Each moment that passes brings us inevitably closer to the collapse of Black-Run America

President Mein Obama visits Memphis: Will he propose the Michael Oher Act?


We have long been a proponent of instituting the Michael Oher Act (MOA) across the nation. Actually, we here at SBPDL originated the idea for the MOA and believe that it is the only action left that could bridge the racial chasm in learning that continues to widen.

Memphis is a failed (Black) city
Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy plucked Michael Oher from the mean streets of Memphis. The current Baltimore Ravens left tackle, the object of uncontrolled admiration by white conservatives across the nation, would never have escaped Memphis were it not for his adoption by white people from the white suburbs.
That his birth mother abandoned him and a brood of 11 other children for a life of drug addiction drugs is an afterthought in the movie The Blind Side; that a loving white family took him into their home and gave him countless hours of tutoring so that he could attend college (where he received countless more hours of tutoring) is the real story.
Memphis is a Black city long ago abandoned by white people. Crime, decadence, murder, rape, and schools that under-perform are the reality that is Memphis. Even Black people of means are abandoning Memphis for the suburbs:
Crime already had grown scary enough in their Raleigh neighborhood, so when drug dealers brazenly opened shop down the street, Thelmon and Barbara Butler got in their car and went for a drive.
They headed east, scouting subdivisions with rustic-sounding names and mazelike cul-de-sacs for a new place to live.
“We drove from street to street,” said Thelmon Butler, 57, pastor of a church in Southeast Shelby County. “We went everywhere.”
They ended up in a three-bedroom brick home off Macon and Houston Levee, on a street that at the time had only one other African-American household.
Now, six years later, the Butlers are among dozens of black families in the Cordova Ridge planned development. They’re representative of a major demographic trend documented in census data released last month.
Although “white flight” was the Memphis area’s dominant population pattern in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s, the first decade of the 21st century witnessed a wave of “black flight” that made many suburban areas more diverse than many older parts of the city, including Midtown.
An analysis of statistics from the Census Bureau’s latest American Community Survey data shows that in 66 suburban census tracts in Shelby County, the estimated number of black residents has increased 56 percent, from 83,019 in 2000 to 129,443 in 2010.
African-Americans now account for fully one-third of all residents in the tracts, up from less than one-quarter a decade ago.
Though few will admit it, the sad, simple truth is that crime will inevitably follow these Black refugees from decaying Memphis to their new environs as surely as night follows day. The Atlantic noticed this in its cover-story published a few short years ago:

On September 27, 2007, a headline in The Commercial Appeal, the city’s biggest newspaper, announced a dubious honor: “Memphis Leads U.S. in Violent Crime.” Local precincts had been seeing their internal numbers for homicide, rape, aggravated assault, and robbery tick up since the late 1990s, starting around the time Barnes saw the first dead car. By 2005, a criminologist closely tracking those numbers was describing the pattern as a crime explosion. In May of 2007, a woman from upscale Chickasaw Gardens was raped by two men, at gunpoint; the assailants had followed her and her son home one afternoon. Outraged residents formed Citizens Against Crime and lobbied the statehouse for tougher gun laws. “People are concerned for their lives, frankly,” said one county commissioner, summarizing the city’s mood. This March, a man murdered six people, including two young children, in a house a few miles south of Old Allen Station.

Falling crime rates have been one of the great American success stories of the past 15 years. New York and Los Angeles, once the twin capitals of violent crime, have calmed down significantly, as have most other big cities. Criminologists still debate why: the crack war petered out, new policing tactics worked, the economy improved for a long spell. Whatever the alchemy, crime in New York, for instance, is now so low that local prison guards are worried about unemployment.

