The Fall of Black Run America by Hunter Wallace

Racial Tensions Boiling In North Carolina

The Rev. William Barber, leader of the North Carolina NAACP, is arrested after disrupting the North Carolina House of Representatives

North Carolina

The last two articles about The Color of Crime in North Carolina were intended to prepare the ground for this one.

Before plunging into this topic, I want to briefly review some recent stories which provide the indispensable racial context of what we are about to discuss:

In Review

(1) As everyone here remembers, the 2011 Amren Conference was cancelled in February on account of NAACP pressure led by the African-American Mayor Pro Tem of Charlotte, Patrick Cannon.

(2) In April, Eric Loznicka was dragged from his vehicle and nearly murdered by a black lynch mob in Vance County, North Carolina.

(3) White parents are revolting against desegregation in Wake County which contains the Raleigh-Durham metropolitan area.

(4) In one of my last posts in February, I drew attention to three bills in the North Carolina legislature which targeted illegal aliens and voter fraud, in particular a Voter ID bill that had aroused strong opposition from the North Carolina NAACP.

(5) In a recent Pew study, we learned that “Solid Liberals” are the only group in America that believes “racism” is holding back African-Americans and that more needs to be done to advance “civil rights” in this country.

(6) A few days ago, The New York Times convened a roundtable panel of DWLs and Token Blacks to discuss “Is Anti-White Bias a Problem?”

In the 2000s, White people began to perceive anti-White bias as being a more serious and growing problem than anti-black prejudice for the first time in fifty years. This is a momentous shift in racial attitudes among White Americans.

(7) We have drawn attention to the systematic economic mismanagement of Black Run America (such as building a National African-American History Museum that White people won’t visit) and the squandering of White taxpayer dollars on social services for African-Americans on so many occasions that I will simply refer you to the May archives.

(8) Every week the Rasmussen polls record the onset of massive White disillusionment with Black Run America. White people are seething with resentment. We saw a preview of this in the 2010 midterm elections.

50 percent of likely voters believe the U.S. will go bankrupt before the federal budget is balanced.

35 percent of Americans believe the nation’s best days are in the future. 59 percent of African-American voters and 73 percent of the political class believe that America’s best days are in the future. 31 percent of White voters believe that the future will be better than the past.

29 percent Americans believe that America is heading in the right direction. 65 percent of African-American voters and 72 percent of the political class believe America is headed in the right direction. 23 percent of White voters and 76 percent of mainstream voters disagree.

Why are African-Americans so optimistic about the future of America in spite of having the highest unemployment rate in the nation?

“According to a recent survey by Experian, African-American consumption grew by over 50 percent from the year 2000 to 2008 ($590 billion to $913 billion), and it is expected to grow to over $1.2 trillion dollars by the year 2013. The study also shows that blacks are more economically optimistic than whites, with 36 percent of us stating that we expect our financial future to improve, as opposed to 31 percent for all adults.

The Experian study says a couple of things: First, it says that black people love to consume and that we are getting better at it. In fact, black people have historically been very good at buying things and working hard to get them, but we are not very good at production, investment and saving our money. We grab our tax refunds and run to the mall. We become highly paid corporate lawyers in order to purchase the house and car we really can’t afford. We are chubby kids in the economic candy store, accelerating our collective addiction to the monetary engines controlled by corporate greed.”

Because of Black Run America, there is no necessary link between African-American consumption of material goods and public services, which has grown by an incredible 50 percent in ten years (sub-prime loans are the tip of the iceberg), and the overall economic health of African-American households (seen in their savings rate), which have an average net worth of $8,650.

Keep in mind that these are African-American households: the average single back woman in her prime working years has a net worth of $5 dollars. These are the welfare queens who dominate the public transportation system in Montgomery.

(9) The final piece of this puzzle is the stagnant, rotting Obama economy which is running on the fumes of a Keynesian debt fueled expansion, and especially how this is playing out in the states where Republican-controlled state legislatures are slashing budgets that have are having a real impact upon African-Americans.

BRA Race Relations: A Summary

If we had to summarize the present historical situation in American race relations, it would go something like this:

65 percent of White America is solidly opposed to Barack Hussein Obama, 69 to 77 percent of White America is disillusioned with the future of the country, and the average White American believes that enough has been done to uplift blacks and that anti-White bias is about a 4 on a scale of 10.

