful of dudes in this nation of 320 million that agree with this list. Michelle Obama while being pretty, does not compete with these women. Look a bit harder for hot wives.

  4. On August 18th 2010, azlib wrote:

    Her face is average, but Michelle’s body unfortunately looks like it has a petit-medium size 6 woman’s upper torso connected to a size 12 solid-tall woman’s lower gut and legs. Her choice of high waisted fashion only amplifies this image.

    Just drop your #1 selection and move the rest up one place on your list to give credibility to your choices.

  5. On August 18th 2010, BW wrote:

    Michelle Obama? Are you kidding me? Really, the author of this piece must feel a similar attraction to Chewbacca.

  6. On August 18th 2010, Leo Hughes wrote:

    Jeri Thompson? I’d put her first by far.

    I assume your # 1 pick is satire? Maybe an April Fools prank?

  7. On August 18th 2010, Jewbacca wrote:

    Sorry, Michelle Obama?

    The woman has SIX toes on one foot. She has a huge rear end and a gut.

    Politics or no politics, she’s a nasty brute of a woman. Stop letting politics color things that are just not so. It ruins what credibility you have.

  8. On August 18th 2010, DDD wrote:

    I like Michelle, I really do, but “hottest” should be reserved for people that do not resemble Aunt Ester. I feel her addition to the list was to cause controversy but to add her to list as number one means you do not care about the credibility of your opinions.

  9. On August 18th 2010, The_Beloved_Deb wrote:

    Is this the Onion?

  10. On August 18th 2010, Rikkithecat wrote:

    Michelle Obama, more beautiful than Jackie Kennedy? Get real!

  11. On August 18th 2010, Greg wrote:

    This a joke right? You people are absolute blind and tasteless. Some great lookers but others just dead nasty.

  12. On August 18th 2010, Patti B wrote:

    Come on… really? Mrs Obama? She doesn’t even belong in the top 100!

  13. On August 18th 2010, Deuce wrote:

    Michelle Obama ??!! “cool couple” ??!! Are you kidding ? She looks like she has down syndrome, dresses like someone who has no class yet is pretended to have class, and loves spending the American taxpayers’ money. As for “cool couple”, they are an embarassment, ruin everything they touch or get involved in, and every decision they make is wrong for America. Furthermore, her husband is an effeminate girly-man.

  14. On August 18th 2010, ima guy wrote:

    Michelle Obama is a MILF….a mama I’d like to forget.

  15. On August 18th 2010, ima guy wrote:

    Michelle Obama is attractive like Stephen Hawking is dumb……like Michael Moore is thin……like Barack Obama is humble.

    Need I go on?

  16. On August 18th 2010, id10ts wrote:

    Michelle Obama? WTF? With a face like that, she has to sneak up on a glass of water. Constantly filling her face with ice cream, she will put on a good 50 pounds before PBO is voted out of office.

  17. On August 18th 2010, Jack Mehoff wrote:

    Moochell is in no way shape or form suitable for #1. Not even #100. Jeez, you people…

  18. On August 18th 2010, Brian wrote:

    Michelle Obama # 1 is a joke. She looks like a gargoyle or gremlin.

  19. On August 18th 2010, hahaha wrote:


    Fucking Michelle Obama is #1 WTF?

    and seriously Cindy McCain too that bitch is like 70. So to reiterate… Michelle Obama is ugly, McCain’s bitch is ugly….


  20. On August 18th 2010, wardaddy wrote:

    I want whatever dope this blog is on and I will pay well.

    You have to be stoner than DMT to think Michelle Obama is hot.

    Maybe you really like Barack Hussein but are skeered to come out.

    Bruni ..hell yea. Princess Rania..smoking too.

    (from the right wing underground)

  21. On August 18th 2010, Richard wrote:

    Would I rather be stuck on an elevator with a wookie (Michelle Obozo) or with a class act (Barbara Bush)? Hmmmm. Touch decision there (sarcasm intended).

