Universalism = Monoculturalism

Universalism = Monoculturalism


Universalism is an unfounded belief that there is a virtual global monoculture characterized by universally accepted cultural attributes like rights and values. It is possibly the most destructive notion that everyone is asked to believe.

The global monoculture that universalists have in mind is one that will treat most of the diverse white Americans much like (a) the way that the minority slave-taking Turkish peoples in their Ottoman empire treated the majority white European Slavic peoples for 500 years, and (b) the way that the minority slave-taking Arab and Berber peoples in their Iberian peninsular empire treated the majority white European Spanish and Portuguese peoples for 700 years, that is, as serfs, soldiers, and silenced taxpayers.

We are already serfs condemned to pay outrageous taxes in support of empire and royal style for the few. We are already soldiers in great wars of imperialism. And we’re already pretty well silenced on most topics branded by the global monoculture as taboo.

The ancestors of Euro-Americans had a great deal of experience with being a majority population dominated by market dominant minorities and politically tyrannical dominant minorities. Perhaps some of these lessons can emerge to point us in the direction of a new liberation.

It is important to decode the messages that bombard European Americans about universal human rights and universal justice, for example, and to note that every appeal to universal values (i.e., global monoculturalism) is unfortunately always an arguing tactic in support of a particularistic goal that benefits the speaker’s preferred demographic, tribe, race, gender, religion, or nation.

Universalism is never an argument in support of the trumpeted universal principle in question; it is just an arguing tactic to support the interests of the members of an identifiable group.

Don’t get fooled again.

Market Dominant Minorities

The term, “market dominant minorities” is now a part of the social dialogue about globalization. Amy Chua, law professor at Yale University, introduced the term in her 2002 book, “World On Fire: How Exporting Free Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred And Global Instability.”

Amy Chua’s concept of market dominant minorities explains a great deal about American social, cultural, economic, and political realities. For example, it explains why the diverse white American peoples do not possess the power to halt the campaign of defamation waged against their children. It is clearly market dominant minorities in media, education, and entertainment that possess the power of naming, labeling, defining, and describing the diverse Euro-American as a means of silencing them.

Chua describes the concept thus: “The phenomenon I refer to is that of market dominant minorities: ethnic minorities who, for widely varying reasons, tend under market conditions to dominate economically, often to a startling extent, the indigenous majorities around them.”

Her definition sums up the state of affairs in the USA today in a wide variety of “markets.”

More on Chua here.


Pushed Away

This is a form of ethnic cleansing. When the diverse white American peoples are the demographic being pushed away, it is often demeaningly labeled white flight, even though there is no evidence that they wanted to leave an area, occupation, university, or neighborhood.

The late California Lieutenant Governor Leo T. McCarthy pushed away all the diverse white American organizations from testifying at his statewide hate crimes hearings in 1991 that were co-sponsored by ADL. The hearings were blatantly intended to aid his political campaign for US Senator in 1992 (which he lost to US Senator Barbara Boxer).

Former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros also pushed away the diverse white Americans by defining the multicultural society as excluding them in a 1991 “unity” speech in San Jose.

On 2/5/98, a San Francisco ADL official, Barbara H. Bergen, worked with former Santa Clara County Executive Richard Wittenberg (who was also chair of Santa Clara County ADL), to push away all the diverse white American organizations in Santa Clara County from testifying at a county forum on hate crimes. This racially exclusionary period did not end until 9/13/00, over thirty months later, when members from all groups were finally allowed to testify at a new county forum on hate crimes and incidents.

A Deeper Look At The Concept

This segment is helpful because most people do not understand how a majority demographic like the diverse white American peoples is rendered helpless in the face of slander and crime from members of dominant minority groups

Organization, Not Numbers.

The answer is that it is not numbers that matter, it is organization. An adequately organized ethnic group can focus on individual writers, teachers, politicians, and other critics, and disarm them, one at a time. Because the diverse white Euro-American demographic lacks this capacity, we are utterly silenced in the face of the most virulent hate speech, and then to add more insult to massive injury, we are told it’s all about “white guilt,” not strategies to silence us.

Remember, it’s not numbers that matter, it’s organization that prevails.

