The Art of Strategic Citizenship — Part 3 and 4 by Takuan Seiyo

The Art of Strategic Citizenship — Part 3 And 4

Below is the third installment of Takuan Seiyo’s latest series of essays. Previously: Part 1 and Part 2.

Note: In his second installment, Mr. Seiyo originally designated this as a three-part series. However, the project grew as he progressed, and there will be a fourth installment.

The Art of Strategic Citizenship
Part 3 — Round stones rolled down a mountain

by Takuan Seiyo

In the 5th chapter of The Art of War, Sun Tzu and his interlocutor Du Mu say:

It is the nature of a stone to remain motionless on level ground, and to move when on a slope; thus the energy developed by good fighting men is as the momentum of a round stone rolled down a mountain thousands of feet in height.

First, you must wake up. The ground is no longer level. It’s a slope, and you are being swept down that slope like so much dead weight of fallen leaves in dark November twilight. The ruling elite is doing the sweeping, and various spiky strands of the broom stand out: the Muslim janissaries contracted by the nominally Judeo-Christian elite, the Mexican reconquistadores and the rest of the imported underclass, the Black racist demagogues and criminals, the red-diaper Jewish society improvers, the red-flag French intellectuals and their university franchises, the Social Christianity clerical comrades, the Hollywood useful idiots, the purposefully forgotten Chicom strategists, and so on. But none of this would have worked, had it not been for the slope.

The slope was built by your own people: white middle class evaders of “divisiveness,” nice people to boot. Hogs at credit troughs, consumers of Chicom cheap con, suit-wearing minders of this quarter’s profits, evangelicals with God bless decals, Bushites not Shiites, country club Republicans who thought the business of America is business, national demographics are a market, and the teaching vocation can be left to bitter Gramscian malcontents on a long march.

The slope is stacked against you. It’s about 9 to 1. The GOP is a useless diversion, the conservatives in clueless confusion, the Tea Party too pansy, the teachers Comintern saboteurs, the generals beribboned cowards trading truth for another star on the collar of he, she or heshe, the economists lapping milk from the saucers of the financialists, the government determined to immanentize the eschaton while China grabs the market for the cyclotron. Even if your side were hard stones, you would be rolling in the wrong direction.

Only the hard truth can turn into rolling stones. Comforting lies turn into a pile of dry autumn leaves. “Strength in Diversity” turns into peonage to homogeneous China and dhimmitude to tribal Dar-al-Islam. Jock worship and self esteem in schools end in generations of know-nothing spoiled morons. Paper fiat money becomes Ponzi confetti. “Conservatives” end as outplayed liberals. A smooth latte messiah turns into the broken cane of America the lame. Empire on credit heads for the trashcan of empires.

Other than a few bloggers and writers who toil in unpaid anonymity for 20,000 readers, the only people with significant public following who are able even to identify and express all those issues in cogent prose are clouded by mind afflictions of the sort discussed in Part 2. They are either conspiracy junkies or tenants at the junction of the Paleocon/ White Nat spectrum. They show a keen perception of the political facts and no perception of their own mind afflictions. Such people cannot lead others successfully out of the wilderness.

On the premise that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, the Paleocons are silent on Islam and jihad and agnostic about Holocaust and Hitler. “White Nats” simply deny the former and adore the latter. Patrick Buchanan, who can write masterfully about America’s suicide by immigration, by NAFTA or by surrender to its Black minority pillagers (e.g. “A Brief for Whitey”) is also an admirer of the Nazi tool Charles Lindbergh, a defender of accused Nazi criminals, and a World War II revisionist more on Hitler’s side than on Churchill’s [1]. Paul Craig Roberts, who can write superbly about America’s hollowed-out economy and the madness of Empire (e.g. “Spinning Unemployment in a Collapsing Empire”) can’t put two paragraphs together before launching into a tirade about the evils of Israel and its American lobby.

Some conspiracy hounds also present useful facts and good ideas, but wrapped in questionable theories. Not much is gained by the 9/11 truthers’ unprovable assertion that the U.S. government had pre-wired the towers with explosives. I doubt that it did, but it had prewired the Unites States for 9/11 anyway. It did so through its insane immigration and border policies, refusal to recognize the hostile nature of Islam, demented Affirmative Action that places Muslims and racially favored incompetents in the center of the intelligence and defense establishments, and other PC inanities like the “wall” between the FBI and the CIA.

We will not go here to the left side of the anomie, i.e. the quixotic intellectuals, the for-profit prole noisemakers, the failures seeking revenge on society, the mass media nitwits and agent provocateurs, the demagogues egging on minorities from the lands of soulful indolence or dusty terror. It’s not important anymore to understand why they believe and do what they do. The essential fact is that there are now two irreconcilable peoples in America: the Equality People and the Freedom People.

We identified the demographic composition of the Equality People in Part 2. Committed to denying and reviling any truth that requires discrimination between human individuals and types, they share a psychosis of obsessing over any mote in White eyes, and ignoring large beams in Colored eyes. They are pragmatic Socialists, meaning that they support Big Business capitalism that privatizes the oligarchs’ profits, socializes their losses, and exacts payoffs large enough to keep playing pols in power, and favored Equalitan client groups in cushy jobs at the ambitious top or just in spending money at the indolent bottom.

The Freedom People are liberty-loving Constitutionalists. They detest world-improving busybodies and grasp that it’s the equality and nondiscrimination silk memes in which the postmodern Western state wraps its iron fist of coercion. They are not necessarily Libertarian, for that is an ideological strain oblivious to the large swathes of Reality where laissez faire leads to ruination, and a good government is inescapable. Unlike the Libertarians, the Freedomians recognize that what was best about America came from a specific American people. That people was 90% White, construed by Anglo-Saxon-Scottish ideas and norms of conduct, and largely led by Anglo-Protestants.

The Freedomians are countryside dwellers, small business owners, non-union blue collar workers, soldiers, cops and firefighters, people who revere the U.S. Constitution, and a few eccentric intellectuals like the late Samuel Francis, hounded to an early grave. There are few nonwhites, as those are the clients and protégés of the government and paragons of the Equality People. There are few Jews or Nordics. The Jews, living like the Episcopalians but voting like the Salvadorans, share a cultural obsession with social “injustice,” even if ancient or biogenic in the underdogs and therefore of no proper concern to social improvers. The Nordics, even if secular, are heirs to a deracinated Christianity based in misconstrued and sometimes mistranslated Biblical words taken out of their historical context and fashioned into self-abnegating do-goodism. WNNPs (White non-Nordic Protestants) seem to be the paramount ethnic stock of the Freedomians.

The ruling oligarchy, which comprises the enormous powers of the government and Big Business, is firmly with the Equality People. The Freedom People are therefore vastly outmatched. Since they are shut out of the government no matter which party rules, all they can do is watch how their country self-destructs for the sake of providing the nourishing manure with which the hegemons bolster the rise of the New World Order with its global serf topsoil and Made in China sprinklers. As well, Islamic Morlocks are imported and unleashed on the NWO Whites, to provide a pretext for an oppressive police state.

The recent case of a lefto-anarchist devil-worshipping psycho pothead mass murderer who shot a Democrat Congresswoman is illustrative. The same media platforms that now falsely blamed Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for the “climate of hatred” had routinely expressed death and dismemberment wishes for Sarah Palin and the Tea Party (and Bush, Cheney etc.). Having gratuitously dragged Sarah Palin into this, they now turned around to proclaim, “Sarah Palin, once again, has found a way to become part of the story”.

Politicians and pundits on both sides, and Mr. Obama shamelessly so, abused the occasion to pontificate about political “extremism” and “our” pride in the American democratic process that effects change at the ballot box, not through violence. However, one actually observing what’s going on perceives that the democracy circus has left town decades ago, and all this noise now is palaver over weed control in the windswept plaza where the tents were once pitched.

We can no longer effect change at the ballot box; that’s a gross perversion of the truth. An American electorate that elects an Obama is too far gone, anyway.

When the ruling elite is free to import tens of millions of voters for itself who are a like a millstone on the taxpayer-serfs, and to deploy taxpayer-funded thug organizations like ACORN to sway elections, and to refuse to prosecute club-wielding Black Nazi thugs, and it has an exclusive claim on the enormous powers of academic indoctrination and MSM persuasion, and it has bound the opposition in a purpose-designed net of racist “civil rights” and “hate speech” legislation, and that entire intertwined cabal harangues its critics ceaselessly with kneejerk labels like “racist” and “divisive,” democracy has died and voting is just an empty ritual. How much more so when the putative opposition fields phony figureheads from the Nixon-Ford-Dole-Bush-McCain mold, and the rulers keep digging a financial, monetary and demographic hole for their people and protect crony bankster malefactors whether it’s a Texas hold ’em capitalist or an Afro-socialist in the White House.

Nor is the democracy sham confined to the federal level. Steven Malanga revealed the array of fiscal gimmicks, evasions, and ploys that state and local politicians have used to circumvent budget restrictions enacted in 32 states. The willful undermining of the people’s vote amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars of funds slushed into off-budget enterprises, swept from promised useful uses to political payoffs, shifted from funded accounts into depleted ones, shafted as interest-free loans forced on the taxpayers, sold for some cash now instead of larger receipts later, or simply stolen from citizens’ personal bank accounts on the pretext that they are inactive and “unclaimed.” This heedless spending binge has resulted in a $6 trillion state and local government debt. That’s on top of the separate road to fiscal and monetary ruin pursued by the federal government also against the explicit wishes of the voters[2].

Clio, the muse of history, has at last submitted the bill for decades of madness and corruption. The mandarins at the money spigots then activated a pump to keep the leaky tub afloat while they are still at the tiller. Notable financial experts outside the ruling elite did diagnose that as a systematic cover-up of the worst corruption and control fraud in America’s history, if not the world’s [3]. All that just buys time and wherewithal for the illusion of “growth” to persist while bankster bosses strap on their golden parachutes and the governing pashas their silver ones. When the deluge comes, the banksters will have already settled in their penthouses in Singapore and spreads in Aruba, their assets parked in yuans, gold ducats, and forward wheat options. And the pols and bureaucrats complicit in all this will have already finished their cadence and retired. Their fat pensions, successors’ salaries and preferred social clients’ stipends can be paid in NWO Ameristan shekels even after the dollar is toast. It’s only the nebbish Freedomians, the core of the Middle Class, whose net worth and jobs will have evaporated.

The replacement of 1970 meritocracy with post-1985 anti-White discrimination, and of the White-dominant melting pot with a grab stew of every race and nationality, are a catastrophe of equally dire consequences. 9/11 was Reality’s tap on the shoulder relative to the humongous corruption and control fraud in U.S. immigration policies, and it too resulted in gobs of wasted money to construct a cover-up. The DHS and TSA farce (addressed in Part 1) is just a way to stick all Americans with the severe punishment for the gross errors or intentional sabotage of their ruling elite, just as money printing, bailout and “stimulus” are in the financial domain. As to Affirmative Action and transfer payments to “People of Color,” daily newspaper stories, if vetted consistently for racial indicators, provide regular reference points of the downward trajectory.