  22. On August 18th 2010, Marvin wrote:

    How in the flying FUCK did obama’s wife make this list?

  23. On August 18th 2010, hsv wrote:

    The majority here are dogs. So either the world is starved of good looking women in politics or the creators of this list have low standards……i am thinking the later.

    Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein gets my vote!!

  24. On August 19th 2010, Dude…Seriously??? wrote:

    Putting the First Wookie on this list at all (forget the #1 position) is laughable. You guys can try to sell Michelle as beautiful, but you’ll have better luck trying to sell her husband as America’s No. 1 patriot!

  25. On August 19th 2010, paul mitchell wrote:

    Um, Obama is not even the most beautiful First Lady this century. Laura Bush is infinitely more attractive.

  26. On August 19th 2010, Bryan wrote:

    Michelle? Maybe if you did a spread on hottest Klingon wives, but human wives … I think not. She has the body of a manatee and the face of a bulldog.

  27. On August 19th 2010, speechless wrote:

    I was going to comment….but 23 people beat me to it.

  28. On August 19th 2010, americawhereareyou wrote:

    michelle obama? she looks like a ghetto chick who is constipated…where’s the do rag and the muffin jeans?

  29. On August 19th 2010, frogmouth wrote:

    Michelle Obama the hottest politician’s wife. Srsly? You people are so high you need a ladder to scratch your ass. And while you’re up there scratching, do us all a favor and pull your head out of there.

  30. On August 19th 2010, Wow wrote:

    Asma Al-Assad – very, very attractive.

  31. On August 19th 2010, DaMav wrote:

    Michelle Obama is near repulsive looking and it has nothing to do with her race. There are lots of hawt black women. Your blog basically insulted her by holding her up to the ridicule you are receiving for this ridiculous choice.

  32. On August 19th 2010, Lamont wrote:

    Regarding Michelle Obama, I think Fred Sanford said it best:

    “I’m calling you ugly, I could push your face in some dough and make gorilla cookies. “

  33. On August 19th 2010, Cranky wrote:

    You think Obama is hotter than the Queen of Jordan AND Princess Haya?!?!

    What a dumb-a– list.

  34. On August 19th 2010, MissAnthropy wrote:

    The most interesting observation is how the royalty of the Arab world are so much whiter-looking than their average subject.

  35. On August 19th 2010, Tac168 wrote:

    Glaucoma refers to a group of eye conditions that lead to damage to the optic nerve, the nerve that carries visual information from the eye to the brain.

    I think you suffer from this and you smoke medical marijuana for it because you are not only blind you are high.

  36. On August 19th 2010, Donald Trump wrote:

    Except for the ugly no 1 pick the rest are beautiful.

  37. On August 19th 2010, Blind man wrote:

    I mean this is a joke.
    M Obama is plug ugly!!
    You have no cdedibility at all like all the MSM you have really jumped the shark!!

    HaHaHaHaHa Oh that hurts

  38. On August 19th 2010, FPST wrote:

    What is this I don’t even

    Michelle Obama? #1?

    …yeah, no.

  39. On August 19th 2010, Toaster802 wrote:

    “When Stalin says dance, a wise man dances”.

    I hope this is a joke. If not you are no better than a bunch of boot-licking Pravda toadies. But at least they had the threat of being shipped to a labor camp if they did not fawn the ruling elite when told to. What is your excuse. A paycheck? For God’s sake have some respect for yourself.

  40. On August 19th 2010, Huh? wrote:

    You serious, Moocher Obama #1? What planet do you live on? Prettier than Carla and Rania? Highly doubtful. She looks like Cruella DeVille on a good day and acts that way too. Have you ever seen her when she isn’t ‘on camera’? She has an ugly scowl and hate emanates from her manner. She is an ugly person, both inside and out. Remember when she went to the food pantry wearing $500 shoes? So uncool.

  41. On August 19th 2010, dairg wrote:

    Michelle Hobama? That skank ho looks like a male gorilla.