Lately, though, a new and unexpected pattern has emerged, taking criminologists by surprise. While crime rates in large cities stayed flat, homicide rates in many midsize cities (with populations of between 500,000 and 1 million) began increasing, sometimes by as much as 20percent a year. In 2006, the Police Executive Research Forum, a national police group surveying cities from coast to coast, concluded in a report called “A Gathering Storm” that this might represent “the front end … of an epidemic of violence not seen for years.” The leaders of the group, which is made up of police chiefs and sheriffs, theorized about what might be spurring the latest crime wave: the spread of gangs, the masses of offenders coming out of prison, methamphetamines. But mostly they puzzled over the bleak new landscape. According to FBI data, America’s most dangerous spots are now places where Martin Scorsese would never think of staging a shoot-out—Florence, South Carolina; Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina; Kansas City, Missouri; Reading, Pennsylvania; Orlando, Florida; Memphis, Tennessee.

The salient point to take away upon digesting this article is that crime is sure to increase wherever Black people go. Conversely, wherever Black people are, crime is sure to be. And horrible schools. Perhaps it is fate that today President Mein Obama will address the Black denizens of Memphis by speaking to the graduating seniors of Booker T. Washington High School (where 98 percent of students get their lunches free):

President Obama will deliver the commencement address at Booker T. Washington High School in Memphis, the White House announced Tuesday.

The school edged out hundreds of applicants in the Race to the Top Commencement Competition, an annual contest aligned with the president’s education initiative that rewards schools for “promoting college and career readiness.” The graduation ceremony is May 16, according to the White House.

“Booker T. Washington High School proves what can be accomplished when students, teachers, parents and administrators come together to support achievement in the classroom, and I’m looking forward to delivering the commencement address at this extraordinary school soon,” Mr. Obama said in a statement.

According to the White House, the school’s graduation rate rose to 81.6 percent in 2010 from 55 percent three years earlier. Along the way, the school added separate “academies” for male and female freshmen as well as A.P. classes.

Virtually all of Booker T. Washington’s students are African-American, and 98 percent are eligible for free or reduced lunch, said Quintin Taylor, the spokesman for Memphis City Schools. When the city razed the nearby Cleaborn Homes housing project last month, citing crime and blight, 20 percent of the students lost their homes and were scattered around the city. That fact is highlighted in a video submitted by the school for the competition.

“The community that they’re in, there’s poverty and there’s crime. It’s an inner-city American neighborhood,” Mr. Taylor said. ”Despite the circumstances and surroundings, they have been able to achieve at a high level.”

