Is UN plotting to bring illegal aliens from Libya to Europe?

Is UN plotting to bring illegal aliens from Libya to Europe?

Thousands of sub-Saharan African illegal aliens are in detention centers in Libya. Gaddafi had been processing them for repatriation as part of a large agreement with Italy.

Since problems began in North Africa, illegal aliens have been flooding into Southern Europe creating a major crises. The launching of the Sarkozy/Obama war in Libya has made matters much worse.

Libya just made a deal with the UN to allow aid workers to Tripoli and Misurata. The UN has already commenced the evacuation of as many as 5,000 Philippine oil workers. However, the radical left-wing European media is calling for a “rescue” of detained illegal immigrants in Libya as well.

Italy, Malta, and Greece are at breaking points. Popular anger over EU immigration policies is boiling over.

Now France has openly violated EU immigration law to block the entry of illegal aliens “lawfully” crossing the Italian/French border. This has given the Italians ammunition to go against EU open borders policies as well. France had been blocking illegal aliens along their Mediterranean border and diverting them to Italian Islands. Italy retaliated by given some of them temporary visas so they could legally cross back into France. In return France called up riot police to block their entry.

Meanwhile German officials have already stated that they will not agree to take a share of the new illegal aliens.

One of more straw could break the camels back and lead to open defiance of the EU by Southern Europe over immigration laws.

2 thoughts on “Is UN plotting to bring illegal aliens from Libya to Europe?

  1. Well these lefty, communist/socialist/atheistic liberals in Europe hate being white, so they figure lets bring in more&more black Africans&turn Europe into a muslim, black&mulatto continent in the next century. Those poor blacks from Africa are re-producing so fast that they need more room so let them populate Europe. That is really some-thing for this green-eyed, light haired white boy to get excited about, that my race is dying out especially the Nordic/Celtic/Baltic/Alpine&Slavic traits are dying out big time while the darkest African traits explode in Africa&through-out the world. If these liberals think that these non-white peoples are going to live like the white European with a first world economy, life-style&mind-set they are mistaken. Europe as well as the rest of the west will sink into the poverty, crime&misery of the fourth world in due time.

    • Very true. But does it matter any more? Time to prepare for a collapse. Long term whites need to look to the stars and resettle else where in our solar system

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