  42. On August 19th 2010, Captain Steve wrote:

    MO is an angry fat skank. No beauty there.

  43. On August 19th 2010, Voice wrote:

    I could not believe it when I scrolled to your #1 and it was The Linebacker! Talk about fugly! When she was on the beach in Spain a cat tried to bury her.

  44. On August 19th 2010, Frank wrote:

    So I guess everyone agrees that Michelle is the most beautiful politicians wife on earth.

    Kinda like her husbands policies. Yup, everybody loves them even if most don’t know it.

    But seriously, this obviously was created for hits. No rational man (without some wierd fetish) would even bring her up in a sentence with the word beauty. She’s a flippin horse.

  45. On August 19th 2010, Me wrote:

    Even thought I completely despise her, the 900 year old bat Nancy Pelosi is better looking than Gigantor. What the hell were you drinking????

  46. On August 19th 2010, Bruce O’Hara wrote:

    You know how the Leftist media did the social engineering thing (lied) to sell America a bill of goods on Obama during the Primary? How they said the most outrageous things, like he was godlike, brilliant, post racial, things like that? And people bought it? That doesn’t work anymore.
    It’s obvious that someone needed to tell you that.

  47. On August 19th 2010, Ed in CT wrote:

    Michelle Obama?
    Just what have you been smoking?
    Good grief!

  48. On August 19th 2010, Hayden wrote:

    There is a sickness in this country.

    Media is completely shameless and discredited.

  49. On August 19th 2010, Elizabeth Imbasciati wrote:

    You MUST be politically correct in the @1 choice of Michelle Obama. She does not even belong on that list. She is uncoth, ugly and doesn’t dress well. Spends money like water but looks like hell. Sorry but you lose with that choice.

  50. On August 19th 2010, Patrick wrote:

    Michelle Obama #1?


  51. On August 20th 2010, piehunt wrote:

    Michelle looks like she was put together by Dr. Frankenstein. None of her body parts match up and she has a face that could knock a bulldog off a meat truck.

  52. On August 20th 2010, rob wrote:

    epic fugly fail…. list compiled by moron

  53. On August 20th 2010, Vince wrote:

    Yes she is the hottest if your living on the “Planet of the Apes”

  54. On August 20th 2010, StanSki wrote:

    To whom ever came up with Michelle Frobama as #1: They used to hang people like you back in the good old days.

  55. On August 20th 2010, E-nomad wrote:


    I like how the entire public utterly disagrees with the number 1 choice even being on the list, let alone number 1.

    Take your raving obama support elsewhere.

    Elizabeth Kucinich is INFINITELY more attractive.

  56. On August 20th 2010, mtodds wrote:

    Hot? She looks like Patrick Ewing in drag.

  57. On August 20th 2010, Alhazred43 wrote:

    Number 4 is smoking hot! damn

    also as to StanSki What a lovely bit of trolling. Michelle Obama shouldnt be on the list their is no doubt but your comment is no doubt an attempt to make all of us that say so look racist.

    Pimpen Vejjajiva is far hotter that Ms O by all standards and even so, Pimpen Vejjajiva is around average.

  58. On August 20th 2010, Johnny wrote:

    I could go to any 15th century London slum and find a 30 year old hooker hotter than Ms. Yomama

  59. On August 20th 2010, Mongrul wrote:

    Obviously the writers have invested heavily in Boob belt stock, and are now desperately trying to salvage whatever is left! I’m pretty sure George Bush was leading the selection committee and is just trying to discredit the administration by highlighting the nasty beast his successor is married to.

  60. On August 20th 2010, Is this some kind of avant garde sick satire wrote:

    Surely this has to be some sort of joke? They are actually trying to claim that Mooshell’s tranny-like ugliness can even be compared AT ALL to the beauty of Bianna Golodryga, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, Rania Al Abdullah, or Carla Bruni???? If that is not some sort of satire, then whoever made that page is insane or blind or black or all three!!!!


