Let’s push America over a cliff and party all the way down

Another day on the USS Americana, as we’ve already struck the ice berg of reality, and have been taking on water since 1965 its time we contemplate our survival strategy. Its apparent to all who have eyes and can see (taking from sbpdl) that what Amerika is today cannot last, given our declining economy, the status of our education system, growing majority-minority, and largely anti-white governments, not much left to salvage from what was once a prosperous, homogeneous nation. 

Our collectivist government has ignored the will of the founding stock of America for the better part of a century, and the two party system played a major role in driving the ship into the ice field in the first place, so expect no commonsense solutions from either. As european Americans we must admit a political solution is not the answer, we all know this government and most of its work force would sooner see a collapse then return power to the people. Besides even if power was returned would white people have the testicular fortitude to make the tough but necessary changes in order to guarantee national survival? More then likely no. Sure there are plenty of vanguardist, nationalists, race realists, pro-white advocacy groups, and even your white supremacists groups, but as a whole they lack the ability to unify the white majorities to accomplish anything, using a republican platform to effect change would only delay the inevitable collapse. All this means, is we have a choice to make. Awaking the mass cannot occur until the boob tube doesn’t turn on due to lack of electricity, and grumbling stomachs start more conflicts then ones filled with cheap fast food, as long as bread and circuses continue so will our growing apathy, its what brought down Rome, why not the United States of America?

I tend to believe that christianity has also played a role in dismantling this nation. Our passivity, conflict avoidance nature when it comes to racial issues, our weakness for the unclean masses, and proclivity to ignore our enemies until its to late attitude doesn’t help either. Christianity shares its blame for the civil rights moment and its resulting social justice mentality plaguing the nation today. Ignoring the reality of human bio-diversity, and continuing to believe we are all created equal, when genetics has shown other wise, makes things a whole lot harder when it comes to awakening those still sleeping. We are up against a massive propaganda machine in hollywood, courts and judges who enforce affirmative action anti-white laws, a tax and burn congress and states who have been neutered since 1865, 10th amendment be damned, half of what the federal leviathan does today is unconstitutional.

If all this sounds depressing, its because it is. Let’s cut to the chase here, instead of propping up a system that hates us, let’s withdraw all support, stop voting for your own dispossession. Start preparing for the inevitable collapse, if u haven’t already. Communicate these ideas and information to those whom you can reach/trust and forget about the rest, they cannot be saved. We cannot get to the life boats, if they even exist at all in the pacific northwest, for when the ship goes down it will take everything with it, all we can do is prepare for lots of swimming in place, for there is no where to go, and hope in a post collapse world we can drag some debris together and build a raft for the survivors. For those with the means, build whatever you can, for those who don’t, buy a shot gun, and take as many of the bastards as you can with you.

I know this is bad news, but unless we have a complete change of heart in the next 36 months (today is june 2011) we can’t save America.

On the bright side, with America down for the count, those who haven’t awaken to the threat we face as a people will be jolted awake, most of them will be consumed in the masses of friendly 3rd world rioters who drag everything down with them like rats on a sinking ship. The resulting collapse will leave many in shell shock for decades to come, liberalism will die with America.  All the world will watch as America is torn apart from the inside. Only chance we have is to immediately organize our respected communities where we live, areas that are mostly white, farming/livestock communities, with populations according to rawles of less then 50,000 and with a good distance away from major cities where minorities currently inhabit. Although this is debatable since terrain can also present a barrier to the “golden hordes” I suspect containment would be better suited then a defense strategy. Keep them in the cities, let them eat each other approach would be better then allowing the raging barbarians come to you, when Mc’donalds closes its doors. They will be tired, hungry and scared shit-less, time for one way boat trips home or mass graves, pick one.

2 thoughts on “Let’s push America over a cliff and party all the way down

  1. Most don’t understand the history of Christianity, and so throw it mistakenly in with cause, rather than effect. Your great grandfather’s fathers were mostly staunch Christians who would puke by today’s “Jesus is a kool Israelite,” believer. I’ll be happy to send you some Machen or Dabney if you’d care to pursue this line of discussion.

    But you are correct in that today’s Christianity is such that it only harms our cause. See this weeks Baptist Convention declaration regarding assimilation of swarthy, law-breaking, invaders.

    And I agree with everything else, too. But How? So many details.

    • We can’t destroy the leviathan, its simply too large, but it will destroy itself, we just have to make sure it doesn’t take us with it, and be ready to defend ourselves and our families against the enemies.

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