How in the world did this school system raise its graduation rate from 55 percent to 81.6 percent? How about with a $90 million donation from The Gates Foundation and a significant share of the $501 million over four years from the federal government?:
Wilson, with a GPA of 4.8, graduates about 18 months after the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded the city schools $90 million for improving teacher effectiveness and just more than a year after Tennessee won $501 million over four years in the federal Race to the Top competition.
“BTW is easily the poster child for reform efforts that take a few years to get firmly rooted and then bear fruit,” said John Barker, head of research and evaluation for Memphis City Schools.
Among the reform efforts: improving the quality of who gets hired to teach and be principals in MCS, and then placing those people where they can do the most good.
The system has also been casting a wider net for new teachers, doubling the number of Teach for America positions and hiring earlier in the season to increase the chances of getting the most talented prospects.
It is offering incentives to faculty and staff at schools that meet graduation, test score and teacher-retention goals.
In high priority schools such as BTW, principals can get $4,000 per year for meeting recruitment and retention goals, plus payoffs for student achievement.
Principal Alisha Kiner received $5,750 in bonuses this year for gains Wilson says helped her.
The biggest benefit was “the chance to take Advanced Placement courses.”
“They really do boost your academics up. … It really does make a difference,” Wilson said.
Students that pass the five-point final exam with a 3 or more typically get college credit.
Three years ago, BTW had one AP class. Today it has three, and Wilson took them all.
Since 2008, when Supt. Kriner Cash arrived, MCS has added 60 AP sections, beefing up offerings in schools such as BTW and Hamilton High where there had been few if any AP choices.
Let’s be honest.  In a year, we’ll learn that much of what was touted as academic progress in Memphis was largely grade inflation and fraud, just like what happened in Atlanta’s and Washington D.C.’s school system. Newsweek did a big story just two weeks ago (Back to School for Billionaires) that showed all of the money invested by people like Bill Gates and other billionaires had done absolutely nothing to improve test scores.
Only cheating – like that done in Atlanta and Washington D.C – can show improvements that no amount of money or nurturing can hope to see overcome the menacing reality of nature.
Memphis is no different. It’s good to see Booker T. Washington High School get AP classes, but we know that Black students perform poorly on AP exams when compared to their white, Asian or Hispanic counterparts. In many parts of the country, talks are underway to remove these classes.
Here you can find an article that delineates the troubling failure rate of Tennessee students on AP exams and the high cost to the city of Memphis for fielding an AP classes.
Worse, these programs cost money, and Memphis City Schools is insolvent (despite that cash infusion from the Gates Foundation and Race to the Top Program). Recently voting to dissolve their own school district in order to force a merger with the predominately white Shelby County School Districts (white people having long ago fled Memphis to the areas surrounding the city so their children could be educated around only white students), those in charge of the Memphis City Schools system admit to being an abject failure and a lesson of what happens when Black people take over (just like Birmingham, Baltimore, DC and Atlanta).
Tensions in Memphis are hot right now over this decision, because white people who work for Federal Express, International Paper and other Fortune 500 companies based in Memphis pay good money to live far away from the rot that is Black Memphis. Insulating their families in suburban white cities is no longer enough to keep the Black Undertow at bay.
Memphis is a Black city. It is a failing city. No, that’s not true. It is a failed city.
Yet President Obama’s visit to Booker T. Washington today will be regarded as a fairy tale moment for the city’s Black inhabitants, as this article makes clear:
In explaining why Booker T. Washington High School won the Race To The Top challenge to earn its commencement speech Monday from President Barack Obama, the White House cited statistics of various school achievements.
But anyone who watched the videos submitted by finalists could see elements in BTW’s entry that numbers cannot measure — passion, motivation and, quite clearly, an enthusiasm for Obama.
When Obama comes to Memphis, the moment will take on a meaning even larger than that usually associated with a presidential visit.
The nation’s first black president will be visiting, for the first time since his 2008 election, one of the most important cities for African-American culture, achievement and history — and engaging a high school with its own historic and symbolic significance for the city.
Rev. Noel Hutchinson is the big, wryly funny pastor of First Baptist Church-Lauderdale, which sits catty-corner from the high school and where, photos indicate, some of BTW’s first graduations were held. His job is to help people see, as his church bulletin for today puts it, “what God can do.”
But this week’s “marvelous reality” is such that, Hutchinson says, it “boggles the mind.”
“As the first black president, he symbolically represents all the hopes and dreams many of us as a people have for ourselves,” Hutchinson said. “He embodies great success and the great symbolism of one who came up through many challenges to become the president of the United States. And now he is coming to a neighborhood in one of the poorest  ZIP codes in Memphis that in recent years has been been consistently overlooked.
“That in and of itself will do great things to shape self esteem for generations to come.”
To understand Obama’s popularity in neighborhoods like BTW’s, consider the voting in the 2008 election contest with Arizona Sen. John McCain. There were 1,077 votes cast for president at the nearest precinct, Georgia Avenue Elementary — all but four for Obama.
In all, there were 15 precincts in the city of Memphis where Obama received 99 percent or more of the votes, and 115 precincts that gave him at least 90 percent of the vote. And while the city in general and black voters in particular traditionally vote for Democratic candidates, the support for Obama was of another order of magnitude — he carried Shelby County by 110,412 votes, or about 52,000 more than Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry’s margin here in 2004.
“He is coming into a community that is proud of his achievements and appreciative of his hard work,” Hutchinson said.
U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen said polling of Memphis voters has shown one unerring consistency — Obama receives 90-plus percent approval ratings among African-American voters.
“He’s an iconic figure in American history and an iconic figure in the African-American community,” said Cohen, who often refers to the Obama family as the “Kennedys” of the 21st century. “His popularity is unsurpassed.”
In Shelby County, 42 percent of Black people are on EBT Food stamps compared to 6 percent of whites. The area President Obama will visit has an average annual income of less than $11,000, one of the highest crime rates in the nation, and most of the citizens rely on federal assistance for housing.
Oh, and don’t forget what we already mentioned: 98 percent of students at Booker T. Washington get free lunches.