  61. On August 20th 2010, The Double D wrote:

    Sheesh, Michelle Obama? WTF? I’ve seen smaller shoulders on members of the Dallas Cowboys offensive line. Ms Obama is stone cold butt ugly. She is not even feminine. She is not ladylike in any respect. She is a lumbering, lurching, offensive poseur who is not even trying to fill her role of First Lady with any modicum of dignity. She is an international disgrace, much like her diminutive and narcissistic hubby.

  62. On August 20th 2010, hiram wrote:

    Clearly, the creator of this list finds… ahem… “different” things attractive. Could he or she be turned on by a bad attitude, frumpy clothes, bdonka-butts, and/or snobbish leftist elitism?

    Either that, or he’s a wookie. Or maybe a Klingon.

  63. On August 20th 2010, Scott wrote:

    Michelle Obama…hot?? If that is so.. why does Barack Obama spend so much time at gay clubs?

    Personally, I think she looks like a Moose.

  64. On August 20th 2010, NBF wrote:

    Burly Mi’Chelle is a cock-eyed Picasso nightmare smeared into existence during his Drunken Period. Esther Rolle has inspired more wood.

  65. On August 20th 2010, BWD3 wrote:

    Many people called W “Chimpy”. Nobody thought it was racial. Dude looked like a chimp. More often that not, he acted like one too. That being said, in all fairness, Mrs. Obama has a real Planet of the Apes look. Best looking First Lady ever? Seriouso? Ever heard of Jackie Kennedy? Just sayin’.

  66. On August 20th 2010, Jack Dunfy wrote:

    Is this a joke? She looks like chewbacca

  67. On August 20th 2010, common sense wrote:

    Michelle Obama looks EXACTLY like Mike Tyson with a wig. They’re twins, right down to the eyebrows. Please google Mike Tyson. You’ll be surprised you never saw this before.

    And we all know this she is an affirmative-action pick here. Really, this political correctness/black condescension is getting out of hand. White guilt at its finest!

  68. On August 20th 2010, DaleVM wrote:

    Michelle Obama is number one?! Based on what poll?! Someone needs to get their head out of the sand. No wonder why news reporting is nothing more than supermarket tabloid foliage. There is an alternative to the “news media” and I’ve provided the link above before you deleted it.

  69. On August 21st 2010, Ray F. Bateson wrote:

    Michelle obama is by far the ugliest creature alive. She doesn’t even look human — she looks like a giant ape. She doesn’t even have human hair — she has a pelt on her head. She is the First Ape.

  70. On August 21st 2010, dKos wrote:

    #1 looks like Will Smith in drag, only fatter.

  71. On August 21st 2010, dKos wrote:

    “Without a shadow of a doubt, we know which way we’d swing.”

    Form your #1 pick I’m pretty sure we can figure which way you swing. Not that there’s any thing wrong with that! ;^}

  72. On August 21st 2010, cuthean wrote:

    Poll sample must have been from readers of “Beastialty Monthly”.

    No mention of the first wookies vestigial penis?

  73. On August 21st 2010, AJW wrote:

    I’ve always wondered what happened to RuPaul, now I know. He married Obama – score one for gay marriage!

  74. On August 21st 2010, Rachel wrote:

    Are you people on DRUGS? Is this today’s edition of the Onion??? Michelle SASQUATCH Obama…. is number one??? Hahahahahahahaha! My God…what is in your koolaid…..LSD?

    I will give you this much…Sasquatch does look like Number Two….the kind it takes alot of fiber intake to produce.

    Honestly…I’ve seen women from People of Walmart who look and dress better than Michelle!

    Well, keep up the good humor, Pop Crunch, we can all use a good laugh these days.

  75. On August 21st 2010, Mr.GJG wrote:

    This is insane!
    That woman? looks like Aunt Esther…and she’s been dead for 10yrs.!

  76. On August 22nd 2010, Bob Fairlane wrote:

    Michelle Obama is no lady!

