Which White Nationalism?

Which White Nationalism?



Ferdinand Bardamu of In Mala Fide has finally got around to publishing his long awaited essay on White Nationalism. In the essay, FB explains how the intellectual foundation of White Nationalism is flawed. He lists several objections which are culled from various other writers.

Let’s go through these.

1.)  Liberalism White Nationalists don’t confront the core philosophical problem that confronts the West. Instead, White Nationalists blame Jews and non-Whites for all their problems and imagine that their expulsion alone is a sufficient solution to Western decline.

Response: I’ve made similar arguments on this website in the past. In 2009, I argued that the Jewish Question wasn’t so much the cause of America’s decline as it was an effect of our infatuation with liberal ideology. There were many debates here about the “Single Jewish Cause.”

I pointed out in great detail why the “Single Jewish Cause” wasn’t a sufficient explanation. The Jews didn’t force the Union to attack the Confederacy, occupy the South, abolish slavery, destroy the Klan, and pass the Reconstruction Amendments which granted citizenship and civil rights to freedmen. Jews didn’t force the Northern states to repeal their own Jim Crow laws in the late nineteenth century.

It was the Founders who allowed the Jews to settle in America in the first place. It was Whites who imported black slaves to work on plantations. Whites also flirted with importing Chinese labor to the West Coast in the nineteenth century.

The Jewish Question is clearly a reflection of the inherent weaknesses in the American system of liberal capitalist democracy. Jews were invited to settle in America because the Founders frowned on religious bigotry. They were extended all the rights and privileges of American citizenship. They were encouraged to compete with Whites on a leveled playing field. Eventually, Whites let Jews into Ivy League universities and created the meritocratic system which fueled their rise into the American elite.

Ferdinand Bardamu is entirely correct in identifying liberalism as the “meta-problem” of White dispossession. It was liberalism that blinded Whites to the Jewish threat and laid the groundwork for their hostile takeover of America.

In addressing the relationship between liberalism and White Nationalism, I think Ferdinand Bardamu errs: the vast majority of White Nationalists have already dismissed liberalism and seek to replace it with some other philosophical system. It is taken for granted in our circles that potential recruits become disillusioned with the premises of liberalism before they become full fledged White Nationalists.

The reason liberals so fight hard to repress “racism” and “nationalism” is because tribalism – in this and other forms – represents the greatest potential threat to the liberal status quo. Blood, faith, and soil are compelling alternatives to secular millenarianism and liberal abstractions.

As we saw with National Socialism, “racism” and “nationalism” have their own internal logic and can be taken to extremes. By its very nature, White Nationalism is already an “anti-liberal” social movement. If White Nationalism were to triumph tomorrow, liberal capitalist democracy would be swept into the trash pile of discarded ideas.

White supremacy was always in conflict with American liberalism. The same is true of White Nationalism. The White Nationalist worldview is based on radically different premises and doesn’t lend itself to further expansion of “liberty” and “equality.”

There isn’t going to be a serious opposition movement to liberalism which is not based on some form of visceral tribalism. Any potential anti-liberal opposition movement based on similar, but opposed abstractions, will appeal exclusively to the handful of rootless, alienated intellectuals whom Ferdinand Bardamu would describe as nerds.

2.) MulticulturalismWhite Nationalism is an ideological heresy of multiculturalism.

Response: Historically, this is false.

“White Nationalism” has existed in some form since the earliest days of Colonial America. It is based on the sentiment that America is a “White Man’s Country.” There have always been Americans who yearned to expel all racial minorities from their race-based republic.

The first organized White Nationalist movement began in Virginia in the 1790s. The first White Nationalists sought to deport Indians to the West and colonize blacks in West Africa. The movement was nominally successful: Indians were expelled from the Southeast in the Jackson and Van Buren administrations. Blacks were colonized in Liberia.

In the 1840s and 1850s, White Nationalism was reincarnated as “Free Soilism,” which was the idea that blacks should be excluded from the Western territories. This movement was popular in the Midwest, Border States, and Upper South where Whites in states like Kentucky, Missouri, and Indiana yearned to be free themselves of the negro once and for all.

After the Civil War, Sen. John Tyler Morgan led an effort to deport emancipated blacks to King Leopold II’s Congo Free State. Robert E. Lee wanted to deport blacks from Virginia and replace them with White laborers from Europe.

In the 1930s and 1940s, Senator Bilbo from Mississippi lobbied Congress to deport blacks to Africa. He wrote a book about his racial views, Take Your Choice: Separation or Mongrelization.

