Germany, Rise Up!

Germany, Rise Up!

You never thought you’d hear a clarion call like that in public, did you?

And there are an awful lot of people who still don’t want to hear it, including quite a few who are otherwise on our side of the fence. They don’t want to see an increase in German national feeling, even if the only alternative is the Islamization of Germany.

It’s music to my ears, however: Germany, arise!

The video below shows an angry protest by a young German woman during a Salafist demonstration last week on the streets of Frankfurt. The original German version has gone viral on the internet, and some people are referring to the heroine of the piece as “the Ann Barnhardt of Germany”. When you watch the clip, you’ll see why — she confronts her countrymen with the same kind of high-spirited scorn for their lack of testicular fortitude.

An interview with the “Heidi” (in English) has been posted at Politically Incorrect.

Many thanks to Kitman for subtitling and YouTubing this video, which I’ve placed below the jump:

Locust: Long over due for ALL European peoples from America to Europe and around the world to rise up! Our nations are being stolen from us, time to unite and take them back! We stand now or soon, and unite, or we will fall like so many before us.

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