Right away, we can dismiss all the good advice that well-meaning patriots dispense. The enormous power of the ruling oligarchy, backed by over 50% of the population, will not allow such admissions of monumental error and malfeasance as would be needed to change course in a radical way. We cannot deport illegal aliens, legal felons or legal sleeper jihadis. We cannot amend the Constitution to end Third World immigration or birthright citizenship. We can wake up some people but not the nation to the essential incompatibility of Islam, let alone Muslims. The anti-jihad movement is noble and commendable, but it only addresses the tuberculosis of the AIDS patient. Even if the TB be cured, the AIDS and its other lethal consequences will remain.

We cannot end NAFTA, send Puerto Rico off and tell Hawaii we own it, and to shut up. If we win hugely in a plebiscite, one Body Snatcher judge is enough to overturn the will of the people. Ending Affirmative Action and Disparate Impact laws is a pipe dream, and declaring English as sole official language is too little too late. We cannot end the global economy sham or the Western voluntary dhimmitude plague. We don’t have the votes and even if we had them, we don’t have the leaders whom such votes might carry into successful tenures in the seats of power.

What we have is the OODA Loop, the firewood under the cauldron, the round stones rolling down the mountain. Following “Observe” is “Orient.” “Orient” means, first, recognizing that old categories are now obsolete. It’s not Right or Left, capitalist or socialist, White or Black, “White” or Jew, Catholic or Protestant. There is only the Freedom People and its hostile co-dweller, the Equality People. The latter’s government and global business sponsors provide the main jaw in the crushing vise.

Progressives are bona fide Equalitans, but it would be a mistake to consider Conservatives as ipso facto Freedomians. It’s necessary to observe that there are vastly different ethnic and occupational ratios in these two peoples, and to orient strategic action toward those differences. In that lies the opportunity to achieve something that would pass Sun Tzu’s muster.

The answer, as many have said, lies in separation, but it has only something to do with the common advice that “Whites” move to “Red” states and so save White Majority America. The small issue lies in liberty-loving Constitutionalists being able to achieve self-government and conserve what remains of America. But there are much larger issues at stake. In the balance hangs the future of Western Civilization.

The globalist elite treats the issue of Third World Immigration to the West as one of goodness and (faked) unavoidability, with the Good Guys — themselves, of course — versus the troglodyte racists. They treat the issue of the rise of China and the sinking of the United States as yet another change of guard among Superpowers, necessary to maintain overall prosperity (whatever that means). But neither subject is remotely like what it’s presented to be.

The streaming of tens, and soon hundreds of millions of sub-90 IQ hostile aliens to America and to the rest of the West entails a certain lowering of the overall intelligence of the populace in a technological epoch when intelligence and education are the main economic resource. It also portends the end of hope for the return of democracy in America [4], for a sub-intelligent people can sway only to the rhythm of demagogues’ bribes and manipulative verbiage. Moreover, nonwhite immigration spells a blow-up of the remainder of social capital and a crippling of any possibility to continue the life of ease, prosperity and peace that White Man’s lands have enjoyed between 1946 and 2001.

As to the ascendance of China, it ought to be obvious that he who pays the piper calls the tunes. The idiotic myopia of America’s globalist oligarchs of a generation ago was to assume that as America pumps prosperity into China, China would inevitably become “westernized” and “democratized” — and gelded, like the West. But China has its strengths that the West has forsaken: its racial homogeneity and pride in its history and culture. China is taking from the West what it needs to rise as China. Barring the unforeseeable, by 2050 China will have become the world’s dominant economic and military superpower. It is the Chinese values and interests that will be planted firmly in the West, and not vice versa [5].

This essay is devoted to some of what’s salutary in the Orient and is worthy of study and some form of emulation. We have no space to dwell on the revolting, but the preceding paragraph ought to chase sleep from the brows of the knowing. There are other similar conundrums: for instance the certainty that the United States is becoming Mexicanized, with all it portends, and that Eurabia is a growing reality.

A world whose values trickle down from China, whose Europe rises to the call of the muezzin and whose America is run by Afro-revanchist dialectic theoreticians and Afghan-American civil rights lawyers according to Mexican political methods is not a world into which a White person still in possession of his brain wants to be born. It’s this — the highest possible stake — that hangs in the balance; not silly little things like whether Newt Gingrich is electable or Pennsylvania reclaimable for the GOP through conservative Whites’ resettlement.

The task is not to achieve a White majority. The U.S. already has a White majority. Europe has a huge White majority. It’s useless. At issue is a complete undoing of most cultural developments of the last 53 years or so, and a revision of much of Christianity’s and political theory’s evolution of the past 100 years. It’s been a long and interesting road, but it’s now obvious that it ends in a sheer drop: Kali Yuga .

Look now at the symbol at the head of his text. It represents the Great Tao, the eternal unifying principle of opposing cosmic forces that make up the Universe. It’s a Chinese concept commonly associated with the philosopher Lao Tse (6th century BC), but probably much older than that. Yin — the female element — and Yang — the male element — are each charged with a momentum ready to displace the other but still containing its germ. A dynamic balance results, a unity of opposing forces that make all atoms spin and all phenomena manifest.

In the cosmos, antigravity — the universe- expanding force first intuited by Einstein — is the Yin element, as is any other centrifugal vector. Attractive gravity, or any other centripetal force, is the Yang. In nutrition, acid is Yin, alkali is Yang; overdo the one or the other, you’ll get sick. In combat, the light initial tug (as discussed in Part 1) is Yin; the resulting slam into the ground is the Yang. Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba (among thousands of his own and other masters’ observations on Yin/Yang) wrote: “The heart of a human being is no different from the soul of heaven and earth. In your practice always keep in your thoughts the interaction of heaven and earth, water and fire, Yin and Yang.

The healthy human body’s pH balance is about 7 on a scale of 14, which is another way of describing a salutary Yin/Yang equilibrium. Overdo the soft drinks, alcohol and other sugars, starches, cigarettes, drugs, pills and stress, and you are in for Yin toxemia, i.e. a pH of 6 or lower that is a sure road to major illness. Cancer — the ultimate growth syndrome — is the quintessential Yin disease.

Similarly, a once-healthy society that has binged for 45 years on distending its population with tens of millions of imported aliens, puffing up inclusion and tolerance into a gigantic obsession, dilating the voting franchise, growing prodigiously claimed rights and entitlements, swelling the welfare rolls, pumping its money supply, inflating enormous asset bubbles, exploding the inventory of risky investment instruments, amplifying the growth of doctored profits and faked GNP statistics, overcommitting internationally, overstretching its military, overlawyering, over-regulating and overtaxing its citizens (but not its banksters) and metastasizing its media into 1000 channels of garbage is mired in a toxic Yin bog with no understanding of what it has done to itself. When you add to this the feminist revolution, the feminization of all walks of life, the 510 clucking hens among the 535 members of U.S. Congress, the metrosexual president, the coed dorms, female military, tranny police sergeants, gay (gay???) homo wives, 6-ft. reed-thin men with nipple rings and ear plugs, Oprah, Hillary, shop-till-you-drop, meek impotence at home versus millions of unnamed “youths” in Eurabia and America or bandits abroad like the NorKor commies — it’s Yin accelerating Yin, whirling to breakdown and destruction like a malformed flywheel too heavy on one side, spinning at 100,000 RPM.

This is not an entirely novel analysis for the West either. Already in 1935 Arnold Toynbee explained history in terms of circular Yin/Yang rhythms. His A Study of History published in twelve volumes over 20 years sought to explain how civilizations came to exist, flourish, and wane. Toynbee applied his model to 26 civilizations, showing the five stages through which they all passed: genesis, growth, time of troubles, universal state, and disintegration. Universal State — the stage in which the West is now — emerges when the elite, whom Toynbee called “Creative Minority,” ceases to be creative and degenerates into merely a “Dominant Minority” that forces the majority to obey without deserving obedience. Disintegration is next.

Although Toynbee referred specifically to the Yin/Yang Chinese concept, his emphasis was slightly different from ours here. He saw in Yin tranquility and stability, in Yang action and upheaval, and in history phases alternating from the one to the other. My focus is on Yin as the expansive and feminine force, on Yang as the contractive and masculine force, and on their proper equilibrium. What is clear, through the one prism or the other, is that the West is at the peak of perhaps the biggest Yin wave in history. What follows is disintegration through a wrenching Yang upheaval.

A social environment fit for the happy and productive existence of sentient beings is one in which Yin and Yang are balanced. Adolf Hitler dragged Western civilization onto the second of the mutilating peaks of Yang that, before 1914 -1944, had not been scaled by Westerners since Roman times [6]. It was inevitable that subsequently the West counter-swing like a giant pendulum through the point of equilibrium and far into the Yin zone, just as it had before, into Christian martyrdom in Rome and meekness of Rome. What was not inevitable and should not have happened is that the immersion in Yin continue unabated since 1945. A Yang balancing should have started around 1969 already.

An Eastern sage or even a random Chinese general laughs his head off watching the feminized West flapping around in its menopausal Yin ways to hold back super-Yang barbarians on the streets of Antwerp, Luton or Cleveland, or in Afghanistan and Somalia. America is so far gone that it releases Talib mass murderers upon capture while capturing and jailing for 40 years heroic American soldiers whose gonads and fighting instincts still function properly. Invoking recently the swift, brutal and effective actions of Korean and Malaysian commandos against Somali pirates, Richard Fernandez wrote: “The wonder weapon of the Koreans, though less potent than that used by the Malaysians was that they were neither European nor American.”

They who would turn the tide, at least for the Freedom People, must perceive the magnitude of the historic, nay, cosmic forces at play. And to have a chance at restoring balance and glory to Western civilization, they must beware of those who, moved by atavistic forces beyond their ken, push from the current extremes of Yin into Hitlerian extremes of Yang. Without understanding that Hitler was the worst thing that ever happened to the White race, and that the Holocaust did happen as commonly beheld and worse, one is deprived of the understanding of the sources of the current Yin abyss, and consequently cannot redress the counter-calamity in an effective and lasting way.

Inventing a golden past that never was, falsifying history to right a grave current imbalance is an awful crime not as much against the dead and the hostile as against the living and allied. To revive Christianity, without which a Western Renaissance is unthinkable, it’s necessary to stop lying about the roots, branches and charred stumps of the faith’s history. It’s necessary to perceive Jesus as a Jew who came with a redeeming Yin message at a historical peak of Yang in both the Roman and Jewish cultures: the former then embodying the heights of sadistic brutality and militarism, and the latter the depths of religious fanaticism and pharisaism. The current Church is an embodiment of Yin too, as is the majority of diaspora Jews and other Progressives — but it’s Yin at the peak of Yin in the surrounding society. What was a redeeming force in the past is now the potion of impotence and eclipse.