11 percent of White Americans rank anti-White bias a 10 on a scale of 10. By 2030, the average White American will rank anti-White bias an 8 on a scale of 10 and anti-black prejudice a 0 on a scale of 10.

The only people who believe in the future of Black Run America are African-Americans and the DWLs that cater to them and who run the existing system for their mutual benefit (i.e., robbing White taxpayers in exchange for the black vote). We have multiple polls (Rasmussen, Pew, Gallup) which show that no one else believes in its lies.

White conservatives are still scared to challenge Black Run America, but there is so much pent up racial resentment in White America that an explosion is bound to happen at some point.

We have already seen how this growing racial anxiety is being skillfully channeled by Republican politicians into symbolic attacks on Black Run America through things like Arkansas banning saggy pants, Florida requiring drug tests for welfare benefits, Oklahoma banning affirmative action, or Georgia and South Carolina passing SB 1070 copycat laws.

Summertime in Mayberry

North Carolina is a place where all the stresses of BRA are starting to create visible fractures in existing system of race relations.

North Carolina is 21.6 percent African-American. According to Crime in North Carolina, 2009, African-Americans are committing 44.5 percent of the rapes and 47.8 percent of the homicides in North Carolina. 88.7 percent of the interracial rapes are Black-on-White in North Carolina.

The welfare statistics are incredible: 60.9 percent of people on TANF welfare in North Carolina are African-American and 5.9 percent are Hispanics.

In North Carolina, Whites are only 13 percent of people below the poverty line: 33 percent of poor people are African-American, 40 percent are Hispanic, and 25 percent are listed as “Other.”

North Carolina has managed to import 40 percent of its poverty from Latin America to complement the 33 percent of its poverty that is African-American.

57 percent of inmates in North Carolina prisons are African-American. Although racial statistics aren’t available, we know enough about Hispanic crime rates to project that another 13 percent of the prison population must be Hispanic.

North Carolina is a Southern state with big cities and a large African-American population. It also has one of the biggest Hispanic populations too. It has a terrible problem with African-American and Hispanic poverty and welfare usage.

We have enough information to speculate that 70 percent of criminal justice spending and welfare spending in North Carolina must be getting wasted on African-Americans and Hispanics.

If African-Americans and Hispanics disappeared from North Carolina, 70 percent of crime and poverty would disappear. Every town in North Carolina would be a Whitopia like Mayberry.

Because of its unusual racial composition, North Carolina has the potential to produce some of the most explosive scenes in the inevitable downfall of Black Run America.

The 21st Century Civil Rights Movement in North Carolina

Ever since the civil rights martyrdom of Crystal Magnum in the Duke Lacrosse Scandal (for those who haven’t followed Ms. Magnum since then, she recently murdered her boyfriend), African-Americans in North Carolina have dreamed of a new Civil Rights Movement and a new Martin Luther King to complete their pole vault over White people.

In recent weeks, the North Carolina NAACP has been making a lot of noise and has popped up on my radar screen several times now. This is a story which to me perfectly captures the present historical moment:

RALEIGH — The Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina branch of the NAACP, and six others arrested during Tuesday’s session of the N.C. House decided to spend the night in the Wake County jail.

Barber and the other organization leaders were charged by General Assembly Police with disorderly conduct and second-degree trespassing, both misdemeanors, after they shouted at legislators from gallery.

The group chanted, “Fund education, not incarceration,” and “Save our children, don’t cut education.”

Barber shouted, “What doth the Lord require?” and the others chanted, “Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly with God.” The words are from a Bible verse, Micah 6:8.

Barber was transported by ambulance under police escort to the Wake County jail, where he appeared before a magistrate.

General Assembly Police Chief Jeff Weaver said Barber was not injured in any way but had to be transported by ambulance because of his size. . ..

As he was being taken into custody, Barber said they were protesting the “extreme, draconian” budgets proposed by legislative Republicans. Both the proposed House and Senate spending plans would make deep cuts to nearly every area of state government, especially education and social programs.

Also at issue, Barber said, are such GOP actions as holding up extended unemployment benefits, changes to voting laws and the fact that the NAACP members have not been able to schedule a meeting with House Speaker Thom Tillis.

“It’s about going backward,” said Barber, who is the pastor at Greenleaf Christian Church Disciples of Christ in Goldsboro.

From the floor of the legislature, Tillis said the protest was “one of the most disruptive, disrespectful acts I’ve ever seen.”

