Why Amerika will die.

Blacks will always claim discrimination against white America, though the majority of the government services support their percentage of the population far exceeds their proportion of the total population, even though government entitlement programs continue to provide food, housing, transportation, bill assistance and even cell phones to their population. The black middle-class exists only because of local, state and federal government jobs, jobs that go disproportionately to blacks, affirmative action system guarantees blacks will benefit from any increase in government employment. Private institutions which are government sponsored such as healthcare fields and non-profit groups also provide employment to the vast majority of minorities. Small businesses which are black owned and operated exist through government sponsored loans, lawsuits and support from a system which has past its breaking point in the last decade. Nearly all black executives are affirmative action appointees, puppets placed in positions which will have little to no influence on the over workings of the corporation, insulating their eternal track record of failure from the overall institution.

Blacks claims of inherit racism within the system they overwhelmingly benefit from, a system they run due to their large employment, is nothing more then a visit to the ATM of white Americans. A system that is built around their benefit, a system within which their existence is funded. The tax base of Black Run America is the white Americans. Without which black run America cannot exist. Each year government spending increases and government employment increase, at a loss of private sector jobs and wealth. Each year the number of minorities applying for government assistance increases, guaranteeing an ever increasing source of democrat voters, organized labor which seeks to fill its coffers with government money, also steadily shifts costs of its parasitic relationship to the various levels of government and consumers. As the bureaucracy grows consuming wealth, driving up the cost of living, inflation, forcing down the standard of living for most Americans. The black population reliance on government money steadily increasing faster then the rate at which whites are able to fund, creating massive government debt which have already forced foreign lenders to other shores. We face the inevitable collapse of the American system. Government spending cannot end on its own, government reliance on entitlement programs will only increase in the coming years, and the tax base cannot meet this demand. Raising taxes as some has suggested will only drive tax producers underground, off shore, or out of business, why produce when you will not enjoy the benefits of production. Any tax increase will kill long term growth, thereby lowering government remittances further, and increase private sector unemployment. This is the system the current generation will inherent from the 50+ members of our population, a system that is beyond repair. They sacrificed long term sustainability for short term stability, they choose their own comfort and retirement over the health and safety of their grand children. Hard choice were demanded of their generation, instead they collectively kicked the can down the road, now instead of reforms and higher taxation, we face both and other government ponzi scheme in a failed attempt at salvaging a dying national system and eventual total collapse.

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