Death of the west

Death of the west

These events laid before us are undeniable an inescapable, economic collapse is all but certain. we are witnessing the collapse of the liberal western democracies in the birth of a new civilization. The Welfare state, bankruptcy the social safety system, rising ethnic tension, collapsing economies are all symptoms of the great disease which has infected the western civilization, disease which I fear is incurable. This disease breeds contempt and  disenfranchisement, it’s anti white nature, its to drive to steal more and more of our life force.

Our enemies lay the foundation of their own demise. The very system they have built pushes up against the natural forces of human nature. The paradoxial nature of their beliefs, the great wall of reality has smashed into the vehicle of western nations. Already the collapse of our civilization is at work, one must only open their eyes to see the truth, becoming aware of what is to come.

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