End of America is Coming, be ready

We could have been on mars.

Engineers, scientists, accountants, congressmen, doctors, educators, all agree.

The money the america has spent over the last 50 years to uplift the poor black man from his genetic predetermined fate could have spent on more wise of return on investment. In total America has spent some 100 trillion dollars on the black community, in the form of ebt cards, food stamp program, welfare, welfare to work program, head start for black youths, schools lunches, closing the black-white achievement gap, affirmative action litigations, equal employment opportunity litigations, court costs, incarceration, prison construction, police expansion, private security expansion, housing expansion for white flight, energy subsidize, low income project housing subsidize, section 8 housing, montage assistance to black community, urban youth programs, gang task force prevention, insurance costs, reconstruction of katrina “victims,” fane mae, fredie mac, and hundreds of dozens of programs for the black community, account for an ever growing, ever increasing black hole within america. There is simply not enough money to close the gap mother nature created, there is not enough gold or treasure on earth to effect the evolution of a people. Today is a sad day.

NASA has officially closed the constellation program, thereby ending Americas space program, america is no longer a space faring nation, we don’t have the money. This program has already 10 billion in invested research and design, but propping up a failed race men in a last ditch effort at normalizing 400 years of unassimilated masses of Africans has cost the United States of America its future.

We are living in the finally years of the American Imperium. I say on to all those with eyes and ears. A nation who collapses, a civilization that dies, due to multiculturalism, diversity of its non homogeneous population, costs of its massive legal/illegal population, and elites who burden the people with debts in the hundreds of trillions, what hope do we have left?

I have seen the future, its the polar opposite of this inverted world we inhabit. Mother nature hates a contradiction, the equation must be balanced, debts must be paid in full. And America has had its chance, its people are weak, its leadership corrupted, its beliefs and heritage lost. We have nothing to blame but ourselves, for what is to come. America may be over, but I fear what is to rise from the ashes of a nation destroyed by diversity and multiculturalism, because it will be anything but.

Be forewarned, time is nil, the ragnarok approaches.

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