Memphis City Schools have failed, capitulated in hopes of merging with the white school system of Shelby County. The school system has a $100 million gap it must close.

But Mein Obama rushes to Memphis for a photo op with Black students who rely on donations from billionaires and tax payer money to subsist.. The Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) in the media will probably cry over this wonderful moment, and African spirituals will be belted out by Black people in choir robes and every Black person whose name is called to receive a diploma will have their extended family yell loudly in appreciation for this historic moment.

But Those Who Can See will know the truth. Each moment that passes brings us inevitably closer to the collapse of Black-Run America (BRA), an eventuality that will play itself out regardless of what you do.

“If we don’t act now, there might not be much of an America left to defend,” said the Secretary of Defense in Independence Day, after the alien invaders destroyed more American cities..

Those Who Can See don’t have to act, nor will alien invaders have to destroy major American cities. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Detroit, Batimore, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis and dozens if not hundreds of other cities have been destroyed by a population that still supports Mein Obama with 90 percent approval ratings.

Oddly, the male population of that same voting group is nearly 50 percent unemployed.

It’s going to be a long summer.

So enjoy the photo op in Memphis, Mein Obama. We’re sure you’ll give an outstanding speech that MSNBC, CNN and other news outlets will declare magnificent, moving and ground-breaking.

But Those Who Can See know the truth. Those Who Can See look upon Memphis and realize its morose state is just a reflection of nature. The Tuohys invested millions – even forsook their own kids – to help Michael Oher succeed and ultimately play for a sub-par Ole Miss football team (or, as we might more aptly call the school that so easily gave up many of its traditions, the University of Northern Mississippi football team).

It’s our hope President Obama devoted some of his speech to mentioning The Michael Oher Act, the one piece of legislation left that could improve the conditions of future Black communities. If not, his speech will have been in vain.

Spies Like Us? The Intelligence Gathering Community is about to get Mandated Diversity

Spies (NOT) Like Us? Your government wants more Black people in the Intelligence Agencies

Recently, NASA gave a huge amount of money to Morgan State University, an HBCU in Baltimore that has an honors program requirement of a 24 or more on an ACT or a 1100 on an SAT. Oh, and a 3.0 in high school. NASA has long desired finding Black engineers for reasons that only a working knowledge of Black-Run America (BRA) can help explain:

Morgan State University will receive a landmark $28.5 million portion of a massive $95.8-million, five-year grant from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The grant, which allows the East Baltimore school to conduct research supporting NASA’s Earth and space science projects, is the largest in Morgan’s 144-year history.

School President Dr. David Wilson, who announced plans to double grants and research at Morgan in 10 years during his inaugural speech, celebrated the grant and its potential impact on students.

“Morgan is committed to its graduates being strong, not just in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields but also in critical thinking and global awareness and that is exactly what this grant will do,” said Wilson in a statement. “I am convinced that through this partnership our students will be provided with even richer experiences and many more opportunities, for example, to do internships at NASA. On the other hand, NASA benefits from having access to a more diverse body of talent from which to recruit in the future.”

It was Morgan’s commitment to STEM disciplines that prompted USRA to select the school for its elite research team. Morgan boasts doctoral programs in bioenvironmental sciences, the state-of-the-art Richard N. Dixon Center for Science Research and the Center for the Built Environment and Infrastructure Studies, which is currently being built.

Baltimore officials reacted to news of Morgan’s historic grant, including Maryland state Sen. Joan Carter Conway, who lauded NASA’s partnership with the school. “I am elated to hear that Morgan was selected for this partnership with USRA and NASA,” said Conway in a press release. “This really affirms the University’s stature in the higher education community as one of the nation’s leaders in producing African-American scientists and engineers.”

Remember that the military desires diversity within the Naval Academy and US Coast Guard, and has lowered requirements for Black applicants to achieve this desired result. Already plans are underway and millions of dollars are being spent to entice Black people to try-out for the nearly all-white Navy SEALs.

