Atlanta is the City where Black Run America Collapses

Atlanta is the City where Black Run America Collapses


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It all starts in Atlanta, where the experiment of BRA ends

Whitopia’s around Atlanta formed because capable white people fled the Black Mecca, only to return in their metal coffins for employment at Georgia Power, Coke, SunTrust, Georgia Pacific, and other Fortune 500 companies.

The Black crime in Atlanta made raising a family there an untenable proposition, and the cheap gas and cheaper land made fleeing to new white suburbs a winning idea.

Flash forward to 2011. The suburbs of Atlanta are darkening. DeKalb County has been successfully sued for trying to create a “darker administration”; Clayton County has completely fallen apart under Black rule – remember white police officers were fired and Black snipers were placed on the roof of the precinct by the new Black sheriff-  after whites fled from that once prosperous county; Gwinnett County, once the fastest growing in America, has turned from all-white into a majority-minority county that is quickly disintegrating into public trust as Robert Putnam’s studies showed it would.

Many of the college-educated white males who decided to raise families in the suburbs can no longer find employment.

The suburbs of Atlanta are where Blacks from around the nation are seeking solace and community in, having found northern cities unreceptive to their lifestyle.

It is important that everyone reading understand that Atlanta, “the city too busy to hate,” perfectly encapsulates and represents the problems plaguing all of America. Horrible rates of Black crime go unreported in the news and Black-run school systems collapse amid one scandal after another.

But no scandal is as horrifying as the one brewing with MARTA. Atlanta’s poorly run metro system, MARTA caters primarily to a Black clientele (76 percent of riders are Black) and serves as a jobs programs for Black people who wouldn’t have employment without such empowerment.

MARTA is broke, a poorly-run jobs program for Black people in the city (rumors persist that 97 percent of city employees in Atlanta are Black; being that Atlanta is almost 50 percent white, how can this disparity exist?) and is assiduously avoided by the white citizens of the city save when a sporting event requires cheap transportation.

The prospect of $6 or $7 gasoline makes MARTA a much more attractive form of transportation, though the presence of menacing, loitering Black people who shamelessly approach every patron and beg ask for spare change makes such a journey unpalatable.

Atlanta’s newspaper, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, has been publishing joyous pronunciations of the metro areas population changes. Whites are losing in the population battle; Blacks and their “supposed” non-white allies are winning, while Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) cheer on the righteous coalition of People of Color (PoC) against the hated conservative whites.

No story captures that hate like this one, published today, that details plans for MARTA to expand into formerly all-white counties that voted down such proposals because, as we all know, MARTA stands for Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta. The idea of MARTA was to contain the movement of Black people to within the city, thereby keeping intolerable crime rates where Black people live and white counties free of such unpleasant reminders of why they were created in the first place.

With former white suburbs now majority Black and facing crumbling infrastructure, MARTA is now needed:
Metro Atlanta is car country, but as cities and counties put together their transportation wish lists, there are signs that some in the suburbs, which rejected mass transit decades ago, are ready to embrace it.

Next year, voters will be asked to approve a 1-cent special sales tax to pay for a list of projects that could smooth their commute. It remains to be seen which road and rail projects state and regional officials will put before voters.

But if officials assembling the final list pick mass transit, will metro Atlanta voters say yes to the tax?

Recent polls and interviews with residents and business people show a mixed picture, but the metro area’s decades-long opposition might be softening.

Sharon Fischer, general manager at the IceForum rink at Town Center, said personally she supports the idea of a light rail line, which is one proposal for the Cobb County corridor where she works. She thinks other Cobb residents may, too, although the county voted down MARTA in 1965.

The list includes at least $13.5 billion worth of mass transit — even though the final total for all of the projects probably can’t exceed $8 billion.

On the wish list so far:
Commuters might travel 50 miles or more by rail, from Gwinnett Arena in Duluth to Hampton near Atlanta Motor Speedway, passing through five counties at rush hour.

Or they could get from Acworth to a Turner Field MARTA station without ever touching a brake.

Or tool through neighborhoods on a streetcar or local circulator bus.
But some ask: Is the cost worth it?

“I don’t know that it would be a priority if I had $1 billion right now,” said Elizabeth Wright, who runs a business referral network in Lawrenceville.

She noted the “positives and negatives” of ways a rail line could change the county.

“You’d have to wait and see where the stations were going to be and what the proposals were,” she said. “It totally depends on how it’s sold or promoted.”

Advocates originally hoped to build MARTA in Cobb, Gwinnett and Clayton counties, as well as Fulton and DeKalb. But at the time, only Fulton and DeKalb approved the tax, which is why MARTA doesn’t serve Cobb, Gwinnett or Clayton.

Since then, growth has exploded in those counties — including migrants from big cities who want mass transit.

Clayton County voters, who rejected a MARTA tax in 1971, asked to join MARTA and pay the MARTA tax in a nonbinding vote taken in November.

And just last month, MARTA found that 43 percent of the cars parked in its lots come from somewhere other than Fulton and DeKalb.

Who will support what?

Malaika Rivers, executive director of the Cumberland Community Improvement District, said businesses in Cobb need roads and rail, and it’s important in attracting developers.

That’s why the CID, a self-taxing business district, has paid to get preliminary studies for the rail line going.

