Five Primary Tribes

Five Primary Tribes
Hellesponte & Kerodin

June 26, 2011

Census 2010 race/ethnic %’s
for the United States

Race 2000 2010
White (NH)
Black (NH)
Asian (HN)
All Other (NH)
Total Minority

No matter how good you are, how well-prepared, there comes a point in any conflict in which sheer numbers will overwhelm a smaller force.  In Aiki we train against as many as eleven enemies at once.  But the reality is that if 5 grown men bum-rush you, you are usually toast.  If you have one rifle and 10 mags standing alone against 1,000 bum-rushers, you will lose before you run empty.

The table above is valuable, particularly if you believe in a SHTF scenario that people under duress will fall-back along racial and ethnic lines into Tribes.  I think History is decisive on the matter, and we know what to expect.

If you have a bowl half-filled with water and you begin adding oil at a faster rate than water, one day, oil will be the most prevalent substance in the bowl.  Even if you add varieties of oil.  If you add motor oil, vegetable oil and sunflower oil, the water still loses.

What you end up with is a water minority and one day the oils will fight for dominance.

Welcome to America, 2011.

The Hispanic population has surged far beyond the Black population in the last decade alone.  Many of us see the evidence in our communities.  I now live in the same demographic in which I went to elementary school & junior high school in the late 70’s & early 80’s.  Today our “Old Town” is lined with businesses that have all chosen to post all of their primary signage in Spanish.  This was not even conceivable when I was a kid going to school down the street.

Look at a map of the country.  Most inner-cities are dominated by Black residents.  This changes when you start looking at Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada.  Those states are nearly owned today by Hispanic residents.

Consider a SHTF disruption.  I think the average Patriot can understand that with a gentle push from the Armies of the Cartels and perhaps even a supporting role for official Mexican military, our entire southwest becomes lost.  Keeping it, and subsequently beating back any unleashed wave of new immigrants, especially if they are armed, becomes a task that would require significant US Military commitment.

Consider the states of the southwest as foreign territory in a Ruckus.  White Flight from the southwest will be the only way to survive.  Those who stay will discover just how much they are loathed by their Hispanic neighbors, and will learn the value of 2A as they succumb to the mobs wielding machetes.

South of the Border Armies have a significant Fifth Column already well entrenched in major pockets across the country.  Believe me, the Hispanic folks living in my AO do not consider themselves to be Americans.  They have no desire to be Americans.  In an Us versus Them world, they are Them.  I will be seen as a Target of Opportunity…and I think if we were to map the 5 neighborhoods surrounding mine, Hispanics may just be the majority…

So the Southwest will fall with little more than a gentle push.

And every major inner city not under Hispanic control is already under Black control.  Every major inner city, in the early stages of a genuine Ruckus, from Atlanta to New York to Chicago to St. Louis and Kansas City and beyond, will immediately become a No-Go zone without real armor.

A quick study of the blackouts in American history will reveal that the time limit is about 72 hours…after the 72 hour mark has been reached, the riots begin.  And they will consume what is on their shelves, then they will begin Ops into the suburbs…from every major metro in America.  They want stuff and they need stuff.

What is LEO’s plan?  What is FedGov’s plan?

These are variables that are hard to pin down.

So if we are to break into major Tribes they will be: Black, Hispanic, White, LEO, and the Master Class.  Asians may coagulate, but their numbers in America are low and they are spread widely.  Religious Tribes?  Muslims still make up a small number in America, even if you add the N.O.I.  Jews in America will never be a significant armed force.

I have already bet my life that the bonds of skin color will bind more tightly than the bonds of Christianity.  Black Christians will line up shoulder to shoulder with Black Muslims.  Hispanics will side with those who look like themselves, regardless of religion.

There will be many, many subsets, forced by geography but driven by common motivations.  Only after the main enemy is done will subsets of Blacks & Hispanics fuss among themselves.

This is where the true value of Black & Hispanic Tribes exists for Constitutionalists.

The common enemy of Hispanics and Blacks will be represented in the uniforms of LEO.  LEO, of course, is nothing more than the tool of the Master Class, as much a threat to Constitutionalists as every other Tribe.

Anything that stresses LEO and erodes his capability is an advantage for Constitutionalists.

The southwest and inner cities will stress LEO, and will probably break LEO’s back.

Good for us.

Are you in a danger-zone for being surrounded or over-run by other Tribes?

Remember: White, Black, Hispanic, LEO & Those who would be Masters.  Five primary Tribal threats.

Foreign intervention?  Possible, but not without widespread Treason of the highest order and a serious crippling of CONUS.

One more: All of those Whites who have not prepped, have no means of feeding or medicating their own without taking it from you.  They are a threat to you.

Patriots are a very small group, indeed.


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