Eddy Morrison

This article was written by a veteran of the Nationalist scene in the British Isles and is the third reprint of a publication produced for the National Action Party in 1983 originally entitled ‘The Way Forward!’ It was 
revised and updated in 1986 and has been out of print since. Many of the original ideas in this pamphlet were laid down by Lincoln Rockwell in his pamphlet ‘In Hoc Signo Vinces’ and also his first book This Time the World.

Eddy has submitted this article to the WNP site as he still feels very strongly that its main message is highly relevant to the state of White Nationalism in Britain today – perhaps even more so since the stagnation of 
the last twenty years. The only extra points that need mentioning is that when this was written the interenet did not exist. This has now become one of the WNP’s main weapons of attack and information. We were considering a complete rewrite but feel the original flavour has both strategic and historical significance.


For many years, during the struggle for the building of a credible, reliable White Nationalist Movement in this country, some – even though involved in the hurly-burly of day-to-day existence that living as a British Nationalist now entails in the liberal tyrant state that is now Britain, have taken time out to wonder with concern what exactly is the direction that White Nationalism in the UK should be taking, or even worse, is there any direction at all? In the middle of a battle, it is hard for a foot soldier to see the tactics of the battle itself, let alone the grand strategy that governs the overall campaign. In this particular struggle – a bitter, no-holds barred war against foes determined at nothing less than the destruction of our British folk as a nation, it is hard to see beyond the next hill, and easy to lose complete sight of the final goal, obscured as it is by the fog of never ending battle – a new map of the path to victory is needed. In this treatise, we set out the basic essentials of where that path should lead…. 


Since the middle of the 1930’s, with the gradual surrender of the Empire and the traumatic withdrawal symptoms this nation has had to suffer as a result, Britain has been in decline; a decline that gathers a more rapid momentum with each passing year. For many racially minded men and women looking around Britain in the 1970’s there would have been grave cause for concern. In the 1980’s, there was cause for despair – in the 1990’s there is cause for sheer horror! 

Briefly summarising the state of the nation, we are faced with:- continued built-in unemployment; total industrial decay that has left our nation’s manufacturing areas little more than tourist parks or barren wastelands; unrestricted imports from the Asian rim countries that drastically undercut home-based products. 


The great multi-racial experiment has failed! Our major cities are teeming with restless and alienated peoples from hundreds of differing backgrounds and cultures. Our own people stand bewildered. To speak out against the Nightmare means fines or jail. Free speech under the oppressive Race Laws and Public Order Acts is now non-existent for Whites. Each year the screws are turned tighter so that even the mildest objections to mass coloured immigration, multi-racialism, the ‘Holocaust’ debate and anything else remotely connected with race brings down the attentions of the new Racial Thought Police – yet at the same time for the very survival of our race it is already one minute to midnight! …and the lists go on, and on, and on – but beyond and above it all, is the moral stagnation of the White Race. We have stopped fighting. We are losing the will to live – the will to exist as a free people. We have reached the very bottom of the abyss. 


Whilst Britain as a nation and a race reaches its nadir, so too do the forces of organised White-Nationalism. The people who can rescue our folk and nation from the abyss are themselves wallowing in a self-made one. The White Nationalist Movement in the UK is still very fragmented – even the main party at the moment – the BNP – is treading, it seems, over the same old populist ground that the National Party and other NF splinters tried with little success in the 1970’s (At the moment I can see no party or movement in existence that truly represents the interests of White Nationalists.) 

At a time when the tortured cry of our folk has never been louder, the response from the very people who should now be leading them to salvation is weak – it has been weaker – but it is still a mere bleep from the warring tribes and individuals that make up the British White Nationalist scene. 


Quo vadis? Wither goest thou? We must answer! For the last three decades, we have stumbled from crisis to crisis. We have walked like blind men, down a labyrinth of snares set by the System – the System that both hates and fears us – yet at the moment laughs in our faces. We have walked for too long without a proper road to follow. Our only notion has been to hope something will turn up. 

We have walked for too long without a proper road to follow. Our only notion has been to hope that something will turn up. Tactics have come and gone, discarded as failures and then picked up again and retried only to fail again – no lessons have been learned. 

Parties may come and parties may go – a party label is merely a vehicle for the eternal idea. As long as the idea of renewal of our race through our belief in the construction of a higher type of life through union with nature remains constant, then the vehicle, the ‘party,’ is just one method of bringing the idea to fruition. We cling to old, tired and useless methods, ideas and leaderships – no lessons learned. 

