Who Are White People?

Who Are White People?

by Hunter Wallace

Important stuff that polite society can never talk about

White America

I’ve thought a lot about the direction of this blog over the weekend. There are some areas which I am very satisfied with and others I think we could spend a lot more time on.

In particular, I think we have produced some awesome material about African-Americans and their role in Black Run America. The analysis here could be a lot better though if it was balanced by devoting more of our time to exploring what life is like for White people under the present racial caste system.

White people are the real subject of this website, not African-Americans.

Who are White people? Does anyone know? As strange as it sounds, White people are a sorely neglected subject in the racially aware community. They are commonly thought of as “lemmings” or as some type of vague idolized racial abstraction.

We tend to pay a lot more attention to what African-Americans, Hispanics, or Jews are up to in America than to what White people are thinking and saying in this country. It recently occurred to me that we barely know White people and this hinders our ability to relate to and connect with the White community.

There are well known sites which focus exclusively on Jews and African-Americans. I don’t believe there is a pro-White website though that really draws attention to White people and discusses their social problems with the appropriate level of analysis. We hope to take up this burden and carve out a little niche for ourselves here in the process

What kind of social problems are typically White?

(1) Suicide – Suicide is the one form of violence that is monochrome in Black Run America.

In 2007, there were 34,598 suicides in America. Of those, 28,897 suicides were White. 2,394 suicides were Hispanic. 370 suicides were Indian. 878 suicides were Asian. 1,916 suicides were African-American. 1,248 suicides were were other.

83.5 percent of suicide in Black Run America is White. Now there is a racial gap you never hear described as a moral crisis that in anyway discredits the present system or warrants any kind of compelling explanation.

In case you were wondering, there were 5,512 White homicide victims in 2007, but there were 28,897 White suicides. Also in 2007, there were 8,746 African-American homicide victims, but only 1,916 African-American suicides.

If African-Americans murder each other in Black Run America, White people usually kill themselves because they find their lives meaningless and unbearable in our society.

(2) Political Pessimism – Giving up on America is another typically White activity.

According to the latest Rasmussen polls, 52 percent of African-Americans believe that America is heading in the right direction, but just 22 percent of Whites agree.

8 percent of Americans believe it would be a good thing for America to split up and think that it is very likely to happen. 19 percent of Americans believe the dissolution of the Union is likely to happen in the next 25 years.

29 percent of Americans believe it is somewhat likely that a group of states will attempt to secede. From February 2010 to June 2011, the number of Americans who believe that states have a right to secede from the Union has risen from 14 percent to 21 percent.

53 percent of Americans see the federal government as more of a threat to their rights than a protector. 33 percent of Americans believe the federal government is more of a protector and 14 percent are unsure and cannot make up their minds.

46 percent of African-American adults see the federal government as a protector of their rights. 56 percent of Whites see the federal government as more of a threat to their rights.

69 percent of Americans consider themselves “angry” with the federal government. 39 percent of Americans believe we live under a constitutional government. 28 percent of Americans believe the federal government has the consent of the governed.

41 percent of Americans see a difference between patriotism and being a good citizen. 57 percent of Americans would rather be good citizens than patriots. 27 percent would rather be patriotic.

Who do you suppose wants to secede from Black Run America? Who do you think believes the federal government has no legitimacy?

(3) Economic Pessimism – Whites are sour on the economy.

89 percent of American adults believe that college graduates will have a hard time finding a job in this economy. 56 percent claim it will be very difficult.

Among families with kids who are graduating high school or college, 95 percent say it will be difficult to find a job including 75 percent who believe it will be very difficult.

According to Gallup’s “2011 Economics and Finance poll,” 64 percent of non-Whites are in favor of “wealth redistribution” as opposed to 44 percent of Whites.

(4) Racial Anxiety – Ronald Brownstein has yet another article out that discusses rising White racial anxiety about changing demographics.

53 percent of Whites told the National Journal that “the demographic trends are troubling because they are happening too quickly and will change America’s fundamental character.”

39 percent of Whites told the National Journal that “the demographic change continues the American tradition of welcoming immigrants and will strengthen society and the economy.”

By a 2 to 1 margin, Whites believe that Obama’s agenda is reducing their opportunities to get ahead in society.