It is still clear that a strong roads package will be key to winning support in those counties, and especially in more distant ones such as Cherokee County and Fayette County.

For some, it may not be possible.

Harold Bost, co-founder of the Fayette County Issues Tea Party, is taking the lead coordinating tea party groups to oppose the referendum.

He says the burden of another tax is only one reason he opposes it; he also opposes mass transit because of the people it would bring into the suburbs.

“Criminals catch that kind of transportation into our county,” Bost said, “and I’m not going to support anything that works toward increasing our crime either.”

Public transportation should work. It does in Europe, just as it does in Portland. In Atlanta, public transportation is a nightmare because of the combustible elements of white flight mixed with Black indifference to committing criminal offenses and creating an unsafe environment on all forms of MARTA transportation.

Though completely broke, MARTA might try and expand into areas where white people once protested its expansion, but now are all-Black counties that have been fiscally mismanaged and ruined under Black governmental rule.

We are nearing the end of the experiment of Black Run America (BRA). As Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent has shown, the commitment to placating a population representing 13 percent of the United States requires a misappropriation of tax dollars and Federal funding through programs paid primarily through white and, yes, Asian tax dollars.

Jason Richwine of Heritage has produced a study showing that a Black students receive far more in funding then their white counterparts.  The NAACP peddles an idea that education should get more funding then prisons, but spending per pupil is higher among Blacks then it is for whites. What kind of return on investment do we get for this disproportionate spending?

An overburdened penal system.

If scientific inquiry into studying differences in Federal expenditures directed toward different racial groups for subsidized housing, welfare, EBT cards, food stamps, free lunches at school and over-employment of Black people in the public sector could be quantified – and were not taboo – the truth of what we call Black Run America (BRA) would be startling.

As it is, we find it axiomatic.

Atlanta is a microcosm for all that is wrong with America. The creation of an artificial Black upper-class (ruling class) through taking over the day-to-day administration of Atlanta, thereby Fulton County, allowed for a virtual monopoly of public jobs to go to employing (unemployable in the private sector) Black people.

No-bid contracts for minority owned firms at Hartsfield Airport, the complete removal of all non-white judges from the Fulton County and Atlanta city court system (knowing a number of lawyers in Atlanta, SBPDL can confirm that courtrooms are staffed by virtually all-Black supporting staffs), a school system on the verge of collapse under Black rule, and a city on the brink suffering from high rates of Black criminality point to Atlanta being the site of the major crackup of Black Run America.

Indeed we already saw that in 2010 when 30,000 Black people showed up to sign-up for Section 8 Housing vouchers that won’t be available until 2017.

We at SBPDL take no pride in reporting this news. Enjoying sports and popular culture, we wish we could return to the old # posts that helped this site grow and eventually led to Google blocking most of our entries on search results through manipulating search engine code.

However, Stuff Black People Don’t Like is reaching unprecedented levels of traffic (3,000 – 4,000 visitors a day), so we must be doing something right.

It’s coming though, the dissolution of BRA. Not through any actions of insurgents, no, but because of the complete ineptitude of those who receive the bulk of the goodies in this system of entitlement.

DWLs attempt to throw a disproportionate share of Federal dollars at a seemingly insoluble problem; why can’t the Black underclass change? In the process, they augmented the Black underclass to the point where 75 percent of Black births are out-of-wedlock (and Daniel Moynihan was attacked for his piece on “The Negro Family” when that number was much lower) and have created an educational system that blames all Black failures on persistent white racism.

Most DWLs and Stuff White People Like white people walk around with the belief that their support of Mein Obama and minority causes puts them above untouchable whites who remain uncouth in their attitudes toward race.

Let this be known: Black criminality has no prejudice. You could have supported Obama, and dedicated your life to the cause of equality, but wanton criminality from Flash Mobs and Black gangs care little for your political predilections.

Crusading White Pedagogues (CWP) peddling lies of “white privilege” have enraged a generation of Black people who never made it to the NBA or the NFL.

Atlanta, “the city too busy to hate,” is where BRA collapses.

4 thoughts on “Atlanta is the City where Black Run America Collapses

  1. WHITE PEOPLE WAKE UP . These DAMN BEAST are destroying are country and
    PEOPLE . History proves it . Look around you every
    day at the way these creatures live and act .

    White people stand together NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. When I read this it makes me take a good look at my life. I was born in atlanta in 1961 with no brothers or sisters but I had a great mom and dad. I was a happy little boy going to a Grammer school just down the street until 7 th grade, and something called bussing came to town and I was riding a bus across town so black and white children could get to know each other a bit better. Well as a skinny white boy, the only thing I got to know was my little happy world became,(hey white boy, give me your money ( hey white boy, you got a sister) everyday I was introduced to violence, fights , and being called white boy, the filling in the pit of my stomach, I think it could be what gave me my present gut illness. Well I made it until today 2016 and as a 55 year old white man it seems impossible to get a job with the city, I mean I would work for the water company or anything like that, toe the rate of pay they get would be great. Oh well sins of the father, I think not. My dad one of nine children use to tell me, they were so poor that he lived with a black family that did not have as many siblings, he would say, he thought that he was black up until the time he was introduced to his first mirror. Ha ha

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