We follow the same old tired leaders who have failed us year after year, their only consistency being their consistent failure – no lessons learned. 

We thrash around in our frustration and seek new inspirations – a guide, a map, new leaders. The map is there. In the past, one great movement put a carefully planned and deeply organised strategy and tactics into very real practice: It achieved a power that shook the world and has cast its long shadow over both this century and for all time to come. The role of nature in politics has been established. The path to victory is known. In the early 1960’s, the great American patriot George Lincoln Rockwell updated this strategy of victory – building on his example we must do the same in the late 1990’s and the new millennium – lessons to be firmly learned at last! 

The road to victory consists of four main steps. These four phases are hard and grinding, but they must be followed for they are the only sure way to victory – all else is futility and waste – this time we learn! This time we win! 


Before even the first steps can be taken and the first phase of our road to victory started, the small beginnings of building a nucleus and all the mundane tasks of establishing a new initiative, a new force in European politics must commence. This is, in many ways, the hardest time. It is inglorious. It shows no immediate gain. It needs both patience and lots of sacrifice, whilst all around your new initiative is roundly condemned as ‘too radical,’ ‘too extremist,’ etc. Be strong at this time – nothing we can do in building a new alignment and initiative can make the stagnant pool called British Nationalism today any worse. The small beginnings mean a hard core nucleus of totally dedicated activists in each major city and town. The small beginnings mean the hard grind of an uphill struggle to gather the means, money, men and women and material to commence Phase One…. 


When Phase One commences it must start with an almighty burst of activity. Activity of a kind that will gain maximum publicity for minimum expense. It is a very dangerous phase in the development of a Movement. To gain publicity that will in turn bring us the members we need to build the nucleus, we need to rekindle the White Nationalist movement; we must in small numbers at first be prepared to take on great risks and face even greater odds – and the consequences that come with them. During the first phase of Rockwell’s own bid to achieve National Socialist power in the USA. (cut all too bitterly short by the bullet of a cowardly Marxist assassin), his young members were called upon to risk great danger which Commander Rockwell faced with them. For example, with only five National Socialist comrades, he faced a hundred thousand pro-Viet Cong reds in Washington in 1964. Two more street soldiers got themselves a year in jail for drenching a leading ‘civil rights’ agitator in red paint – in the middle of a Black Power rally! Wherever the enemy was, there too were Rockwell’s men, picketing, heckling, holding rallies against fierce opposition and everywhere tearing down the treasonous flags of the Enemy. 

Continually pitching their small but hard numbers against impossible odds, they achieved world-wide publicity and lasting glory, when at best they had two hundred active members. 

That publicity brought them the sort of people they needed; the thinking street-fighters, the men and women with little or nothing to lose, for whom every day of existence in the cess-pit of democratic America was just another day in hell. 

For every street-fighter with a cracked-open head, a fine or a jail sentence, twenty more tough, no-nonsense comrades joined Rockwell’s ever expanding movement. It was no picnic but, and this is the real aim of the sensationalist activity that marks Phase One – maximum publicity was gained with small resources to achieve the goal of building a hard solid nucleus willing to sacrifice and stay with the movement to the end. 

Even whilst this continued attempt at spectacular media coverage at minimum cost, many other methods of propaganda were also steadily growing and improving. In phase One, the central nucleus of essential people – the cadre of political street soldiers – is built… 


When it is apparent, or even while Phase One is being completed, the Movement should have organically built itself into a situation we could describe as the second phase of development. Its main function is to fill out the nucleus with some body and has four main aims: 

    1. The expansion of our activist corps coupled with a more vigorous ideological training than was possible at first, although training must be in operation during all phases of development. Any White Nationalist who is to succeed must lay the greatest emphasis on political awareness at all levels of command. Units must by this time have been established in all major towns and cities. Regional centres should be ready, even if they only consist of a Regional Leader at this point.
    1. The establishment of a small full-time staff at the Central Office. The establishment of more and more material assets for the Movement – computers and printers; internet facilities; transport; premises; flags and banners; video facilities and more – all the apparatus needed to back up the future expansion of the organisation.
    1. Projecting the image of the Movement across to the general public with bigger meetings and bigger demonstrations than was possible in Phase One, utilising the enlarged activist corps.
  1. Establish the early beginnings of the Movement’s affiliate organisations. A start must be made during this phase of establishing the central apparatus needed for youth, trades unions, business, women’s and student sections. Ideas must also be put into motion for a Movement Welfare Organisation amongst others – the beginnings of a Nationalist society within society. The long-term aim being that as the Old Order collapses, the New Order is already building itself from within the decaying and dying body… 


