10 Mistakes we would make during the Apocalypse

10 Mistakes we would make during the Apocalypse
By Krystal On 4 Apr, 2011 At 09:50 AM

They say 2012 will be the end of the world. It’s human nature to try to survive. But not all of us will succeed. Some Of us will fail … Here is why !

10. Up-keeping.
One of the mistakes people make is not up-keeping their equipment, this includes weapons, vehicles, living conditions, clothes, backpacks, etc. This is a post apocalyptic world, you can not simply buy a new backpack or vehicle, and many people will try to destroy or take other vehicles and things like that so that people like you can’t have it, grab a few manuals and learn how to take care of your equipment! This includes, but is not limited too, sewing, mechanics, and keeping up on things such as ways to stay warm and not burn everything down!

Just in case of Emergency

9. How they choose their allies.
Having a few allies is a positive thing but can also be a big mistake, the only scary thing is make sure you can trust them! Having other people around is good for sanity purposes, a lot of of times people find themselves going crazy without someone to talk to or an amount of company or companionship, just be careful who you ally with.

Keep the French away from you

One good way to tell if the people are good to ally with is if they are striving for a common goal, though a building of a “Society” is commonly a goal that is guaranteed to fail, as many people will disagree on the way things are set up, this can cause turmoil. One of the best things you can strive for is survival, this is a common goal everyone can strive for and not disagree too much on.

8. Not having a back up plan.
One of the top mistakes is not having a plan, one that is not as bad–but still a big no-no–is not having a Plan B, or a backup plan. Things will fail, plan on it. Someone will stir up turmoil or something may not go your way, this isn’t something to off yourself or your friends over, just plan ahead for those ‘just in case’ scenarios, remember what happened last time you didn’t have a Plan B? That’s right, The Apocalypse came, I thought you woulda learned your lesson the first time around, hmm?

7. Lack of Training.
Keep yourself fit! This means physically, mentally, and so forth. Keep yourself in shape, there are dangers lurking at every corner and you are returning to your primal roots, let your instincts cut it! Continue to learn things as much as possible, never shut out the possibility of something new, keep a keen eye, mind, wit, and other senses sharp just in case! Acquire as many skills as possible and continue to add to your tool belt! Don’t discard old information or tools, you may need it later on!

Oh yeah Imma train you boy

6. Lack of advanced transportation.
It may not seem like something that is a big deal, but other people will have motorcycles, trucks, cars, and maybe even tanks! You need to be prepared for this, if you are not then people on vehicles will have the upper hand in any sort of fight! Hand-in-hand with this is STOCK UP ON FUEL!!! Fuel is an essential way of life it, well, fuels, everything! Your vehicles, or generators potentially, fires, and more. DO NOT WASTE your fuel on petty things such as burning corpses, this just wastes your fuel.

This would definitively not be useful

5. Not being ready to kill.
Not many people are ready for this situation, you have to be mentally and emotionally hardened to the idea that you need to be the person to pull the trigger first — otherwise you will be the first to die. Don’t let someone else get the slip on you, other people are not as friendly as they may seem.

Argh ! That Son of a B*tch Got me !

4. Lack of Provisions, shelter, safety, etc.
Supply up! Get food, and not candy or soda though I admit I might grab a few twelve packs, make sure to get things that will last! Nuts, jerky, certain canned goods, etc. Grab meat where available as this is a large sustenance to your health, find yourself shelter — a safe heaven, or a base of operations. It’s best to find a place that would be easy to guard, think of the tactical position you are in — NOT how big the space it.

And A Dozen of these …

3. No Plan.
Well you know not having a back up is bad, but make sure you have an original plan! People like to wing it or “hope for the best”, come on guys, really? The world is over, get with the program! No ones going to hold your hand and skip you down to walmart to get you a tissue, you need to become the big boss in charge, so pull out a map and steer your own course! Remember, have a back up and be prepared for people to try an mess up your plan!

You could always tattoo it to your body so you won’t forget

2. No Weapon.
This is the end of the world, folks, you thought you had to carry mace around in your purses before in dark alley ways? Well guess what, everywhere is a dark alley way now and you’ll want more than just mace, unless its a large flail-type object! Get weapons, guns, knives, and ammo. One of the biggest mistakes people make with weapons is never using them or wasting ammo, don’t be this person.

This would definitively not be useful

1. Trust.
You are quick to trust, smile at someone on the subway, or offer someone some change. Not anymore. Acquire your small band of allies and then keep tight-knit, people are not as “humane” as you pretend they are — they will kill, they will abuse, they will try and gain power. This is the way we were taught, and now its time for people to try and take power in any way they can –even if that means killing you. Stay on your guard, and keep a strong wit about you! Happy surviving!

Trust anyone but that guy

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