To understand why Christianity is so harmfully Yin it’s necessary to acknowledge, not whitewash, the past crimes, wars, errors and excesses of the Church and link them causally to the inevitable backswing of Reformation, Enlightenment and pervasive defection of the faithful. What we are seeing in all the Christian denominations is their own backswing into extreme Yin in tacit or express repentance for Christianity’s extreme Yang that ended 250 years ago. It’s too much, too late, and totally useless now. But useless as well is deluded “conservative” Christians’ blaming the Protestants, the Masons, the philosophes, the Jews, the Enlightenment and Vatican II for all this.

Perhaps the most important intellectual and spiritual task for people who would save the West is to understand that the current meme of “Judeo-Christian” values and the clerics’ prattling about the affinity of Abrahamic religions is merely a symptom of the yinnization of Christianity and its Western cradle. Western civilization can be balanced and healthy again when it has recovered all five of its cornerstones. They are the pantheist-pagan, Greek, Roman, Judaic and Christian.

It’s because of the Church’s early extirpation of the pantheist-pagan foundations of European culture that the vital connection to the soil and the happiness and rootedness that come from venerating native Nature’s beauty and bounty have vanished. Had that been preserved, as it is in Shinto, the peoples of the West would not have fallen so easily for materialism, nihilism, psychoanalysis, do-goodism, multiculturalism and all the other stupid isms — all shadow plays in the skulls of solipsists cut off from ways of experiential knowing.

Little has remained of the Greek and Roman foundations, though the Church did preserve the intellectual achievements. The Greeks had a love of aesthetic, moral and intellectual perfection without which one is so much the shabbier. Had any traces of the Greeks’ educational system remained, with its emphasis on forming the human character along noble ideals, banksters and thieving CEOs could not have reached the top of the social pecking order, and a different class of people would be sitting on the benches of Congress. As for the Romans, they had patriarchy and veneration of tradition and wisdom over the flash of youth, and sanctity of the family and rootedness in the past. Rome was gone when those were gone, but they are now missing in us too.

One option remains for the Freedom People — a people that’s defeated, scattered, betrayed, leaderless, caught in the net of a government working entirely for the other side regardless of which party holds the power. That option is, to gather and start something new. Not in 34 states as enumerated in Part 1, but in fewer than ten.

This is not the project for the conventional or fainthearted. It must start from an unshakeable certainty as strong as the religious zeal that moved the Puritans and the Amish across the Atlantic Ocean to initial pain, hardship and disappointment. It’s no less than crossing the perilous prairie in a Conestoga wagon. It must start from the conviction that the entire slope must collapse on which the NWO round stones now crush Whites committed to preserve the civilization of Whites. And the realization that the Freedom People themselves prop that slope with their virtue, labor and taxes.

The Art of Strategic Citizenship, Part 4

Below is the first half of the fourth and final installment of Takuan Seiyo’s latest series of essays. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

The Great Wave Off San Francisco
Philippe Teuwen, The Great Wave off San Francisco (2007),
after The Great Wave off Kanagawa (1830) by Katsushika Hokusai
The Art of Strategic Citizenship
Part 4(a) — Exodus

By Takuan Seiyo

Observe and Orient

What would it take to tame the Yin tsunami wave that will smash, upon landfall, the lands of the legume Pods where Reality is optional? All hope abandon ye; it can’t be done. The front of the tidal froth rises to such towering heights that in California, which is America’s decomposing PIG in a worse way than Greece is Europe’s, the legislature has no more pressing tasks to consider than Bill No. 48: “This bill would require instruction in social sciences to also include a study of the role and contributions of Native Americans, African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, European Americans, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans, and other ethnic and cultural groups, to the development of California and the United States.”

What you do is: you get out. You get in a boat, you steer into the wave before it has broken, you row until you are numb. It’s dangerous, but you have a good chance; it all depends on the soundness of your craft, who else rows with you, how well your oar strokes are matched, and what’s your navigation plan.
Chuck Baldwin, the Baptist minister and erstwhile US presidential candidate of the Constitution Party has recently quit his longtime home and church he’d founded in Florida in order to move to Montana with his extended family. “God has led us,” Baldwin explained, “to the conviction that Montana (along with other Mountain states) is going to be the tip of the spear in the freedom fight.” In his recent column, “Identifying Our Friends”, he argued that “Not all Christians are our friends, and not all non-Christians are our enemies.” Being able to identify our friends, Baldwin added, is “more than half the battle.”

Baldwin’s political agenda would stop the tsunami. He wants to curb government borrowing and to dismantle the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the income tax, and much of the federal government besides. He wants to take down NWO, the global economy and America’s busybody Empire, to withdraw from the UN and to kick that hornets’ nest off American soil. He talks of blocking Mexico’s meddling in US demographics and politics, getting rid of illegal immigrants, devolving power to the states, domestic drilling for oil, gutting the Patriot Act, restoring the Bill of Rights, throttling multiculturalism, homophilia abortion rights and feminocracy, restoring America’s character as a Christian country, and beating back Islam. Alas, there isn’t a 0.01 chance that this agenda could be adopted by any conceivable American government, except the one after Armageddon whose parliamentary sessions would have to start with an appropriate rendition of Psalm 137:1, “By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion.” That is perhaps why Chuck Baldwin has moved to Montana.

The American Leviathan is no friend of the Baldwin kind, and it has an inconceivable crushing power. It is the busiest busybody multiculti meddler in the world, a facilitator of Muslim expansion and a proactive dismantler of the West. Recent Wikileaks disclosed a “Minority Engagement Strategy” of the U.S. Embassy in Paris that might have been conceived by a fantasy Comintern Executive comprising Antonio Gramsci, Grigori Zinoviev and Frantz Fanon.

At home, Leviathan’s main occupation has been to flatter, spoil, bribe and endow the Black minority with funds and unmerited jobs financed by the White and Northeast Asian taxpayers at a catastrophic sacrifice of competence, work ethic, social capital and more productive uses (e.g. public infrastructure) for the enormous mountains of burnt offering dollars[1]. In Loon and Crook-run America (LACRA), insane daily headlines like: “African-American lawmakers blast budget plan as step back for civil rights” hardly raise an eyebrow anymore.

Simultaneously, the rulers have been electing for themselves a new people, imported mainly from the Southern corners of the globe and the left tail of the IQ Bell curve. This scam, in which the Left rulers get new client votes, and the Right rulers stream extra profits to Corporate Crooks through artificially depressed wages, is also underwritten by the supine American taxpayer: in this case, with uncountable billions in new social services outlays. The third effect of population replacement is that it allows Leviathan to gobble up civil liberties and grow into an omnipotent monster[2] under the pretext of protecting the people from unnamed “extremists” who are none other than the Muslims that the ruling Loons themselves have imported for no good reason.

Godzilla social bulldozing has been accompanied by Frankenstein Financing. As if it were a suicidal maniac, the U.S. government currently prints and borrows up to $4 billion per day to cover the difference between its income and its wild spending. It has betrayed the trust of generations of its citizens, pumping into the system designed-to-shrink dollars for which Americans exchange their unshrinkable toil and enterprise. Almost-free money from the Fed has enabled a cabal of Wall Street fraudsters to inflate successive asset balloons that each burst in turn, to devastating effect. Leviathan then printed more paper to bail out the banksters instead of jailing them for 20-to-life at hard labor, and to “stimulate” its own minority client groups. For that, the rulers have saddled the ruled with engineered inflation that may turn to hyperinflation, with sovereign debt that may turn into a sovereign default, and with a moral hazard that has corroded the basic glue of society: trust in its institutions. This is major history material.

The timbers are rotten on the inside too. The combined 2012 deficit of America’s 44 most Loon & Crook — infested states is $112 billion: practically all of that going to Looters in public employees’ unions or in enclaves of culturally enriching minorities. The more lunatic and “diverse” the state, the greater the looting: California, Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey and New York lead the way.

So who is fit to be your oar-mate? 54% of America’s population either works for Leviathan (federal, state and local) or sucks easy money from its teats. Gary Schilling, whose 2007 study pegged this ratio at 52.6%, predicted 60% by 2040. However, with America’s jobs exported to Asia, its diversity cult “strengthening” it with two millions new third-worlder tax eaters per year, 47% of households already relieved of income tax obligations, and the Wall Street-Fed axis bulldozing away the economic foundations, that ratio may one day shoot toward the 70% level of banana republics that have no bananas. Your friends are not there, by definition, and the rioting $100k-a-year bus drivers and teachers in Wisconsin or the cops retiring at 50 with $150k annual pensions in utterly-bankrupt California are just a tiny peek into the syndrome.

From the remaining 40%, you have to subtract all Democrat voters, all neocons, all Muslims, 95% of the Black and Brown minorities that even at society’s apex identify with their tribes’ scowling-looting agendas, 85% of Jews, Northeastern Asians and young adults who support these agendas and Leviathan’s propulsion thereof, and 70% of registered Republicans. Deduct further 90% of lawyers, academics, teachers and other professions mired in leftist multiculti ideology. Subtract furthermore all American multinational corporations — an enormous power onto itself — and 90% of their U.S. employees, for that crucial sector has totally decoupled its allegiance from its country of origin. The potential pool of crew mates narrows down to less than 10%: maybe 25 million[3].

The rainbow Looter coalition destroying the United States from within can do so only because of the patronage, goading and sponsorship by powerful groups of Loon & Crook Whites. The Crooks require no further differentiation, for whether they are big business/ bankster entities, pols and executive branch pashas, or extortionist public employees unions — they destroy out of greed for money, or for power and money. But the Loons divide into two fundamentally different categories: Enemies and Pods.

Enemy Loons — people like Saul Alinsky, William Ayers, Louis Farrakhan, this Black activist who wants to kill you, and this White Loon (check the “Social Justice” store) aflame with indignation at your racism — are dangerous fanatics convinced that Whites, America, European-origin peoples, capitalism etc. are irredeemably evil and must be destroyed.

A salient example of open warfare on the United States and its founding ideas and population is in the Cloward-Piven team of radical Columbia University professors. Their eponymous strategy seeks to force socialist political change through an orchestrated crisis. The original idea was to recruit new applicants for welfare until the fiscal system is flooded and bankrupts the governing entity. The National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO), founded by Black militant George Alvin Wiley, used Cloward-Piven to bankrupt New York City in 1975. But that was just the beginning.

In another application, the “minorities’” blackmail outfit ACORN and its linked subversive orgs like Voting Rights Movement have sought to swamp America’s poorly managed electoral system through the Motor-Voter Bill, invalid or otherwise fraudulent voter registration drives, frivolous lawsuits, false charges of “racist voter disenfranchisement” and intimidation of election officials and of White voters. With the 2008 presidential election, Cloward-Piven via ACORN finally broke the U.S. electoral system in order that a major Motor Voter Law activist and champion of the manufactured crisis — one B. Hussein Obama — get elected.

A third and much under-reported deployment of Cloward-Piven was in the campaign of rampage and intimidation that ACORN waged against banks to push them into the disaster of subprime lending, with major assist from Uncle Sam’s “racism”-sniffing legal hounds. This sabotage campaign is probably among the top five causes of the falling of the world’s financial dominoes[4].