When the party is ready to merge (again theoretically), Phase 2 into Phase 3, the units, areas and districts will be filling out and expanding rapidly in both the numbers of the units in the field and also in the larger number of activists in each unit. This much larger activist corps will then allow more ambitious targets to be considered: 

    1. More and more affiliate groups will come into existence, until almost every aspect of the current established order is mirrored in a healthy way by the resurgent party. The parallel society of White Nationalism will start to become a viable reality.
    1. The party being able to field many thousands of activists in a constant and highly intensive programme of street demonstrations, public meetings, rallies and marches will be able to put the name and the symbols of the party and it’s creed continually in the public eye on a huge scale, smashing the media blackout.
    1. The absorption of all the still existing and smaller Nationalist groups who have consistently failed in their duty of providing leadership for their race on terms and only on the terms of the new renaissance Movement.
    1. The opening of party activity centres in every county within each region, together with a Nationalist bookshop/propaganda/social centre.
  1. A very selective involvement in elections. Two major requirements must first be established to ensure maximum benefit for the Movement and the Idea. One will be the gauging of the amount of propaganda which can be drawn from the electoral exercise and the other must be that maximum effort be put into every and any election campaign, no matter how small the area of the election. If an election can only be fought that destroys supporters’ morale, then it should not be fought under any circumstances. No more paper campaigns! 


This is the final phase of the expansion of the true White Nationalist Movement. It will only come after hard and harsh years of struggle. Nothing that is worth winning comes easily, and nothing is worth winning more than an assured future for our White folk, not only in Britain but all over the world. The success and application of our creed and its implementation will give impetus to the organisational apparatus of the movement and is the final and only guarantee that it will come about. This final phase will be characterised by savage and violent attacks by the System in its death throes. In its death agonies it will throw anything and everything against us. Our enemy is the master of lies – and when lies fail they will replace them with violence. We must have, in the years preceding this bitter struggle for power, steeled the growing cadres of our Movement to exist and flourish in such an atmosphere. 

Our target in this phase is power and the total destruction of the Old Order. We will have no other targets at this time. However there will be certain points that during this final time will be both strengthened and expanded: 

    1. The rapid expansion of our own stewarding defence force to protect our members, our meetings, our property and our party leaders. We cannot be sure by this time that the ‘forces of law and order’ will be above political pressure (are they now?) and the protection of the law may be withdrawn from White Nationalists (as had happened in the past) and actually used actively against us. We must be prepared at all times to be able to effectively protect both ourselves and the Movement.
  1. Coinciding with the development and expansion of our self-defence forces will also be the need to go even more on the offensive against our enemies, of every political party, far more surely than ever before. Those who do not stand with us now are against us forever. This final phase will see the complete polarisation of the people of our country. In the end there will be no middle way – no moderation. Either the people choose the path of the Movement’s revolution and freedom, or they choose its opposite – the alien controlled Zionist/Internationalist World State with all of its darkest implications. All other alternatives will go to the wall when the final battle between the forces of light and nature and the great spirit of world evil against which we have always fought. 


Despite the very slow progress of the Nationalist forces in Britain over the last few years and despite the total disillusionment of so many good comrades of the past who have given up its great fight for the survival of our people, there is still hope! The fight will never be lost until the last White Nationalists lay down their spirits and courage and give in. That day must never come! There must be a last struggle of our folk against the Internationalist enemy and his hydra-headed minions. One last and final struggle against the eternal world enemy. Hope breeds will and will breeds action! Let the Nationalists of Britain, both of the old and new generations, the angry young men and women of today, be reborn and retrained in this new will to win, this new will to power! 

We will learn by our past mistakes. This time we will plan and sacrifice and set ourselves a series of attainable, specific targets and goals. If we can rediscover our own faith, we can rebuild again and win. That is the message we must also carry to the thousands of already trained and waiting veteran White Nationalists waiting in the wings throughout the UK. 

But the message to the new White Nationalist is just as important. They have nothing to lose, for what price jobs when there is no industry? What price comfort when the economic system is collapsing? What price a future when we can have no future under this rotten liberal/capitalist system? We have nothing. We have no future. Therefore we have nothing to lose. There is a new world waiting for us – the future is ours if only we will grasp it! 


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