Chris Hedges on Death of the Liberal Class

Chris Hedges on Death of the Liberal Class

Graham Lister sent me a link today to a YouTube page full of videos of Chris Hedges, the journalist, author and jeremiah of American liberalism, democracy, education … you name it.  Everything but white America – he is definitely not racially conscious.  His comprehension of nationalism appears to rest on his understanding, inevitably, of National Socialism and of his personal experiences as a journalist amid the sorrows of the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

Nonetheless, Hedges is an interesting case … a liberal, even a leftist, an AGW supporter, fundamentally a Christian moralist, but a man with an analysis that, once, would have been a hot ticket among the educated young.  In the 1960s such anti-Establishmentarianism was in high demand.  Now, according to Hedges, elite universities in America are corrupted by corporation money, and exist not only to churn out narrow, unquestioning future managerialists and plutocrats.  All across the rest of the system, he says, the humanities are under pressure.  Creative thought will not be required in post-industrial, post-white America.

He offers no reprieve.  He says the banking and corporate interests have won their war against us.  He fears that, from the social chaos and impoverishment which is taking hold only bad will come.

This video is of a lecture he gave to publicise his book, Death of the Liberal Class.  At 55mins it’s long, but there is interest throughout.

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