White Nationalism: Growing Harder to Ignore

White Nationalism: Growing Harder to Ignore


For a very long time it was easy to despise those popularly known as White nationalists. After all, the European Caucasian race had, not so long ago, practically ruled the world. We all learned about the death of native peoples around the world, the slave trade and of course World War II and the racial policies of Nazi Germany. It was easy, because of all of that, to dismiss White nationalists with epithets like Nazi, skinhead, fascist and so on. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for any reasoning, thinking person to view White nationalists as the unreasonable, paranoid hatemongers. Thankfully for those opposed to them, most people are not reasoning, thinking individuals but tend to follow the trends of society and believe whatever information is fed to them through government schools and liberal universities. For these, the vast masses, I cannot hold out much hope as they seem entirely too apathetic and content to suck down fast food, watch reality TV and fiddle while Rome burns. If anyone else is open to a few facts, I address that endangered minority.
In America most of the racial tension has been between the Black and White races which goes back to the days when slavery was legal and accepted. That is understandable and both races share at least one thing in common; which is that neither are native to the American continent. True, the Blacks were not willing immigrants, but after emancipation they have chosen to stay and, indeed, usually become quite agitated at any suggestion that they return to Africa. It is usually angry Whites who would even bring up the subject of American Blacks returning to Africa. Despite their desire to be called African Americans, most Blacks have no desire to go there even though such was briefly a major part of the Black pride movement. The Jamaican Black nationalist Marcus Garvey Jr. promoted Black racial unity and a mass migration back to Africa where Blacks could have their own Black country with their own Black government. Garvey believed that Blacks would only be able to demonstrate their true greatness once they had separated themselves totally from White influences. However, Blacks eventually turned away from the vision of Garvey to embrace that of the NAACP which, far from advocating distancing themselves from Whites, embraced a policy of trying to mix as thoroughly with Whites as possible.
This trend was exhibited by the push for desegregation, which started with things like schools, restaurants, public transportation and public pools and bathrooms and the like. Eventually it moved onto private property with Blacks fighting to get into places like sporting clubs reserved for Whites only. Today this is taken for granted as a further step in the fight for true equality. However, most Blacks claim that they are still not treated as equals by so-called White society and being better treated by society at large does not necessarily have to go hand in hand with Blacks forcing Whites to let them use the same toilette. In fact, I would suggest that, in the short term at the very least, fighting your way into the company of people who did not want you or people like you there probably would not win many friends amongst said community; but then, that is just my opinion.
One of the next major steps was the campaign to legalize mixed race marriages across the country, which was obviously taking desegregation to a higher level. It should also be mentioned that in all of these cases parallels with slavery and the American Civil War were unavoidable as such laws almost invariably existed only in the southern states. Other states could and did have no segregation or marriage laws at all but it was important for the proponents of desegregation to enforce conformity with the new multicultural way of thinking nation wide. Obviously, Marcus Garvey and his Black nationalism had been left behind. Of course many of the NAACP crowd liked to sing the same tune but, for the thinking, rational minority, it would be hard to swallow when the Blacks are fighting for the right to live with White people, eat with White people, go to the bathroom with White people and marry and procreate with White people. It would be for me. As much as Blacks still demonstrate their continual grudge against White people there is nothing they seem to desire more than any and all that is or has been exclusively White.

White nationalism began to arise in response to all of this and it would be hard to argue they have no basis for at least some concern considering that demographic trends now show that by at least 2040 Whites will be the minority in the United States and these predictions have a history of coming to pass long before their expected due date both because most immigrants to the USA tend to be non-Whites and they also tend to reproduce much faster. Of course, any effort to point this out or show even the slightest distress at these facts is invariably met with charges of racism and White supremacism, even though not all White nationalists believe it White supremacy, many simply do not wish to see their people become extinct. Such an attitude also flies in the face of what is known as reverse-racism, which is itself a racist phrase as it seems to imply that only Whites can be guilty of plain and simple racism. Some point out the hypocrisy that Blacks can have their own scholarships, schools, beauty pageants and even television networks while any such attempt by Whites would be immediately attacked as racist.