Over 2/3rds of Asians and African-Americans and 3/5ths of Hispanics believe that they enjoy more opportunities than their parents did at the same age.

Among Whites, 36 percent say they have more opportunities than their parents to get ahead in society. 36 percent of Whites disagreed. 25 percent say they have about the same amount of opportunity.

The most striking racial difference that separates Whites from non-Whites is how they see the future: 24 percent believe their children will have more opportunity to get ahead, 26 percent believe they will have about the same amount of opportunity, and a stunning 43 percent see less opportunity for their children to get ahead.

57 percent of African-Americans, 56 percent of Hispanics, and 37 percent of Asians think their children will have more opportunity to get ahead when they are their age.

(5) Beached White Males – In “Language of Rebellion,” we saw that the White working class was the most pessimistic and alienated group in American society, with White men and White women both entertaining the same deeply negative view of the future.

According to the latest National Journal poll, college educated White men believe their children will have less opportunity in the future by a 5 to 1 margin.

It is time to hold the official funeral for the lemming. White people are rapidly losing faith in Black Run America. They do not trust the government or believe the lies about progress which are peddled by the mainstream media.

In the Obamanation, White male professionals, White male small business owners, and White male factory workers (seen most vividly in the suicides below) are all for once thinking on the same wavelength … we are headed in the wrong direction, the future will be worse than the past, and our children will likely inherit a world that is poorer and worse off than our own.

They are convinced that something has to be done about this. The race crisis has been perceived by White people even if its magnitude has not been fully grasped yet.

The Boomerangs

Posted on June 7, 2011 by Hunter Wallace

The Boomerangs lose faith in the Obamanation

White America

This is the second installment in OD’s investigation into the crucially important and neglected topic: Who Are White People?

The Boomerangs

In recent weeks, the term “Boomerang” has entered our lexicon and we have been using it ever more frequently in our analysis of Black Run America.

A “Boomerang” is a White Millennial who attended college in the Bush/Obama years and who was probably an Obamaniac in 2008. After graduating from college and entering the workforce, the Boomerangs discovered that there wasn’t much of a job market that matched their education and skills.

The Boomerangs moved back home to live with their parents like 85 percent of college graduates now do these days in the Obamanation. Lots of Boomerangs now find themselves unemployed, working part time jobs, putting off getting married and having children, and burdened with student loan debt they have no hope of ever repaying.

Half of last month’s job growth was provided by McDonald’s. White Millennials went to college and mortgaged their lives to big banks to work at McDonald’s for Barack Hussein Obama, Our Great Leader.

Last year, I poked fun at a triumphalist book called “Permanently Blue” which forecasted a permanent Democratic majority largely on the basis of White Millennial support for Obama in the 2008 presidential election.

I sensed at the time that the “youth vote” for Obama was probably more of a sign of desperation and economic frustration than anything else. It wasn’t a real verdict on Obama or Democratic policy positions.

I also pointed out the irony that White Millennials were being counted as solid Democratic voters on the basis of one election cycle when the “Greatest Generation” and “Boomers” which created postwar America – most strikingly, the White working class, which was once the base of the Democratic Party – had turned so sharply against it and had evolved into the Tea Party.

In 1984, Ronald Reagan won 49 states in a landslide election. I’m not drawing attention to this because I have any particular love for The Gipper. The point is that you could never have predicted the 1984 election result on the basis of the Boomers involvement with the 1960s counterculture.

I said at the time:

“What makes progressives think the Millennials won’t turn on them as well? If anything is true, the White Millennials are even more likely to turn on them, and far more radically, as they and their children will be the ones who inherit the Minority-Majority, decades of racial conflict, and a bankrupt Third World America.

The Millennials are now graduating from high school and college. In a few years, they will be in the real world and outside the indoctrination centers, trying to establish independence from their parents. Let’s see how racial harmony fairs in the long run in Depression conditions and a zero sum game of racial conflict over scarce resources.”

Looking into the future, I predicted that White Millennials would emerge from their college cocoons and find themselves in a Great Depression world. It actually turned out to be worse than the Depression.

The children of White Millennials will inherit a world that it even poorer, marked by even greater racial strife, and where Whites feel even more imperiled than this one.

The Boomerang Future

The key insight is that the economic future of White Millennials will be radically unlike the conditions which led to the creation of Black Run America.

