America’s Fall is Occurring Before our very eyes!

America’s Fall is Occurring Before our very eyes!

Travel Magazine: Diverse cities are the dirtiest.

Dirtiest Cities:
New Orleans (31% white)
Philadelphia (38% white)
Los Angeles (28% white)
Memphis (29% white)
New York City (32% white)

Myrtle Beach Sun: Crime exploded during Black Bike Week.

The Myrtle Beach Sun just ran the fantastical headline “Police saw no rise in calls during Myrtle Beach area bike rallies.” However the headline was intentionally misleading. They meant no increase over last year.

The hard facts in the article then show that crime indeed exploded during Black Bike Week. However, crime explodes during black bike week each year. So you could say that crime didn’t increase over last year’s event.

There are two bike rallies. The nine day Harley Davidson Rally, followed by the three day “Black Bike Week.” The media however, has started using its own made up names for black racial events as a new tactic to conceal black crime. Websites for the event still call it “Black Bike Week.”

According to the Myrtle Beach Sun…

Horry County officials reported 129 cases with fines or bond amounts totaling $19,151 during the nine days of the Harley Davidson rally from May 14 to May 22, according to reports.

During the three-day Atlantic Beach Bikefest [more commonly known as Black Bike Week] on Memorial Day weekend, Horry County officials recorded 180 cases and $29,350 in daily fines or bond amounts.

This year in Myrtle Beach during the busy Harley rally weekend of May 20-22, officials recorded six felonies, 385 misdemeanors and 391 traffic-related incidents, according to records.

From May 27-30 during the Atlantic Beach Bikefest, Myrtle Beach police recorded 15 felonies, 937 misdemeanors and 952 traffic-related incidents.

So for each day of the regular bike event, their were 14 incidents in Horry County per day. During Black Bike Week, there were 60 incidents per day. That is an increase of over 400% during the all black event.

During the two busiest three day periods we see that felonies increased 250% and misdemeanors increased 239% during Black Bike Week over regular bike week. Traffic related incidents increased 243%.

Now, the police do not list the number of incidents that were locals vs. tourists. However the numbers alone strongly indicate an explosion of crime during Black Bike Week.

The Lights Are Going out in the Nation’s Capital

by Ian Mosley

In August 1914, at the beginning of World War One, Sir Edward Grey said, “The lamps are going out all across Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime…” In our nation’s capital, the lights are going out as well, but it isn’t due to war; it’s copper wire thieves. reports: “Copper thieves possibly posing as road crews are causing parts of the District to go dark. The D.C. Department of Transportation says thieves have stolen copper wire installed in underground conduits at least four times in recent weeks. Officials say in some cases the thieves may be posing as road contractors at staged work zones in order to commit the crime. They may even be detouring traffic. One wire theft caused an illuminated Interstate 295 sign to go dark on northbound Kenilworth Avenue between Polk Street and Eastern Avenue. Thieves also have taken wire that powers sidewalk lights along Kenilworth Avenue in Northeast between Foote and Hayes streets, and copper additionally has been stolen at North Capitol and Irving streets and at South Capitol and Potomac streets. In the 295 and Kenilworth Avenue incidents, officials say the wire was located between manholes in a grass median. The thefts come as scrap metal dealers are paying nearly $3 per pound for copper wire.”

It’s not just the cost of replacing the repeatedly stolen copper wires; crime will soar whenever the street lights go out in the bad neighborhoods of DC. When the power is cut to alarm systems, massive looting could take place.

America is beginning to cannibalize itself now. There is barely any maintenance of infrastructure. A major bridge collapsed in Minneapolis in 2007 killing 13 people and injuring 145. That bridge was ranked better than 10 percent of the bridges in the US by the way. It should be remembered that prior to fall 2007, the US economy was in fairly good shape. If politicians were neglecting infrastructure prior to 2007, imagine how much infrastructure is being neglected now that tax revenue has taken an enormous hit.

The rot is appearing first in the large stretches of urban areas which are controlled by blacks and Hispanics, such as Detroit, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Jersey, Philadelphia and other big cities. New Orleans still has not been able to rebuild completely after Hurricane Katrina because the black city establishment lacks the competency to do so and seems to have stolen or wasted most of the tax money allocated for that purpose.