The story gets even better:

The North Carolina NAACP has accused the North Carolina Tea Party of seizing the Republican Party and publicly stated that it has “declared war on African Americans, poor people and other minorities.”

Rep. Stephen LaRoque (R-Lenoir) has fired back by labeling the NAACP a racist organization:

“I have no interest in receiving anything from a Racist such as William Barber,” LaRoque wrote in his reply, referring to the state president for the NAACP. “He and the NC NAACP represent everything that is wrong with race relations in our state and country. You should be ashamed of yourself for continuing to promote racism but that is the modern day legacy of the NAACP as a racist organization led by Racist individuals who are Cowards.”

“I’m sick of getting these race-baiting, racist-type action alerts, e-mails, whatever you want to call them,” LaRoque said in an interview at his Kinston office. “The modern-day NAACP promotes racism. That’s what they’re doing. They’re stirring the racial pot. It’s where they get their funding. It’s how they get their influence.”

“He’s willing to go in and disrupt the House of Representatives? How dare he? Who does he think he is?” LaRoque said. “It’s time for North Carolinians to shun this type of individual.”

The timid BRA’ified Republican House Speaker has responded to the disruption caused by the North Carolina NAACP on the House floor:

(RALEIGH) — The Speaker of the North Carolina House reacted to state NAACP President Rev. Williams Barbor’s claims that Republican policies are out of touch with the African American community. Speaker Thom Tillis said that Republican efforts are better then when the Democrats were in charge.

“The policies of the past have had devastating impacts on the very people he seems to be the spokesman for. We’re trying to help everybody, including those that Mr. Barber says that he’s working for. We think that education outcomes among African Americans are unacceptable. We need to do better them,” said Tillis.

The Republican Party of North Carolina are the ones who are really trying to help African-Americans. In other words, White conservatives in North Carolina are slashing the healthcare and education budget, but in Black Run America this has to be disguised in BRA racial etiquette about our noble, selfless, completely altruistic desire to help black people.

In reality, White people are not feeling very altruistic at all toward African-Americans in North Carolina. It is with great amusement that we noticed that “reader comments have been disabled on this story because of numerous violations of our comment policy” at the website.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, the prospects of the Rev. William Barber and Kojo Nantambu of the Charlotte NAACP leading “a 21st century Civil Rights Movement” in North Carolina are not looking favorable.

The Rev. William Barber and the rest of the modern “civil rights leadership” in North Carolina were arrested for disrupting the North Carolina House of Representatives over budget cuts and no one but DWLs and African-Americans cared.

Rev. Barber was so fat and had so much gravitas that he had be transported to jail in an ambulance. This obese joke is almost a Merovingian successor to the MLK legacy.

The future of Black Run America in North Carolina is pregnant in this story:

Because of the collapsing economy of the Obamanation which is due to systematic economic mismanagement of White taxpayer dollars, not to mention half a dozen other terminal crises, which range from retiring White Baby Boomers to the impact of illegal immigration on the welfare state to revolutionary changes in White racial attitudes and finally to the Godzilla of scarcity which is the long term energy crisis presented by Peak Oil, the future of race relations in North Carolina are grim.

Ominously, Sarah and Todd recently rode a Harley into Washington, DC from the Heartland with Rolling Thunder, which has provoked Hitler 2.0 comparisons from excitable DWLs:

Black Run America is certain to go out with a bang, bang, bang in North Carolina (whoops, that is already happening) on “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working” and “The Day The Criminals Are Released From Prison.” That day is coming sooner than we think.

We agree with SBPDL that the collapse of Atlanta will produce the most spectacular racial implosion in the American South, but North Carolina metropolises like Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham are also destined to produce some of the most vivid and memorable scenes of Blackpocalypse.

It’s time to overthrow BRA and restore Mayberry.

Link: Reddit Discussion

Update: Many thanks to SBPDL for drawing our attention to the 187 committed on Antwan Smith in Charlotte and the 70 arrests of African-Americans that occurred there over the weekend.* It is already shaping up to be a hot summer in North Carolina.

The murder was the explosive end to a chaotic night in uptown Charlotte that started, police say, when groups of young people — some as young as ten years old — came into the Center City area and began disrupting traffic, hassling pedestrians and forcing their way into at least one convenience store where they tried to steal things off the shelves.

Just imagine the rude awakening from Black Run America that DWLs in places like Cary and Durham are going to get in North Carolina on “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working.” The 2012 Democratic National Convention is scheduled to be held in Charlotte.