The fourth Cloward-Piven plague was laid out by Bertha Lewis, chief executive officer of ACORN, in her March 25, 2010 speech before the Young Democratic Socialists conference.

“Immigration is the next big battle,” Lewis said, “Immigration, immigration, immigration. And the reason this is so important is, you know: (whispering) we’re getting ready to be a majority minority country [snip]. And how that’s going to change our psyche and our economics, this is why folks are grabbing so hard to change the economic paradigm. We gettin’ ready to have a majority country of people of color [snip]. The face of immigration needs to be a lot blacker than it is. [snip] So Young Democratic Socialists, join this immigration war [snip]. Because that will be the battle for our democracy. That will be the battle for the kind of government that we have. That will be an economic battle of epic proportions. Immigration, self-sufficiency, and the people united.”

The population that this war is being waged against is either kneeling in adoring supplication before its destroyers, or lying on the sofa with Bud, Doritos and the TV remote. The deselected rightful owners of America accept docilely announcements of their own doom, e.g. Texas demographer: “It’s basically over for Anglos” even though this spells disasters for them, their children, their states (e.g. in Texas, just in education here and here), and their country. It is therefore a tragedy that the tiny group that has enough courage and anger to voice open resistance is composed mainly of Nazis[5] who suffer from terrible mind afflictions like psychotic Jew hatred, endemic prevarication of history, pitifully tautological White Supremacism, and a base, hateful manner of articulation replete with unnecessary lies, slander and insults. Although the fellow-traveling New Right is more genteel and intellectual in its approach, it too integrates a similarly distorted vision and debases it further by featuring Nazi contributors on its websites.

It is neither truthful nor moral nor wise to adopt such common denominators with Adolf-the-housepainter. A strong, unified White resistance to the remotely-controlled demolition derby cannot be forged by a fellowship of men that trades in coins of Nazi pathology and is hobbled by its refusal to discern and avoid a repeat of Whites’ own historical faults and errors[6] for which current generations are reaping an undeserved bitter harvest.

The psychotic antisemitism of the White Nazis-Without-Socialism, the dingbat Christian Identity Jew-wannabe Anglos, the White Nationalists and the more polished and intellectual New Right is particularly unfortunate because some credible entity does have to make the case against American Jewry’s 100 years of West-dissolving activism on behalf of mad egalitarian ideas and hostile non-White minorities. But that case can be made effectively only by a philosemitic — therefore all the more chagrined — party greatly appreciative of the major contributions that the Jewish people have made to America and to Western civilization.

The positives are many: In Part 2 we glanced at Austria, but every letter of the alphabet has copious similar examples. If having written the Bible were the sole entry on the credit side of the ledger, that alone would have sufficed. Still, no great effort is required to see the negatives. Just to follow Barack H. Obama’s career at Harvard, Chicago and Washington DC is to perceive a collective Jewish creation (Golem, for the knowing) that Freedomians cannot possibly appreciate. To come upon a news item like “German Communist leader demands an end to ‘white nations’” or “Democrat Compares Republicans to Nazis” or a book title like How to Change the World (While Disregarding the Unintended Consequences is my subtitle), is to face a 50%+ probability that it’s a Jewish voice behind the title, even though that ethny constitutes hardly 1% of the West’s population.

But even as Jews are disproportionately represented among the top theoreticians and activists of Enemy Loons[7], it’s clear to most anyone who knows them well that they are overwhelmingly Pods, not Enemies, and largely identical in outlook to gentile Pods[8]. Podism, the mental furniture of the Equalitans, is the Yin creed par excellence, hence overweighed with females, practicing Christians, Jews, the young, idealistic and gullible. This is even more salient if one accounts for intervening variables such as university education and urban domicile.

The Pod Loons are mostly well meaning and confused humanitarians. Like French puff pastry horns stuffed with cloying cream custard, they are filled with the sweet goo of peace and justice, moral “progress,” equality, caring, charity and tolerance. There are at least 100 million of them in the United States, and it’s a terrible strategic mistake to treat them as though they were Enemy Loons. Talking of them or to them in the base Nazi language of genocidal wholesale hatred creates enemies of potential allies and antagonizes a substantial fringe of fence-sitting Whites who vaguely see what’s going on but will never pour that into Nazi-tainted channels of action.

It’s just as great an error to treat Enemy Loons as if they were misguided Pod Loons. That’s the perennial error of the Republican Eunuch Party. Further out on the right wing, treating Enemy Loonism as a predominantly Jewish syndrome is a harmful evasion, minimizing the danger by omitting the Father Pflegers, Passionate, Progressive Presbyterians, the evil indigenous White disembowellers of Great Britain and Eurabia, the self-castrated 21st century Vikings, and so on.

So much for the Observation and Orientation stage of the OODA loop. Now we can bring to bear a maxim from the foes’ premier tactician, Saul Alinsky: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it.”
The targets are all the racial, ethnic, gender, ideology, status and occupation groups iterated here, and the institutions they dominate jointly or severally. That is Sun-Tzu’s 1000-ft slope stacked against the Freedomian minority and the founding ideas of America. Tactics that differentiate between the distinct sediments can peel them off one by one and flip them to reverse the angle of the slope. The one common principle is that it’s best to follow the way of combat at its highest artistic level: the sword of no sword. And that implies wrenching Cloward-Piven from the foe and turning it around.

General Kutuzov, meet John Galt

If the Equalitans have their Cloward-Piven, Freedomians have their Kutuzov-Galt; they just haven’t deployed it. By ceasing to labor and support with taxes the Loons, Crooks and their client looters, they could invoke John Galt of Atlas Shrugged. By removing themselves physically from Loon and Crook territory, they could resurrect Mikhail Kutuzov. It was General Kutuzov who, by retreating from Moscow, left it to the Russian Winter to fight Napoleon’s army.

Behold major cities like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco. Citadels of White and Black Crooks, preaching platforms of the most hateful Loons, harbors of armies of minority Looters, shelters of a million+ strong occupying army of criminal minorities’ gangs, they are sustained by the tax base afforded by legions of highly-paid white collar White Pods, and the tax base and services provided by the instinctively conservative White middle class.

Small business owners, non-union blue collar workers, cops, firefighters and soldiers are the main occupational strata of the Fredomian faction. If the great majority of them pulled out of the bluest of the blue cities and resettled, like Chuck Baldwin, to a majority-White, conservative part of the country, they would precipitate a reverse Cloward-Piven in the places they abandoned, and plant a kernel of salutary self-government and renaissance in the places they have moved to[9].

Consider who the Equalitan Loons are and where they live. Suppose no White cops, firefighters and National Guardsmen are left to shield Jewish Loons in New York and Chicago or Lutheran Loons in Minneapolis and Milwaukee from the racial realities of violent crime, anarchy and terrorist activity. What if all the male cops and firefighters quit San Francisco, and left only their female, trans-sexual and “affirmatively” hired colleagues to stand in the breach against the M-13, the Muslim jihad material and other self-wrought cancers of the model Loon City. How about all Freedomians leaving Northern Virginia for Southside Virginia, or small business owners and tradesmen in a Looter state like New Jersey moving to a freedom-friendly, low-tax state like Wyoming?

Almost instantly, tax receipts plummet, civil order breaks down and major Loon groups, particularly Jews and females, become major victims of the demographics and policies they have championed: victims of their own stupidity. Furthermore, this experience could turn some millions of Pod Loons into Saul-turned-Paul Freedomians. And a persecuted faction deprived of all political power can use every genuine Freedomian it can recruit.

The Freedomians’ strategic task is therefore to remove themselves from their positions as the shock-absorbing layer between the Loons and Reality. This cannot happen neatly; for instance police and firefighters who would be among the most effective in this scenario will not abandon their $100,000+ sinecures in the big cities for an uncertain future elsewhere. Other people won’t uproot themselves because of family ties, lack of income sources elsewhere, age and so on. But each of these items can be addressed and alleviated to some extent; the greater the number of people who participate in the exodus, the greater the impact will be. This is the Decide and Act of the OODA Loop; everything else is theory.

Reality-based community

Freedomians live dispersed as a persecuted minority among the Pods and the Looters. They are governed and fleeced by the Loon and Crook coalition. They have to hide their beliefs at the workplace. Their children are surrounded by hostile mates and teachers at school. Their votes are so diluted, they don’t count. If they work for a living, they have to keep their convictions sub rosa, like Anabaptists in the Holy Roman Empire or Jews under the Iberian Inquisition. That is so even if they live in a “Red” Republican state, for even there resistance to Third World immigration may mean only illegal immigration, and resistance to jihad may mean only “shariah” or “Islamists” but never stopping Muslim immigration cold. The racial dimensions of America’s crisis are taboo, criticizing Empire equals “not supporting our troops,” and mentioning the decadence of 21st century American corporate capitalism will only get you ejected from the country club.

Self-preservation strategy for Freedomians requires that the destinations of a Kutuzov-Galt exodus afford maximum protection from the Looters, Loons and Crooks infesting through the core both Leviathan and state governments. Migration to the Mountain Northwest and the Dakotas would effectively create a 90%+ White region with few Blacks and Jews, and a Hispanic minority that would prefer to move elsewhere. That this per se generates social capital and prosperity, Reality reflects in the fiscal metrics: only five of 50 states have had consistent budget surpluses since 2009: West Virginia (93.3% W), North Dakota (89.1% W), Montana (87.6% W), Wyoming (86.2% W), and Alaska[10].

The contiguous states with White DNA and budget surpluses, i.e. North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming are prime destinations for a Freedomian exodus. North Dakota is booming, with America’s lowest unemployment rate and its largest city, Fargo, having grown by 15,000 to its current population of 106,000. Should enough Freedomians be found willing to pull up stakes and seek manifest destiny in the West, a more ambitious drive toward the Pacific Coast could be undertaken, first with Idaho (84.5% W), then Oregon (79.6% W) and eventually perhaps Washington (74.6% W) too. Thus a strategically and economically viable, Euro-American Freedomia could be reborn one day, after a hiatus of 100 years (11).

In a country that was polyracial at its founding, it’s ideological separation rather than racial apartheid that ought to be Freedomians’ main goal. “Diversity” is like Tabasco — add a ¼ spoonful to your grits and you have a more lively and interesting dish. But slosh in indiscriminately half a cup of the hot sauce, and you are fit for the morgue. Left to its own devices, the free market rewards communities that practice wise discrimination by accepting a limited number of creative, useful and compatible Mercurian minority individuals. It punishes inbred societies that reject all outside blood and influence. The disaster comes when a toxic ruling elite imposes social engineering through its coercive powers.

If Ludwig von Mises or Thomas Sowell were to knock (hypothetically) on the door, Whites’ current soi disant saviors see a Jew and a Negro. But genuine Freedomians would see in the one an officer (Austro-Hungarian Army), gentleman and founder of Reality (i.e. “Austrian”) Economics, and in the other an erudite economist and polemicist of freedom and U.S. Marine firearms instructor. On the other hand, statistical probability implies a greater likelihood of Progressive members in the Mises or Sowell families than in the Baldwin household. That too can be addressed with prudence and justice, as long as soul-sick Nazi branches are pruned from the Freedomian tree.

