Please give to the CofCC.

Please give to the CofCC.

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Are you ready for minority status? Do you think the “new majority” will treat you and yours kindly?

You’re no longer in charge!

“Get this straight: You’re no longer in charge!” That was the harsh message delivered by several speakers at last June’s annual conference of the Council of Conservative Citizens. That’s right, people like us, the founding/settler people of the U.S., who pioneered, sacrificed and built this country are no longer in charge.

Actually, we haven’t been for some time. Powerful elites with tentacles in both major parties have shipped American jobs overseas, denigrated our traditions (especially our Southern and European traditions), and favored minorities over us and our children with programs like racial quotas. And, of course, despite unemployment that tops 10%, both parties still welcome hordes of immigrants, most from non-European countries, to take our jobs and burden our social services.

So, what’s changed? Well, since the extremist Barack Obama became president, one dramatic difference is that many more traditional Americans can see that they are no longer in charge. The present administration doesn’t represent our interests or the interests of OUR people.

Your council has experienced a flood of interest and inquiries. New people contact us to join every day. Our website is being inundated with hits – over 35,000 visitors a week!

More and more people, young working couples afraid of losing jobs or their homes, realize the present government is not theirs, is not working for them, and is even downright hostile toward them. At our last national conference, more than 30% of the attendees were 30 years old or younger.

They are turning to the Council because we are an effective national, grassroots membership organization. We are not a letterhead group. We have active councils across the country, meeting regularly and addressing local issues. We are forming new councils in many parts of the country. We now have local CofCC chapters in 28 states and members in every state in the nation plus a dozen foreign countries.

There now is an unprecedented opportunity for your Council of Conservative Citizens to grow even more.

But, we need your help. Our budget, compared to the foundation-funded enemies of our people, is tiny. We need your generous support, now and in the future, to:

  • Expand our website
  • Distribute our excellent Citizens Informer newspaper and print additional literature for mass distribution
  • Advertise our work
  • Support our battle to stop Obama’s amnesty plan for another 20-million illegals, most of whom will be liberal Democrat voters

What is preserving the land our European founders built worth to you? We each have to ask ourselves this question. Our forefathers sacrificed their blood and treasure. We’re not yet being asked to do that. But we ask: “What is helping America’s biggest conservative membership organization grow and meet the desperate challenge posed by Obama and his band of socialists, people planners, anti-White race hustlers, environmental extremists and mass immigration fanatics, and who have saddled our nation with a crippling national debt?” Is it worth the cost of a movie or a night out? We can’t answer that question for you, but we can promise you that every cent you send will go toward promoting the cause in which we all believe.

We know we can count on your generous support. It is very important. We need your support NOW. However, to carry on into the future, we request that you consider making provisions for us in your estate planning.

Bequests upon death can be made to the Council of Conservative Citizens, a 501(c)(4) organization, and can be made in a variety of ways. In a Will, they can be made as a specific or residuary bequest. They can also be made in a revocable trust. Or they can be made as beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement plan. You may also consider a POD (payment on death) with a bank account or stock, or a TOD (transfer on death) with a vehicle or other real or personal property.

Our sister organization, the Conservative Citizens Foundation, is a 501(c)(3), and gifts to it are tax deductible. So, if you have a large estate and inheritance tax is an issue, you may want to consider giving your gift to the Foundation. The Foundation regularly publishes first-rate intellectual papers and provides studies and dedicated patriotic speakers.

If you need assistance or would like to discuss bequests, call Gordon Lee Baum, esq., at 636-940-8474, or write to him at P.O. Box 221683, St. Louis, MO 63122, or email him at

REMINDER: If you already have a satisfactory Will, it is an easy matter to add a Codicil to include the Council which, of course, must be signed and witnessed just as the original Will. If you do not have a Last Will & Testament or make other arrangements, the state you live in has a Will for you – it’s called Intestacy. Then, those that inherit from you may not be the ones you desire. If you plan to leave something to the Council, it is not required that you tell us in advance. However, it would be helpful for our planning.

This is the first time, in over two decades of existence, that we have made a specific request for financial assistance. We have been remiss in not doing so. Most groups solicit on a regular basis and some exist just to raise money. But, we are rightfully proud of our achievements and many successes, thanks to the dedicated efforts of hundreds of our activist volunteers.

If you would like to help by serving on the Finance Committee or in some other manner, please let us know on the Response Form. We appreciate your thoughtful consideration in this matter.

God Bless!!

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