Black Political Corruption Story Number #2,654

Black Political Corruption Story Number #2,654

by Jeff Davis

Again, another subject matter that seems virtually endless–more corruption in the black-run city of Detroit. There seems to be simply no end to it.

The Detroit Free Press reports: “A Detroit nonprofit that received a no-bid, $1.2-million contract from the city to provide services to low-income people misspent $200,000 on furniture that ended up in city offices, the Free Press has learned. The Human Services Department issued the contract last year to Clark & Associates exclusively to pay its employees to assist with the city’s food and clothing assistance programs. But records obtained by the Free Press show the nonprofit spent $210,344 of the contract on furniture that is now at the Human Services Department’s office at 5031 Grandy.”

It’s called a kickback.

Exactly where did this money come from? Is there any tax base left in Detroit at all? Or is it all just federal handouts and maybe some Third-World aid? I know virtually every White resident fled from the Motor City decades ago, and it’s now almost all blacks. There are still a few old-line White liberals at the Detroit Free Press, or else the paper wouldn’t have bothered to expose black corruption at all.

The article notes “By using a service contract to buy furniture, the department violated a city ordinance that requires City Council approval for purchases of more than $25,000, said Greg Murray, vice president and administrative representative for the Senior Accountants, Analysts and Appraisers Association, which represents some of the Human Services employees. ‘A department that gave a no-bid contract to a company gets more than $200,000 in furniture?… There’s something wrong,’ said Murray, who made the council aware of the contract and purchase. A division of the council is investigating the contract but hasn’t been able to get answers from the department, Councilwoman Brenda Jones said. The department didn’t respond to Free Press requests for comment.”

Why should they? Let’s get real here, is anything going to be done? By whom? The police and legal authorities in Detroit are negro as well.

Anyway, back to the Detroit Free Press: “The furniture began arriving late last year. Cherrywood desks, chairs and tables replaced older furniture on various floors of the Detroit Human Services Department. Employees, whose wages were cut by 10% last year, were dumbfounded. Turns out, the money used to buy the furniture was supposed to support programs for lower-income residents, according to records obtained by the Free Press.”

In other words, it was supposed to have simply been passed out to crack heads and welfare queens, but instead some uppity negro in the city government decided he wanted a cool office and bought a bunch of cherrywood desks and mahogany wastebaskets and leather upholstered swivel chairs.

The article continues “The Human Services issued a no-bid, $1.2-million contract to the nonprofit Clark & Associates in Detroit. Although the contract required Clark & Associates to spend all of the money on wages for employees to help provide food and clothes to struggling Detroit residents…”

Wait a minute… What exactly does “help provide food and clothes”? Aren’t most of these people on food stamps already? Over a million dollars for wages to people to “help provide food and clothes”…does anyone know exactly what this money was supposed to have been spent on originally? You almost get the idea that somebody expected this money to be stolen and pissed away.

The article notes “Whether all of the furniture ended up in city offices remains a mystery because department leaders declined to explain the purchase with the Free Press, saying they would reveal information only under the Freedom of Information Act. In addition, neither Mayor Dave Bing nor officials with Clark & Associates would comment on the contract and furniture purchase.” In Detroit they can get away with doing that because they’re black.

Long story short, how many times over the past five years have I been writing stories illustrating that blacks simply cannot keep their fingers out of the cookie jar? They are biologically and genetically incapable of comprehending the concept of private property or taxpayers’ money. Nor do they understand that this money does not belong to them and they cannot spend it on themselves as they please. You might as well try to teach business ethics to your dog than to get black politicians to understand them.

One thought on “Black Political Corruption Story Number #2,654

  1. I think this article is racially motivated, but also points out what has been happening in America for many years. The Rockefellers, Kennedys, Madoffs, Goldman Sacs execs, all swindlers. What makes it most shocking is when one begins to cross racial lines and see that a select few number of blacks with political power and influence get in on the art form of cheating taxpayers. Not only should one raise an eyebrow but it seems black politicians should not be allowed to do this, in which I agree. However blatant hatred for blacks and the names dished out in this article “welfare queen” and “crackheads” is totally uncalled for and unnecessary. Let’s point out injustices and not making disparaging remarks about one particular racial group. In addition, the members of the city of Detroit are the victims. The money that was stolen from them should be overseen by a third-party program that has no vested interest to make sure that people are receiving aid and services. It is a crying shame that these politicians bought furniture with taxpayer’s money. It is a crying shame what happened to the community of Detroit. Find politicians that care about the people and not a payday and restore the broken communities. Black, White, Asian, Indian, Pacific Islander, it doesn’t matter poverty has no color. This atrocity almost sounds like what’s happening in these rebel infested cities in parts of Africa like Somalia or the Sudan where the U.N. is delivering food and supplies to the areas that need it, but the thugs with the guns are taking it and reselling for profit. And the thugs with the guns are not some outside organization, its their own people. This doesn’t make it right, this just means that it is criminal by nature and an injustice to the people. Being black is not a crime. The criminals committing the crime are the issue.

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