Towards the 3rd World War


Generational Dynamics: Forecasting America's Destiny

State of the World

Conflict risk level for next 6-12 months as of: 12-Feb-2011
W. Europe 1 Arab Israeli 3
Russia Caucasus 2 Kashmir 2
China 2 North Korea 3
Financial 3 Swine/Bird flu 2
Key: 1=green 1=Low risk 2=yellow 2=Med 3=red 3=High
Web Log

Web Log: Informal comments on current news and trends.

22-Jun-11 News — Greece’s Papandreou wins anti-climactic vote of confidence: Greece’s bankruptcy threatens Greece and Europe… (22-Jun-2011)

22-Jun-11 World View — Support for Afghan war collapses: New flotilla aims to break Israel’s sea blockade of Gaza… (22-Jun-2011)

21-Jun-11 News — Palestinian unity announcement canceled over Hamas-Fatah split: PA president Abbas says that, given options, he won’t go to UN… (21-Jun-2011)

21-Jun-11 World View — U.S. and Pakistan close to total divorce: Tension on Syria / Turkey border continues to grow… (21-Jun-2011)

20-Jun-11 News — Turkey and Syria move closer to military clash: Turkey considers sending troops into Syria… (20-Jun-2011)

20-Jun-11 World View — Eurogroup unexpectedly fails to approve Greece bailout: Nato admits it probably killed civilians in Tripoli, Libya… (20-Jun-2011)

19-Jun-11 News — Violence by ethnic Kachins threatens Burma/China relationship: It’s too early for a new crisis civil war in Burma… (19-Jun-2011)

19-Jun-11 World View — Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood on a charm offensive: Union members march through Athens and protest austerity measures… (19-Jun-2011)

18-Jun-11 News — Europeans devise a ‘voluntary’ bailout of Greece: Greece’s Papandreou faces a vote of confidence… (18-Jun-2011)

18-Jun-11 World View — Taiwan sides with U.S. against China in Sea: Israeli navy practices boarding ships in readiness for Gaza flotilla… (18-Jun-2011)

17-Jun-11 News — Rise of Gulf Cooperation Council raises concerns in Mideast: The GCC versus the Arab League… (17-Jun-2011)

17-Jun-11 World View — Short-term bailout of Greece is now expected: Turkey debating invasion of Syria, with support from U.S…. (17-Jun-2011)

16-Jun-11 News — Greece’s government nears collapse as euro crisis spreads through Europe: Interest rates on Greece’s 2-year bonds exceed 28%… (16-Jun-2011)

16-Jun-11 World View — Thailand heads for a major election crisis: Senator Graham: Relations with Pakistan near breaking point… (16-Jun-2011)

15-Jun-11 News — Syria pursues scorched earth policy, amid rumors of U.S. military intervention: US naval movements lead to rumors of intervention… (15-Jun-2011)

15-Jun-11 World View — Moody’s puts France’s banks on review over Greece: Anti-government protesters flood Yemen’s cities… (15-Jun-2011)

14-Jun-11 News — Revisiting the ‘Principle of Maximum Ruin’: Economics of the Maginot Line… (14-Jun-2011)

14-Jun-11 World View — Vietnam escalates South China Sea dispute with China: Va. Senator Jim Webb urges U.S. action in South China Sea dispute… (14-Jun-2011)

13-Jun-11 News — Bahrain’s Grand Prix race postponed, despite thousands rallying: Morals versus commercial interests… (13-Jun-2011)

13-Jun-11 World View — Pro-Assad crowd attacks Turkey’s embassy in Damascus: Recep Erdogan wins by a landslide in Turkey… (13-Jun-2011)

12-Jun-11 News — U.N. move to recognize Palestinian state may be in doubt: Everyone’s greatest fear is an uprising on the West Bank… (12-Jun-2011)

12-Jun-11 World View — Military assault on north Syrian town begins: China threatens Vietnam with ‘firmer actions’… (12-Jun-2011)

11-Jun-11 News — Defense Sec’y Robert Gates repudiates the Truman Doctrine: The Obama Doctrine… (11-Jun-2011)

11-Jun-11 World View — Turkey may send troops into Syria: Bitter EU disputes escalate over Greece bailout… (11-Jun-2011)

10-Jun-11 News — Vietnam protests Chinese attack on Vietnamese survey ships: China accuses Vietnam of escalating sea tensions… (10-Jun-2011)

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