America’s Negro Spring

America’s Negro Spring

Liberals and neocons are inclined to romanticize civil unrest by non-Whites when they can gaze at it on cable news from the safety of their living rooms. Hence, the “Arab Spring.” When American Blacks act up, on the other hand, the Beltway crowd prefers not to talk about it. At most, they’ll promise to address the matter with new social legislation. They certainly never wax hopeful about violent disturbances that threaten their status quo.

In a gutsy move, Drudge has detailed this nation-wide social phenomenon, which includes a hilarious story about gay SWPLs in Miami pushing back against the violenent antics attendant to “Urban Weekend.” (We are assured that “it’s not about race”…)



It’s worth revisiting my piece from last summer on the “flash mob” phenomenon, “Race Riots 2.0.” These latest outrages on the beach appear to be the canary in the coal mine of a major social and economic breakdown.

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