Freedomians nevertheless must live and die for the notion that self determination as a White, Eurocentric community, and suitable discrimination with regard to the demographic and cultural ingredients that such a polity requires are keys to group survival, just as the inverse is the key to America’s decomposition. Reverend Jeremiah Wright whined in one of his jeremiads: “White folk done took this country. You’re in their home, and they’re gonna let you know it.” “Conservative” commentators described Wright’s statement as “racist,” which only underlines how clueless they are and how gratuitously wrong Wright was.

Racial minorities or even ethnic ones like Jews and White Latinos are indeed in the home of the “white folk” of Anglo-Saxon-German-Celtic provenance. If only the white folk “done took” the country and let the latter-day arrivals and the congenital malcontents know it in no uncertain terms. For the record, the good reverend made his speech at the Chicago Theological Seminary — as deep a cesspool of white folk masochist lunatics as there is.

There is no “white folk” in America; there are the mainly White Freedomians; different varieties of mainly White Loons; Crooks who come from all racial groups; and Looters who are mainly NAMs, i.e. non-Asian minorities. And yes, except for those imported by the Loon & Crook Club in the last 40 years as an act of sabotage, all are American too, and have a claim on the country. But not my country.

In a country in which a sane person of European stock can live, Rap is not music and Rap music awards are not celebrated in this fashion. A bad haircut day does not call for reaching for Figaro’s scissors, and when the hamburger don’t taste no good, a fellow citizen does not complain in this or this manner. In my country, this is a barbarian way of slaughtering animals, and this is not an acceptable way of eating fish. And I haven’t touched yet on the bigger topics of serious crime, major tax funds looting, fifth-column Muslim jihad recruiting, or Chinese espionage by “Americans.”

Needless to say, all such cogitations are anathema to Leviathan and its Equalitan majority supporters. The only way to withstand the enormous power of this combine is by community organizing. But before one opens Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals or calls President Obama for expert guidance, one must realize that Freedomians don’t have a community; there is nothing to organize.

When a Freedomian is being arrested for disrespect to a Muslim custom or failure to converse in Spanish, there won’t be a thousand mothers and children to stand between the suspect and the arresting cops. When a Freedomian is tried for racial or fiscal heresy, there is no possibility to mobilize twenty thousand neighbors to demonstrate in front of the courthouse. He will be tried, perhaps Nifonged in a Body Snatcher court whose officers will have had the contents of their brains pumped out and replaced long ago at one of America’s 200 Gramscian Law Schools. Moreover, Freedomians have no recourse to the Grand Federal Vizier, Eric Holder, for he works only for his people.

Community is not reading or writing or voting or holding placards once a year at the Mall. Community is living in the same neighborhood, bumping into each other at the local grocery, hanging out in the same coffeehouses, sharing duties on citizens’ security patrol and volunteer firefighting duty, deciding together the local school’s curriculum and the program slate at the local cable TV system. Community is bodies, linked in the tightest phalanx, where each man and woman stands for the life and destiny of the whole. Especially so when a persecuted minority seeks to leave the corrupted, maddened mother society in order to build a New Jerusalem on new territory. Secular though it may be, the situation is comparable to what drove the Pilgrims or Anabaptists out of Europe and how they became communities already in preparing their leave for the New World.

It’s not merely the relatively common matter of ethnic separation, such as has taken place, through various modalities, between the Czechs and the Slovaks, Serbs and Croats, Hutu and Tutsi, Flemings and Walloons, Russians and Uzbeks. It’s more like the separation that the American Revolutionaries sought from the British Crown, or the one that divided Germany or Korea into two countries. Your shipmates must be able to stop, repulse and replace within the territory of their settlement all the agents of America’s self-destruction: the putrid pop culture and the youth/ stupidity cult, ceaseless “celebration” of sexual and cultural baseness, predatory whore values across all ranges of society, crazed consumption on credit by a zombie population driven by manipulative messages of corporate peddlers, hard crime and soft punishment, open borders, rule of the incompetent, evil squid on Wall Street in cahoots with an omnivorous octopus in Washington, brainwashed meekness and resignation of Whites, global economy sham, Wilsonian world-cop madness, ugly shoddiness of bad workmanship and planned obsolescence, melting currency, vanishing real-jobs base, lousy public education and much more. It must resolve to undo all the damage that Body Snatchers have wrought over the last 100 years, while having the wisdom to keep such social norms and institutions that have changed America and Western society for the better.

Rolling back Roe v. Wade ought not to mean that back alley wire hanger abortions were better. Total rejection of Black-run America does not imply that slavery or Jim Crow were right. It does imply that histrionic White group self-termination in atonement for long-ago wrongs is psychotic masochism willfully ignoring the barbarity of nonwhites in contemporaneous periods, their continuing racism, and the enormous sacrifices in lives, treasure, cultural and social capital — by now to the point of forfeiting the future itself — that Whites have borne for the sake of that atonement. Criticizing and shunning Jewish progressive activism hardly calls for a single common thread with Alfred Rosenberg or David Duke. Rejecting socialism does not equal giving a free pass to Ponzi financial capitalism.

The job required is nothing less than constructing a new operating system, a Doors 7, for the Western mind and soul. White DNA, patriotism or redneck credentials are not enough, by far. To build such a community takes wisdom, knowledge and fine discernment. People of serious intellectual capital and personal accomplishment are required. Just the kind of people as abound among the urban Loons, but with the brain coils wound in the opposite direction. To start, there has to be at least one physical agora, one city, where relevant discussions may be carried out by personal interaction of many Freedomians, just as Philadelphia was such a place in the 1770s.

(The conclusion will be posted here next week.)


1. The article “Fareed Zakaria’s Mistake: Only Black Run America can explain the Rise of the Rest” in Paul Kersey’s blog Stuff Black People Don’t Like (SPBDL) expands on one of the related issues we cannot discuss here.
2. Since our look at the TSA was posted in Part 1 of this essay in December 2010, it transpired that the TSA has been shopping around for mobile body-scanners that would peer undetected under peoples’ clothes anywhere, anytime, at Leviathan’s sole discretion.
3. These percentages are the author’s educated guesses based on results of elections, public opinion polls, tabulating newspaper stories over several decades, readings and personal experience. No factual validity ought to be attached to the iterated percentage figures. Nevertheless, whether it’s really 77% rather than 80% of this, or 97% rather than 95% of that, the larger truths conveyed by these ratios are indisputable.
4. See S. Sailer’s writings on the “Diversity Recession”, and this author’s venture into the slippery area where subprime crosses with “racism.”.
5. The author was born in a dead Gestapo officer’s apartment in an ex-German city and grew up surrounded by German-speaking people all of whom, including his parents, had personally known and suffered at the hands of Nazis and their sympathizers. He needs no instruction as to what the Na and the Zi stand for, and considers the shunting off of Nazi-related discussions onto Socialist tracks a misleading diversion. The main distinctive features of Nazism were North European supremacism, a cobbling together of a concomitant racial science and mythology, and an obsessive hatred of Jews. All these traits are shared by Neo-Nazis, Crypto-Nazis, Non-socialist Nazis, Christian Identity believers, White Supremacists, KKK and skinheads. Since for all these groups a Jew is a Jew is a Jew and a Negro is a Negro is a Negro, they deserve no distinction beyond a Nazi is a Nazi is a Nazi. The American New Right treads in the same tracks but more softly, so I consider it just a fellow traveler.
6. A poignant display of the Nazi mind affliction is in this neo-Nazi website’s comparison of the kitschy but gemütlichkeit paintings by Adolf Hitler, and the revolting crap by Hermann Nitsch that now passes for high art in Austria. “Who’s [sic] works do you want your children to see? Nitsch’s ‘arts’ [sic] or Hitlers [sic] ‘ugly scribbles’,” ask the superior Aryan geniuses, with not a clue that without Hitler (see that blond Baby Jesus) there would have been no Nitsch.
7. Even middle-of-the-road Jews seem to be irrational about these things. Here, Jeffrey Goldberg blames Glenn Beck because eight of the nine destroyers Beck mentioned in a program are Jewish. Seems to me, Goldberg is blaming the wrong side.
8. This is an unsubstantiated assertion, but pre-loaded with such a quantity of data — both from history and from the author’s personal research and observations — that it merits a book onto itself and is therefore beyond our scope here. The curious reader may surf onto any three random websites of American synagogues and another three of mainstream Protestant churches, examine Catholic initiatives like this one, and see for herself whether there is a whit of difference in the social activism demeanor. The term “Pod” refers to the giant pre-programmed legume pods that people morph into in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.
9. This treatment discusses only domestic U.S. options. While emigration appears to be the ultimate cure, it is hardly so for reasons we have no space to discuss here and is not feasible for the great majority of Americans anyway. Likewise, we cannot discuss here the specifics of the European situation, where the pathologies are largely the same but solutions like those proposed here may not fully apply.
10. All the bracketed percentages are “White Non-Hispanics” as per 2009 US Census Bureau data. Alaska is a special case because although Whites are only 65.2%, the indigenous population constitutes 15.2%. The minorities that break the taxpayer’s back in the Lower 49 constitute only 11.3%; moreover, given the remote harshness of the territory, they are likely to be the self-selected ones, motivated to work hard and move up on the social ladder. Jews are a paradoxical inclusion in this roster. Jewish presence is a sure sign of economic contribution, self sufficiently and low drag on the public finances. On the other hand, Jewish sentiments and activism ensure that demographic and fiscal policies be enacted that destroy the common weal. State budget comps for 2009-2010 are here, and for 2011-2012 here.
11. By 1913, the United States was still a Euro-American country, but with progressive income tax and the Fed having just been established, and Woodrow Wilson about to heap even greater calamities onto its people, it was no longer a free one.