White Nationalism has always existed in America. Until the 1970s, it was an undercurrent of White supremacy in the Border States like Kentucky and Missouri. By the 1970s and 1980s, White supremacists had given up on taking back America. The old idea of White Nationalism reemerged in the radical vanguardist scene, specifically, in groups like the Aryan Nations, The Order, and the National Alliance.

White Nationalism is confused with multiculturalism largely on account of David Duke’s influence. Duke adopted the language and rhetoric of the triumphant Civil Rights Movement. He advocated fairness and equality for Whites through organizations like EURO and the NAAWP, but his appeal fell on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, it was the more radical groups that advocated the White ethnostate. The movement organically grew out of the decline of White supremacy. In the 1990s, the radicals and moderates converged on the ethnostate, which remains the predominant model in our own times.

3.) Whitemanistan White Nationalists want to unite all Whites in the world into the Whitemanistan Imperium. European ethnicities will be tossed into a blender and mixed into a banal form of whiteness.

Response: There are some White Nationalists who think this way. I don’t consider myself one of them. I have always said that “whiteness” was a marker of American and Southron ethnicity. Race was simply one of the ways that ethnic Southerners and ethnic Americans used to distinguish themselves from other groups. The English language, Protestantism, and republican political ideology were several other such markers.

My ideal is a racially based ethnostate in the American South. I want a race-based republic which is simultaneously an ethnic homeland for White Southerners.

I’m under no illusion that the British, French, Germans, Russians, Poles, Americans and so forth are one people. Instead of one White ethnostate, there should be many: an Irish ethnostate for the Irish, an Italian ethnostate for Italians, a German ethnostate  for Germans – which, at a minimum, excludes non-Europeans as potential immigrants – and all these states should, ideally, cooperate as a bloc in dealing with non-Europeans.

Conclusion: White Nationalism, at least how I define it, is the project of creating a Jew-free, White ethnostate in North America. By necessity, the ethnostate that emerges from the wreckage of the United States will have to burst out of the womb of liberalism, as Whites will have to abandon liberal premises simply to conceive of an alternative form of social and political organization.

If a White ethnostate is ever created, it won’t be a Whitemanistan. Instead, it will organically evolve out of the preexisting identities that have been subsumed and buried under the American regime, not unlike how Croats and Ukrainians came out of Yugoslavia and the USSR.

In the South, this could take the form of some type of Neo-Confederate revival and secession. Alternatively, White Nationalism could also become a national movement that redefines Americanism as whiteness, which the Tea Party is already doing implicitly.

Lemmings and Miracles

Miracles are not solutions

White America

Rasmussen has a new poll out that sheds considerable light on the subject of how White Nationalists should engage White America. There are two competing points of view on this subject.

“Mainstreamers” believe the White majority is sympathetic to our beliefs and that we should work through the system to connect with a mass audience and confront our enemies in a lawful manner.

“Vanguardists” believe that the White majority are “lemmings” who dance to whatever tune is played by an elite cabal of string pullers in the mass media. They believe in rejecting the system and forming a “hardcore nucleus” of true believers who will rise to power in the aftermath of the collapse.

State of America

Here are the latest poll numbers:

– 57 percent of likely U.S. voters believe the policies and practices of the federal government encourage illegal immigration.

– 21 percent of likely U.S. voters believe the federal government does not encourage illegal immigration.

– 47 percent of voters say that relying on the federal government to enforce federal immigration law is a better approach than relying on individual states to enforce immigration law.

– 44 percent of voters would rather rely on the individual states to enforce federal immigration law.

– 68 percent of voters say that securing the border is more important than legalizing illegal aliens.

– 25 percent of voters say that legalizing illegal aliens is more important.

– 64 percent of voters say the U.S. military should be used to secure the border.

– 60 percent of Republicans favor the states acting on their own to enforce federal immigration laws.

– 59 percent of Democrats think it is better to rely on the federal government to enforce federal immigration laws.

– 78 percent of mainstream voters say that border security is more important than legalizing illegal aliens.

– 50 percent of the political class thinks border security is more important than amnesty.

– 70 percent of mainstream voters believe the federal government encourages illegal immigration.

– 54 percent of the political class believes the federal government does not encourage illegal immigration.

– 65 percent of the political class would rather rely upon the federal government to enforce immigration laws.

– 55 percent of mainstream voters would rather rely upon the states to enforce immigration laws.

