Is levee blast is racially motivated?

Is levee blast is racially motivated?

Photo: Cairo, IL is a run down half deserted mini Detroit near the Missouri border. Most residents are black.

The Obama administration ordered the army to blow up a levee and flood 130,000 acres of prime farmland and over one hundred mostly white owned homes. Countless wildlife have been killed as well.

The levee was blown to prevent flooding in the half deserted black welfare town of Cairo, IL. Cairo has a long history of flooding.

In 1920, Cairo, IL was a mostly white town of 15,000. In the 60′s there was race riots and attacks on white people. Whites began fleeing. In 2000, it was down to 3,632 and two thirds black. Today it is down to 2,831 people and mostly black. The majority of the residents are on welfare.

So far 130,000 acres of the best farmland in the nation has been flooded. A hundred white owned home are severely damaged or destroyed.

One must ask if race played a role in the decision to blow the levee. Given a choice between a run down black welfare town and pristine farmland, the Obama administration choose to sacrifice the farmland to prevent (not stop) flooding in Cairo.

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