  77. On August 22nd 2010, Frank Markva wrote:

    WTF ????? this “woman” looks like a drag queen right out of Angola prison….obviously the writer of the article feels the same attraction towards the “beautiful Williams sisters” !!!!! Ugggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!! gross !!!!

  78. On August 22nd 2010, sam beau wrote:

    what a joke, I mean is the media still trying to convience the people that Michelle is pretty?

    Hell, she doesn’t even look human.

  79. On August 22nd 2010, ronnie wrote:

    Real funny ! You had me till I got to the #1 spot and saw that creature.

  80. On August 22nd 2010, bob wrote:

    Michelle O’bama? Jesus man, what are you smoking? Let’s be honest here for a moment….no matter how many times the liberal ass kissing press says it….Michelle O’bama IS NOT even remotely attractive and she certainly can’t compete with the other women on this list. God, I hate liberal BS artists..

  81. On August 22nd 2010, Dizzy wrote:

    Michelle Obama looks like what fell out of my ass an hour ago.

  82. On August 22nd 2010, Chet Walters wrote:




  83. On August 22nd 2010, 68SPC wrote:

    What an absolute huge pile of horse squeeze. The author of this better be joking or else they are one giant libtard kiss ass. Get a life.

  84. On August 22nd 2010, flacid wrote:

    the 2 to 1 transition killed any semblance of an erection. fml

  85. On August 22nd 2010, stormy wrote:

    the first nine are average to good looking, your number 1 pick needs a face transplant, a body make over a personality adjustment, and possibly a gender reassignment.

  86. On August 22nd 2010, marty wrote:

    wtf? i guess i’m not the only one that thinks she resembles a wookie…..

    i found the polling data, they gave this poll to blind democrats with an iq under 70. in other words, all of them…..

  87. On August 22nd 2010, Ed in CT wrote:

    If I had a dog that ugly, I’d paint a face on its ass and teach it to walk backwards.

  88. On August 22nd 2010, Mike wrote:

    This just shows how dishonest the leftys really are! Even with themselfs.

    To suggest the the first wookie is in the same league as these other women look wise.

    Utter shit the leftys are!

    Sara Palin is a stupid half wit. And Michelle Osama is a beauty queen! Yup Yup thats right everyone.

    Die libtards

  89. On August 22nd 2010, Nathan wrote:

    I’m just going to point out obvious physical faults from the image provided here for Michelle Obama:

    1. Drawn on overly peaked eyebrows. It’s like she’s continuously giving you a raised eyebrow…it’s downright disturbing.

    2. 4 inch tall hair. It’s not 1991 in Dallas anymore, fix your hair like a normal human being. It’s not like she’s hiding extra brains in that out of control mane.

    3. Bulgy, pronounced cheek bones. This is a tough one, does it look like plastic surgery gone wrong? A throwback to prehistoric man? Are those deposits of hubris physically manifesting themselves? Nobody knows…what we do know, is that’s just not attractive.

    4. Mouth wrinkles. Hey, with age, everyone gets them…but many of the other women on this list don’t have them. Not even Cindy McCain, who’s notably older. Newsflash, wrinkles aren’t hot.

    5. Man shoulders. She looks like she could throw a wicked block with those things, but I doubt she could wear a sexy strapless top.

    6. Coal black eyes. They look like demon eyes. I think they are. Check out Elizabeth Kucinich’s eyes, those are sexy.

  90. On August 22nd 2010, Stan wrote:

    Not Michelle Obamanation if the species depended on it and I got to use a borrowed ‘you know what’. Disgusting in EVERY way.

  91. On August 22nd 2010, buffaloshark wrote:

    this is a joke right? I was with it until Obama.

  92. On August 23rd 2010, Ewwww wrote:

    I would like to hear the thinking the authors of this site had in selecting these women? Preferably before they read the comments. What was the agenda.

  93. On August 23rd 2010, Umustbejoking wrote:

    Maybe you should have a heterosexual male compile your list for you next time. It would be much shorter, although admittedly the entertainment factor would be reduced.

