World Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes

World Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes

Only the very smartest of people were dumb enough to let this happen.

Inside the Left Forum

While the Left Forum may seem like a deranged and dysfunctional pack of idiots, the fact that they have embedded themselves in our educational system means they actually are a danger.

The weekend of March 18-20, I attended the ‘Left Forum’ hosted by Pace University in New York City.  The forum featured a motley mix of hard left extremists, many of whom openly espoused the violent overthrow of the government and the use of state power to physically destroy conservatives.  It also featured a great number of American educators. As it turns out, many of the hard left extremists were also educators, revealing the extent to which the avowed enemies of America have successfully infiltrated the educational establishment.

I should note that one flier handed out by a left wing ‘anarchist’ group targeted YWC directly.  Of course, by ‘anarchist’ I mean the usual system militants who can be found squawking about the need for more state funding for social programs.

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