Mind control in America- The New World Order


Thought Criminals… they prey on the intellectual lazy.

The truth about today’s most important issues will have to wait. They don’t have time for that; right now it’s time to be entertained with some news about an out of touch celebrity or even worse it’s time for some cleverly designed distraction. The Media has become the gospel, the ultimate propaganda tool for the intellectually lazy who refuse to do their own research, who dismisses facts that don’t fit with the pre-established narrative.

We have an entire generation who doesn’t know anything unless it comes from that tube and their not the only ones. We dress like the tube says, we eat like the tube says and we raise our kids just like the tube says.

What do you think would happen if the most awesome and powerful propaganda force were to fall in the hands of the wrong people; this tube that can make or break Presidents, this tube that has power over our courts and our realities?

You don’t have to wonder; it’s already happening!




What to Expect:


Be Ready!




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