– 58 percent of Americans oppose granting birthright citizenship to the children of illegal aliens.


Nothing here should come as a surprise.

The numbers above are racially inclusive. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Jews were included in the poll.  This skews the results considerably to the Left.

White voters are far more supportive of restrictionist immigration laws than the Rasmussen numbers indicate.

We have public opinion on our side. The mainstream media is unable to dictate the course of the immigration debate. White America flatly does not trust either the mainstream media or the political class to handle immigration anymore.

If you do a Google News search for “immigration,” as I do every morning, you will be hard pressed to find a single article in the mainstream media that is supportive of restrictionist immigration laws. Journalists are almost unanimously supportive of amnesty for illegal aliens.

We need to stop lying to ourselves about several important subjects:

– White people are able to see through the media bias on immigration.

– There are real and significant differences between “progressives” and “conservatives” on immigration. This is also true of “Democrats” and “Republicans.”

– The constituency for new restrictionist immigration laws are populist conservatives who are concentrated in the Republican Party.

– Given the state of public opinion, we have a serious problem on the organizational and message fronts.


In related news, Jared Taylor weighed in on this subject at the 2011 Amren conference. He “characterized the present age” as one of “belief in miracles.”

After discussing the wishful thinking that is so prevalent in the mainstream, Taylor addressed the most powerful myth that prevails in our own circles:

“Mr. Taylor chided some race realists for believing in their own miracle: that the economic and social systems will soon collapse, and that a strong white racial consciousness will emerge from the rubble. Instead, he urged whites to take advantage of the rising anger against the direction in which the country is moving and to undertake the hard, painstaking work of politics. Even just a few race realists on school boards or city councils would have a huge psychological and propaganda effect, and would begin to channel current frustrations in promising directions.”

The polls have shown for years that White America is ripe to be organized against the mainstream media and political class on immigration. Immigration is by far the most important public policy issue to White Nationalists.

The polls also show that White America is similarly fed up with racial double standards, media bias, multiculturalism, free trade, foreign aid, foreign wars, and especially the skyrocketing national debt and government spending on privileged minorities. These are all perceived as legitimate grievances.

If you take the White Nationalist political platform and poll each separate plank of our agenda, you will find that most of our views are not only mainstream, but actually quite centrist in their level of public support.

There is something wrong with our approach.

Final Thoughts

I think the major problem we have is that we are getting too far ahead of our audience.

White Nationalists tend to be “truth tellers.” They are disproportionately bright people who have personalities that incline them toward questioning authority.

This is a good thing in the sense that it allows White Nationalists to see through the prevailing taboos against White racial consciousness. It also comes at the expense of coming across as tone deaf before most audiences.

The hare has to travel at the same speed of the tortoise to lead the turtles in the right direction. This goes against the grain of our personalities.

Most White Nationalists don’t have the patience to lead or interact with ordinary White people. They end up traveling far ahead of the curve, isolating themselves in the process, and hurling insults at their audience from the fringes of society.

Sometimes you have to go backward to go forward.

In our case, we have to back to where White people are today, organize them around popular issues like illegal immigration and racial double standards, establish ourselves as legitimate authority figures, and then lead ordinary people at their own slow plodding pace to a mass racial awakening.

It is not going to be easy.

In my humble opinion, that is the only way we are ever going to get White America and White Nationalists moving along on the right track.


I am currently busy with a new book directed specifically at white Americans. It will start with a brief overview of the racial demographic problem facing the United States of America, but is mainly focused on a solution rather than restating the obvious.

The solution, the book will argue, lies in real political participation.

For too long, pro-white activists in America have been led down the garden path by a bunch of psychopaths, losers, and do-nothing cranks.

I have identified these groups as “cancers” in the so-called “right wing.”

Only once these cancers have been firmly expelled or closed down, will there be any chance of realistic political action.

In fact, I will argue, one of the primary reasons why America sits on the edge of a racial catastrophe is because of the malignant influence of these cancers.

The Nazi-costumed freaks, the mentally ill-Christian Identity adherents and the disgraceful skinheads have all allowed the enemies of white America to smear anybody who opposes the destruction of that country as crackpots.

The irony of this is not lost: those groups are indeed crackpots. But why then is there no “sensible” white American political movement?

Why did the Ron Paul-type politics not emerge twenty years ago, like it should have?

The answer is because the majority of people who understand the issue of racial demographics have been sucked up into the dead-end politics of the cancers listed below.