Update: The comments on the Charlotte Observer Speed Street riot story have also been closed.

Update: In preparation for The Color of Welfare: North Carolina, I have noticed that 27 percent of African Americans in Mecklenberg County, 23 percent in Cabarrus County, 25 percent in Union County, 28 percent in Rowan County, 25 percent in Iredell County, and 33 percent in Catawba County are on EBT Cards.

In neighboring South Carolina, which is part of the Charlotte Metropolitan Area, 28 percent of African-Americans in York County, 45 percent in Chester County, and 37 percent in Lancaster County are on EBT Cards.

Let My Criminals Go!

California ordered to empty a quarter of inmates from prison


It has come to my attention that one of the most important stories in many years is now unfolding in California: The Day The Criminals Are Released From Prison.

The Supreme Court has ordered California to get rid of 34,000 criminals in the overcrowded state penitentiary system over the next two years. 13,000 have already been released from prison.

California is broke and can’t afford to spend more money on constructing new prison facilities for Hispanic and African-American criminals. It costs $53,000 per year to incarcerate one inmate in California.

Now the Supreme Court has ruled it is a violation of “civil rights” to keep them pinned up together in overcrowded conditions. The precedent set here will apply to every other state which is fiscally choking to death on diversity.

Think about it: for the cost of incarcerating one Hispanic or African-American in a California state prison, you could send a White kid to an Ivy League college. How much does black cost?

Keeping Hispanics and African-Americans locked up in prison simply transfers the cost of crime from individual victims to taxpayers. It creates the illusion of security in a multiracial society.

Not anymore.

EBT cards, TANF welfare, Medicaid, Section 8 vouchers, Energy Assistance, CHIP, public education, public transportation: all these things are nothing more than legalized robbery of White taxpayers … ever more of whom are abandoning the Golden State.

What happens in California when the EBT card stops working, the government stops hiring, the welfare check stops coming in the mail, and the gang bangers are released from prison? How will black people survive?

DWLs who are ideologically opposed to gun ownership will soon find out!

Minneapolis: The Day The EBT Card Stops Working


Here’s some fresh grist for SBPDL’s investigation into EBT card usage in the Minneapolis-St.Paul metropolitan area:

Hennepin County

116,799 African-Americans, 47 percent on EBT cards = 54,895
888,860 Whites, 2 percent on EBT cards = 17,777
1,136,224 Total Population, 9 percent on EBT cards = 102,260

In Hennepin County, Minnesota, 54 percent of EBT card users are African-American, 17 percent are White, and 29 percent are Asian, Hispanic, or “some other race.”

African-Americans are 10 percent of the population of Hennepin County.

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau and The New York Times

Ramsey County

45,018 African-Americans, 49 percent on EBT cards = 22,058
380,709 Whites, 4 percent on EBT cards = 15,228
500,436 Total Population, 12 percent on EBT cards = 60,052

In Ramsey County, Minnesota, 37 percent of EBT card users are African-American, 25 percent are White, and 38 percent are Asian, Hispanic, or some other race.

African-Americans are 9 percent of the population of Ramsey County.

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau and The New York Times

In 2008, 36.5 percent of TANF welfare users in Minnesota were African-American, 33.3 percent were White, 10.4 percent were Native American, 7.2 percent were Asian, and 10.3 percent were Hispanic.

African-Americans are 4.3 percent of the population of Minnesota.

Source: Department of Health and Human Services

Is Anti-White Bias a Problem?

New York

A few days ago, I drew attention to a fascinating new study which shows that White America is rejecting the liberal narrative about race and becoming less inclined to support new “civil rights” reforms.

In the 2000s, the White majority began to perceive anti-White bias as being a greater problem than anti-black prejudice for the first time. The gap in perception of racial bias has been converging for decades, but only recently has the pendulum swung positively in the “hate truth” direction.

11 percent of White Americans now believe that anti-White bias is a 10 on a scale of 10. The White majority now understands that we live in a Black World with visible black leaders like Barack Hussein Obama and Oprah Winfrey as well as 365Black corporations like McDonald’s.

The polls clearly show that the White majority has rejected the theories of “institutional racism” and “white privilege.” A huge percentage of Whites now believe that “anti-black bias” is now all but non-existent.

How can Whites be racist when it was White people who created the Obamanation? How can White people be racist when every institution in our society is trying to uplift African-Americans? White people want to know.

