Parasites on Parade

Parasites on Parade

Native American

Native American First Information Program (PDF File)$29.97

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It’s very beneficial to prove your Native American heritage. It may be easier than you think with The Native American First information program and it’s easy (5) step check list.

The Native American First Program walks you through its easy step by step process which allows you to possibly obtain your certificate Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB card) or to possibly obtain proof of your Tribal affiliation.

The benefits of belonging to a Native American Indian Tribe may include:

  • Free or discounted health care
  • Free or discounted dental care
  • Emergency insurance
  • Childcare assistance
  • Business Grants
  • Scholarship programs
  • Youth programs
  • Senior Citizen programs
  • Free Scholarships or Grants
  • Free or discounted career training
  • Casino profit sharing programs
  • Discount fuel
  • Discount heat/electric
  • Clothing allowance
  • Affordable housing
  • Building allowance
  • Food allowance
  • Discount on personal vehicle tags
  • Etc…

Why Buy…

The only thing that is holding you and your family from receiving any proof of being affiliated to a Government recognized Native American Tribe is resources.

There are several various Tribal or Native American Directories, how to illustrations, and books written concerning American Indians and genealogy tracing.

To our knowledge there has been no other program that provides such a broad range of complete information that The Native American First program provides.

The Native American First program provides information concerning:

  • How and where to begin
  • Federal &State recognized tribes with contact info.
  • Vital records information
  • Various helpful web-sites with many active links
  • Genealogy information
  • Tribal affiliation benefits
  • Easy (5) step check list

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