    Michelle Obama? Hahahahahahahahaha.

  94. On August 23rd 2010, Dan wrote:

    Are you kidding me? What sort of drivel is this? You might as well have titled this list accurately, “I love Michelle Obama and want to kiss her ass”. She belongs back at about #325, right behind Woodrow Wilson’s squeeze. There is no way anyone could objectively say she is hotter than Bruni, Rania, or Asma. What a BS piece.

  95. On August 23rd 2010, opticalc wrote:

    I must have missed the news that they found bigfoot and gave him a job ranking politicians’ wives.

  96. On August 23rd 2010, Misanthropy wrote:

    This list was awesome. Far better than anything I’ve read in The Onion in a while. Great entertainment while home sick from work. When are you going to post the legitimate list?

  97. On August 23rd 2010, I B Blind wrote:

    Someone told me Chewie was listed #1 on this list. I actually thought they were joking.

    I followed the list down from #12, agreeing with the list or thinking a particular women should be moved slightly up the list, until I made it to #1. WTF?!?!?!?!?!

    There is no way 0bama is beautiful let alone #1 in the world. You know you’ve been sucking her dick too long when you think she’s that beautiful.

  98. On August 23rd 2010, Achmed wrote:

    Holy cow, if you love liberal democrats and secretly wear the hammer and sickle on your undies, that’s fine. Well, it’s repulsive actually but hey, it’s your business.

    But make MO number one as part of the usual lefty media love fest over the Obamas is just absurd and transparent. OK, make her number 7 or something because you’d feel bad if you didn’t, but number 1?????

  99. On August 23rd 2010, Chewbacca wrote:

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about. Michelle is a hottie.

  100. On August 23rd 2010, Not Crazy wrote:

    #1? Seriously? The last time I saw something that looked like that, it had a hook in its mouth and was featured on Bass Masters. Even Abe Vigoda looks better than her!

  101. On August 23rd 2010, Frankenstein’s Monster wrote:

    Even I, who was stitched together by an insane doctor with God-like aspirations, hell bent on creating life from dead body parts, find Michelle Obama a hideous form of life. I would remove the stitches and screws from my head and neck just so my eyeballs wouldn’t have to look at that monstrosity. If they made her my bride, I would just as soon receive another lightning shock to end my existence.

  102. On August 23rd 2010, Frankenstein’s Monster wrote:

    Her hair by the way, is like Darth Vader’s helmet. Darth’s is shinier and has more flex.

  103. On August 23rd 2010, Carl Burrell wrote:

    Michelle Obama is a hideous wretch. I love how you, whoever you are, chose her just to show not racist you are. Give me a break. She isn’t Halle Berry. More like Chuck Berry.

  104. On August 23rd 2010, Yoda wrote:

    A wookie you selected? Most troubling indeed!

  105. On August 23rd 2010, mr felfpz wrote:

    Michelle Obama is so ugly just looking at her made me gay.

  106. On August 24th 2010, Bob Good wrote:

    The makers of this list, “Acted stupidly” 🙂

  107. On August 24th 2010, The Bobster wrote:

    Mrs. Sasquatch is #1? Are you out of your freaken mind? Or are you so libtarded you think Nazi Pugugly is a knockout?

  108. On August 24th 2010, Doc wrote:

    Jeez, it looks like Michele tried to stop a bus with her face. I have no idea what she has to do with the other hotties in here.

  109. On August 24th 2010, spencer wrote:

    someone saying michelle obama is good looking in any sense of the word has beer goggles modeled after the hubble telescope….what about jackie kennedy?

  110. On August 25th 2010, srs? wrote:


    jesus, popcrunch – could this list be any more of a public display of asskissery? what a joke. obamas old lady isnt bad looking, but #1? the coolest couple? bwahahahahahahahahahhahahah.

    i think even the first family would have a hard time reading your description without laughing uncomfortably.