The historical significance of this cannot be exaggerated: Black Run America has quietly experienced an “intellectual collapse” in White America. We are just now beginning to see the earliest visible effects of that collapse in social justice movements (social justice is people who pay taxes receiving the government services) like the Tea Party.

Black Run America is based on the idea that African-Americans cannot get ahead in our society because of White racism. Gunnar Myrdal told White people they suffered from “An American Dilemma” and the Supreme Court responded with the Brown decision that ordered integration in public schools.

Now that White people know that Whites are not racist anymore and that racism isn’t holding back African-Americans, the visible failure of African-Americans to make progress has become a serious problem in need of explanation.

(1) If White racism isn’t holding back African-Americans, there has to be some other explanation for racial inequality.

(2) If the experts in race relations have gotten it wrong for decades, then White America has been told a huge lie and authority figures cannot be trusted.

(3) If blacks can’t get ahead in spite of visible explicit discrimination against Whites and non-existent discrimination against blacks, what is holding them back?

(4) If robbing White people to create social programs like Obamacare doesn’t solve racial inequality, how can social spending on the welfare state be justified and seen as anything more than institutionalized racial extortion of White taxpayers?

(5) If “racism” doesn’t explain inequality in our society, then why should Whites feel guilty about black failure?

(6) If Whites have no good reason to feel guilty anymore, what is stopping White racial consciousness from coming roaring back and looking for vengeance?

White people like us are only the early adopters. We are smart enough to see through the race lies and have traveled far ahead of the curve. The White wagon train is headed in the same direction. It is just taking longer to catch up.

Most White people were brought up to believe that “racism” explains racial inequality. If White racism and the Ku Klux Klan would only go away, African-Americans and Hispanics would become just like us, or so we have been told.

Now that White racism is gone and the Klan is only seen on the Jerry Springer Show, African-Americans are still not like us in spite of our best efforts, White people are mad and want to know why they have been lied to and made to feel guilty about something that isn’t their fault.

The Roundtable

In lieu of these festering resentments, The New York Times has convened an emergency roundtable of Disingenuous White Liberals and Token Blacks to discuss the intellectual collapse of Black Run America.

The subject of non-debate and preconceived conclusions: Is Anti-White Bias a Problem?

Earlier this month, we learned from a Pew Poll that the only White people who believe in Black Run America are “Solid Liberals” (like the people who comprise this panel), 61 percent of whom believe that racial discrimination is the main reason African-Americans can’t make progress in our society.

Only 9 percent of SWPL “Post-Moderns,” 33 percent of “New Coalition Democrats,” and 37 percent of “Hard Pressed Democrats” believe in the racial discrimination explanation.

Likewise, “Staunch Conservatives,” “Main Street Republicans,” “Libertarians,” and “Disaffecteds” all reject the racial discrimination explanation and believe our society has made the needed changes to give African-Americans equal rights.

If Jim Crow America was based on the idea that whites were a superior race, Black Run America was based on the idea that African-Americans couldn’t get ahead because of the “American Dilemma” of racism, and no one but DWLs and African-Americans honestly believes that anymore.

Jim Crow America collapsed because White people started to believe that “racism” was why African-Americans couldn’t get ahead in our society. Black Run America was created to solve the “American Dilemma,” eliminate White racism and transform African-Americans into the equals of White people.

But now, White America has effectively delivered “a no confidence vote” on Black Run America and its discredited sociology, and we have entered the transition phase (analogous to the 1930s to 1970s) between the current system of race relations and whatever emerges as its successor.

The insipid commentary about race relations at The New York Times isn’t even worth reading. It only illustrates the gap between what DWLs believe about race and what White people are thinking about the subject.

White people can see that in Black Run America someone like Jared Taylor cannot rent a hotel room or find a book publisher, but the 2011 White Privilege Conference can take place in Minnesota and the SPLC can pay Morris Dees $304,000 a year to be a “civil rights activist” down the street from where George Wallace said “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”

If segregationists had a roundtable discussion about race relations in the 1940s, you would get a similarly clueless result. DWLs who believe in the Myth of White Racism are unable to see the gravity of the crisis that they are facing.

Their whole society is constructed on The Myth of White Racism which no one believes anymore. The intellectual foundation of Black Run America has collapsed underneath their feet. It is only matter of time before the structure that has been erected on the foundation is toppled as well.

In Jim Crow America, this happened in the 1920s and 1930s, but the social revolution it inaugurated didn’t occur until the 1950s and 1960s.