The chapter headings of the new book are as follows:

1. The Extent of the Problem: Demographics

This will deal with the extent of the Third World immigration invasion into America and how that country has less than twenty years left to avoid total submersion.

2. The Extent of the Problem: The Failure of White Politics in America

This will deal with the reasons why white political activity to date in America has been a failure.

It will discuss how white American politics has been led down the path of inactivity by people who have no grasp of reality and who, when stripped down to the core, are certifiably mentally insane.

3. The Solution Part I: The Need for Real Political Action

This section will discuss how the only way to deal with the huge problem outlined in chapter 1 is for sensible, reasonable, democratic electoral political action, stripped of the cranks and crackpots who currently infest the American “right wing.”

The Cancers Part I: Expunge the Madmen–Christian Identity

This section will deal with what is possibly the most utterly deranged group of vermin ever to infest white politics in America: those who claim that the European people are the “true Jews” and that the “Jews are Satan’s spawn” etc. etc.

Christian Identity (also known as “British Israelism”) adherents are severely mentally deranged people who need to be utterly exterminated from white political activity.

There is no compromise with these rabid madmen: they poison every political organization they enter with their insane theology and there is literally no end to their madness.

It is the reason why any political organization which wishes to succeed, must expel all those dribbling lunatics who spout this drivel, or bar them from entering in the first place.

Let them go and mutter about “Christ killers” somewhere else where all sane people can just laugh at them.

5. The Cancers Part II: Get Rid of the Weirdos–The KKK and the Confederacy Hobbyists

This part will deal with those pathetic weirdos who think that by running around in white sheets, burning crosses, and behaving like white trash they are somehow “contributing.”

In fact, they are childish fantasists who play into the hands of those who would portray all pro-white political activists as nuts.

Once again, anyone who is serious about effecting real, viable, modern nationalist democratic politics, needs to distance themselves from this bunch of sad pathetic losers.

The Confederacy hobbyists are also a millstone that needs to be shaken loose.

First of all, the Confederacy was not a “white racist super state” like the KKK and the hobbyists would like to think. There were American Indian Confederate generals in the southern army, and secondly, the Confederacy actually wanted to keep blacks in slavery.

Quite apart from the moral opprobrium (what type of lunatic wants to keep slaves?) the reality is that the American south has a large black population precisely because of the antebellum slave owning society.

Any ideology which (a) endorses slavery as a “good thing” and (b) resulted in the overrunning of the south by the descendants of black slaves, cannot form any part of a rational debate.

Modern democratic white nationalism demands a rejection of the concept of slavery and all that it entailed.

6. The Cancers Part III: The Necrophiliacs Must Go–The “Nazis” and World War II Hobbyists

This part will deal with those people who are obsessed with World War II, Hitler, and the Nazis.

These people who cannot get out of their childish retro uniforms and grow up, need to be expelled from any modern democratic pro-white political movement.

Those who think they are “contributing to the cause” by huddling in a hotel room with a money-sucking, time-wasting crank like David Irving discussing what Herman Goring said on August 29, 1942, are equally delusional.

If they must persist in that sort of activity, they must understand that they are making no contribution at all to solving the most urgent problem of our time, as outlined in chapter 1.

The Nazi-obsessionists fail to understand that this period happened eighty years ago in Germany. The Nazis are not coming back; they are history.

It has no relevance to us today and there is no time to look at it now in any way other than a historical occurrence which is dead and gone.

Those who fail to understand this, and cannot get over wearing silly uniforms and marching round like lunatics, need to either find another obsession to focus on–or at the very least, get their necrophilia out of white politics.

7. The Cancers Part IV: The Do-Nothing Obsession–William Pierce and the National Alliance

In retrospect–and I did not realise this until much later–the malign influence of the “do-nothing” mentality created by William Pierce and the National Alliance type of organization has possibly been the single most damaging influence in pro-white politics in American history.

In fact, if America does go down before the Third World, one of the major contributing causes will have been this mentality which prohibited participation in the political process.

William Pierce taught all of his followers that participation in the ordinary democratic process was pointless.

Instead, he said that all they had to do was “wait for the system to collapse and then seize power.”

Of course, not Pierce or anyone else could ever say exactly how they were going to “seize power” or when–because they had no idea.

The reason why they had no idea was because it was all fantasy island stuff.

This blind refusal to become involved in the democratic process became the norm, so that the political process became totally dominated by those seeking the destruction of America.