  111. On September 16th 2010, get over yourselves wrote:

    okay seriously you guys just get over yourselves already. i agree that Michele Obama isn’t the best looking woman on the list but she still is a good looking woman. everyone has the right to voice their opinion (freedom of speech and all that good stuff) but you guys don’t need to be so damn rude in the way that you are stating them.

    For example saying things like this is extremely offensive:

    “On August 20th 2010, StanSki wrote:

    To whom ever came up with Michelle Frobama as #1: They used to hang people like you back in the good old days.”

    and by the way the fact that you feel the need to sit down and nitpick at every little thing about her is really pathetic. it shows that you have no life whatsoever and/or are just really insecure in the fact that YOU ALL look like Wookies and/or Klingons.

  112. On September 18th 2010, china wrote:

    Michelle Obama is NOT only less than beautiful, she has ZERO taste in fashion.
    Some of her clothes are downright scary.

    The main problem with her is attitude: selfish, self-centered, arrogant, power-hungry, ruthless & greed-driven. Like all good neocons!

    She & her dellightful hubby have raped this nation over and over again. And they continue to do so…

    …while you fawn over them in an absurd & embarassing display of crude jingoism.


  113. On September 20th 2010, prewitt wrote:

    You all need to stop ur racist comments about black women being gorillas. Because there are,and trust me,there are many shemales,horse fucking cunts in your race. Stop hating and get a job!!!

  114. On September 20th 2010, Ha! wrote:

    Um…yeah. Michelle Obama…hottest. You post of picture of the Queen of Jordan…then put Michelle Obama as more attractive. Laughable at best. I will agree…she isn’t Ugly…per se..like Chelsey Clinton in her teenage years, but she is not beautiful by any stretch of the imagination..let alone hot. And, #1. Hahahaha…You may be able to snow Americans into thinking that the Obamas could be anything less than harmful for this nation, but hot? Bwahahahaha…rrrrriiiiigggghhhhttt. We may not have brains (according to them as they treat us like we are a bunch of idiots) but we are not blind! Oh…and Maria Shriver! Hahahahahaha…um…no. Why not elect barnyard animals for this list? Oh wait…you did.

  115. On September 21st 2010, Jack wrote:

    M. Obama is fricken scary looking to say the least
    there are much better looking women on that list than her
    scratch Mcain as well

  116. On September 26th 2010, Kuakea wrote:

    Well I think you did an excellent choice of the 11 Hottest Politicians wives until you got the the number one (# 1) position Michelle Obama and the honorable mention: Thailand’s Pimpen Vejjajiva who both are far far from being Hottest or Pretty. So I guess that that pretty much blows your attempt at trying to place First Lady Obama in to some catagory at the top of anything, except maybe the catagory of the worst couple that has ever been in Our Countries White House and so this Hot List only gets a C+ grade for this project.

  117. On September 30th 2010, WayneW wrote:

    That’s just sick.

  118. On October 1st 2010, radissthor wrote:

    WTF… Michele #1???!!?!?! WTF man…? It’s religion that blinds reason, not politics!

  119. On October 3rd 2010, Mark wrote:

    When Michelle Obama opens the door on Halloween, the kids give HER candy…

    seriously though, she scares the hell out of me.

  120. On October 14th 2010, Andrey wrote:

    Michelle Obama #1?

    it’s a bullshit! who are those ass lickers who have created this rating? 😦 everything was so fine until the #1, stupid people!

Its Here read and weep! Michelle Obama, hell fucking NO! She’s one ugly bitch!

4 thoughts on “12 Hottest Politicians’ Wives- Winner Obama’s Sow?

  1. Michelle Obama number 1? Look i gots ho’s bedder looking seriously! She looks 2 much like sum Amazon womans 2 me. No sorry but she cant works 4 me.

  2. i hate niggers it is not a collor but oboma michell and brack oboma are niggers if i spell bad or not they have white men fail like niggers did! hay i can spell nigger good cant i !

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