Advocating for Collapse

Advocating for Collapse

Locust says:

Forget about trying to save the western world from 3rd worlders, we are way beyond trying to salvage anything from this bastardized judeo-christian civilization. Time to understand who we are as a people, embrace our ancient heritage, and allow these nations of the west to fall!

Do not try to escape to the life boats as some have suggested, relocation if possible, but be serious and do with what you have, what we need to do is prepare by buying guns if you can, food, water and anything else you would need to guarantee a rebuilding of civilization in the post collapse world.

During the 1960’s military strategist postulated the results of a full scale nuclear war, and calculated that it would take about 10 years for society to rebuild once the bombs dropped.

This is what we need to prepare for, we cannot retake our homelands politically, they are lost, the people have given into their own demise. We can individually be ready for what is to come, our enemies will not be ready I can guarantee this, Latinos and blacks in America are not preparing for the day America falls, they will be caught off guard just as many whites liberals will be.

Remember who our enemies are, remember who we are, and when the time comes you will know what must be done.


4 thoughts on “Advocating for Collapse

    • We are men of the white race, we come from many nations, we are americans, Russians, and Europeans. Prepare for what is to come, given no mercy and ask for none. Collect books on everything u can and store them along with guns and supplies. You will need them.

      • I’m real close to looking forward to it. All of the folks who think they know, tell us that that we should never wish for the horrors of settling these issues. However, there might be enough of us soon to resist the planned obsolescence and bondage. Our metaphysical torture is worst than any worldly pain. All that is needed is a brotherhood. Fortunately, brotherhood is the Truth. We just need to steel and coalesce. That alone is something to look forward to, and dreaded by our foes.

      • We must inform and educate our brothers to not fear their own shadow! We are a great and proud race, do not be afraid of being a white man, relish in it! Embrace it! We have molded this world to our thoughts, now in our darkest hour a new civilization is needed, new hero’s and myths to create, new battles to be won! Like the phoenix of lore, we must rise again, cast off our oppressors and send them to hell where they belong!!!!

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