Good bye glenn beck.

A few words on the other white meat, the conservative libertarian glenn beck, other then being a slave to the rulers of this nation, and following a foolish notion that religion can save the west, he did a good job awakening many so called “conservative” whites to the threat we face as a nation, just not as a people, you failed in that mr. glenn. He’s losing his base because he has no real solutions to offer, only feel good talk, talk of constitutions and of dead ideas that rightfully go with dead nations that have long since past, namely that nation formerly called the United States of America, a nation that died 60 some years ago when black run America was born.

You see glenn beck is old America, the conservatives who have not figured out that the world left them behind decades ago. The world has grown up since the days of Regan, that useless idiot who approved the rise of black culture and everything that entails. Since the civil war, America has limped along, no more talk of the right to life liberty and property, now the right to pay taxes, with no property you truly own, and liberty for those who are more equal then others.

Glenn never asked why we find so many jews at the feeding hole of taxes, why they seem to wield the power of finance and state to their collective will alone.

Why are you afraid glenn to point this out?

Why don’t you connect the dots here in this case?

No that would cause flash backs to a time of swastika and brown shirts right? Ever wonder why the Nazis in a last effort choose predominately the jews for extermination? Something we all know in our hearts, who are true enemy is maybe? Does that condone mass murder? Nope, but what about our people?

Glenn ask your listeners if white people have a right to decide our own destiny? Do we have a right to exist as a unique and separate people, with a homeland to call our own, with our own kind, our own laws, our own way of life? Do we deserve to keep what we earned? We don’t live forever, and since any compensation given, is for hours of life we give in service to our employers does not income tax against our will constitute stolen decades of life? Many would argue, its for the good of the community, I would say, then how about these taxes collected serve the interests of my people, my community, my extended family and its people alone. Did glenn take up the mantel of defending our right to be free from economic slavery? He did to some extent, but as usual lost his way, towards professing his love of all things black, just not the black in the white house.

I’d like to say he served the interests of his people, but it would be a half truth, he served the interests of the status quo, sure, he served the interests of diversity and black run america, you bet! But what of white Americans? What of the demographic terrorism we face, the onslaught of 3rd worlders, who have for all important reasons, failed to assimilate? What of the Africans in our midst glenn? 400 years is a long time to become white Americans, and is that even possible? No glenn you served your own selfish need to feel closer to god, to feel “good.” I saw your episode on the riots and attacks by “Youths,” no courage to say they are black youths, is there glenn? That blacks are deliberately, in an uncoordinated manner, attacking whites and in time America it self will burn.

A police state we will become, if only to keep whites from seeing the black plague now spreading throughout the whole of the west not just white America. A foot note in history is waiting for you glenn, the last gasp of white conservative America is what you have become. Welcome to the fall of black run America, our future if we have one, is in civil unrest, followed by revolution and civil war.

A new nation from the ashes of collapse, a civilization destroyed by diversity, multiculturalism, globalism, and jewish interests, will be anything but. Be forwarded, you may take our cities, burn our nations, break our laws, and kill us, but so long as we remain we will resist you, we will fight you, and we will win.

So I say good luck to you glenn beck. If we meet, and I’m sure one day we will, we can talk about what you refused to talk about.

I shouldn’t give up yet, he still has a week to fill us in on what we already know.

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