The Art of Strategic Citizenship, Part 4: Conclusion

Below is the second half of the fourth and final installment of Takuan Seiyo’s latest series of essays. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

The Great Wave Off San Francisco
Philippe Teuwen, The Great Wave off San Francisco (2007),
after The Great Wave off Kanagawa (1830) by Katsushika Hokusai
The Art of Strategic Citizenship
Part 4(b) — Monodelphia

By Takuan Seiyo

A day in the country of approaching tsunami

Consider the incremental developments that transpired in the Snatcher-ruled United States on a single day, 23 March 2011:

  • The NATO Coalition of the Unwilling fell apart after its massive military operation on behalf of Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and other jihad forces in Libya twice as crazy as the dangerous weirdo Qaddafi. This is the third unwinnable war that America’s ruling geniuses — in this case three BHO administration yentas pushing a metrosexual — have put on the debit side of the surrealist national ledger and on the estrogen-pumped (females and gays) American military simultaneously. Add a 5th Cloward-Piven to the four iterated in Part 4.
  • Two male Marines are shown kissing in a vignette that’s part of the indoctrination campaign the US Military has launched to prepare its 2.2 million active and reserve troops for full scale gayization. It’s unknown whether the US Military has run simulation scenarios showing the facial expressions of the top honchos of China’s People’s Liberation Army upon learning of this Gay Paree (Parris?) wonder.
  • 13 illegal aliens were arrested in California in a van with government license plates, wearing US Marine uniforms.
  • The BHO administration has shortlisted Jamie Gorelick for next director of the FBI. Gorelick, whom Web journalist Doug Ross named “Mistress of Disaster”, has a permanent perch at the apex of Snatcherocracy and a string of titles at WilmerHale that approximate medieval aristocracy: “Partner; Chair, Defense, National Security and Government Contracts Practice Group; Chair, Public Policy and Strategy Practice Group; Member, Litigation/Controversy Department.” She built the 1995 “Gorelick’s Wall” that proscribed the interchange of information between intelligence and criminal investigation agencies and so facilitated the sneaking of the 9/11 plotters through the large lacunae. The Loon & Crook Club then appointed her as a key member of the 9/11 Commission, so that she could investigate herself. After that triumph, Gorelick, as vice chairman of Fannie Mae 1997 to 2003, co-led that Loon State appurtenance to the subprime bundling disaster that precipitated the global financial tsunami, bankrupted Fannie Mae, and cost the American taxpayer $91.2 billion in bailouts to Fannie Mae alone, so far — and more coming with an unlimited government guarantee. For that effort, Gorelick earned over $26 million in compensation. And now the FBI. So count this as the 6th Cloward-Piven: deluging the system with Loon incompetence, more Yin atop Yin, and congenital inability to process Reality.
  • U.S. Congressman Michael Burgess, a medical doctor, explained that Community Organizer-in-Chief Barack Obama and the Loon & Looter Party intentionally designed the healthcare reform law to crash the American healthcare system so that they could then impose federal socialized medicine. Count this as the 7th Cloward-Piven in this humongous ju-jitsu mugging of a somnolent White population.
  • The U.S. Justice Department under Eric “My People” Holder sued on behalf of a Muslim teacher denied a 3-week vacation to visit Mecca. The U.S. Senate Judiciary scheduled a hearing on protecting Muslims’ civil rights. No one scheduled a hearing as to why America needs and allows in Muslims.
  • African-Americans were fleeing from themselves, i.e. from Detroit to the suburbs, and a Drudge headline read, “Mass exodus of couples with children from San Francisco.”
  • A new report informs that “Hispanics” now account for the majority of students in Texas schools. In Arizona, Lori Klein, a Republican state senator, read on the floor a letter from a constituent teacher that described his (Hispanic and mostly illegal) pupils: “They hate America and are determined to reclaim this area for Mexico.” The reading drew an “impassioned rebuke” from a state senator from the Loon & Looter Party, and the Anti-Defamation League’s regional director called Klein’s reading “a disgrace.”[1]. The Supreme Loon Court ruled in a “landmark decision” in 1982 that immigration status may not serve as a basis for denying K-12 education to illegal aliens at the taxpayer’s expense.
  • Oil closed at $105, gold highest in living memory, and silver highest in 31 years.
  • George Soros will hold a “major economic conference” on April 8, to discuss rearranging “the entire financial order.”
  • In the day’s only positive news as far as this author is concerned, the blog Philstockworld informed its readers:
    “Brandon Smith [snip] has launched a new website called [snip] to facilitate barter networking and the exchange of knowledge and ideas for thriving in a faltering monetary environment. Alt-Market’s developers would like to de-centralize and de-globalize our system of commerce and help us re-localize our economy, in order to insulate cities and states from a possible (and ever more likely) collapse of the dollar.”
  • One day later, it would transpire that Nekiva Vonte Hardy, alias Kinesa Smith, unmarried mother of four (probably not by the same impregnator) and a self-described “first-time spring breaker”, broke spring at a Panama Beach Burger King in thisfashion.“There are more and more videos of people, mostly kids, going nuts in stores. Whether it’s a free-for-all brawl or a deliberate mob robbery, seems like there is more of it going on” was the comment at the “conservative” website those are not kids wilding everywhere, every day. They are Black young adults, of middle class material means, behaving like the savage barbarians they are. There is no hope for the West if its Whites continue with this level of cowardice in matters of race, politics of looting, and the continuous trail of treason and imbecility by their elected leaders. Since you cannot change others but can change yourself, it’s time to look past all that Free Republic and tea-dumping posturing. It’s time to prepare the boats, and the oar crews. But the issues of destination and destiny are by no means clear, yet.

The City of Monodelphia

Communities thrive in cities. Culture and creativity thrive in cities. Social and intellectual ferment thrives in cities. Freedom and direct democracy thrive in cities, or at least used to. Human potential is maximized in cities. Science advances in cities: MIT is in Boston, Caltech in Pasadena, the Swiss Institute of Technology — Einstein’s alma mater — is in the heart of Zurich, and the University of Heidelberg is called so for a reason.

The city — as long as it was White, not too big or too small and possessing some natural advantages[2] — was a self-multiplying incubator of new ideas, new technologies, art and craftsmanship of superior level, and wealth; great wealth. Individuals of exceptional ability had an environment interacting with their peers and creating a symbiotic effect that raised the entire plane of their respective fields.

Meanwhile, America’s Whites have abandoned the cities for subdivision Whitopias. Of America’s founding stock, only the rich with pathologies of guilt and decadence, Crooks, and Loons still live in cities. And also their servant White middle class in such service sectors as protect the higher status Eloi from depredations by “Visible Minority” Morlocks[3]. Freedomians take this farther, individually opting out of the broken social contract with Leviathan — broken by the latter — in order to move to remote areas where prole caps are the haute couture, and you won’t find a Chopin recital, a Czech film, a slice of Camembert or a Cézanne original within a radius of 100 miles. It’s a tragic error.

In “Leaving the Reservation” the blogger Daphne described a breed of middle-aged men who are severing their ties to middle class life and transplanting their families into small rural holdings in conservative counties in order to live on their own terms.

“These men don’t show up at Tea Party rallies, march on Washington or join militias,” writes Daphne. “They go to work, love their wives, pay their never-ending taxes, fees, surcharges and diligently raise [their children]. Politics have become meaningless to this breed, they’re done, disgusted, fed up with whole cesspool. These men are looking at American life in a whole new way. [snip] They reasonably stocked up on guns and ammunition with no intention of ever sparking an insurrection. Flying under the radar, getting out from under the yoke, becoming free men, rather than shackled dogs or besuited grey ghosts, is the juice fueling their passion. These men don’t want to argue politics and they have no interest in fighting, not anymore.”

Tragic error, again. Political, cultural and economic power emanates from cities. Whites who quit the cities have abandoned their claim on power; they had better listen to wiser men. Pericles is believed to have said, “Just because you do not take an interest in politics does not mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” And apocryphal tradition maintains that Franklin said at the signing of the Declaration of Independence on 4 July 1776: “We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

Freedom and self-determination cannot be defended individually from an increasingly totalitarian government. However big your gun, Leviathan has a bigger gun, and it will do almost anything to maintain its grip on power. For defense against Leviathan you don’t need a six-shooter. You need a few thousand women and children standing arms locked between you and the federales who came to arrest you because you failed to genuflect at the 9-meter statue of Martin Luther King that will soon hulk over Washington, DC, one third larger than the statues of Jefferson and Lincoln. And you need your own television crew to be on site filming it, and your own samizdat media channels that will disseminate such news worldwide.

Violent criminals or rioting mobs do not take kindly to lone wolves either. Once the fraying seams holding America’s society, finances, industry, and endless military commitments have really come apart and civic order has broken down, swarms of bad or terminally desperate people will be roaming in search of prey. Safety will not be in your Winchester and a mile distance to your nearest neighbor, but in numbers and in coordinated and endogenously altruistic action of a community standing for itself. Examples of what an organized urban militia can do to the strongest foe abound in European history, starting with the Greeks and notable in Western and Central Europe because it’s the trade guilds of upright, hard-working burghers that yielded those fighting units[4].

Until 1970, Cleveland, built by Central European immigrants, was a thriving industrial city that supported one of the finest symphonic orchestras in the world under the baton of the great George Szell. The Cleveland Museum of Art, founded by European-origin benefactors in 1913 “for the benefit of all the people forever” was world class. But then the Loons, Crooks and Looters got to the city.

In the last 50 years, Cleveland’s population has declined from 918,000 to 440,000. Concomitantly, American industry was shutting down and moving to foreign lands, pulling the rug from under this city and its state and country. As Blacks and (primarily “Hispanic”) immigrants were streaming in, Whites were leaving. Cleveland’s White population ratio decreased from 69% in 1960 to 50% in 1990 to 35.8% now. It now ranks #8 in the list of top crime American cities [pdf], the seven cities ahead of it sharing its demographic profile.

In Sperling’s Best Places entry for Cleveland, typical resident opinions (from 2009) are like Renee’s: “Run!! Run as far away as fast as you can! I have lived in this cesspool of a town all my life, if I could make enough money I would be out asap. There is absolutely nothing to want to bring people here. Horrific economy and joblessness. Public schools are a disaster. Crime is awful. [snip] Our politicians are currently being raided by the FBI, they are all scheming money.”

The symphonic orchestra that once thrilled the world, now records videos sucking up to someone named LeBron, said LeBron being apparently as prominent an individual in a Black cultural activity, basketball, as Szell was in a White cultural activity, classical music. But then, if you are a voluntary White dhimmi minority, you have accepted a deal that includes a massive jizya tax — fiscally, culturally, and in other ways. The orchestra’s annual budget reported in 2009 was $43.7 million. That’s for 110 musicians. LeBron’s reported annual compensation in Cleveland was $15.7 million; it’s now $18 million in Miami. His Wikipedia entry is 20 times as long as that of the Cleveland Philharmonic.

The Museum that in a White-dominant city had managed to acquire Caravaggio’s The Crucifixion of Saint Andrew, Frans Hals’s Portrait of Tieleman Roosterman, and a large collection of works by the greatest names in modern European painting, now pays its dues in the Black ethnic vehicles of Nia Coffee House and Karamu — with multiculti agitprop, hip hop “poetry,” juneteenth celebrations and so on. Which is okay — Blacks deserve their cities and their culture — but Cleveland is no longer fit for habitation by Whites who care to be counted under the umbrella of Western civilization.

Non-brain-altered Whites need their own cities, in states hospitable for that purpose, where Leonidas (Sparta), Leonardo (Italy), Leibniz (Germany), Lewis (C.S., Ireland) or LeTourneau (USA[5]), are closer to the hearts of the people than LeBron. The first such a city is the strategic Schwerpunkt from which the rays of American Renaissance[6] can expand to the rest of the state, then the adjacent states. I’ll refer to that initial seed city as Monodelphia. Mono, for the Greek word omonoia: oneness of mind, and Delphia, like in Philadelphia, for delphos: brother. The City of Brotherly Minds — for the City of Brotherly Love did not work out in the end. It’s called Killadelphia now, and since David Axelrod bamboozled its voters as of 1998 to twice elect a corrupt, incompetent Black man for mayor, it’s been a continuous, sorry example of Paul Kersey’s BRA: Black-run America.