Final Thought

Intelligent people can read this “hate graph” and draw the logical conclusion.

In 2010, White people are rating anti-White bias about a 4.8 on a 10 point scale, and anti-black bias about a 3.6, a narrow and unstable gap between racial perceptions in discrimination, enough to cause some visible rumbling among Whites, but not much else.

By the year 2030, if the present Black Run America racial consensus continues its long term deterioration, White people are going to be rating anti-White bias around an 8 on a 10 point scale, and anti-black bias around a 0 years before that.

Somewhere between 2011 and 2030, there is going to be another revolution in America, and it is either going to look like 1961 or 1861. Black Run America will either go bankrupt and up in flames on “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working” or White frustration will simmer until it eventually reaches its boiling point.

In 2030, White people are going to look back at the preceding eight decades of racial insanity, when safe neighborhoods and economic prosperity have become a distant memory of a storied past, and ask themselves the inevitable question: why did our ancestors create Black Run America when they could have gone to Mars?

Update: It saddens us that Americans are traveling to outer space for the last time when nearby earth-like exoplanets in other solar systems are being discovered with atmospheres and water oceans.

Mars Challenge

The Mars Challenge


Occidental Dissent is responding to the Mars challenge.

This thread will be updated as we search for diversity cuts that could otherwise be allocated toward building a spaceship to send White people to Mars.

Neil Armstrong says that only $10 billion dollars has been invested in the Constellation space program over the past five years.

How much taxpayer money has been squandered on shit like Historically Black Colleges and Universities, TANF welfare, and EBT cards for African-Americans? We already know from our preliminary investigations into this topic that it utterly dwarfs NASA Constellation spending.

Here we go:

(1) California’s 2009 spending on the criminal justice system for Hispanics and African-Americans$22.8 billion dollars.

(2) Virginia’s 2009 spending on EBT cards for African-Americans$487.5 million dollars.

(3) Virginia’s 2008 spending on TANF welfare for African-Americans$1 billion dollars.

(4) Virginia’s 2009 spending on corrections facilities for African-Americans$652.7 million dollars.

(5) Alabama’s 2009 spending on EBT cards for African-Americans$53.6 million dollars.

You know, we could easily stop right here, having found over $25 billion dollars in three states, over a one year period, on a handful of programs for Hispanics and African-Americans.

SBPDL is going to get a real kick out of this. These numbers come from the Department of Education website whose motto is “Strengthening Education for All (Non-White) Americans.”

(6) Minority Science and Engineering Improvement – $8.6 million dollars in 2008, $8.6 million dollars in 2009, $9 million dollars in 2010.

(7) Strengthening Historically Black Colleges and Universities – $323 million dollars in 2008, $323 million dollars in 2009, $250 million dollars in 2010.

(8) Strengthening Historically Black Graduate Institutions – $56.9 million in 2008, $58.5 million in 2009, $61.4 million in 2010.

(9) Strengthening Predominantly Black Institutions – $15 million in 2008, $15 million in 2009.

(10) Master’s Degree Programs at HBCUs and PBIs – $11.5 million in 2009, $11.5 million in 2010.

(11) Strengthening Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-serving Institutions – $5 million in 2008, $7.5 million in 2009, $2.6 million in 2010.

(12) Strengthening Native American-serving nontribal institutions – $5 million in 2008, $5 million in 2009, $2.6 million in 2010.

(13) Strengthening Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian-serving Institutions – $26.6 million in 2008, $26.6 million in 2009, $12.2 million in 2010.

(14) Strengthening Tribally Controlled Colleges and Universities and Institutions: $131.3 in 2008, 133.2 million in 2009, $108.3 million in 2010.

(15) Developing Hispanic-serving Institutions – $93.3 million in 2008, $93.3 million in 2009, $97.9 million in 2010.

The Developing Hispanic-serving Institutions program funds competitive grants to expand and enhance the academic quality, institutional management, fiscal stability, and self-sufficiency of colleges and universities that enroll large percentages of Hispanic students.

(16) Developing HSI STEM and Articulation programs (mandatory) – $100 million in 2008, $100 million in 2009.

The HSI STEM and Articulation Program was designed to increase the number of Hispanic and other low income students earning degrees in fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and to develop model transfer and articulation agreements between the 2-year and 4-year HSIs in such fields. Mandatory funding was provided only for fiscal years 2008 and 2009 for this program.