All of this would, perhaps, not be quite so frightening for Whites in America were it not for the situation in Europe. After all, Whites are immigrants in America like all others aside from the Native Americans. If things become too bad the Whites could always go back to their ancestral homelands in Europe. However, Europe itself is being overrun by non-European immigrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Somewhat similar to the situation in America this is puzzling given that so many of the ethnic minorities continue to hold anger against Europeans for the era of colonialism and imperialism and yet, as soon as colonialism ended, hordes of former colonial subjects chose to immigrate to the homelands of their former imperial masters where they are quick to demand special protections for their peoples, cultures and religions. Islam is now the fastest growing religion in many West European countries and non-European populations in those countries are growing considerably faster than those native to the countries in question.
This should at least be recognized as a legitimate cause for concern by thinking, reasonable people. After all, most every other major racial and ethnic group has their own homeland somewhere that is primarily the domain of their own people. There is no country in Africa where non-Africans are set to outnumber the native population anytime in the distant future. The same is true in Asia where there is no major presence of large and growing non-Asian populations. In Europe, however, there is scarcely any Western European country without large and growing African, Arab and Asian populations. They also demand special treatment for themselves which would never be given to Europeans in the countries they came from. For example, there are many Muslims and many mosques in Italy today, even in the Eternal City of Rome itself and yet there is still not a single Christian church in Saudi Arabia and all religions other than Islam are strictly forbidden there. One could also look at those countries in which there is a majority Black population and a minority White population like South Africa.
Since the gaining of political power in South Africa by the Black majority life has become a nightmare for many of the White minority and hundreds of thousands have been forced to flee the country, most moving back to Europe, giving up on a land that their people had inhabited and built up for generations, going back more than a hundred years. South Africa is now the rape capital of the world, invariably carried out by Black criminals against White women, and the stories of Black on White crime are numerous and in the news every day. Those Whites who try to separate themselves and live in their own isolated communities are not allowed to do so. The situation is even worse in other countries in the region like Zimbabwe where White farmers have been massacred and have had their land stolen en masse. All of this has only made things worse for the Blacks as well. National prosperity has declined steadily while crime and AIDS have increased dramatically. Certainly there are many Blacks who could say they were treated badly when the Whites were in power, but even if the worse examples are taken as true, two wrongs do not make a right and what is happening there makes most Whites who ponder becoming subject to a Black majority extremely nervous.
Yet, how are Whites to respond? If they try to voice the slightest pride in their race or make the slightest effort to preserve their culture they are accused of being racists, if they try to avoid mixing with other races they are called racist, even they simply wish to go their own way and be left alone they are called racists and are not allowed to do so. No one can really explain how this is racist or hateful, especially given that Whites are driven out of other countries around the world while the national homelands of the White peoples must be allowed open to all other races to come in, live, mix with and take root with their own culture, language, religion and so on. Consider the images of the Muslims marching in Great Britain, shouting their contempt for the Pope on the very steps of Westminster Cathedral and then ask yourself if you have ever seen Christians doing the same in front of a mosque in a historically Muslim country or, better yet, even in their own countries where they are the majority?
The winds have shifted and no reasonable, thinking person should be able to deny it. It was once the advocates of the non-White races who said that the world should be colorblind and said that they wanted a future where all races were treated the same and where no race had special privileges. Today, these same people have switched roles and it is now the White race and their few defenders who are more likely to call for that same vision. Advocates for the non-White races are now the ones demanding that races be treated differently. Consider the hate crime legislation in the United States which gives a harsher punishment to a White who murders a Black than a Black would receive for murdering a White. Does this not effectively say that the law values Black lives over Whites? Consider the affirmative action laws which require that jobs be given to Blacks instead of Whites even if they are less qualified or the racial quotas in colleges which give precedence to Black students even if their grades are lower than those of a White applicant.
What reasonable, thinking person could regard this as completely fair? What reasonable, thinking person could fail to understand the apprehension of Whites, especially in Europe, when the only country to have a growing birth rate among the native population is Muslim Albania? White nationalism, once considered the realm of fanatics, will only become more entrenched under these circumstances, perhaps even more extreme, even if the majority is continually lulled into apathy and self-hatred by the propaganda of the news media and government education. Nothing else can explain the fascination among many White nationalists (though not all) for the Nazis. As has been said elsewhere Nazism is almost devoid of any real political ideology and so the one thing which continues to generate fascination with them is the fact that there simply has been no other national movement in modern times which has made the preservation of at least a portion of the Caucasian race as one of their chief aims. It has been said that radicalism breeds more radicalism and if that is so the continued diminishment in law, numbers and standing of the White peoples will likely only spread this phenomenon and lead to even more extreme feelings amongst those who recognize it to fight for their survival as a people and a unique culture.

4 thoughts on “White Nationalism: Growing Harder to Ignore

  1. Awesome blog and very good points indeed. As a white South African I have to mention that when we handed the country over in 1994 to the African National Congress, the country was in a perfectly good condition. Now our school system crashed, Medical care fascilities disintergrated, infra structure went down the tubes and still only this “small 10% white minority” is responsible for paying 90% of the taxes.

  2. Louis have you heard of Nicholas(Seiner)Van Rensberg&Johanna Brandt? I have read both their prophecies about the future of South Africa&in the end the remnant white population will take back the government&open the doors of immigration from Europe. From some articles on the internet white people in South Africa are going around talking about their prophecies&a book is being translated into English from Africaans of Van Rensbergs prophecies. I know that the ANC don’t like Van Rensberg&these white people talking about these prophecies are receiving death threats.. Van Rensbergs writings of the 19th, early 20th century was thought lost but were found in a vault in an Africaaner museum. Van Rensberg-1862-1923, Johanna Brandt-1877-1964.

    • Yes I am familiar with Siener van Rensburg but the just like the work of Nostradamus one could read anything in it or give any interpretation to it. People gang on to whatever gives them hope. For some it is the needle, for some it is the pill, some waves the bible cos it gives them a thrill…some waves the work of siener van Rensburg…

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