The Problem as the Solution

The Problem as the Solution

From New Zealand come reports that one Peter Dunne, White, and leader of the Left-wing United Future political party, has called for a ‘multiculturalism act’, to ‘stamp out racism and mark the growing multiculturalism of New Zealand society’.

Apparently, the call has been motivated by an incident, whereby a group called Right Wing Resistance (RWR) distributed leaflets bearing the message ‘Stop The Asian Invasion”.

Dunne disapproves of this activity and would like to see it banned, explaining that

[a] Multiculturalism Act would ensure everyone enjoys equal treatment and protection under the law, while formally acknowledging the freedom of all members of New Zealand society to preserve, enhance and share their cultural heritage without fear of persecution.

Yet, when we look at the RWR’s website, we see that they describe themselves as

an organized unified resistance movement against mass immigration, the dilution of our European culture and pride, and the current multicultural agenda created by the current government networks designed to destroy our colonial rights and identity.

Question: Is not Dunne’s proposed Multiculturalism Act meant to formally acknowledge the freedom to do precisely this?

It seems Dunne seeks both to legally protect and legally ban the same thing, simultaneously.

We can imagine the kind of semantic contortions that will have to be contrived in order to conceal the proposed Act’s racially discriminatory, anti-White aims.

Another remarkable aspect of this incident is that, as an explanation, Dunne declares, entirely unself-consciously and without irony, that

[o]fficial statistics already show that almost one in three New Zealanders today are of non-European origin – within the next 15 years that is likely to increase to over 40 percent.

By 2021, for example, a quarter of our population will be of either Asian or Pacific origin.

Question: Would this not be precisely the reason why groups like RWR form in the first place?

A look at the photographs suggests that the membership consists of working-class Whites, exactly the demographic that has typically been worst hit by non-White immigration.

As usual, the Left’s idiotic answer to the social tension caused by multiculturalism is . . . more multiculturalism.

What arrogance.

It is like a disease.

It bears mentioning that the Māori have a protest movement of their own, which in some ways is broadly analogous to those now emerging in traditional White societies and in other former European colonies. Imagine Māori leaders moving energetically to stamp out activist groups campaigning for the preservation of Māori culture and pride. Furthermore, imagine most Māori applauding their leaders’ anti-Māori measures, ostracising the campaigners, and actively encouraging European immigration and Westernisation, regarding their collective ethnic suicide as a measure of virtue. One could scarcely look at such actions without some perplexity, and would indeed wonder, even if convenient, about the mental soundness of such a people and whether Nature has not meant for them to disappear.

In any event, far-away Mr. Dunne is behind the times politically: the state of the art in European politics is for White politicians to say that multiculturalism has failed, and then to engage in deeper levels of deception, hopeful that the citizen will not notice and thus keep the multicultural pressure cooker from exploding.

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