End of the West in Sight

End of the West in Sight

Pat Buchannan

Pat Buchannan says US could break up along ethnic lines.

Yahoo/Forbes promoting fake report on South Africa.

Yahoo and Forbes magazine published a completely ridiculous story about South Africa to cover up what is really going on there.

They called South Africa one of the top three friendliest countries in the world. Click Here.

Want to see what has really become of South Africa?

Obama: Republicans want to turn US into a 3rd World country.

Obama is America’s first 3rd world president. His father is from the 3rd world. His step father who legally adopted him is from a 3rd world country. He spent his early childhood in a 3rd world country. As president he has directly aided the flow of both legal and illegal immigrants from 3rd world countries. He wants to grant mass amnesty for millions of 3rd world illegal aliens.

While aggressively importing the 3rd world into America, Obama comically accused Republicans of wanting to transform America into the 3rd world.

Read Article.

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