Cutting Through The Confusion

A good way to cut through this confusion is to demand, “Tell me three examples of any congressional or presidential action or statement to reduce hate speech or hate caricatures against European Americans.”

When they fail, here are three rather obvious ways in which white American politicians fail to provide any support at all.

Hate Speech: US Senator Byrd & White N’s

US Senator Robert Byrd on Fox News (3/4/01) referred to a segment of white Americans as “white N’s” and has refused to apologize to the diverse white American peoples, although he did apologize to African Americans for his slur on white Americans. None of the Euro-Americans in Congress or the Executive Branch has risen to denounce Byrd’s hate speech. [If you have a strong stomach, you may read details about the infamous Byrd slur against some of the diverse white American peoples here.]

Hate Speech: US Senator Barack Obama’s Hate Speech Unrebutted

Not one Euro-American in Congress or the Executive Branch has risen to denounce then-US Senator Barak Obama’s use of hate speech including “acting white,” “white resentment,”and “typical white person.” Imagine if any white US Senator used “acting black,” or “Asian resentment,” or “typical Mexican person.”

In 2004, he spoke out against a major smear (“acting white”) when applied to young African American students calling it a scandal, but refused to criticize it as a loathsome term principally used to demean and dehumanize white American students as being without diversity.

In 2008, he made casual reference to his perception that a single emotion was held by the diverse white American peoples (“white resentment”) and to his belief that all the Euro-American peoples are identical clones of each other, including his own grandmother (“typical white person”).

So far, not one white American in Congress or the Executive Branch has criticized his overt smears.

Hate Speech: White Americans Falsely Counted In Hate Crimes

The US government promotes a thoroughly dishonest image of the diverse white American peoples as hate criminals by manipulating hate crime statistics. And no white American official lifts a hand to correct official hate speech around its corrupted hate crime statistics, not to mention the hate caricature that is generated. The dishonest statistical collection and reporting program results in outcomes like these two examples.

If a Mexican-American attacks a Jewish-American with hate, the victim is counted in the Jewish victim category, because Jews are recognized as a victim group. However, American Latinos are not recognized as a group whose members commit hate crimes, so about 90% of their hate crimes are counted in the white American perpetrator category, thus pumping up the white American perpetrator category numbers. (The remaining 10% are counted in the black American perpetrator category numbers.)

But if a Jewish-American attacks a Mexican-American with hate, the victim is counted in the Latino victim category, because Latinos are recognized as a victim group. However, Jewish-Americans are not recognized as a group whose members commit hate crimes, so their hate crimes are all counted in the white American perpetrator category, thus pumping up the white American perpetrator category numbers.

Now that Arab-Americans and other Southwest Asian Americans are becoming more numerous, it is important to note that the same principle applies — when they commit a hate crime, they are white Americans for statistical purposes, but when they are a victim, they are counted in an ethnicity or religious victim category.

What a statistical system when the outcome is a massively dishonest portrayal of the conduct of the diverse white American peoples.

Clearly the diverse white Americans aren’t supported by white American officials in Congress or the Executive Branch when it somes to hate speech and hate caricatures.

White Nigger

This astounding slur was invented and publicized by the late US Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia on Fox News Television on Sunday, 3/4/2001. He steadfastly declined to apologize for this new slur against the diverse white Americans whom he insulted.

White American politicians, like the late Senator Byrd, do not care about shielding young and vulnerable white American students on America’s playgrounds, school buses, and sidewalks from taunts and hate speech.

So there can be no mistake, here is what he said: “There are white niggers. I’ve seen a lot of white niggers in my time. I’m going to use that word.”

Three months after his self-loathing and racist outburst, Senator Byrd was elevated to the position of President of the U. S. Senate on 6/6/01 by his political party, where he was third in line to succeed to the office of the President of the United States until his party was ousted from control of the Senate in January 2003.

Senator Byrd’s speech demonstrates an irony and a deception on the part of those who point to the demographic make-up of the US Senate and House as evidence that white Americans are protected from hate speech and hate caricatures by their own.

Not one white American politician stood up to denounce his slur against white Americans in the same way that many stood up to denounce US Senator Trent Lott’s 12/5/02 remark about then US Senator Strom Thurman, and his own political party forced him from his Majority Leader position in the US Senate on 12/20/02.

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