One can only wonder how many potential Ron Pauls were sucked up into this nihilistic mindset and burned out in the negativity of the “do-nothing” camp. I suspect it is far too many.

The National Alliance and its assorted spin-offs have been going for more than thirty years. What do they have to show for it? What political power do they have? Nothing. Zip. Nada.

In fact, America is now considerably worse off.

The time has come to close down the National Alliance and all its spinoffs.

This sort of “politics” has proven itself a failure and America does not have the time for indulging this sort of nonsense any more.

8. The Cancers Part V: A Sick Aberration–The Skinhead Disgrace

The Chinese philosopher general Sun Tzu, in his book The Art of War, pointed out that a general who enters a battlefield which has been set up by his enemy is at an immediate disadvantage.

So it is with the skinhead phenomenon. The media has successfully created the image of the skinhead racist thug, beating up old ladies and full of mindless violence.

And what happens? That is exactly what the “skinheads” do–falling precisely into the stereotype trap that the enemy have set for them.

The entire skinhead culture and appearance is a gift from heaven for those who seek to smear and malign real political activists.

Once again, one has to ask: what has this “skinhead” movement ever achieved? Once again, the answer is nothing.

The skinhead phenomenon needs to be closed down. Those adherents who cannot grow up must be barred from participating in modern democratic nationalism.

9. The Solution Part II: The Only Way Forward

The only way forward for white American politics is for participation in the democratic electoral process by normal, decent looking, moderate political activists.

Those who would swagger around in costumes, cling to long-dead ideologies or adhere to crackpot religious views, are part of the problem, not the solution.

America’s unique situation–and the shortness of time left for its existence as a majority European nation–makes two things inevitable:

1. There is no time to start a third party. Forget the “American National Party” type ideas. By the time any sort of national consciousness is achieved by such an organization, it will be too late.

2. Because of that fact, political activism will have to take place within the two party Republican/Democrat pea-in-the-pod system.

The first step in setting this up must be the creation of a European-American Political Action Committee (EUPAC).

This lobby must first draw up an electable political platform. This must be devoid of all the crankery which has so typified the cancerous groups outlined above: obsessive blaming of Jews, the Illuminati conspiracies, Satan, racial pejoratives, World War II and Civil War re-enactors, and thuggish racism in general.

A modern democratic nationalist platform contains none of this and does not fall into the trap of “blaming” anybody as its main focus.

Indeed, the reason why white Americans have no real political power is not because other groups have “plotted” to steal it. The reason why white Americans have no power is because there has never been anyone to vote for. As simple as that.

A EUPAC must, therefore, focus on developing realistic policies and programs which can actually be implemented AND sold to the voting public.

A EUPAC program might, for example, contain the following principles:

– America was founded as a majority European nation and has a right to remain so;

– Unrestricted Third World immigration presents social, economic, and demographic problems which will destroy the Founding Fathers’ vision;

– Government interference and the abrogation of the Bill of Rights is a fundamental threat to the freedom of its citizens;

– America must return to the foreign policy laid out by George Washington when he warned against foreign wars; and so on. You get the idea, I am sure.

The next thing this lobby must do is select sensible, reasonable, appealing candidates as either Republicans or Democrats (depending on local traditional preferences). These candidates can be “endorsed by EUPAC.”

The loose nature of the political process in America makes this sort of thing possible. (It is almost incomprehensible to political activists in Britain or elsewhere who are used to a much more centralized and controlled party structure.)

I have no doubt that Ron Paul-type clones, spread throughout the United States of America, can effect massive political change almost overnight.

I have long speculated that if sensible candidates ran in each state’s senate elections, a huge breakthrough would occur.

Ron Paul type campaigns–run in senate seats in each state–could easily generate turnouts of hundreds of thousands of votes each.

Even if each senate candidate gets only 25,000 votes (and I am sure many will do better–look at what Ron Paul did) this would be 50,000 in each state.

That figure, multiplied by 49 (I grant Hawaii won’t do this), gives an instant tally of 2,450,000 votes. This can be done without even winning a seat, and probably with a first time out campaign.

It is a fantastic kick-off basis, and with a bit of work and fine tuning, could easily be improved upon within a very short space of time.

More importantly, it would send a shock wave through Washington DC.

It is about time Americans who understand that the way forward is not through more crankery, but through democratic participationist populist politics, step forward.

They must pick up the reins from the failures, oddballs, and cranks who have led them up the garden path for the past forty years.

The alternative, as was once told to me many years ago, is too ghastly to contemplate.




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