Freedomia must be based on industry, agriculture, and sustainable harvesting of natural resources, but the countryside communities supporting this ought to relate to the city the way the spokes of a wheel relate to the hub. As to Monodelphia, you must be able to imagine White reactionary rightwingers, properly dressed as descendants of Europe should and filling a provincial city to bursting with quality manufacturing, rock-solid banks lending to locals only, science, advanced medicine, spectacular, human-scaled architecture, literature, philosophy, music, opera, famed gastronomy, wise governance and K-12 low-budget schools that are the envy of the world. Or else, you must resign yourself to marginal existence in Blade Runner Multiamerica[7] forever.

Reader jeppo, in extensive comments to Part 4, recommended Minneapolis-St Paul (81.9% W) as the target site for a future Monodelphia. Minneapolis-St Paul has a central location nationally, wrote jeppo, and is in the middle of the largely Germanic and Lutheran Upper Midwest: the heartland of the heartland. The harsh climate makes it less attractive to colonizers from warmer climates. Reader Zenster added that the access of the city to the Mississippi River, and of the State of Minnesota to the Great Lakes make both particularly attractive.

Maybe, but I have my doubts. First, the population of Minneapolis-St Paul is 668,000. It’s too large for any conceivable influx of Freedomians to tilt the balance quickly. Second, that population, though White, is also Progressive[8]. It carries its Whiteness like a shameful stigma, striving ceaselessly to get itself more of that wonderful Diversity. There are already over-50% minority suburbs there, and electing Keith Ellison — Black and Muslim: a twofer — to represent it in the U.S. Congress must have been Twin Cities’ pride and joy. Third, the Lutheran North feels an endemic, welcoming compassion for its worst enemies, including obvious jihadi material — as long as they be “refugees” and “immigrants.” Twin Cities have the largest population of Somalis in North America. Fourth, Minnesota is too close to the eastern Loonie-Lootistan, the westernmost citadel of which is Illinois. It’s also too far from the ocean — the only ocean that Freedomians can dream to access: the Pacific one.

For the same effort, it might be easier to alter the destiny of Portland (78.7% W, pop. 566,000) — another attractive city with a Loon White population, two navigable rivers, a river port close to the Pacific, and a Blue exception in almost all-Red Oregon. From there, freedom, prosperity and self determination could radiate eastward, and to the north and south[9] rather than, as would be the case with Twin Cities, mainly westward.

At any rate, it’s not an issue that can be decided here and now. Perhaps no place can be considered except in a state that’s not only White but also has a consistent commitment to freedom. You start a business and hire employees in Minnesota or Oregon, and fail to comply with the racist-sexist federal employment laws, when your persecution by Leviathan ensues you are on your own. But as a Freedomian, you cannot possibly comply with such laws, or with hundreds of others that are a shameful Loon or Crook-rigged travesty. There is something to be said, therefore, for a state like Wyoming, that might challenge the federal government on your behalf in this and other freedom issues. The semi-Wild West may be the only place where freedom can find shelter during the years of Leviathan’s autogenic decomposition. But that is feasible only if the indigenous population resolves to accept sophisticated, urban Freedomians from the cities and burbs of Equalitania, and the Culture, intellect and dynamism they would be bringing.

First Principles

Reality-based economics

Freedomia must de-link. De-link from the global economy, from Leviathan’s Fed and its inflatable dollars, from the Wall Street con, the big banks’ con, the borrow-and-spend con, the Neo con, the grievance industry’s con, the unions’ ex-cons, and from every other pathology of the Loon, Crook & Looter state.

Bailout, stimulus, quantitative easing, deficit debt financing, manipulated interest rates and tax-and-spend are the main economic con. Freedomia must skirt this con by issuing its own money, quite per Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution: “No State shall coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender of Payment.” Moreover, Leviathan’s money grabbing can be minimized by a barter system of exchange substituting partially for monetary transactions, and by steering the fiscal policies of Freedomia toward low taxes and high civic involvement with almost all aspects of community management and services[10].

To propagate healthy capitalism, it will be useful to graft the shoots of Freedomia onto a state with more German-Nordic stock than Anglo-Saxon-Celtic one. The latter, while giving America its great founders, founding principles and civic culture, has derailed in matters of practical economics. It’s no coincidence that America’s main business is financial sleight-of-hand, inventing clever ways to profit by moving fictitious money from the right pocket to the left one, lawfare, corporate paper shenanigans, mergers and acquisitions rather then creation, marketing rather than engineering, and a foreign labor force — domestically too — rather than an American one. Nor is it by chance that Austrian Economics is Austrian, a German Detroit looks like this, a German chap with a Bachelors in Engineering is Herr Diplom Ingenieur while in the U.S. the peddler in a suit is the status guy, and Switzerland and Norway are economically the healthiest countries in the West, with Sweden and Finland not far behind.

Freedomia must make things; things that reflect Freedomian values, that are visionary, superlative in quality, unique and therefore exportable. Take the clothes you wear. At the low end, it’s Asian or Mayan-made cheap junk, with inferior cloth, uneven seams, buttons not sewn-through and capricious sizing. In the middle, it’s the same junk except some marketing shyster has rented for a fee the likeness of a little polo pony or a famous couturier’s name and slapped it onto the garment, and the zillion empty fools are paying for it twice its intrinsic value. At the top, you drape yourself in the ugly though well-crafted expectorations of megalomaniac homosexuals, busting your trust fund anew every single fall with new fashion — the new always sicker and uglier than the old but of a different color palette.

What kind of morons have we become that we buy into this kind of crap? Be the Change. If you believe that at least part of America could revert to 1959, dress like 1959. Better yet, start a clothing company in Monodelphia that will turn out well-made 1950s clothing, like on Mad Men: a Ralph Lauren without Ralph Lauren, better quality and no outsourcing to Asian factories. No supermodels, MBA brand managers and all that manipulative Snatcher goo either. Somehow the Amish manage to consume what they produce — and sell it widely outside — without a TV ad budget or naked tarts sitting on top of Amish appliances in magazine ads.

You can’t compete with the Chinese, you say? There are not enough skilled seamstresses? There is no need to compete with the Chinese. There is a need to educate the Freedomian population that buying and consuming a lot of cheap imported junk is a capital crime against the nation, against Mother Earth, and against your children’s future. The Loons keep crying crocodile tears over Gaia, while allowing their Crook allies to ply the Looters with tens of millions of tons of garbage merchandise from overseas, cheap enough to buy with free Uncle Sam tickets and shoddy enough to end after one year on some Mt. Everest of Junk, leaking toxins into the environment. But one well-made article has the lifespan of eight shoddy ones. And that goes for bicycles and DVD players like it does for shirts. It translates into smaller mountains of toxic trash. And if you can’t find enough skilled Americans in this trade, start a tailor craft school and import some European tailors too; plenty of them still in Eastern Europe. In a few years, the entire North Asian upper-middle class will be wearing what you make somewhere in Middle America.

A people that becomes inured to badly designed, cheap junk, loses its appreciation of workmanship and beauty — but workmanship translates at the end into a rain of gold, and beauty translates into the bliss that comes from the recognition of God’s work on earth. It’s not in vain that those connoisseurs of beauty, the Greeks, had a word, kalokagatia that combined the words for “beauty” (kalos) and “good.” If English had a word combining “workmanship,” “beauty” and “good,” the history of the last 50 years and the 50 future ones would have unspooled differently.

This Mother Earth thing, economics, and the profound spiritual sickness of the West are tied in more ways than one. People who see the harm that NWO (New World Order) and globalism have inflicted on America, who see how many Pandora’s boxes the Loons-in-charge have opened up all over the world, have to envision life in a post-tsunami landscape, and prepare for it now. James Kunstler and Dmitri Orlov have, for years, preached the gospel of Peak Oil and its aftermath. Kunstler’s novel World Made by Hand indicates eponymously where we are going. Peak Oil is another argument for an urban environment in a colder zone. Try living in a suburb of Las Vegas or Tucson with oil too scarce or too expensive to drive or to air-condition your home.

Alas, even if Peak Oil proves to be unfounded, the trashing of the dollar is certain, Leviathan’s thrashing in Muzlands for the sake of democracy is certain, and a steep rise in the future price of oil is certain in consequence. When that happens, the China-based juggernaut is likely to end as well, and with it, the entire disposable junk economy. Walmart and Target will be out, and the village butcher, baker and candlestick maker will be in. But in Freedomia, they ought to prevail now, even as box-stores pollute the landscape everywhere and cheaper alternatives abound.

Bread ought not to have the feel and taste of squares of toilet paper, or come as frozen dough mixed 2000 miles away three days ago. Furniture ought not to be made of melamine and particle board, come disassembled in boxes, and pollute your home with formaldehyde during its useful lifespan of 12 months. Appliances ought to be made with superior mechanics and durability, not a few silicon chips grafted onto shoddy plastic and bent tin. Appliances, cars, hand tools ought to work or at least be home-repairable even if a Black Swan disables every chip in the world. Natural materials, durability, repairability and a small footprint on the ecosystem ought to become a Freedomian specialty.

The Western (+Japan) world is run by a managerial elite of high-IQ, credentialed people who are also stupid, shallow and conceited. Wise leaders do not build an economy based on gutting domestic industry and borrowing and spending, nor build large financial institutions on the premise that real estate always rises in value. They do not build nuclear reactors on a tsunami and earthquake-prone sea-shore with reserve power generators in the basement and the plant designed to withstand maximum earthquake force of 7.9, when Reality can assert itself with 9.9, and just has with a 9.

Rebuilding the core

The problem with conservatives is that they don’t know what to conserve, what to discard, and what to dig out from under 3,000 years of history that’s no longer a part of our mental landscape but should be. Many cling to formalistic Christianity without a thought as to how Christianity itself, having derailed so many times far inside Yang territory[11] is responsible for much of the Yin deluge now, pushed as though by the pendulum of the eternal Tao toward a cosmic balance.

The very fact that many a Western reader will scratch his head upon encountering Chinese concepts like Tao, Yin and Yang, is a symptom of cultural derailment. Western Renaissance occurred before when new concepts, technologies and goods absorbed from the Far East caused a quantum cultural leap. But now, the West has gone into a stupor of smug imbecility, behaving as though history and destiny are linear and what was until 1990 on top will always remain on top, no matter how stagnant and desiccated its basic precepts (e.g. “democracy,” “social justice,” “progress”), or decadent its ways. Instead of strengthening itself with the highest that only the other high civilization — the Northeast Asian one — can offer, the West has infused itself with the most backward cultures it could import: those of the Muslim Near East/ North Africa, and of Black Africa morphed as Afro-American gangsta and hip hop moronism.