In the 1960s, Americans walked on the moon and declared a war on poverty. They watched the Jetsons on television and imagined themselves living in space by now. In the 2010s, Americans are going to space for the last time and the poverty rate is soaring.

Historically speaking, the liberalization of White racial attitudes in the United States has been driven by three critical factors: conflict with a White foreign power like the Soviet Union, the assurance of white supremacy, and economic prosperity.

Correspondingly, White racial attitudes have tended to harden in historical conditions when the reverse is true: long periods of peace with other White nations, when Whites feel threatened by social revolution from below, and in times of scarcity and economic decline.

I have believed for years now that energy scarcity and the systematic mismanagement of the American economy would one day recreate something like the Jim Crow world in the American South.

By that I mean the federal government is too corrupt and incompetent to effectively respond to its terminal problems (future White historians will find the Paul Krugman archive to be a goldmine) and that the long term result of this will be a slow economic decline and the gradual reemergence of a rural agriculture based economy in this area.

I can envision a world which has somehow has managed to combine abandoned Wal-Marts and deteriorating suburbs being torn down for salvage with cell phone service with sharecropping. I can see our descendants getting to town on trains, motorcycles, and small electric vehicles.

Having seen a preview of the future on Black Memorial Day 2011, I don’t believe for a second that our present racial illusions (in which we pretend that African-Americans are just like us and pay them off with EBT cards, African-American studies programs, and TANF welfare to keep quiet) will survive this transition.

Changing Boomerang Attitudes

It is way too early to make any long term projections, but there are already clear signs that economic anxiety is beginning to influence White Millennials in the positive manner which we have described.

(1) There is a new Heartland Monitor poll which contains an interesting result that inspired this article: Barack Obama has lost more ground with White Millennials than with any other White demographic.

Obama’s support among White Millennials is down a full 10 points from the 2008 exit polls. He is down 3 points with Whites over 65, down 2 points with college educated White men, and down 3 points with White Boomers.

Without the support of White Millennials, Obama would have lost Indiana and North Carolina in the 2008 election. Combined with the souring of White elderly and middle aged voters, Obama would have lost Florida and Ohio as well.

(2) This poll was taken on May 18-22 and comes fresh on the heels of the death of Osama bin Laden. It shows an 8 point surge in approval among Republicans and other White demographics which all reflect the bounce from this good news.

But still, only 22 percent of Whites believe that Obama is increasing opportunity for people like them, which is his lowest rating ever among Whites on the economy. It is very interesting that such a huge foreign policy success had so little impact upon White Millennials who were seen on television celebrating at the White House and Ground Zero.

We predicted at the time that the euphoria would fade and that reality would quickly set in. It took less than two weeks.

(3) The New York Times is reporting that Obamamania has cooled even at such unlikely places as Oberlin College in Ohio, the first integrated college in America, and which has been a trendsetter and bastion of leftwing utopian lunacy for over a hundred and fifty years now:

“In a conversation after the symposium, he spoke of a love affair that, to a palpable degree, had wound down. “It started hot and heavy,” he said. “And with extremely idealized notions. Then a reality dawned in the way that a once charming laugh becomes an irritating giggle: He’s a politician who no longer corresponds to the grand ideas that many students had in their heads about him. And that’s deflating and disheartening for them.”

If Oberlin students are shrugging their shoulders and becoming politically disengaged, the hardcore vanguard of the progressive left, then how much more disillusioned must White Millennials be on campuses like the University of Wisconsin or the University of Virginia which are crucial to an Obama victory in 2012?

Final Thoughts

The lesson of this article is that people change.

White America is changing before our eyes. White people are losing hope about the future. They are losing faith in the ability of their elected representatives to improve their lives and even to represent their views in Congress.

The status quo is bankrupt. The federal government and the mainstream media have lost their legitimacy to govern and guide public opinion.

White racial attitudes are lagging behind these other changes, but we have polling data and many other lines of evidence which indicates that racial resentments are there and could burst out into the open in the right historical conditions.

We have to be in a position to take advantage of these changes. White people are changing and we are going to have to change to join forces with them. That means shunning people like Alex Linder who spit on the people we ought to be reaching out to.

Here’s a Heartland song about young White people growing up in the Great Depression. As we saw in the suicide statistics, White people and African-Americans have always coped with adversity in radically different ways:






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