Will higher unemployment drive economic relocalization and cultural renaissance?

Will higher unemployment drive economic relocalization and cultural renaissance?

The global banksters appear to be outsmarting themselves, or over-reaching.

1. Here in the US, they centralized the economy and fostered massive dependence on non-productive, paper shuffling jobs in government and business. From social workers to newspaper delivery people (advertising deliverers), the jobs we are accustomed to are non-productive. There’s a hell of a lot of “make-work” that “makes” a very nice middle class salary.

2. Now they cannot sustain this, and we will have a higher average unemployment. See Unemployment, the New Norm.

3. Government manipulation of employment, creating lots of well paid “make work,” cultivated an idle, undisciplined, inexperienced, and impractical workforce. To be sure there is a section of the population that is very good at things like construction and auto repair. But for every one of those, there are several “idlers.” Also, “social security disability” is a way out from able bodied Americans to “collect crazy checks,” and let the Mexicans do the manual labor.

4. The Government engineered laziness, idleness and mental dullness, is not economically sustainable. Both “benefits” and the “make work jobs” are going to be cut at the same time. From “Unemployment; the New Norm.”

Even as the economy recovers, the days of 5% unemployment may be gone for good.

A chorus of economists and labor market observers say that the “natural” or “structural” rate of unemployment has shifted up, meaning that Americans looking for work should get used to having a harder time finding it. The unemployment rate is currently 9% and could take until 2016 to reach the natural rate.

The cultivated laziness and idleness has created a “skills mismatch” which will exacerbate the unemployment rate:

“Businesses are looking to hire, but the workers they are looking to hire are not there in the abundance that they want them to be,” Vitner said.

Slightly more than half of U.S. businesses are having trouble finding the right candidate for open jobs, according to a survey released today of 1,322 U.S. businesses by global recruitment firm ManpowerGroup. In 2010, only 14% of respondents had similar gripes.

“There’s a talent mismatch,” said Jeff Joerres, CEO of ManpowerGroup. “That, coupled with the fact that demand in most industries is not so robust that [firms] need to compromise, means companies are able to wait to find the right people.”

So far the cornucopia is holding up. The crazy checkers and the slackers have not felt the bite of hunger. But when they do, things will change quickly. There will be a drive both to learn marketable skills to get a job, and to produce food locally.

The necessity to focus one’s attention on practical things will force millions of people to “grow up.” It will be a radical change in the culture. I think this will be a change for the good—we will have a healthier culture.

After another “Great Depression” the cornucopia may come back for a while, and some people may then slack off again. But what we need to do during the Great Depression II time is make sure that we create our own elite and our own folkways that we are ready to fanatically promote and defend, like the Muslims. I predict that in the coming Troubles, we will create a religion that will defend our Folk.

guest post by Kievsky

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