Hollywood- admit to promoting the left-wing in their shows.

Benjamin Shapiro blows the lid off Hollywood.


Benjamin Shapiro is a young conservative who interviewed big name Hollywood execs and got them to admit to promoting the left-wing in their shows.

See all his video by clicking here.

In this segment, co-creator of the tv show “Friends” Marta Kaufman tells Shapiro that her work was “A f$%^ you to the right wing.”

Creator of tv shows COPS admits to skewing reality on race.

Drudge Report currently resembles CofCC.org

The extremely popular news aggregate Drudge Report appears to be the only major news outlet bringing up the astronomical amount of black crime taking place. Its current headlines resemble those of CofCC.org. According to Alexa.com, more Americans visit Drudge Report than NBC.com, MSNBC.com, or CBS.com. It is about tied with ABCNews.com.

Current Drudge Report Headline: (Several already featured on CofCC.org)

'I was scared for my life'...
Poet 'Da Real One' Gunned Down In Front Of Miami Poetry Cafe...
Violent crime explodes in Myrtle during Black Bike Week; 8-hour hell...
Rib Fest At Rochester beach turns rowdy...
Riot On Long Island...
Urban Melee In Charlotte...
Chaos causes DNC concern for convention...
Unruly urban crowd shuts down Nashville water park...
Emanuel shuts down packed Chicago beach; 'heat-related illnesses'...
REPORT: 'Dozens of gang bangers'...

1,000 “youths” battle each other on Carson Beach.

And by “youths” they mean Negroes.

Photo from Boston.com : After being dispersed from the beaches, mobs reformed and battled each other at train stations.

Police believe that criminal street gangs are organizing mobs of teenagers, using social media sites, to descend on Carson Beach. The mobs terrorize families and tourists and fight with each other. If you look at media photographs, you can clearly see that they are talking about young blacks. “Youth” is one of several code words used when the media is talking about black crime.

Police say the mobs have been present three of the past four nights.

Read more from Boston.com.

Memorial Day weekend saw large scale mobs of young blacks terrorizing families and tourists in at least seven cities across the nation. Much of the details can be read on this website below.

Myrtle Beach, SC (Beaches and surrounding area)
Carson Beach, MA (Beaches, train stations)
Miami, FL (Beaches)
Charlotte, NC (Downtown)
Nashville, TN (Water Park)
Long Beach, NY (Beaches and surrounding area)
Chicago, IL (Beaches)

Historically, black crime increases as the weather gets warmer. Every indication points to this being a very bad summer for black crime and riots.

Americans living in fear of young blacks.

This took place in 1989. White liberals said that the election of Barack Obama would dramatically improve the behavior of young blacks. They said, Obama would give blacks a positive role model. Instead many blacks view Obama as a green light to behave even worse.

Notice how violent black behavior is blamed on “cultural differences” in this report.

Remembering Greekfest ’89: wavy.com

Obama is the Food Stamp King.

Click here for data.

(Data as of May 27, 2011)
Year Persons Households COSTS Per Person Per Household
FY 2010 40,301,666 18,618,363 64,704,559,245 133.79 289.61
FY 2009 33,489,975 15,232,115 50,359,917,015 125.31 275.51
FY 2008 28,222,630 12,727,450 34,608,397,238 102.19 226.60

As you can see from the data above. Since 2008, Food Stamp usage has exploded by about 43%. The average amount of money given to each food stamp user has exploded as well.

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