We will all soon be wood choppers and water drawers for the Chinese, and we continue like a windup toy bunny, smug in our superiority, straight to and over the edge, as though nothing needs rethinking and no new ideas need to be borrowed or resurrected. Meanwhile, the Chinese rule the world. Commercially for now, and militarily too from about 2040 on. All by shrewdly borrowing ideas and cultural elements from the West, stealing what they could not borrow, then playing to and taking advantage of Western weaknesses while not sacrificing one iota of what it means to be Chinese.

Confucius is all about societal wisdom and wise personal conduct. So is the Japanese Tsurezuregusa — 700 years old and taught in every elementary school in Japan. Their foreign relations are conducted according to Sun Tzu and the 36 Stratagems. Our foreign relations are conducted by “liberated” menopausal women and utopian male drones with narcissistic personality disorder, the whole +2 Sigma (i.e. “smart”) lot of them possessing the wisdom of a door knob.

There was a time when the West knew and valued wisdom. The Bible is a depository of wisdom, as are ancient Aesop’s fables. Every Indo-European language has a rich trove of folk tales and aphorisms that transmit wisdom. The men who served in the Nordic things 1000 years ago were chosen based on their wisdom and standing in the community, not as per how long they could keep a fake smile on their faces and hug strangers’ soiled babies.

To have a future, Freedomia must restore and understand the difference between smarts and wisdom, and choose the latter, in every instance. It must tear down and completely replace what passes for “education” in Snatcher-ruled America, going back at least to John Dewey. Teaching kids Ben Franklin’s “Poor Richard’s Almanac” will prepare them for success in the 21st or 28th century far more than teaching virtual reality protocols or multiculti dogma possibly can.

Alas, the West has forgotten its own indigenous cultures that are worth knowing. Western politicians, even the “good” ones like Geert Wilders, keep invoking “our Judeo-Christian culture.” But if we adopted what’s worth resurrecting from proto-European pantheism, the Taoist-like veneration of the Universe and its manifestations on Earth is there, and the deep spiritual fulfillment of finding the sacred in Nature is there, and the fierce particularity of protecting our forests, our rivers, our ancestors’ lands. Right there is the penicillin for Christianity’s maudlin universality and Yin entropy[12].

To save and regenerate it, the entire footprint of Western civilization has to be shifted from its current Judeo-Christian squatting to its historical and more organic outline encompassing the pre-Christian roots, the Greek and Roman trunk, and only then the Judeo-Christian branches. This way, the Yang will be restored to what is currently a Yin-overloaded, sickly shrub. Reverence for nature and love of beauty must be restored, a taste for a spiritual and aesthetic apprehension of the natural world that has nothing to do with the cancers of perpetual “progress,” “growth,” “justice,” or Platonic sophistry.

Education has to be based on teaching manly virtues to men-in-training and feminine virtues to women-in-training. Equality being a partial euphemism brought forth by unmistakably (and deservedly) superior Virginia aristocrats and Yankee geniuses, it’s time for the common sense of old to make its reappearance. There is supreme wisdom in Charles Murray’s three-part series published in the Wall Street Journal, January 2007: “Intelligence in the Classroom,” “What’s wrong with vocational school?” and “Aztecs vs. Greeks”[13]. Murray stressed that we don’t live in Lake Wobegon where everyone is above average, and that we ought to identify and properly nurture a Praetorian Guard class and a worker bee class.

If we had schools integrating Judeo-Christian humanistic values with Greco-Roman elitist ones, the kind of scum that constitutes our Ruling Class now would never get a hearing even in a local tavern, let alone in the halls of Congress and in corporate boardrooms. Werner Jaeger’s Paideia is what prospective K-12 teachers in Freedomia will be examined on, not Dewey, Zinn, Freire and the rest of the Body Snatcher landing party.

Ideas matter. Core values matter. The ideas and core values of the United States, and the West as a whole, have reached the end of their useful life expectancy. Everything needs to be rethought from the ground up. It’s Freedomia’s job, and it’s not a job for the faint of heart or the lame of brain.


You have to live what you believe. You have to be, not talk. A reactionary Freedomian constitutionalist does not buy cheap imported junk, serve in the military with gays under the command of women, or allow his children to get pierced and tattooed on the skin via needles or on the brain via cretin pop culture. A Freedomian does not, cannot live in New York, Chicago or Oakland — except if he must and there is no other way.

Freedomians who are stuck and cannot move from whatever Snatcher territory they inhabit, ought to at least relocate to the same neighborhood. If there aren’t enough of them to fill a neighborhood, let it be a single street. Let it have at least a bookstore where Freedomian books are sold and Freedomians can have coffee together.

A Freedomian takes his son out of softball practice and puts him into pankration practice. This is a far harsher world than the genius of the Founding Fathers and America’s luck of isolation from the main predator nations has enabled Americans to believe. The lucky hand has been badly played for two generations now; Reality cannot but revert to the global mean. Besides, Freedomia will not force school bonds on its residents for the sake of lavish school football programs. Teaching Homer, calculus and boxing is much cheaper — and better for the young.

One important notion to absorb from Sun Tzu is that you must first realize the conditions for victory, and only then seek it. The outcome of the Battle of Gettysburg and world history with it would have been quite different had Robert E. Lee not lapsed in his judgment and ordered General Pickett to charge uphill against the Union’s fortified positions on Cemetery Ridge. You never run uphill, let alone against a hail of bullets.

Snatcher State is doing itself in on its own; there is no need for Freedomians to run uphill. It’s enough to gather and prepare the ground to save as much of America as will be possible after the Loons, Crooks and Looters collapse upon each other. But a formal break and the founding of an independent republic has to be considered inevitable in the future, just as the eventual formation of La Republica del Norte is inevitable. Demography is destiny, and no amount of Snatcher talk will change that. War can change that, but that is a topic for war professionals that we shall skirt here.

Between America’s two founding documents, the Declaration of Independence is, by far, the more unique and remarkable. What greater prose than this can be conceived that expresses the anguish in the necessity of rending a nation asunder:

“When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

How much longer and graver the list of the offenses, depredations and treasons that America’s Loons, Crooks and Looters have committed against the American people than the long list of King George’s transgressions iterated in the Declaration! What follows in that document and is apposite in the future one as well is a list of the attempts that the breakaway group has made to bring its grievances before the proper authorities and to seek conciliatory resolutions — in order to get in return only lawfare, trickery, brush-offs, rebuffs, assaults, and imported predators. With but slight changes (in italics), these words from 1776 could sound fresh 250 years later:

“In every stage of these oppressions we have shown our disapproval in lawful ways: our repeated votes, plebiscites, petitions and demonstrations have been answered only by repeated injury. A democratic government of a Republic, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”

When the hour comes, it would behoove Freedomians to stress that separation was not an option until none other was left; that since 1964 they have been doing all in their power to keep the whole together. There is a poignant expression of that in Jefferson’s draft of the Declaration that was redacted by either Franklin or Adams. These were the words that flowed from the quill pen of an Anglo-American genius in rented rooms at Market and Seventh in what was then Monodelphia:

“We might have been a free and great people together; but a communication of grandeur and of freedom it seems is below their dignity. Be it so, since they will have it; the road to glory and happiness is open to us too; we will climb it in a separate state, and acquiesce in the necessity which pronounces our everlasting Adieu!”


1. Are there any Jews out there protesting publicly, proclaiming “Not in Our Name,” when Jewish organizations like the ADL work day and night to turn America into an antisemitic country? For there are Blacks pulling no punches with respect to the profile of the Black community, e.g. the Rev. James Manning .
2. This topic was discussed more extensively in the essay “Cities and Accomplishment” by Fjordman, and in its comments section. The attribute “White” is used in the sense of demographic and cultural predominance of European-origin people, rather than in the sense of ethnic exclusivity. Many of the most successful cities in Europe had highly contributive Jewish minorities (e.g. Amsterdam, Lwow), booming medieval cities in ex-Russia Slavic Europe had similarly beneficial German minorities etc. —but the governance and culture of each such place always reflected the majority people. And the few larger and more international and multinational cities, e.g. Rome, Samarkand and Victorian London in the past, or Singapore now, have thrived only because of a dominant, higher-IQ group, imposing its values and governance as binding on all.
3. “Visible Minority’ is the official Canadian Snatcher Government term for what I call here Black and Brown. Morlock and Eloi are a race of predatory troglodytes and the race of human victims respectively in H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine.
4. The Battle of the Golden Spurs is a particularly compelling example of this type of war. This man, the commandant of Warsaw in the 1794 Kosciusko uprising against Russian occupiers was a working cobbler and activist in his trade guild.
5. The life of American originals like Robert. G. LeTourneau — a man who had no college education yet became a holder of 300 patents, a titan of industry, a business tycoon and a major philanthropist devoted to Christian principles — is particularly valuable in these days of rampant cretinism, degrees inflation, predatory financial capitalism and propositionism concerning the American identity.
6. No one toiling in this area ought to use the term American Renaissance without a hat tip to American Renaissance: a pioneering enterprise of a dedicated man, Jared Taylor, who’d given up much for it. For 21 years now it has stood like a lone and unwanted Cassandra, imparting data and news stories documenting that racial differences exist, that the construction of Newamerica on the false premise that they do not is a path to perdition, and that in response to that path’s calamity Whites must start defining themselves in terms of their group interest, just as Blacks and immigrant groups do.
7. Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott, presented in 1982 a visionary picture of the Los Angeles of 2019 that, demographically at least, Los Angeles already resembles. MultiAmerica is the multicultural propositional nation of New America, and the opposite of Monodelphia.
8. See connection between White city demographics and Loonism here.
9. From 100 miles north of San Francisco up to Eugene, Oregon it’s all Red country. For hundreds of miles north beyond Eugene, and well into Washington State, it’s all patchy Red too, except for Portland.
10. See The Voluntary City: Choice, Community and Civil Society,
11. Examples of Christianity’s past excesses: Constantine’s Sword, crusades against Europeans (Albigensians, Balts and other Euro-pagans), the Teutonic Knights of the Cross, persecutions of Jews and heretics, oppression of women, stifling of sexuality — of joie de vivre even, ceaseless internecine religious wars, corrupt power-mad popes, the Inquisition, fostering of bigotry and fanaticism, lust for gold and treasure, etc.
12. Readers may be happy to know that Augustana College — “Lutheran expression of the Christian faith” — hosted a “White Privilege Summit” on March 30 (hat tip, American Renaissance)
13. These appear to be behind a paywall now, but are probably retrievable elsewhere.

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Dec 1 You Say Mumbai, I Say Bombay
2009 Apr 8 The Deadly Jive of Jiverly Diversity
Jun 2 The American Press: The Unbearable Lightness of Treason
12 Critique of the Culture of Kevin MacDonald
Jul 31 Sons of Onan
Sep 2 Be the Change
Dec 15 F Street
2010 Apr 25 Vast Canyon of Gas and Dust, Inshallah
Jul 7 Vast Canyon of Gas and Dust — Progressive Progress Report
Dec 12 The Art of Strategic Citizenship, Part 1
2011 Jan 7 The Art of Strategic Citizenship, Part 2
31 The Art of Strategic Citizenship, Part 3
Mar 20 The Art of Strategic Citizenship, Part 4

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