The Mainstream Media Mentions Anti-White Discrimination

The Mainstream Media Mentions Anti-White Discrimination

by Ian Mosley

An op ed piece in the New York Times notes “In what some have called the new post-racial era, what constitutes discrimination is shifting. The landmark Supreme Court case, Ricci v. DeStefano, for example, ruled that white firefighters suffered discrimination when their employer threw out a promotional exam because none of the African-American firefighters who took the test qualified for promotion.”

It should be noted that early Black leaders in the 1950s demanded equal opportunity for jobs. When they got their level playing field in the form of -for example- “color blind” tests for firemen, suddenly it wasn’t good enough because Blacks still couldn’t make it. For forty years we’ve had racial quotas for jobs so that less qualified Blacks and Latinos could steal jobs from better qualified White people. Literally tens of millions of jobs and promotions have been stolen from White people in recent decades, and the discrimination against White people continues to this day.

The article continues “A new study by Michael Norton and Samuel Sommers has found that Americans think significant progress has been made in the fight against anti-black bias. But white Americans perceived that progress as coming at their expense and that anti-white bias has become a bigger societal problem than anti-black bias. Is this finding surprising? Do we see this view reflected in government policies or court decisions? If so, how?”

And what planet does this author live on? How could anyone NOT notice the anti-White bias, especially in government hiring? How many post offices and DMVs have nothing, but non-Whites working behind the counter? I suppose commie liberal Whites can still get jobs as op ed writers for big newspapers, but try getting a real job like a machinist or engineer or welder and tell me that the companies that hire such people (even the small companies) aren’t bending over backwards trying to find Blacks and Latinos that they can stick into those jobs. Every single company in the US is terrified that some government commissar will accuse them of having discriminatory hiring practices –even though the more high tech the company, the fewer Blacks and Latinos will be even remotely qualified to work there.

What’s developed at many US corporations is a “professional class” welfare system in which minorities are hired (under pressure from the Feds) to do professional or highly skilled jobs, that they lack the skill or intelligence to do. Major corporations like Lockheed then subsidize a mostly useless ten to twenty percent of their corporation, cutting into their profits and occasionally introducing serious incompetence if any of the minorities accidentally get assigned to important projects.

The very existence of any kind of economic or social discrimination against White people has been a forbidden subject for the past 40 years, but no longer. Things have apparently gotten so blatant that even the mighty New York Times can no longer maintain the pretense that it’s not happening.

Now, what will be the next topic to breach the wall of liberal and politically correct silence? Violent minority crimes against White people? Discrimination against young Whites for university admissions? The destructive effects of massive and uncontrolled Third World immigration?

Thanks to the Internet and an increasing number of websites (like this one), these topics are being talked about more and more. Perhaps, the liberal mainstream media is making a belated attempt to pretend they care about topics that they were perfectly happy censoring for the last 40 years.

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