The Myth of Racial Disparities in Public School Funding

Black Run America: The Myth of Racial Disparities in Public School Funding

Jason Richwine finds that per pupil spending is higher for blacks than Whites in the South


Jason Richwine, the Heritage Foundation scholar that Lawrence Auster was so impressed with last year, dropped a truth bomb on Black Run America this afternoon from his perch inside the Beltway.

Richwine released a big report which aims to prove that racial differences in educational achievement cannot be explained through differences in per pupil spending.

The Report

Among the findings:

– Per pupil spending on non-White students eclipsed spending on White students in the early 1980s and has remained slightly higher ever since.

– School funding is similar across all racial and ethnic groups.

– Racial differences in educational achievement have endured for decades in spite of increased spending on black students.

– If White 15 year olds were counted as a separate group, they would rank 3rd in the world on the PISA among the 34 OECD countries, whereas American Hispanics would score 31st and American blacks would rank 33rd.

– The South is the region with the smallest racial differences in per pupil spending, but more money is actually spent on blacks, Hispanics, and Asians than White students here.

– In the Northeast, $2,000 more dollars is spent on the average black student than on the average White student.


The report would have been much better if Richwine would have included some vital information on the racial gap that exists between taxpayers and tax consumers. No one in Washington ever talks about closing that gap.

I managed to find this:

“When we combine the populations of non-payers and non-filers and look to see what overall percentage of each group is not paying taxes, we find that: 50.7 percent of African American households pay no income taxes, 35.5 percent of Asian American households do not, 37.6 percent of White American households do not, and roughly 52 percent of Hispanics pay no income taxes.”

Whites and Asians also pay far more in total taxes than blacks and Hispanics. Another study recently found that the majority of illegal aliens and immigrant households with children in America are on welfare.

62 percent of immigrant households in Arizona, 61 percent in Texas, California and New York, and 59 percent in Pennsylvania are on welfare.

New Rule

In Black Run America, “white privilege” is the privilege that White taxpayers enjoy in paying far more in taxes than blacks and Hispanics, and receiving in return lower rates of per pupil spending on their own children.

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