Walter Williams Exposes BRA; Gannett’s Empire Crumbles

Walter Williams Exposes BRA; Gannett’s Empire Crumbles

Williams tells the truth, but fails to understand what civil rights mean

Walter Williams is to be congratulated for his syndicated column from June 20th, though he is wrong about one important aspect of the civil rights movement. Here is that column and key quotes:

Most racist assaults are committed by blacks. What’s worse is there’re blacks, still alive, who lived through the times of lynching, Jim Crow laws and open racism who remain silent in the face of it.
In many of these brutal attacks, the news media make no mention of the race of the perpetrators. If it were white racist gangs randomly attacking blacks, the mainstream media would have no hesitation reporting the race of the perps. Editors for the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune admitted to deliberately censoring information about black crime for political reasons. Chicago Tribune Editor Gerould Kern recently said that the paper’s reason for censorship was to “guard against subjecting an entire group of people to suspicion.”

These racist attacks can, at least in part, be attributed to the black elite, who have a vested interest in racial paranoia. And that includes a president who has spent years aligned with people who have promoted racial grievance and polarization and appointed an attorney general who’s accused us of being “a nation of cowards” on matters of race and has refused to prosecute black thugs who gathered at a Philadelphia voting site in blatant violation of federal voter intimidation laws.

Tragically, black youngsters – who are seething with resentments, refusing to accept educational and other opportunities unknown to blacks yesteryear – will turn out to be the larger victims in the long run.

Black silence in the face of black racism has to be one of the biggest betrayals of the civil rights struggle that included black and white Americans.

Remembering that Eric “My People” Holder’s Department of Justice has re-opened the Civil Rights Division, it becomes increasingly clear that it has nothing to do with Beat Whitey Night in Iowa; Knockout King in St. Louis; Chicago’s Mahogany Mob’s; or Atlanta’s descent into tyrannical police state to keep Black crime to a minimum this summer
Black kids engaging in mob attacks, like the one in Woodbridge, are merely perpetuating the civil rights struggle. The story of 50 Black kids attacking a white family in Akron on Independence Day 2009 and shouting “This is a Black world” were merely taking the civil rights struggle to its next logical step.
Since white privilege is all that keeps Black people down, Black-Run America (BRA) has created extra-equal Black privileges that ensure the toleration of these attacks by Black people on whites (and Asians) will continue unmolested. 
The Mainstream Media is complicit in remaining silent on the facts of Black criminality, accessories to not only mayhem, but many times murder and endangerment to society. Dr. Williams mentioned those three newspapers that refuse to report on the race of the criminal, and for their deceitful censorship of the truth, Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) in the media are rewarded. 
Promoted to an editor or managing editor position of a Gannett-owned paper or perhaps awarded a lucrative teaching position in a journalism department at university, this Perfidious White Journalists (PWJ) will ensure that only saccharine stories describing the horrors faced by the Black underclass at the hands of oppressive, racist whitey and the evils of white privilege will be churned out. 

A company that willingly censors the truth of Black crime across BRA


You see the civil rights movement is about one thing, and that is the accumulation of power in one direction and the rollback of power from another. The pendulum is firmly in the direction of Black-Run America right now and its many enablers who profit off of this unsustainable system. 
Nothing is more illustrative of Black-Run America’s ability to control the flow of information then having a company like Gannett (which owns USA Today) control so many local newspapers and dictate editorial policy from its headquarters in Washington D.C.
Owning papers all across the nation, Gannett and the PWJ’s it employees keep inflammatory stories out of the press and refuse to openly discuss the race of criminals. Having editorial decisions mandated by people only financially vested in your city means not offending Black people with negative stories that depict them as criminals (like what happened in Buffalo in 2010 where Black people threatened to burn the paper down and Pittsburgh, where producers and journalists gathered to discuss ways to highlight Black people in positive stories). 
With ad revenue, its stock value and circulation plummeting, Gannett just announced massive layoffs:  
Today, Bob Dickey, President of Gannett’s U.S. Community Publishing Division, announced today in a confidential company memo that the division was cutting its’ workforce by 2%.

The Sun Times has obtained a copy of the memo, which was posted on an unofficial employee blog.

The move is expected to affect 700 workers at the company’s newspaper operations across the nation.

Here’s a list of Gannett assets
Knowing that Disingenuous White Liberals and PWJ’s are in charge of the editorial policy at The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, and Gannett assets, and openly admit to censoring stories of Black criminality, it’s easy to understand why many newspapers are losing subscribers and the ability to charge huge rates for national ad campaigns.
What Dr. Williams’ essay stated is exactly what an honest media would report daily. With PWJs running papers with a DWL mindset, no such truth will ever appear in The Baltimore Sun, Atlanta Journal Constitution or the Montgomery Advertiser. No Gannett asset will ever dare report what Dr. William’s syndicated column did.
People are abandoning a media that actively works to suppress news of Black crime, including Mahogany Mob attacks, and seeking their news elsewhere far from the ombudsman of the PWJ dying papers.
Dr. Williams has done admirable work, but he is wrong to say that the new generation of Black people participating in Mahogany Mobs, Polar Bear Hunting and random thuggery are betraying the civil rights movement; they only take it to its logical conclusion.
Nothing else needs to be said then to look at Rhodesia and South Africa for a glimpse of the inevitable in the United States. Eric “My People” Holder’s eternal quest for augmenting civil rights for the lucky few is proof of the legalistic measures those clinging to power in BRA will go to achieve their goal: The complete dispossession of America’s founding majority population.
Abstract ideas like freedom and liberty are illusory at this point. What Dr. William’s wrote in his essay is true, but as you have learned, there is an even more sinister veracity lurking in the details.
By reading this, you are an individual who either already is in the ranks of Those Who Can See, on your way to joining those growing ranks, or are vested in BRA. The only freedom you truly have left is what you do with that knowledge.

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