Now, your elected officials find the Intelligence community to be a bastion of whiteness that can only be replaced with mandates requiring an immediate cessation of hiring white people and, in their place, the immediate hiring of Black people and other non-whites:

On Thursday, Republicans allowed Democrats to offer two amendments that would mandate pilot programs and studies to facilitate diversity within the intelligence agencies.  I don’t begrudge the GOP leaders for running an open process and allowing Democrats to offer amendments.  The problem is that they adopted the amendments by voice vote, instead of voting them down.  Well, if the timeworn bromide that “Republicans only control one-half of one-third of government” is sufficient justification for failure to pass prudent legislation, it should certainly justify their scuttling of multicultural amendments.

Here are the two amendments:

H.AMDT. 289 John Barrow (D-GA): An amendment numbered 2 printed in House Report 112-75 to task the Director of National Intelligence with creating a pilot grant program for Historically Black Colleges and Universities to assist in creating and maintaining academic curricula that teach advanced critical foreign languages, and for study abroad programs. Amendment aims to help intelligence community meet strategic, diversity and critical language goals.

Waters #19 (D-CA): This amendment would require a report from the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community on the extent to which racial and ethnic minorities in the United States are employed by the intelligence community. The report would also have to address barriers to the recruitment and retention of additional racial and ethnic minorities in intelligence community positions. This report would be required within 180 days of enactment. The amendment text can be viewed here. (Source: RSC summary)

This is not an earth shattering issue because the amendments don’t (yet) place consequential mandates or racial quotas on our intelligence organizations.  However, they might invite further criticism of diversity problems, augmenting the pressure to impose quotas.  What happens if the report reveals a dearth of group A or color B within the NSA?

Also, a diversity study in itself, a desideratum of the left, is an anathema to our belief in equal opportunity over equal results.  Do we need to gratuitously approve liberal social engineering endeavors while we are in control of the House?  Do we really want to open the door for racial quotas in such critical fields as intelligence and national security?  Is this the time to give liberals fodder to advocate that we dumb down our most important government agencies?  Are we going to agree to study the lack of diversity among the SEAL teams as well?

Obviously, we must be judicious in picking fights with leadership.  This certainly isn’t one of them.  However, regrettably, it shows us that when we see baneful legislation coming up for a vote, we cannot necessarily count on leadership to vote it down.  A similar thing occurred earlier this year when a number of Republicans approved an Obamacare program under a suspension vote on a ‘non-controversial’ Democrat amendment.  Nobody was disquieted by the scheduling of such a vote because it was presumed that the Republican majority would easily defeat it.

We must continue to focus our attention and shed light on every aspect of the legislative process; committee markups, committee and leadership position appointments (yes, we’re talking to you, Senator McConnell), roll calls, “benign amendments”, and suspension votes.  We do not have a Tea Party Congress yet; we merely have a minority of individuals who are aligned with the virtues of the Tea Party.

We got this from a reader who finds Redstate.com worth following. It’s not. Or else they’d already know the military has commissioned studies that denounce the Navy SEALs for being “too-white” and have spent millions trying to find Black people to replace them.

So in an effort to create diversity in the intelligence community, we must throw money at HBCU (which The New York Times called a waste of money) and mandate quotas for minorities and the reporting of the percentage of non-whites within the military. Oh, and we have to help Black people (who already don’t enjoy studying abroad) study abroad so they can immerse themselves in other cultures.

All we can think of when we read stories like this are hilarious scenes from film and Spies Like Us come to mind right now. We are a nation that has a military where men of the caliber of Alvin Greene can make careers pushing papers in the military and men of the caliber of Navy SEALs, Naval Academy cadets and US Coast Guard Cadets can be told they are too white and must have standards lowered to accommodate Black people who can’t even pass firefighter tests.

And now, we need more Black people to become spies like us but have to lower standards to achieve that goal.

Of course seeing Dr. J or Dr. Dre try and perform this scene from Spies Like Us would be hilarious.

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