The Núñez Family: One More Latino Family We Don’t Need in the US

The Núñez Family: One More Latino Family We Don’t Need in the US

by James Buchanan

A lot of White Americans have some delusion that the rapidly changing racial demographics of America will not affect them. Well, here’s a little story about just one Latino family:

Whenever a moderate or liberal White person sees a minority in a suit in some white-collar job, they have an illusion that this is a “good” minority –one that went to college and is contributing to society. Well, Fabian Núñez wears a suit and he held an impressive political office, Speaker of the California state Assembly, but what did Fabian do with that power?

Fabian used that office to push for the California Global Warming Act, a highly intrusive industry-strangling act that has already chased a number of productive businesses out of the state. Two studies of the California Global Warming Act have estimated that it will cost the golden state over a million jobs. On top of all that, the Act was passed just as the minority subprime mortgage crisis erupted, which has plunged our economy into a Depression with a real unemployment level of over 20 percent.

You’d think that would be enough damage to society from one Latino family, but wait there’s more. Fabian’s son, Esteban Núñez considered himself a gang leader. When turned away from a private party, after trying to crash it, Núñez and his gang returned to the party armed with knives. Núñez stabbed one man in the back and then stabbed him again in the front. Another gang member stabbed to death Luis Santos.

Esteban Núñez got 16 years for his role in leading a gang attack that left one man dead and two other men seriously injured. Because Fabian Núñez was friends with Governor Scwarzenegger, the governor shortened Esteban’s sentence to a mere 7 years.

Fabian Núñez’s parents come from Tijuana, Mexico. Fabian has 11 siblings in his family. If we had a sane immigration department, his family would never have been allowed into the United States. California would not have been saddled with an oppressive Global Warming Act that is killing jobs to this day, and Núñez’s riff raff son would not have been raised in Los Angeles, where he engaged in gang activity, stabbed innocent people and helped cause the death of one man.

It’s not just the huge financial burden caused by millions of needy Third World poor, that tells us we should slam shut the border to Mexico. It’s also the devotion to crazy far-left politics and the tendency toward crime by Latinos that makes them unworthy to be US citizens. The Núñez family should wake up reasonable White people to the problems that Latinos cause for a White society.

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