My THOR Review

My THOR Review

I just watched THOR at the cinema. Apparently, it is worse than I thought. Not only does a black actor play Heimdall (“the whitest of the gods” according to Norse mythology), but one of Thor’s sidekicks is an Asgardian Chinaman (who actually gets mockingly called “Jackie Chan” by an earthling – Fandrall, who is still white in the movie, gets called “Robin Hood”). Asgard is a veritable multiracial paradise, with East Asians serving as horn-helmeted guards of Odin’s throne and blacks, Chinamen and whites mingling happily together at a sumptuous feast at the end. Unlike on Earth, in Asgard all races seem to get along!

— Constantin von Hoffmeister

3 thoughts on “My THOR Review

    • Wow. This is typical everyone, can’t fight us on the facts, so the facts become hate facts, and even though many of us who manage this site are considered by the elites multi ethnic, we r racists for pointing at reality. Like my self for example, im not 100% white, I am also black since one parent is half black, and I love her and my non white sisters. You my friend r the genocidal anti white racist Nazi, you support the destruction of white western civilization, if u r white u are a lib. I don’t support murder or genocide and believe in live and let live. You don’t, you must force yourself and the black people upon the whites who want nothing to do with them. This is reality, if you don’t like go back to whatever drugs u r on.

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