This story about copper thieves may sound like something that happens in the Third World, but America has 100 million Third World people within its borders. One day you’ll be driving through a big city as the street lamps and traffic lights suddenly lose power –hopefully you’ll be able to get back to the good part of town before any rioting or before someone tries to carjack you. This is what comes from a multi-racial society and we can expect things to get a lot worse as the number of minorities continues to increase.

Black-Committed Atrocity #15,234,289

by Jeff Davis

Here’s negro atrocity report #15,234,289 since the beginning of racial integration in this country. Or thereabouts. This particular negro atrocity was committed against one of their own kind, a month-old infant.

A recent news article reports: “An Ohio woman convicted of killing her month-old baby daughter in a microwave oven was spared the death penalty and sentenced Friday to life in prison without parole. Prosecutors say Arnold intentionally put 28-day-old Paris Talley in a microwave and turned it on after a fight with her boyfriend. The defense argued that someone else was likely responsible for the baby’s death.”

And who would that be? The infamous serial baby-killer of Dayton, who sneaks into people’s homes and microwaves their babies? Obviously someone else must have been responsible, since blacks are never responsible for any of these horrible things, right?

The article goes on “Medical experts testified that the baby died quickly after her temperature reached between 107 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit. They said she probably was in the microwave for more than two minutes. ‘She died because she was overheated,’ said Dr. Marcella Fierro, retired chief medical examiner for Virginia. ‘She was cooked.’ ’’

What will happen in this country when the states can no longer afford to lock up all the serious black criminals? The Supreme Court just ordered the state of California to release 46,000 prisoners. How many baby micro-wavers do you think are among those criminals?

What will happen when there is no White law and order left at all and these creatures can literally run wild across the land, like they do in Africa?

Well, take a look at Africa today. Disease, mass machete murders, starvation, chaos, and reversion to the Stone Age. That is America fifty years from now if we don’t act. I won’t be around, but do you have any children or grandchildren who might be? Don’t you think you might want to consider doing something about all this?

Voodoo in America

by Jeff Davis

The New York Post reports: “A monster mom tried to soften her tale of setting a six-year-old daughter on fire in a voodoo ritual even as she pleaded guilty to the ‘barbaric’ crime today — but a Queens judge would have none of it as he coaxed the truth from her and then sentenced the woman to 17 years behind bars. Marie Lauradin, 29, pleaded guilty to assault last month for setting little Frantzcia Saintil on fire in a ritual called Loa. But in a pre-sentencing report she changed her story, saying she was merely ‘rubbing [Frantzcia] down with alcohol because she was sick with fever when a nearby candle fell and set her on fire.’ Lauradin originally told police that she was cooking rice on the stove inside her Queens Village home on Feb. 4, 2009, and when she was moving the pot to a back burner as Frantzcia approached her from behind and hit her hand, causing her to spill the pot of boiling water on the child, according to prosecutors.”

Blacks have both drug problems and tendencies toward violent outbursts. When you combine these two traits, you occasionally get a dead or severely injured Black baby or toddler. In Africa and Haiti, voodoo rituals often involve severing body parts from infants. Boiling a child or setting one on fire is something I’ve never heard of before. White American mothers should be aware that a Haitian voodoo witchdoctor might want to kidnap a White baby for some of their rituals.

The article notes “Little Frantzcia’s horrific injuries — some of them permanent — didn’t match her mother’s story. Lauradin’s mother, Sylvenie Thessier, 70, stood by while 25 percent of her granddaughter’s body was covered with second- and third-degree burns — including her face. Thessier pleaded guilty to reckless assault earlier this year and was sentenced in April to 1 to 3 years in prison. The mother and daughter duo both face deportation to Haiti upon completion of their sentences.”

Our treasonous two-party government has allowed people from Haiti to come here. Imagine the medical cost of saving the Black baby’s life and of arresting the mom and grandma and then putting them on trial and then imprisoning them and then deporting them. And these were Blacks, who were allowed to immigrate here.

We’ve got a total of 100 million Third World people inside the US, who are committing crimes, injuring each other and tying up our court system and emergency rooms. Each day we are getting closer and closer to bankruptcy thanks to the financial burden from America’s Third World population. The only way to reverse this trend and reestablish a prosperous America is to start expelling Third World people from America.

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