(17) Promoting Postbaccalaureate Opportunities
for Hispanic Americans (mandatory)
– $11.52 million in 2009, $11.52 million in 2010.

The Promoting Postbaccalaureate Opportunities for Hispanic Americans program provides mandatory funding to eligible HSIs that offer a postbaccalaureate certificate or postbaccalaureate degree-granting program. The program is designed to help Hispanic Americans gain entry into and succeed in graduate study, a level of education in which they are underrepresented. Mandatory funding is provided for 5 years beginning in fiscal year 2009.

(18) Thurgood Marshall Legal Education Opportunity Scholarships – $2.9 million in 2008, $3.0 million in 2009, $3.0 million in 2010.

Thurgood Marshall Legal Educational Opportunity program provides low-income, minority, or disadvantaged secondary school and college students with the information, preparation, and financial assistance needed to gain access to and complete law school study and admission to law practice. The 2010 request would provide support, including financial assistance, to over 160 Thurgood Marshall Fellows and allow over 1,000 participants to attend mid-year seminars and other educational activities.

(19) Graduate Assistance in Areas
of National Need (GAANN) Scholarships
– $29.5 million in 2008, $31 million in 2009, $31 million in 2010.

GAANN provides fellowships, through competitive grants to postsecondary institutions, to graduate students with superior ability and high financial need studying in areas of national need. Participating graduate schools must provide assurances that they will seek talented students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds. The 2010 request would provide support for 700 fellowships.

(20) Underground Railroad Program – $1.9 in 2008, $1.9 in 2009, $1.9 million in 2010.

This program provides discretionary grants to one or more non-profit educational organizations that house, display, interpret, and communicate information regarding artifacts and other materials relating to the history of the Underground Railroad, including the lessons to be drawn from such history. The 2010 request would support 2 new grants.

How much federal money do you suppose the Obama administration requested Congress to set aside to be specifically allocated for “strengthening European-American institutions” or “European-American scholarships” or teaching White students about their own history?

Yeah, that’s right: IT WAS ZERO. In Black Run America, there are no European-American institutions or scholarship programs funded by the federal government.

Who do you suppose paid for all these lucrative racial set asides for privileged resentment groups? White taxpayers.

We had to give up going to Mars to waste even more taxpayer dollars on EBT cards for African-Americans and “Strengthening Historically Black Colleges and Universities.”

Update: Another layer of hilarity can be seen in the programs FY 2010 programs the Obama administration recommended to be cut.

These include “Character Education” (which teaches students about the value of citizenship and civic virtue) and $245 million on “Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities State Grants” (which is supposed to create and maintain drug-free, safe, and orderly environments for learning in and around schools).

Why the hell would anyone need NASA space shuttles or character education in the Obamanation? No one is judged by “the content of their character” these days. We can spend more money on Section 8 housing vouchers, “Strengthening Black Institutions,” and EBT cards for African-Americans.

Citizenship is worthless in this society anyway when the Obama administrations wants to give illegal aliens in-state tuition under the DREAM Act.

Update II: I’ve been probing the Obama administration FY 2012 budget and have already found some interesting stuff.

From the National Science Foundation:

Broadens Participation of Those Studying Science and Technology.

Science and technology skills are increasingly critical to getting high wage jobs. To broaden access to science and technology educational opportunities, the Administration proposes $20 million for an overarching, comprehensive science and technology workforce program to engage undergraduates from historically unrepresented groups in these fields, including students at Hispanic-serving institutions. In addition, this effort will support initiatives to better retain these students through their entry into the high-tech workforce.

The Obama administration wants to spend $20 million dollars on “a comprehensive science and technology workforce program” to find African-American and Hispanic scientists and to ease their entry “into the high-tech workforce.”

In Detroit, 47 percent of the population is illiterate and 21.7 percent of students graduate from high school. The President of the Detroit School Board is illiterate. The Mayor of Detroit will give police officers a free house and $150,000 in renovation money to live there.

Because of Hispanics, California has the worst educated workforce in America and 44.2 percent of students graduate from high school in Los Angeles.

From the Justice Department:

The Budget also proposes an increase for the Community
Relations Service to fight hate crimes.

We have to throw away more money to fight “hate crimes.” The overwhelming majority of “hate crimes” are stupid property crimes like painting a swastika on a wall or something silly like that.

From the Department of Education:

A new $40 million “competitive grant” to expand teacher education programs at “minority serving institutions” in order to prepare “a diverse teaching workforce.

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